What have you learnt?


What have you learnt this month of July? For me, it has been full of ups and downs, but I learnt something very important; being content! Contentment starts from within. It is not when you receive blessings, it’s when you realise that you have more than enough. This week in particular revealed a lot to me. I saw so many things that gripped my heart. I was saying in my mind ‘imagine if I was in that person’s shoes’ but God didn’t allow anything bad to happen. He taught me the importance of being thankful in everything. I know we all have personal desires that need to given to us, but we also need to think about others before ourselves. It is not just contentment that I learnt in this month, it’s also being able to love and forgive people. Every day is an opportunity to make it right with other people, and also yourself! When God wakes you up every morning, it is a gift, so you must use it wisely. Use it to be a blessing to others, and you too will receive your own blessings. We have 5 blessed months left until the year 2014 ends. What have you learnt so far? How has your situations made you a better person? How has your walk with Christ been? All these questions are worth reflecting over…its not just about what we want, but what God wants…lets aim to please Him, and love others, because those that love God must be able to love others around them, even in the most difficult situations.

If someone has upset you this month, make a decision to drop it in July and avoid bringing it up in August! I strongly believe that August will be an extraordinary month for all of us! We just need to constantly renew our mindset and keep ourselves busy with the Word. Be a blessing unto someone. We do not know what one is going through. The best feeling is to know that God will always be there for us, but you too can be there for another person. Just a smile can make ones day!

Never underestimate yourself! Another issue that most of us go through is looking down on ourselves. Why? Because we are so focused on what other people are doing, relative to what we are supposed to be doing. I had my first bible study with one of my dearest friend, and we were discussing the importance of our ‘gifts’. When people similar to us have the same gift as us, we should not be too focused on how they use their gift, rather, we should use it as an opportunity to learn from them and become better. Let us not be so concerned in the way people use their gifts. The pressure is intense when you feel as if your gift is not working to the best of its ability, but you will only feel like that because you have positioned yourself in a way that is not effective. So in other words, you have placed a barrier between your gift which you feel it’s not working due to how other people gifts are, and how they use it to impact others. If your gift is to encourage, use it to the best of YOUR ABILITY! Everyone has different ways of using their gifts, but do not make that mistake whereby you are focusing too much on someone else, that you forget who you are.

Everyday is a learning point. Whether big or small, we all learn along the way. But I must ask once again, what have you learnt in this month of July? Enjoy the rest of the remaining months! ūüôā

Learning 1

Having a Thankful Heart

It is not always easy to give thanks, but this is the very thing we must do in order to see God’s will accomplished in our lives.¬†This is how we move into higher realms of FAITH¬†for ourselves, for our city, and for our nation.

Sometimes, we do not understand the true importance of being ‘content’. I was talking to my friend yesterday and we were discussing about the things that we want to see happen, but we failed to realise that we have all we need, it is because¬†we are seeing it from a different angle. Because our friends have told us that they have received what they wanted, we tend to start questioning God, assuming that He has not heard our prayer. But that is where you need to stop and think. Just because your friend received something that you want, it does not mean that you should forget your own blessings. Health is more than a blessing! It is better than any job, earnings, car and other materialistic possessions. We must always have a thankful heart in every situation. No matter what happens, whether you apply for a job and didn’t get it, or you didn’t get the promotion from work, you will always have something to look back on and be happy about.

There are some people who you may or may not know that has a need, and you have that need but do not realise. It could be because you are blinded spiritually, and is feeding your flesh with the things of the world. Let us remember that those who are of the world are not of God. You must remember that craving for early things will not enable you to grow spiritually. Not only is it about having a thankful heart, but it is also about having a thankful attitude. Philippians 4 v 6-7 says that we should not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (7) And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. So to explain, when you are talking to God about your needs, do not worry about them; instead pray about everything that you want God to do for you. Of course we have needs, but our needs should not be above Gods needs for us. We must remember that everyday is an opportunity to live for God, and to live RIGHT! 

