The Struggle Is Real


The day-to-day struggles we face to live a better life is becoming increasingly hectic and frustrating. We tend to judge our lives on how successfully financial we are, what occupation we do, and the crowd we have around us. The struggle for most women of today is ‘feeling good about themselves’. So many times I am seeing on Facebook the amount of people who post pictures of their body parts; they spend large sums of money to increase their breasts and hips for it to look smaller, only to find out that it made them look twice as bad.

In times like this, it helps me to appreciate my flaws and insecurities. No matter how you feel, someone in your eyes will be prettier than you. Someone will always be smarter than you. Someone’s house will be bigger. Someone will drive a better car than you. Someone will earn more than you. Someone will travel more than you. Just let it go and breathe. Take care of yourself woman. Love yourself and your current circumstance for you know it will pass. The prettiest, slimmest woman in the world may have sadness in her heart.

The most highly favored woman at your workplace may not be able to have children. That married friend of yours might not be happy in her marriage. The richest woman you know may have the car, the house, and the clothes, but might be very lonely. So my encouragement for you today is; LOVE YOURSELF REGARDLESS OF YOUR STRUGGLE. Love who you are right now and tell yourself “I am too blessed to be stressed”. We must be reminded always that your struggles do not define you. Let us just be real ladies, everyone is struggling; we can try paint it by wearing make-up over our problems, partying every single night, but it still does not mean we won’t face certain situations.

I do not know what you may be going through, but there were times where I myself wanted to throw in the towel. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything I done was not working; the friends I spoke to about regarding my situation wasn’t working out for me. Prayed, fasted, went to church, still to no avail. Instead rather than me complaining about what did not work in my life, I decided to thank God for all the things He has done for me. Sometimes life may not always give you what you want, but God has always provided what you need. There is a comparative difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. What we want is something that is based on how we feel, when we think it is relevant for us (emotions), but what we need are the vital things, so for example, a home to live in, food to eat.

Struggles 2

Most times, it seems that we know better than God so we try to plan our lives ahead of Him because He is ‘taking too long’. But I have come to realise that a blessing given too soon is not a blessing at all. God loves you enough that He is willing to WAIT until the time is right for you to have what you desire. Some things given too soon could kill you, It may not be in the form of physical possessions; maybe you have lost a family member that you were not aware of, or you heard bad news about what your friend did the other night. You come back from work and as soon as you get in, guess what you hear? Bad news! Who wants to receive that from a long days work?

Somethings we have to be very cautious about before we start complaining. We rush God to do something when we want it to be done, and when He gives it to us, we complain that it is too difficult to handle. NOTE: Ladies, when you ask God for something, EXPECT TO STRUGGLE! There is struggle in progress! I know some of us do not like going through processes but it is the only way we can achieve our goals and aspirations. I tell you, the struggle is real out here. The struggle of getting a decent job, the struggle of holding your family together, the struggle of spending less, the struggle of fitting in. I tell you it is not easy!!

The tears that we cry touch the heart of God, that He understands every tear that falls from your eyes. You are not exempt from being blessed. It may feel that everyone around you is getting blessed but you, however you must remember that GOD SAVES THE BEST FOR LAST. Yes there will be critics that will critically analyse you based on your current situation and assume that you have done something wrong. But you must keep it moving. Do not let the talkatives weigh you down. You are not here to entertain them.

To conclude, everyone has a struggle, whether it is individual, financial, academic, spiritual, social, physical, mental. The one thing we all have in common is that it will all work our for our good! (Romans 8:28). If we keep working together, helping each other, completing each other, and encouraging one another, we will be able to tackle a struggle one step at a time. So would you join hands with me?

With love,


Struggles 1

Proverbs 31 Woman (Purpose of being Single)

As we begin to look at the characteristics of what a noble wife should be like, we immediately aspire to be like this individual. Now, I am not out here trying to judge anyone who dreams of being the next Proverbs 31 woman, however, are you so fixated on becoming the Proverbs 31 woman that you forget the purpose in which God has called you for?

I know the pressure of most of us women to get married at an early age can be pressurizing, and if you are not careful to control your feelings and emotions, it is more likely to lead in depression and low-self esteem. There is purpose in being single. For God, He enjoys when we give Him all our attention; He enjoys our company and wants us to enjoy Him also. It is very important that before you commit yourself to someone, you are wholly committed to God first. Your first priority should be God; the relationship that you cultivate with Him should be portrayed when you come in contact with several people on a daily basis.

