As an Author of three books, I always like to share my expertise, knowledge and skills on how I started my writing career journey. TO ALL WRITERS, AUTHORS AND CREATIVES! This is for you. If you are looking to do something new, creative and leaving a lasting legacy, writing a book is one of the best and most authentic ways to do it. Ask yourself what have you learnt from past experiences that someone is currently going through right now, and provide that solution.

It is important that your book will provide a solution to another person’s needs. Your book, however, can be based on a practical guide on how to set up a business. Either way it is still solving a need and that is what a book’s aim should be about.

If you are interested in learning how to write a book from start to finish, the Authentic Worth online masterclass course for beginners is live HERE.

The second session of the course will start in September 2019 so do take advantage of the first session NOW!

I wish you all the best in your writing journey and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to authenticworth@gmail.com.

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I decided to do a video about the remaining 6 months of 2019. In my previous posts, you will see how much I emphasise on what we have achieved so far this year. You may not have had the best 6 months so far, but I strongly guarantee that if you position your mind and use the first 6 months of 2019 as preparation and apply what you learnt to step into July to December, you will see how it will work out for your good. From July to December it is the practical stages to put yourself in the receiving and expectation mode. Do not write yourself off, and remember just because it did not happen in the first six months, doesn’t mean it won’t happen towards the remaining 6 months we have to go.

In addition with the remaining months we have left until 2020, may I remind you that growth is painful. Anything you want to see takes time and must be done consistently. At times, you will wonder why your plans aren’t going the way you expected it to be. Other times the support you expected won’t necessarily come your way, but what matters is that you stay true to who you are. As you go higher in life, there will be envy and jealousy, but use the negative energy to turn it around into positivity. Don’t sit still and allow life to pass you by. I have dedicated this video to everyone who want to rise to the next level. GET READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL NOW!

We have also got three tickets left until the From Glory to Glory book launch on Saturday 27th July, so if you would like to attend be quick to register your name here!

Don’t allow any day to pass you by, waiting for the ‘right’ opportunity. You are the right opportunity. You are the person that someone needs in their situation. You are called. You are chosen. Believe this and walk in your greatness. Be blessed by this video and share with family and friends. 2019, WE SHALL END THIS YEAR EXTREMELY WELL! See you soon!

Full video can be found here!

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Creative Writing – are you going to be the next award-winning Author?

As an Author of three books, I am always inspired to share my knowledge, skills and expertise on what it takes to write a book. Is it easy? Not at all, but the benefit is that it keeps me going and helps me to gain momentum and purpose. You have a story!

No matter who you are surrounded with, everybody has a story and it is up to you to use it for the benefit of the wider community. The Authentic Worth online masterclass course (session one) will end in August, and the second session will commence in September. For more information on how to write a book from start to finish, why not look at the course content and see how the course will benefit you to start writing your book?

Someone needs to hear your story. Check out the online masterclass course here


If you know my story, you’ll know why I smile so much, no matter what I go through. It takes real strength to keep being persistent.

When I look at how far I’ve come and the plans I’ve made thus far, I would always think I’d be further than where I am. But I’ve realised in the discovery season, it is God who has put me where I am today.

I’m not too early and I’m not too late; I’m right ON TIME! I’m embracing the present and being expectant for what it is to come.

Thankful and humbled for the way God uses people to choose me in sharing my story to be an inspiration onto others.

Thank you Ben Televisions ft. Minas Dollz for the opportunity to share my story on the vision of Authentic Worth, my writing career, women empowerment, mental health and social media.

When you have a vision, make sure you fulfil it. Don’t delay! It won’t be easy when you start, but it will be worth it in the end. Just because it hasn’t happened when you wanted it to, doesn’t mean that it won’t. Delay isn’t denial. 2019; you’ve done me WELL!

PS: ladies and gentlemen; Keep doing you; it suits YOU!👌🏾

Me and two guests that were also interviewed on the BEN TV Show


WE ARE LIVE! Thank you Minas Dollz for this great opportunity to share our stories. More to come!


If you know my story, you will know why I love to SMILE A LOT! 



June is nearly over – what have you done with your life?

Don’t allow each day to pass you by without doing something useful. You are still here because you have a purpose to fulfil. Don’t get too caught up in what others are doing that you forget who you are. You are special. You are needed. You are important. We are in the 6th month in 2019; what have you achieved so far? Have you been tempted to complain about certain situations that have caused slowness in your journey of life?

What you focus on grows; remember this always. Do not allow your life to be swayed by what is happening around you. Use what is around you to make a difference in your community. Take life easy. Travel. Write. Rest. Detox. Have you time. Be kind. Be cheerful. Be loving. Don’t harbour envy, hatred or jealousy in your heart. Be true to who you are. Be expensive. Know your identity. Leave a legacy!

What has 2019 taught you, and what are you willing to improve in the last six months of the year?

Let’s wait and see…

With love,

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