Thankful 1

When you give thanks in the midst of difficulty, you bring pleasure to God’s heart.¬†He is looking for Christians who live in a realm of praise and thanksgiving where the enemy no longer has an ability to hold or manipulate that person.

1 Thessalonians 5 verse 16-18 says “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.

Are you thankful for your present circumstances?  Are you thankful for your salvation, your friendships, and your job? Thankfulness is a key to your life. It is the key that turns your situation around because it changes you, your outlook, and your attitude. There is power in a thankful heart.

Your attitude says a lot about you. From a smile, to when you open your mouth, to your body language…all these things God sees. When you have a thankful heart, Satan is defeated because thankfulness during difficulty is a sacrifice pleasing to God. So can I ask you, are you thankful?

Instead of feeling discontented, begin to thank God for all the blessings he has given you instead of dwelling on the negative. Discontentment dries up the soul, but having a thankful heart nourishes and gives life to the soul. Let us be reminded of this daily as we seek to please God.

Who remembers this song: “Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks unto the Holy one, give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son…And now let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, because of what the Lord has done for us…GIVE THANKS! In every situation ladies, give thanks to God! I guarantee everything you desire shall come to pass once you have an attitude of thanksgiving!




Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself

Do you feel that you are not being treated the way you should? Do you sometimes question why? I have been there, you are not alone.


You cannot afford to put so much energy into hating someone else. So when you forgive them, it is not about them, it is about YOU! When you do forgive that person, there is a cord that you will have to cut between the both of you. You can pray for them and love them, but be careful when you let the person into your life again so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.

What does the bible say about forgiveness? Well in Colossians 3 verse 13 it says “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you“. The¬†act of forgiving does not come easy for most of us. Our natural instinct is to recoil in self-protection when we’ve been injured. We don’t naturally overflow with mercy, grace and understanding when we’ve been wronged.

Is forgiveness a conscious choice?

Is it a physical act involving the will?

Is it a feeling?

Is it an emotional state of being?

Forgiveness 4

These are so many questions that could be running through your mind right now…but you need to remember¬†that some people are not worth losing your blessings over. Just because you find it hard to forgive, you have to remember that you are responsible for your blessings, so if it is taking you years to forgive your neighbor for what they had done to you over 5 years ago, remember¬†that your blessings will be on hold. This is something that I had to learn also. I too am learning, everyday. When I wake up, when I go to work, when I get home, I learn to free myself from the stage of bitterness and resentment. What is unforgiveness really doing to you? Is it making your life any better or is it making you bitter? It does take a lot of FAITH to forgive, and once you build upon that Faith, you can sit back and see how God will bless you. People who doubted you won’t undermine you because the blessings are continual.

I will give an example. When the Jewish religious leaders crucified Jesus on the cross, they used disrespectful language and challenged Him that if He was really the Son of God, He should come down from the Cross and save himself. He was thirsty and they gave Him vinegar to drink. Imagine your enemy giving you vinegar to drink, or disrespecting you as they did to Jesus. What AMAZED me even more was the HUMBLE ATTITUDE Jesus had towards these Jews. Despite their rudeness and pride, Jesus still said “Father forgive them, for they do NOT know what they are doing”…how many of us, including myself can really forgive our enemies?

In other words, Luke 11 verse 4 explains it clearly ”¬†And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended us or done us wrong]. And bring us not into temptation¬†but rescue us from evil“.

It’s the way in which God said forgive us of OUR OWN SINS as we forgive others who hurt us as well. Some of you may ask, but how do you forgive? Well, the reason why people find it hard to forgive is that they are controlled by their ‘feelings’. This should not be so. Remind yourself that FORGIVENESS IS NOT A FEELING, IT IS A DECISION. So in other words, God commanded that we forgive one another just as He constantly forgives us. If we were to count the amount of sin(s) we commit every day, it cannot be compared to the amount of forgiveness God has poured upon our lives. For God to wake you up everyday out of your bed, is a gift that no man can give! So when God gives you another opportunity to live, allow forgiveness to flow throughout your day, and eventually, you will see change for the better.