When you hit a certain age i.e. 30 years, and it feels no one is coming your way, do not break down and lose hope. God’s timing is perfect and once we can remember that, we are more stable in Him and will eventually build trust. When I listened to a recent sermon from TD Jakes “Faith is an Equalizer”, he said something so vital that made me change my thinking. He said “When you decide not to trust God in your time of need, it is actually an insult to Him. What a statement! We not trusting is simply saying that we know far better than He does. The funny thing is that God created us so how can we be smarter than Him? Impossible! 

I urge you sisters not to be disheartened when things do not go your way. It is very important to retain a level of balance in your life, so that society does not pressurize you to fall into any guys arms. “He who finds a good wife, finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!” (Proverbs 18:22). When we come to realization that it is the man’s role to search for his wife, we then can make time for God to fill the space, however it does not mean that when the man arrives, we should place God on the back seat. A woman should be so lost in Christ that a man will have to seek God in order to find her.

As women, we place a lot of emphasis on our future partners and what we desire them to be, look like, their occupation and other relevant information. I too was like that. I would tell God how tall I want him to be, how he should dress etc. And then I realised how am I to place such high standards on a man when God Himself didn’t place any standards on me? He made me in His own unique image, and I learnt to really appreciate the people God brought into my life.

Focusing on Proverbs 31:10, it states “Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?”. The definition of virtuous means to have or to show high moral standards. This does not mean that we have to act a certain type of way towards the opposite sex; it means that we must see ourselves as children who are set a part in order to gain the riches of God. We are women of the most high God. Anything that comes to you and you feel it being less than who you are, you have to cast it out because it is something that should not be entertained. 

We see the attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman and can establish that in verse 12 “She brings him GOOD, not harm all the days of her life”. Let me break this down now. This means that before God reveals to you who your husband is, you have to do your part of the job by praying for Him. Now here is where you have to be careful. That saying, ‘be careful what you pray about’ is evident. You can be praying to God to send you a man, and when He does, you tend to get overly excited by the fact that God has answered your prayer according to your criteria. Now, when this man of your dreams starts revealing his true colors to you, that is when you want to cry out to God asking ‘why me?’. Were you not the same person that asked God for a man?

This is why it is vital to take relationships carefully and patiently. Patience is truly a virtue because when you think about it; a blessing given too soon is not a blessing at all. For example, if you give a little baby (5 months) a very expensive watch, the baby is more likely to harm itself and choke if put in the mouth, however, when the baby matures and gets older (16 years), then it will know the purpose of receiving the watch from the giver. It is vitally important to ensure that when you feel the need to rush God to bless you with your hearts desires, that you are ready to face the consequences. Yes you may be getting married this year, but it dos not mean that you’re exempt from problems that other married couples go through. 

The married couples that go through the most are able to stand in the face of adversity. I personally do not want any counselling advice from couples who have not been through anything. I enjoy listening to people who have been through hell and back, and yet can still stand and say “I am a conqueror”, because it helps me to know that I will be encouraged and can use it as reference when things are not going to plan. When someone tells you their painful experience about any relationship, whether it’s co-habitting or being engaged, take it as an opportunity to thank God because it is a ‘pre-warning’ to prepare yourself for the things that are yet ahead of you. 

Initially, we need to be praying for our partner even when the both of you are not together, but pray earnestly that he is fulfilling his purpose and that whilst God’s timing is perfect, you too will complete your purpose. The Proverbs 31 woman had the greatest qualities a person could have. She was: 

1) Hardworking

2) Trusting

3) Loving

4) Honest

5) Strong

These are all set qualities that seem to be at women’s tick list but they never work out that they need to have these qualities before looking for them in their partners. I am making a determination to ensure that I am HARDWORKING, I am TRUSTING, I am LOVING, I am HONEST and I am STRONG! If I do not have these traits, then I may not be ready to commit myself to a relationship. If you are lazy how is the man going to respect you? If you’re having trust issues with him because of other men in your past, how is that going to make him feel? If you do not love yourself how are you going to expect him to love you? If you are not honest and transparent with him, how is he going to be transparent with you? And lastly if you are not strong, how are you going to expect him to be strong for you? Remember your strength does not come from any man, but from the Lord!

