Let’s Make Christ Fun!


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas to you. May we remember that today marks a special moment for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through His birth, it enables me and you to enjoy the life we are living today!

I will be speaking from the perspective of Evangelism as it is very dear to my heart. Now in today’s society, a lot of people want to see before they believe. I personally have been finding it quite tricky trying to convince unbelievers that Jesus is real. But for me, I tend to prove Jesus’ existence through the way I live, talk and conduct myself.

It is a blessing when you can walk into a room and people can already sense the love of God in you. Our young adults of today want to see more than “Jesus loves You”, but how you relate to one another. It is good to express the love of Jesus to our neighbor, but I strongly believe there is more we can do to make Christ fun!

A work colleague recently told me that a Christian lady approached her and a friend. The Christian lady asked both of them if they were Christians; their reply was no. All of a sudden she said “You are going to hell!”. In my heart when my colleague shared this with me, I was highly upset for the reason that these two ladies were not given the opportunity of being a Christian. Secondly, the way in which the Christian lady replied was quite harsh. I don’t believe Christ in His days would say “If you don’t believe in Me, you are going straight to hell”. No, He shows the love through healing the sick, delivering the blind, helping the lame etc. All these little kind gestures are what turns unbelievers to Jesus. We too must learn to show Christ through our love. How we treat people are evident examples of how we can make Christ fun. We should not make others feel bad because they don’t believe, however we must learn to pray for them behind closed doors so that God will intervene in their lives.

It made me even think deeper about the scenario because I was thinking what do unbelievers perceive Christians as. There is no perfect Christian out there, we are all trying our best to live Holy lives, but what makes me happy is knowing that Christ, regardless of our sinful nature still has our best interests at heart. There truly is NO CONDEMNATION IN CHRIST JESUS!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. To me, this is more than love, it is evangelizing to people who don’t know Christ as of yet. This is a very great way to start ministering to someone, not telling them about hell on the spot. It will scare some unbelievers and they will assume Christianity is some sort of ‘religion’ when really its more of a relationship between others.

Jesus did not come in the world to condemn, no He came that we may have a strong relationship with Him and with others also. Let us not feel insecure by the way we reach out to people. Before I would always feel bad for walking past someone if I did not share the love of Jesus with them, but now I ask God for wisdom to direct and guide me to those that are going to listen. Because let us be real, it is not everyone that wants to listen, however the good thing is that we can put them in our prayers.

We need to make Christ fun ladies! Let’s not put so much pressure on ourselves but be TRUE REPRESENTATIVES ON EARTH FOR HIM! After all He died for us. If you don’t know how to evangelize to someone about the love of Christ, please do not worry. There are several ways to speak, it’s not just only through word and action. Even good deeds are special in the eyes of unbelievers. Helping them in their studies, taking them out to dinner, meeting their family members are unique ways that they will see Christ in you, and eventually start to follow your footsteps.

As we approach the ending of this year, let us make a decision that in 2016 we will make Christ even more FUN! He is not boring and never will be! Pray and ask that God will strengthen your relationship with Him further in this new year. Remember your life is a reflection of Christ’s love. Let us make the most of it and enjoy every moment with Him and remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas Season.

Jesus 1

The Magic Pill

So thought-provoking! Thank you very much for writing this! It will touch someone! 🙂

Unfathomable Grace

How fantastic would it be to love God with every ounce of your being? Can you imagine how incredible it would be to love God so much that no idol or temptation held any sway over your heart? Wouldn’t you love to keep the First Commandment and love the Lord with all your insides and outsides? Wouldn’t you love to keep the Tenth Commandment and covet nothing other than increased experiential intimacy with and practical righteousness before Jesus Christ? Truthfully, if there were a magic pill that caused your heart to be singleminded, faithful, stable, and satisfied in Christ alone, would not you take it immediately?

Well, the bad news is this, such faithful affection and obedience is exactly that which God requires of you in his Law. Such a response to God, at all times and in all places, is required of you if you would be found self-righteous. Such is the divine expectation of…

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Mature & Fully Assured

Maturity 1

There will come a time in your life where your Faith will be tested, and they come very unexpectedly. You wake up one day, full of the Spirit, getting ready for work, until something kicks in. Your time of joy has turned into bitterness. You assume things in your mind that may not even be true. You think you’re alright, but the truth of the matter is, you really aren’t. You are broken but you don’t want to show it for fear of what people will see you as, so you decide to buy clothes you can’t afford to please people who never notice you.

You wear the best make-up and buy the most expensive perfume for the lad to notice you, but doesn’t really know the true worth inside of you. The pain is unbearable isn’t it? You must be in your silent season; a season where God wants to fully assure you that everything is going to be okay; a season where He wants your undivided attention so that the things you have been dreaming of won’t become your main priority; a season where you can truly say that you are coming back to the ‘heart of worship’.

