MARCH – Respect yourself.

It has been a pleasant month full of laughter, favour and strength. Performance at work has doubled, met a few new people and just appreciating the woman I am. March has taught me not to change for anybody – to not look down or compromise at the expense of my peace. The Spirit of Discernment works very well if used appropriately. I can’t stress how many times I’ve felt some sort of pressure towards certain people that I’d have to explain who I am. I believe in times of testing, we will know who stands with us – God put people in my life that related to what I was going through and used it to encourage each other.

What gives me peace of mind is God knowing and seeing everything – our hearts, our motives our thoughts 😀 << If this does not make you happy, then I don’t what else is. His Angels will always be ministering to you. That links to Psalm 23:2 which says “He makes us lie down in green pastures” – which is PEACE OF MIND.

I know we are so eager to know answers straight away, and this is why the Father teaches us to trust Him in uncertainty. He teaches us to not depend on anyone and gives us strength to carry on the race in front of us. The day you feel like giving up, ask yourself why you started in the first place. I’ve had various circumstances where I perceived something to be wrong, but just ignored it because of the respect I have for those around me, and this was not good. When something is wrong, be true and ask. Don’t be quiet, especially if you care. Remember when you worry, you are giving the enemy power to torture you.

Battling within is so dangerous and can affect potential relationships. Yes, although we need people, we also need to acknowledge God FIRST as supreme over our lives so that when we feel double-minded or want to belittle ourselves, we can stand firm on His Word and Promises. Yes, there were days where I thought a bit too much about the concerns of others, and I don’t see this as a bad thing, but when it becomes heavy where dysfunction has taken its place, that is where you need to pause and take rest. Don’t carry more than you can handle – there are people who know what you carry and no matter what happens, they will be the few that will stick by your side.

NOTE: Not everyone is out there to attack you – please remember this. There are some who are secretly inspired by you but don’t have the confidence to say it. On the other hand, it could be pride or a bit of envy, but regardless, there are good people who love you – God won’t put negative obstacles in your way to crush you. Never feel guilty for being who you are and don’t apologise for your greatness. When you respect yourself, you are attracting the right people in your life and eliminating those who undervalue who you are. When your heart is in the right place with God, it will reflect on the people around you. You won’t be right for everyone, that is too much energy, but you will be to the right people and God will enable them to see it, with time. Just don’t rush the process and respect yourself.

Being able to see something special in you is a trait that not a lot of us have mastered yet because it’s easy to entertain worry rather than pray and let go. If you have to keep informing people of what you are doing just to keep them ‘happy’, it could lead to potential damage in the friendship/relationship because they too may see it as a burden – not everyone may be strong as you so give them time to work in their pace too. At times, our minds assume too quickly which creates a false assumption and keeps us bound from enjoying the life God promised us to have. Do you tend to wake up with a heavy burden? It can happen to be honest, I know. We have 101 things on our mind that we forget to acknowledge the One that gave us life in the first place.

Each day, practice putting your mind on Jesus and keeping Him in the centre of your heart. He truly understands and knows what you are going through and how you feel. I can’t deny, March has given me so much strength to keep on walking, yes, there were days I was in my zone thinking and reflecting, but as soon as I prayed, the thoughts went away because I reminded myself of who I am, not what people say.

I realised that my gifts weren’t being appreciated so had to use them wisely to benefit those around me. When you have a good heart, you will feel taken for granted, but guess what, how you handle it can either make or break you. Not everyone understands the way you operate, but that shouldn’t be your problem. This is a new year; LEAVE THE BAGGAGE BEHIND AND KEEP MOVING FORWARDS.

I’ve learnt to be direct about situations that have freed me and gave clarity. It refreshes the soul and mind and helps in your personal journey. When you know who you are, you’ll be able to identify those who are for you, but it does take consistent submission and surrender. You can’t always beat your mind up because life is shaky – ladies, life will always propose dysfunction. Everyone is dysfunctional to a degree – it’s how you handle it that makes the difference.

Life changes and people will come and go, but that is how you grow and learn to remain strong. More importantly, your perception is a powerful tool that must be used wisely, do not allow it to be controlled by how you feel. How you feel changes every day because life won’t always be stable and if not careful you will end up being like the wind without no control.

Above all, treat your mind and heart with respect, and more importantly, pray earnestly. You are the only person you see all the time. Whatever you have learnt in March, apply it in April and God willing I’ll see you there!

Much blessings,