Forgiveness 1

Do not perceive forgiveness as a weakness. FORGIVENESS IS NOT A WEAKNESS! Do not get that mistaken. Only people who are ‘led’ by feelings would classify forgiveness as a weakness. If you are not classified by weakness, please keep reading. Forgiveness gives you the power to control your life! It is not about allowing others to control you, so do not allow anybody to change your mood. Feelings can be a dangerous thing when used unwisely. If it is used unwisely, you are giving people the power to change your mood whenever they feel like it. So when they do something to you, whether it’s reminding you of your past, our your health, or something that is personal to you, you have to take that power back from them and remind yourself that you are going to bring the control back into your life.

Forgiveness is a daily medicine that must be taken regularly. Just like when you take tablets for headaches, or medicine for sore throats, taking forgiveness is the most quickest and effective solution to set you FREE! It makes you well and helps you grow physically, spiritually, mentally, academically and emotionally. Your decision to forgiveness makes it obey you, if you are willing enough to let go of the pain in your heart. Forgiveness starts from the heart. You have a choice whether to forgive or not. Not only that, your emotions are like trees that controls your behavior. You can always say to someone ‘I forgive you’, and it will eventually allow your emotions to be cast into the sea.

But when you do say ‘I forgive you’ to someone, MEAN IT! Let them also see it in your eyes that you truly do let go of the past, so that they too can be free. Your blessing can be disrupted because of the grief you give to someone else. Some people think that not forgiving someone will punish them and make them feel guilty. Well actually you are revealing that to yourself. You will feel even more guilty if you do not forgive. Your emotions have been exalted above your decisions, until your emotions LET GO! Your emotions are running you, but you are not running it…

Resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4 verse 7). There is power in forgiveness! It enables the enemy to run quick! As you kill your feelings, you are also killing the enemies plans against your life. Kill your feelings, and forgiveness will be your LOVER! You will never feel forgiven until you LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE. Yes you were raised behind people holding grudges, you may have been talked about, and you may have been in an environment where lack of forgiveness grew in. But remind yourself that you are a ‘product’ of your environment. So you have the choice to use what you have to forgive. Nothing comes cheap in this life, so use forgiveness to the best of its ability, and you will eventually see the value of it spring to life.

Other reasons why people find it hard to forgive others is because they are condemning themselves. God loves you regardless of what you have done. All you have to do is just open up to Him because He has a wonderful plan for your life. You also have to pray constantly that God will remove ALL the tools that the enemy has used against you to forgive. And yes, it does not happen overnight…we are all WORK IN PROCESSES!

NOTE: Forgiveness is not for the weak. Being able to forgive those who have wronged you is a mark of Spiritual Strength and Confidence. When you forgive, you grow, your heart begins to heal, your back straightens up, your eyes clear so that you can see the road ahead. Anger is a spiritual sickness, but when you forgive, you LIVE!

Forgiveness 2



Guard Your Heart

Guard your heart 2

Proverbs 4 verse 23: “Keep¬†and¬†guard your heart with all vigilance¬†and¬†above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” What a power scripture. Women, do you know what you are worth? I think sometimes we forget what we are worth, that is why we fall into various types of sin and temptations…we fall for any man who uses the words ‘I love you’, ‘You are beautiful’ ‘Lets hook up’…ladies these are all words! You need to remind yourselves constantly of who you are in Christ! If not, go back to Proverbs 31 and read about the virtuous woman! It was specifically given to us! Not only that, but bear in mind that the words of a man are not always true and genuine. So instead, rather than pushing the person away, tell God about it, and listen to what He will say to your heart…sometimes it may never be the way you expected it to me, but surely He will answer you.

We also need to be aware of the things that can distract our own personal relationships with Christ…as a woman of the most high, we must ensure that Christ should be our leader, before anybody else. If you are considering to be in a relationship or is already in one, reflect and remind yourselves of the following message: “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar”.¬†To find a good wife, it is not easy, but it takes the conviction of God to tell a man¬†yes, this is the person I have ordained you to be with…not only that, but it takes PRAYER AND MEDITATION of the Word!