Sisters, we are all broken and flawed in some ways. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Every day we are trying to fight one battle after the other. We try our best to make ourselves happy, even if that is trying to seek for the wrong attention to be noticed. In this time and age today, so much pressure has been added on to women and how they look. Some are even killing others just to be ahead of them, I mean, really? When did life become a competition?

The unity of women today is seriously having an effect on the church today. There needs to be more unity and togetherness, because in that, we can grow and mature into what God wants us to be, and how He can use us for His Glory. A dear friend of mine reminded me how important it is to have strong spirit-filled sisters when hard times come knocking around the corner. So many women all around the world have committed suicide just because they don’t feel beautiful enough like social media would define beauty as. Ladies, don’t be gullible! Let us mature to know that we are made in His image (Psalm 139:14).

In order to mature fully to what God desires us to be, it involves ‘serious surrender’. We say it with our mouth, but our hearts are far away. We want to do it when it’s convenient, but serious surrender is a DAILY COMMITMENT! It is not done just for a season, but for a lifetime. What is holding you back today that is stopping you from growing in the Lord? This is something that I too must reflect on a daily basis. I really yearn for God to reveal to me the things I do that grieve Him, because if you don’t ask, you will never know.

It is very important to remain strong in Christ, even when the wind and waves are tossing. I have realised that through my own personal struggle, I have greatly depended on God! As much as I love my sisters in Christ, there are some things that honestly they will never understand the way God does. Being a mature Christian is about fighting through battles not in our own strength, but with the help of the Holy Spirit in continuous prayer and the Word. The Word must be meditated on day and night (Joshua 1:8). This is something that Joshua himself stressed on as he was going through his own struggle.

It was the struggles of those in the Bible that made them who they are. And it is the struggles that you and I are currently facing that will help us reach to the next level where God wants us to be. I can assure you that nothing in life will come easy. There are some things you and I are going through that when you tell someone, they still won’t understand, but I am here to remind you that there is someone you can run to, someone you can RELY ON 24/7, someone you can honestly cry out your heart to behind closed doors, behind all the drama and heaviness. His Name is Jesus!

Jesus cares so much for us! It is the truth! He knows when we are rest assured in Him. Being a mature Christian is not a one day thing. It is learning every day because it says in Psalms 37:23 that “The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in His way”. In other words, our steps are controlled by God daily. You cannot expect a fully harvest if you are giving God half and doing the rest yourself. Everything must be laid at His feet.

I can also relate this to ‘self-control’; how you perceive things in your mind. What conclusions have you made that is making you bitter? What have you said regarding your situation that is stopping you from getting your breakthrough? Has it ever occurred to you that every single word you say from your mouth is the consequence of your life today? Your mouth is powerful so speak well! (Proverbs 18:21). Your mouth can make you lose self-control and cause you to think thoughts that aren’t in your nature.

Our speech and thoughts have to come from a mature mind-set. Our mind has to be free from clutter and filth; from the things that don’t please God. Developing self-control is something that only God can help us all with. It will take a lot of time, depending on how patient you are to wait for Him. If you are someone who lacks patience, it is time to develop self-control; to know when to speak and know when not to speak; to know when to intervene and when to mind your own affairs. Every situation doesn’t always need a reaction. There are some things even instinct will tell you not to head towards.

So ladies, I really encourage you today, be fully assured in God, and develop spiritual maturity with Him and with others around you. You should not be fighting on your own; it is not healthy. Let us look into 2 Peter 3:16-18 “There are some things in the Bible that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures. You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

The Bible is difficult to understand in several places.  Those who are ignorant of the Scriptures can take text out of context to create a pretext and a false one at that.  One way to avoid this is to “grow in the Grace and Knowledge of The Lord” which means that, since Jesus is the Word (John 1) we need to be in the Word. Not only that, if you are in the Bible, and the Bible gets into you, that means you can rightly divide and discern what the context means when reading difficult verses, particularly when it comes to spiritual maturity. How can we discern? By praying through the Holy Spirit to bring the wisdom that is found in the Word of God (James 1:5). If you don’t ask you won’t get.

The Bible has everything we need to live a successful mature life, fully assured that He has everything covered for us. So rest assured that He has YOU! You are blessed and highly favored and remember to take REST! It is needed once in a while. Allow Him to keep you in His loving arms. Don’t try and sort everything out on your own. He is there to help you, to guide and protect you all the days of your life. I am a living witness to that!


Seasonal Attacks!

Attacks 2

Yes I feel alone at times. Just because I smile it doesn’t always mean I am happy. It is all just a cover up. The pain still shows on the outside as well as on the inside too. I know you can’t see it because I smell good, dress good, look good, but beyond all of that physical attributes and appearances, I still want someone by my side reminding me that all will be okay. Wouldn’t you want that too?

Now I do not know about you, but this year has taught me a lot! It has given me wisdom and strength. Yes I have had seasons where I felt weak, but the Lord made strong through it all. With the help of the Lord, I was able to make decisions that benefited my well-being and the actions I will take to fulfill a successful future; the people I choose to be around, those who will help me to reach my potential and help to fulfill my visions.