As we divulge into the passage, we can see that the Proverbs 31 woman went through some serious battles to be where she is today. Are you willing to ignore the critics and society to get you to your desired destination? Verses 21 says “She has no fear of winter for her household, for everyone has warm clothes”. This lady knew that circumstances are bound to come, but she would overcome them. She knew that God would make a way and she had the FAITH that no harm would come her way. At times, we all will go through situations and have no idea how to get out of it, but the Proverbs 31 woman knew that NOTHING was too difficult for God to handle. In order to know the plans God has for us, we must reflect on the hardship and difficult times in our lives and give thanks to Him for allowing us to go through them. Thank God for allowing you to go through that terrible break up, for if you didn’t, you would have not discovered your real partner that God had planned for you. 

When you go through situations, it also helps you learn more about YOU as opposed to the opposite sex. The fact that Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more” tells us that the same God that gave you hope when everyone failed you is the SAME God that will carry you through your personal storm. She trusts that if everything else fails her, the warmth of God’s love will keep her household from falling. This now brings me to the question; “Can God trust you with trouble?”.

Clearly, the woman had to go through some tough trials, for had she not have gone through it, there would not be a testimony. The characteristics that are mentioned above, God will at one point in our lives test us on them otherwise we may end up resentful and ignorant. When trouble comes your way, do you fall on your knees and thank God and ask Him to keep you through the storm, or are you tempted to ask God why? Well I am sorry to say, why not you? Why not you so you can proclaim the wonders of our God and can show how powerful He really is?

To conclude, I would like to leave you with this question: “What are you doing each day that is amounting to you fulfilling your purpose?

Remember there is purpose in being single. Do not waste your single life living reckless, but enjoy the journey with your Father and see how He will comfort you in your time of need. You are beautiful and precious in the Lord’s sight! Ensure you continue to walk in His favor and direction. The man God has for you will be revealed in His time. For now, enjoy your journey of single-ship! Let God be your first and last lover 🙂

Grace and Blessings,


Single 1

Approval Addiction

“I enjoy being comfortable because I can cover up my flaws, and no-one can find out who I really am”. What we declare upon our lives speaks volumes about our character. The majority of women today are struggling with low-self esteem, because people do not appreciate their values and are not complemented enough, so they use anything that will fill their void such as money to purchase what they want, and beg for what they need. The approval of what people say to you will have such a consequence that one has to be aware of. In Galatians 1:10, it says “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of God”. 

Approval 1

In other words, if we depend on what people think about us, we are not true servants of the Most High. In fact, we have lost our self-worth.  The pressure today in our society is becoming too severe that suicidal rates are going up, smoking weed and selling cocaine are increasing, and living a reckless life is getting out of hand. If you decide to wait on what society tells you how to live, you really need a spiritual check up! God knows you better than you and the society does.

Technology on the other hand is going haywire; so many women competing against each other through social media such as posting pictures every week to “observe” how many likes they can obtain on Instagram, not realizing that some of the pictures that are being taken have been airbrushed and edited. Others are requesting for more followers on Twitter. So once they follow you, what next?

The greatest pressure to date is when society puts young people in positions to get rich fast. In order to prevent these things from happening, we need to develop two powerful traits:

1) Self-Control!

2) Self-Confidence!

SELF-CONTROL is the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires in the face of external demands in order to function effectively. It is the quality that allows you to stop yourself from doing things you want to do, but might not be in your best interest. For example, without self-control you may use fowl language because you are surrounded with people who speak negatively a lot. 

Another example could be uncontrollable eating habits. Personally, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! When I tell myself I will only take one, just know that I am lying LOL! It can be very addictive to constantly keep having your favorite chocolate bar that you come to a final point and say “I think I’ve had enough now”. Eating too much chocolate isn’t good for you, although it tastes so good. It affects the functioning of your body as well as your teeth. Now let me say this; ladies, you are all responsible for what you allow to enter your mind.

I always used to think that having more money would make me a happier person, but I did not realise that it would just make me the same person. The only thing I could do was to save up. Try to understand this ladies:

“Unless you spend less than you earn, no amount of income will ever be enough! So if you are wise, when you get a salary increase or an unexpected windfall, you will not adopt a more extravagant lifestyle”.

This relates back to self-control because we desire to be financially stable. So how can we benefit from being financially stable if we keep spending what we earn? If you decide to make conscious decisions to open a savings account, and put half of your earnings into the account each month, you will reap the benefits of financial stability. 