Guard your heart 1

It may not always be based on relationships, it can also be friendships too…if there are some friends in your life that are not causing you to excel or fulfill your destiny, it takes courage to cut them off. And by all means, do. Do not feel bad; although it took me such a long time to cut this person out of my life, I felt free again. You have the choice to enjoy your life…do not allow anyone to run it for you apart from God Himself. You shouldn’t allow anyone to have the full satisfaction of telling you who you are…remember you are a chosen generation, called forth to show His excellence! All you require for life, God has given you, why? Because you know WHO YOU ARE AND WHOSE YOU BELONG TO!

Above all things, guard your hearts, for out of it flows the springs of life…remind yourself that you are going to enjoy your life! You are going to make a committed decision that you will keep your heart from being hurt, used, abused and tampered with. Keep smiling, and know that God should be the first person in your heart. After that, everything else will follow, and eventually fall in place. The pain you go through now may be painful, but when the right time is settled, everything WILL make sense.


Thank you.

Guard your heart

Don’t lose your focus!


I wonder why it can be difficult to keep focused on what we are supposed to set our minds to. Could it be that we ourselves make it difficult, or would you suggest that it’s the people you surround yourself with that make it hard? So many questions can go through ones mind. It is very easy for us to ‘over-think’ things and assume that our situations will never change…well let me tell you something…DO NOT LOSE YOUR FOCUS! Yes, it is easier said than done, but keep your mind-set on things that above! (Ref: Colossians 3 v 2). Remember we must constantly renew our minds. The renewal of the mind does not happen overnight; it happens with a decision. Not only with a decision, but how you position yourself to be. I could decide to allow negativity to overtake my mind, but I choose not to. Why? Because I do not want to lose my focus!

I was talking to my friend yesterday and she was telling me that ‘we do not have enough time’ If you do not understand what that means, it is basically saying that whatever your calling is, do it with all of your heart, as tomorrow is not promised. Our focus should always be on our Father who will enable us to stay on the right path. Wonder how this world would be if we just focused on the one who gives us His time everyday. The one who wakes us up each morning. The one who leads us out in safety and brings us back in safety. If we make a conscious decision to keep our focus on God, you will have peace in your heart. You won’t have time for quarrels or arguments. Why? Because you have decided to keep your focus on the right source which is the Word of God. Keep studying the Word, and you will enjoy your life.

We tend to lose focus from the following reasons:

  • Societal changes
  • Peer pressure

  • Temptation(s)

  • Negative attitude(s)

  • Lack of forgiveness

  • Comparison towards other people – (This is one that we are fond of doing knowingly and unknowingly)


If we keep doing these things, we cannot expect our minds to be free. Being free starts from within. Being focused starts from within. You must wake up every day and start your day with a smile. Being your day with Jesus by thanking Him for allowing you to see another day. Once you commit your day into the Lords hands, all you do shall prosper. Why worry about tomorrow when everyday has its own troubles of its own? You do not need to add any more stress to your day by having a negative attitude. Instead you should seek God and pray. In Matthew 6 verse 33 it says that we should “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else shall be added unto you”. What better feeling it is to put your focus on God rather than man.

Has it ever occurred to you that man will change, but God will never change! Ladies, we need to be reminded of this on a daily basis. Lets be aware of the fact that it is only God that can grant you His peace! Not as the world gives, but His extraordinary peace that nothing in this world can buy. God is not cheap! He deserves your focus and your time, so give Him what He deserves. Let us make a decision today and confess that we shall focus on God. Initially, you will eventually know when your focus is on God. When things that used to bother you don’t bother you anymore, you are on the right track. Yes the enemy will come and remind you of your past, remind you of what you done last night, but once you have asked God for forgiveness, what more is there to ask? Even before you open your mouth, God already knew what you were going to say.

Lets remind ourselves that we are not here to entertain anyone. We must keep our minds focused on what is important. But what is really important to you? God should be the first important person in your life. Once you have that in mind, everything else will fall in place.