Too much of something can be an idol

Cast 2

Hey everyone how are you? Happy month to you all! (I know it’s a bit late lol) We have come this far! Few more months and we say bye-bye to 2015!! Praise be to God! I just thought I’d share this message with you as it is laid heavily on my heart. So in reference to my previous blog post; “The Power of Waiting and being Patient”, I spoke about the struggle of securing a full-time job after studying at university although I am currently working :). I found myself really anxious for anything just to get out of my current position. Believe when I say this; Sales, Recruitment, Administration, anything that could get me out of where I was. I believe this happened due to the environment I was in. I was situated in a demanding and pressurizing atmosphere where I couldn’t make my own decisions. It felt as if society and certain people were making the decisions for me, so I just went with the flow. Most people I would hear say after graduation, they desire a full-time job in their designated area. I thought that was my path as well, not knowing that God had a different plan.

God had a different plan for me because everything I was trying to do in my own strength would not work out. At first, I thought it was God punishing me, making me feel I am not good enough, or maybe the course I studied was pointless, but a friend said to me recently “Esther, your degree will not go to waste”. I don’t know if it is only me that feels like this, but did you ever think that the course you completed at university was a waste? I honestly felt like it. 3 years of intense study is NOT easy I tell you, let alone considering to go into further education!

Just today, I was speaking to God about my current position and where I desire to be in the near future because I know the plans that I made regarding it. I was real with Him, telling Him how I feel, how upset I was at the time where I felt my needs weren’t being met, and when will my prayers be answered. But when I waited for an answer, I sensed a voice telling me that I have not made an effort to have intimacy with God. So in other words, my relationship with God is more of a ‘give me and I’ll praise you’ bond. When I realised that, all I did was humbly apologise and ask God to rekindle our relationship and help me to FOCUS on what is relevant. My mind was too compacted on what I could obtain rather than just resting with the Lord. So in other words, my mind was focusing on idle’s. The idle’s were:

  • When is God going to grant me a job?
  • When is my delivery going to arrive?
  • When am I going to be happy?
  • When are my needs going to be met?

All these questions were in my mind, and I only realised today that I have been quite self-centred. I was impatient to hear what God would say regarding these questions. I felt as if my relationship was deteriorating because of my selfish nature. I know to some people, it may not be selfish, but realistically, and from my own personal perspective, if you could position yourself in my shoes with someone you love, trying to reach out to you, always protecting you from evil, and keeping you safe, and you only communicate with the person because of your ‘wants and needs’, it can become a problem and potentially a hindrance to your self-esteem. You would think that when God answers your prayers, your relationship with Him would be far greater than it initially was, but really it can make you more distant because your focus is on your own blessings but not the GIVER of the blessing.

It is something that I am still struggling with because too much of something can be an idol. Maybe you have your eyes on a man who you think would be a suitable candidate, but how are your thoughts? Are they pure? The more you think about the man, the less time you will have for God. Our minds are fixated on getting God to answer our prayers within our time-frame when in Ecclesiastics 3:11 it says “He makes all things beautiful in His time”. Now what is so difficult to understand about this scripture? It occurs to me that at times, we ted to twist the Bible according to what we feel is right just to suit our needs and cover up our ego; nonetheless it states in John 14:14 that “If you ask me anything in My Name, I will do it” or Matthew 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have Faith”. Now what is the difference between these two scriptures? John is stating that in Christ’s Name, anything is possible, so our prayers will be answered, however in Ecclesiastics, it states that anything we ask in prayer will be done, according to our LEVEL OF FAITH! I would rather allow my Faith to be an idle than a perishable item.


For example, perishable items are things like clothing, shoes, accessories, our careers, cars, money, which are all very vital in our world, but can be taken away from us if we are not careful. If our minds are consumed with all these things without developing a strong relationship with God, it is more likely to become a trap, and you will wonder why things that you thought would work for you doesn’t seem to benefit you. To emphasize, God says that He is a jealous God, so He does not want anything that takes first place in our lives (Exodus 34:14). We must also put at the back of our minds that what we think we need could be dangerous. So I went to a recent event called ‘Engage’, and one of the ladies who is a Motivational Speaker (forgot her name) stated that at a time in her life, she was asking God if He really loved her, and why bad things were happening at the time she was in a crisis, however what really blew my heart was when she said that when we receive everything at a go, it is very dangerous because you won’t be able to handle it.

This is why at times, I look back over my life and say God now I understand why this did not happen when I wanted it to. Imagine God granting all your blessings, do you think you will be able to handle it? Not only that, will it have an effect on your relationship with God? Our heart’s desires can be an idle, you may not understand it now, but eventually you will know what you cherish more, the gift or the giver. The choice is yours. Another example I can give is social media; celebrities who look happy because they are posting pictures of their wealth and how much they have, but do some of them know Christ? Is it just about the Louis Vuitton bag or luxury car? What is the big idea? Too much of everything can be damaging to the soul. If some of you know me very well, you know that I love sweets, but I know the effect that it has on the body!

Now I want to encourage you on how to sincerely put God first in your life and the decisions you make. Our focus should not solely be on God meeting our needs. Sometimes we have to approach God like children and just rest in His arms. Maybe He wants to have a relationship or re-connect with some of you right now? He misses that one-to-one time with you, because everything that you are trying to do isn’t working. Your mind is on other people and how God is blessing them, but how about you? Don’t you see the blessings that He has done for you; waking you up, taking you out, bringing you back safely? I told my friend recently that ‘The blessing that God gives to your neighbor is NOT the same level that He will give to you’. There is a certain amount that God gives everyone; He gives according to their capacities, but how much are they willing to take?

Some of us on the other hand do not realise that there is no blessing without pain, because the more pain, the bigger the blessing. (Read the book of Job to get a deeper understanding). The more you focus on your problems, the bigger it will get and eventually you won’t be able to find a solution to it. What is blocking your relationship with God right now? Have you taken the time to sit and speak to God about it?.

Cast 1

‘Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for you’ (1 Peter 5:7). The key word here is “CAST”. What is your problem? Why are you finding it hard to surrender your problems? Could it be that you are waiting on God to answer you before you can express yourself? Girl, God is waiting on YOU! I always used to say to myself ‘I am waiting on God’ but He is really waiting for me to make a move before He does so. Let me explain. Remember Ecclesiastics 3:11, it stated that IF we have Faith, anything we ask for will be done! Now waiting on God can mean a lot of things for different people. Some people wait on God through praising Him in advance, some by digging deeper into the Word. However for me, waiting on God is dependent on the LEVEL OF FAITH I HAVE IN HIM TO MEET MY NEEDS. Your Faith is what will move God in times of hardship!


He never said it would be easy, but you must put at the back on your mind that Faith without works is dead, and be willing to maximise your Faith for God to do His part. Don’t stress about your problems, instead hand them over to God. If you think about something too long enough, it will make you weak, tired and eventually you are more inclined to give up. But I urge you today not to give up on God, because He won’t give up on you! No matter what you are going through, know and BELIEVE that He is able to do all things! Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. God is able to do more than you expect. Seize this opportunity to have a chat with your Father, and tell Him how much you appreciate all that has happened in your life, and will endeavor to surrender all your problems to God, so that it won’t become a barrier between the both of you. 

Everyday is an opportunity to know God a little bit better. So start now. Don’t wait until your problems are over before you can start a relationship with God. Be able to overcome your idle’s and present them to Him so that He can show you what you’ve been missing!

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