Put it at the back of your mind that mo amount of income is sufficient if your spending is not brought under control. I know the pressure for some of us to look good is very expensive. For example, getting your hair done every month or two, doing your nails, going out to dinners and events etc. All these things can be cut down with a DECISION! You can either decide to spend so much on all these things, or you can cut some of it off. Out of all these three, I would prefer to do my nails by myself. Instead of me spending £30 each month on pedicures and manicures, I would rather purchase good quality nail varnish. 

Now, when the Government gets into debt, they simply tax you. But when you get into debt, you are on your own. That is not how God wants us to live. True contentment does not come from getting all you want, but by discovering the blessings you have already been given and learning to enjoy them.

We can enjoy our lives without feeling the need to allow others to tell us what to do and how to spend our money. Why should we live life according to what rules and regulations people set on us? Are they our God? No one should push you to an extent where you cannot make your own decisions. If that is happening to you, you need to question why you are in that friendship. Some people will drain a lot out of you because they gain pleasure from making you feel small. It is up to you to make the decision to run and put your problems in the Hands of God. 



SELF-CONFIDENCE on the other hand describes an internal state made up of what we think and feel about ourselves. This state is changeable according to the situation we are currently in, and our responses to events going on around us. Sometimes if we are not careful, we can allow our past to rob us of our future. Past events should only be remembered when you come out of a terrible situation, for example; when God took you out of that toxic relationship that you thought was going to last. We may have been discouraged from being boastful in the past, but a healthy amount of self-approval is necessary if we are to have the confidence to meet life’s challenges and participate as fully as we wish to in whatever makes life enjoyable and rewarding for us. 

Early experiences are influential to achieving a healthy level of self-confidence. It is all about balance! There are some women who do not feel confident until someone complements them. In my past, I used to buy so many things to make myself feel and look confident, but it just did not work out for me. God had to separate me for something greater. If we are fortunate and had relatively favorable conditions and experiences whilst we were growing up, we are more likely to develop self-confidence. However, if conditions and experiences were mainly negative in our pasts, we are more likely to experience more difficulties in developing our confidence in the near future. Some of the negative messages we have received will have been internalized and eventually become part of what we think and feel about ourselves.

What you say about yourself will affect the next five years of your life. If we constantly live a life where we feel the need to be accepted by the world, we are most likely to be miserable. You will feel so insecure that your social life will decrease, so you hide yourself in your room and cry. Others suffer with severe acne; it can be very painful because no amount of make-up can cover it. We tend to know those who are just staring and not doing anything about the situation. That is a contributor of self-destruction. 

My challenge for you today is “What makes you confident?” You may be lacking in self-confidence who receives a low mark for a university assignment and may think:

“What else could I expect? I am stupid, this proves it, and I might as well quit the degree.”

Someone else who received the same low mark with a healthy self-esteem may think:

“I wonder where I went wrong? I will find out so that I can do better next time.”

Although this person may feel disappointed, she or he will not feel diminished by the low mark! 

Everything that contributes to confidence starts from your mind. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHOICES YOU MAKE FOR YOURSELF! Someone may tell you that your beautiful, others may say you are average, some may say you are ugly. What do you choose? Now that summer is here, most of us force ourselves to look slim, not realizing that autumn and winter is just around the corner. If you do not have the financial means of going to the gym, use your initiative and cut down on fatty/oily foods, drink lots of water and jog around your local area. Why stress about having a flat stomach when you can do sit ups and home? Are we trying to look good because of society? 

Now when I was 14/15 years of age, I did not have the opportunity to show certain body parts outside, but now, the majority of school children are wearing tank tops to look cute. Cute for who? I don’t understand. Society is messing up our future generation, and it is time to take a stand and use our weapon which is PRAYER! Casting down all lustful desires to fit into this TEMPORARY WORLD has got to stop. Just because a man complements you based on what you are wearing does not mean he is for you. Men lust a lot because of a woman’s body, so be wise when you choose your outfits ladies! 

We can improve our self-confidence in a number of ways. One of the most important ways is to accept ourselves for who we are. Look at your strengths and achievements and compare them to your weaknesses. See what you can do to eliminate your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. We can start by noticing situations which increase our self-confidence such as positive thinking and those which diminish it i.e. negative thinking. By consistently taking notice of our fluctuating levels of self-confidence, we may discover important information about ourselves that we did not realise was already in us. 

