What January 2017 has taught me so far


Happy New Year to you all! It has been a while since I last posted a blog, but glad to be back! Today, I’ll be brief. I want to share with you what I’ve learnt so far in January 2017. January has been very good, my family and friends are well, work is going well and I am still smiling.  Every start of a new year, I use January to meditate on my personal goals, what I aim to do, and how I can achieve those goals. I’ve received good and bad news, I’ve been tested for this month already, but yet God still shows up and proves Himself strong.

I want you to understand that each month won’t always be the same; there will be seasons of silence, seasons of privacy, seasons of pain, seasons of reaping and seasons of harvesting. All in all, they work out for your good. Who knows about the story of Joseph in the Bible? (Genesis 37). He had dreams that he shared with his brothers, and because of this, his brothers hated him. What made me smile is that God’s Hand was on Joseph’s life and nothing stopped him from fulfilling his Destiny.

Not everyone will like you, and if you truly want to enjoy this year as planned, understand this now! Don’t change for nobody. God will bring the relevant few in your life. It is not my job to justify why I do things or why I choose to make a decision. This is an expensive lesson learnt. Respect yourself, know your worth and honour who God made you the way you are.

This month has also taught me that our lives are too precious to worry about situations, so instead give the burdens to Him. It is not a time to think negative thoughts about yourself or try to make people notice you. As stated above, the right people will come in your life and they will appreciate you – you won’t need to force it or make it obvious.

I hold those who have made an impact in my life because tomorrow isn’t promised. I’ve learnt not to take anyone for granted, and not only that, to understand when I have done wrong, admit and apologise so that God will release the blessing He has. I’ve learnt that MY behaviour, not the behaviour or words of others can hinder what God has in store.

My words have drastically changed including the way I perceive people because I know how fragile and fickle humans can be. You don’t have to be close to all, but it should not encourage ignorance and bitterness to spring in ones’ heart. It is a daily process God is working on but surely we shall get there 🙂

In relation to work, I thank God because He is enabling me to meet my goals, and I’ve seen a drastic change from last year till now. I choose to remain humble and work hard. More importantly, I am holding onto the Promises He told me and reminding myself daily that what is for me SHALL be for me and nobody can take it away. I’ve learnt to relax in the storm, pray and rest in His Presence because He is the true comforter – He knows and sees all.

I’ve learnt not allow my thoughts to control me, to create false assumptions in my mind and to write myself off. No no no, this is not a healthy way to start a brand new year. I’ve sought His Peace and I am working on truly being confident in God alone. I’ve learnt to meditate on the good and not the bad because when negativity takes captive of your thoughts, it will continue to control you. We don’t need the added weight!

I am very expectant of what the other months have to offer because I know 2017 is the year of COMPLETION.  It has ignited me to prepare for the road ahead, but also for the new challenges I will face (I say this now because, in as much as God loves us, we can’t ignore the obstacles that will come).

January is teaching me how to prepare for the unexpected and in the foggy situations (when I can’t see my way clear), He is encouraging me to stand still. He is teaching me not to break, but instead use the trials to work hard, have extra FAITH which is the fuel to enjoy the ride of 2017, and to TRUST Him with our whole heart. He will do some spectacular things on your behalf; your dreams, goals, and aspirations are not even near to what God has for us all.

Enjoy the journey everyone and the remaining 11 months of 2017!

Blessings & Peace.