We also need to practice self-acceptance; feeling good about ourselves as well as others regardless of our conditions. At the same time, we also need to stop focusing too much on ourselves and try to help others. If we make mistakes, hurt or offend people, it may be appropriate to make amends, but it should not lead to low self-confidence and condemnation. In this way, we may sometimes think it is reasonable to be critical of our behavior and try to change it but without being over-critical of ourselves. This attitude helps maintain a healthy level of self-confidence.

True Beauty

Our true beauty comes from within. It does not come from what someone defines us as. Why would you want to be of the world? Why are you waiting for people to approve of you? Don’t you know that being friends with the world makes you an enemy to God? (James 4:4). We need to be very careful with the things we allow our ears to listen to, and our voices to speak. Being addicted to what society tells us to do will not complete you. It will only make you bitter, more fearful and more competitive. You are more likely to hurt those who love you for who you are, and entertain those who do not have your best interests at heart. #SelfControlChallenge!

Bare in mind that not everyone who smiles with you is your friend. Once you can get that, you will enjoy life much more better, and the Peace of God shall be with you wherever you go. Not only that, you will learn how to gradually develop self-confidence. Sometimes a lot of us struggle to say “NO” for fear of being rejected by a loved one. If that person is drawing you away from God, you have every right to say no. Some friends will only contact you when they are in need. Once they have got what they need, they will leave you in a minute. But do not feel bad because you have declined their desperate needs. Instead, learn to cast all your burdens to God, because He cares for you. Stop being so addicted to the world, and start being addicted to His Word.

Approval 4

When you are real with God, God will be real to you. No matter how many insecurities you have, or what you are facing in the dark, know that you don’t need to hear the world to determine your next decision. God cares so much about every detail. He wants us to be so transparent and selfless that we can help those around us who are struggling. Even the greatest bully you can ever think of has insecurities. They still want to feel accepted, and that is why they are so harsh towards others just to cover up their weaknesses and downfalls. But there is nothing new in God’s eyes, for He sees everything! He is all-knowing, so do yourself a favour, and stop being addicted to people’s opinions of you. They are only temporary. You are already approved in Christ. 

Lots of love,


Your Story Is A Choice

Choices 2

As individuals, we are all responsible for what we say about ourselves and to ourselves. We are also responsible for deciding whether or not we should allow people or society to dictate who we are. There is so much pressure today due to the demand on how we should behave, how much money we should be earning in our jobs, what age to get married, whether to do a Master’s Degree or not. All these pressure can result to stress and eventually depression.

A lot of people become depressed because of past and current rejections, doubt, fear, anxiety and loneliness. To some, rejection can be a killer because they have not mastered confidence to accept the word “No”, so they decide to define themselves as failures. Remember saying no is NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS, SO DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE IT! Others see rejection as a blessing in disguise, thanking God for the opportunity of missing something they thought was beneficial for them, when in reality it wasn’t. I have been in so many situations where I thought won the victory, just to hear God say “Not this time my child; don’t worry, I have got you”.

The difference between God’s voice and our voice is that we tend to get the two mixed up. We think that when God speaks, it is actually us speaking, and when we speak, it is God. We get confused because we have not decided to sit down and confirm with the Father whether our thoughts are from Him, or from our fleshly minds. As I stressed in my previous blog posts, although we are in the world, we are not of this world! What the world says about you should not determine who you are. You are who God says you are. When He says “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” believe it! You don’t always have to wait for your friends or even your loved one to tell you. When God gives you opportunities each day to wake up and experience life, remind yourself that you have a purpose to fulfill. Whether it is spending time in the Word, going to work, doing an exam, re-taking a driving test, it is still for a purpose. It may not directly link to God’s purpose, but even doing a university exam can bring Glory to God.

For those who are struggling with exams, I was there! I had problems with studying that I nearly lost hope! I did not realise that the amount of pressure in that exam was pushing me to trust God the more and not to rely on my own strength. Maybe that is your struggle today; trying to do things on your own. You are trying to be your own boss (self-righteous look). Let me be real with you guys; do you know what I find attractive the most? A HUMBLE SPIRIT! One that will admit their faults at the time of need. Humble people realise that they are not always right, and at times will tend to get it wrong, however, instead of beating themselves us, they grow from the problem rather than hiding it. When you are in trouble, open up. If you need advice, speak to someone. Do not bottle your problems in because they do not help your life at all. Not opening up can strongly affect your spiritual, mental, financial, social, emotional, academic and intellectual abilities.

The amount of problems we encounter are formed by the stories we tell ourselves. It is important to remember that what you say and declare upon your life, will dictate what your future will look like. You are living with the consequences of what you say to yourself! Your story is a CHOICE! You decide whether to write your script positively or negatively. Don’t determine the presence of your current storm to dictate the absence of God for He is always available in the midst of your trouble. Let FAITH be your main perspective to enable you to change/renew your mind for the better. You are too special to look down on yourself. Keep your head high ladies of worth!

This is why the Bible emphasizes on speaking life into every situation you encounter! There is power in the tongue, so you have to speak positivity over your life, your health, your finances, your joy, your happiness! (Proverbs 18:21). When we feel we are financially lacking, God says in His word that “We are rich”. When we are weak, He tells us to declare over our lives that “We are strong”. Why do the enemy’s job, when you can resist him and he will flee? My challenge for all of us today is, BUILD UP ON YOUR FAITH! Faith is your perspective. When times get tough, God will usually test your Faith to see how much you depend on Him. You don’t just have Faith for God to answer your needs because it is very easy to trust Him when you have an exam, especially when you have prepared for it. If it is something to do with coming out of your comfort zone .i.e moving to another country by yourself, that is where your faith will be tested.

choices 1

It won’t be easy moving to a different part of the world not knowing anyone, and starting again, but sometimes God will call certain people to do that. What is causing us human beings not to excel beyond our capabilities is “being too comfortable/complacent”. My manager and I recently had a conversation, and what she said to me challenged my thinking. She said “You are responsible for your own progression”. Since that day, my perspective has changed! The way I used to put myself down and cry has now changed for my benefit. I was relying too much on friends, rather than putting my trust in God only. I thought if I was to blend in like the world, they would like me and give me the promotion I deeply desired.

However, God had a separate plan for me. A plan that did not involve bribery or politics. All I had to do was rest in His presence and allow Him to take over. This is supernatural favour! God will give you favor with people if you ask Him to do so and put your trust in Him. He can cause even your enemies to be at peace with you (Proverbs 16:7). The Bible says He changes the hearts of men the way He changes the course of flowing water. If God can make a river flow in a specific direction, surely He can change someone’s heart toward you.

When God favors you, He gives you things you do not deserve in the natural. But as long as you try to make things happen by the works of your flesh, God will stand back and wait for you to wear yourself out trying to do what only He can do. But if you stop struggling and ask God to take the driver’s seat, you can have favor with God, and He will give you favor with others.

Remember that our thoughts affects our words, and our words affect our lives. Words have power, and they directly affect our emotions. Words fuel good moods or bad moods; in fact, they fuel our attitudes a have a huge impact on our lives and our relationships. When you speak positive and good things, you minister life to yourself. You increase your joy and happiness. However, if you speak negative words, you minister death and misery to yourself. This is why the percentage rate of suicide is going up and up each day, which saddens my heart so much! There is so much potential in every one of us, but we should not allow our feelings  to dictate when we should love our lives and when we shouldn’t.

The bottom line is that whatever you declare upon yourself; what you say when things are going difficult in your life, will determine the next step that you will have to take. If you are struggling with something personal, be honest with yourself and create time where you and God can speak about the issue and make resolutions for it. Do not allow life to pass you by, do something with your life now. Your life should be a challenge. In other words, when people view you, they shouldn’t be able to read you too quickly. They need to see you as a unique challenge. A woman who is difficult to understand (in a good way i.e. being able to stand against adversity) – to some, this may be confusing, but though people slay me, yet shall we trust Him! A woman who knows how to make her own decisions without allowing life to weigh her down is someone who has a clear path of direction and knows where they are going regardless of the barriers that may be trying to block her. If you can’t make decisions for yourself, who are you going to expect to give you the answers? Man will fail you but God will never fail you! When you run to God, He will draw Himself closer to you.

God has the final say upon your life; it is NOT over until God says it’s over, so keep fighting until your victory is won! Your story is going to be so worth it in the end! It will not be easy, but you are a winner! You have a CHOICE to write your script well, so what are you waiting for? #ToAllMyWinningWomen #WomenThouArtLoosed!