For some of you right now, you may be facing a seasonal attack; it might even be a ‘silent season’ where God isn’t speaking. Ladies, I have been there, and recently it feels like I am at that stage now. It can be painful when we don’t hear God speak, but I remember a friend telling me that when doing exams, the invigilator is always quiet during the test. I have to keep reminding myself that though I may be in a quiet season, it does not exempt God from speaking to me. This is something that I had to train my mind to keep doing, because if I didn’t, the enemy would have kept deceiving me.

Remember ladies, there are times where you will become impatient about something that you really want, and the enemy will use your impatience to attack God. The enemy will keep whispering in your ear: “Where is your God now?” “You might as well give up on prayer because God ain’t listening!” Does these questions ring any bells at all? For me, they personally do. I was so spiritually weak and used to assume God did not care at all for me, until I met some amazing sisters this year that helped me to position and change my mindset for the better. Step by step I am getting there with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Your seasonal attacks should prepare you for what God has in store. Seasonal attacks are not permanent, they are temporary. Remember ladies that delay is NOT DENIAL! Just because you received a “NO”, doesn’t mean it will stay as a permanent no. Your mind has to be transformed by the Word of God. Remember that what ever door God closes, no man can open. Every single door that you thought was for you and God has closed it, you ought to give Him the highest praise, because I tell you, He knows what you can handle ladies!

Don’t assume that God is not listening to your prayers because your request was not answered at the time you wanted it. Instead thank Him for there is power in a closed door! Every seasonal attack is meant to push your character to become better and test your weaknesses. You must learn from every challenge you face because through them, your weaknesses eventually turn into strengths. If everything was easy in your life without struggle, how can you help someone who is currently going through problems? In my previous blog posts I stressed on the fact that I find it very hard relating to people who have not gone through anything, particularly without struggling.

For those who know me, I really found it hard securing a job after my degree, but thank God I have a job. People around me would always remind me that I have a job and that I should be grateful, but do they really know the pain I went through behind closed doors? The struggle of today is strengthening our tomorrow if you allow it to. In fact your seasonal attacks are working on behalf of your favor. Every trial, every tear, every test, even when you feel lonely and no-one is around is the OPPORTUNITY for you to draw closer to Him.

I am going to be real, there are times where I receive so many Whats-app messages and all I want to do is be with God, then when no-one sends me any message on Whats-app I get offended LOL! Can I be real here? Like honestly, it is not always easy because I don’t want to put God on the tip of my to do list; He must come first, and everything else shall follow. Recently, I have been drawing closer to the Lord and He has revealed a few things to me which I am really ecstatic about! 2016 is going to be a great year for you and I!

Just like how the weather changes is how our situations change, but guess what? GOD NEVER CHANGES! That is something to be happy about! When I sense my loved ones are too busy for me, I know there is someone who will never get tired of me, who will wipe my tears when I feel lonely, who will provide for all my needs when fear tries to act, who will keep me consistent in prayer, who will protect my family from harm. This is a God who remains the same through all of our seasonal attacks, and He deserves ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE!

One of my beautiful sisters keeps reminding me that “If you don’t understand my pain you will never understand my pain”. Sometimes before we speak, we must THINK! Please do not underestimate the pain I went through in my past because you do not know any of the things I had to fight to get where I am today. I find it very funny when people assume you had an easy life without no struggle. You don’t need to tell people your business, but when you sense someone is trying to criticize your happiness, just ask them “Do you know how much it costed me to get this far?”.

If only some of your critics knew the background you came from, certain words won’t ever come out of their mouths, let alone their thoughts. I honestly do not have time to entertain a certain amount of pressure or negative vibes from people. As Women of Worth, we must know who we are in the Lord and know that all things will work out for our good! Our worth is NOT in our seasonal attacks but by the words of our testimony! You and I have a testimony! Whether big or small, it still glorifies our Father.

Sisters, if you are currently going through a seasonal attack, whether it be:

  • Friendship attacks
  • Relationship attacks
  • Financial attacks
  • Family attacks
  • Spiritual attacks
  • Emotional attacks
  • Psychological attacks
  • Mental attacks (Depression and Stress)
  • Psychical attacks
  • Health attacks
  • Death attacks

PLEASE SPEAK UP! Do not allow these attacks to get the best of you! Sometimes sharing your problems with people may not heal the pain at that instance, but it will surely lift up a burden from your shoulder. Personally, I find it hard at times opening up to people, but instead what I do is pray before I speak, because sadly not everyone will support you when you are down. You really have to know the right people you can open up to. This takes WISDOM AND SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT. These both can come through dreams and visions if you ask for them.

So my dear sisters in the Lord, please do not keep things to yourself. Speak to God and those He has placed in your life. Bare in mind that not everyone in your life will be for you, but the good thing to know is that He will grant you peace of mind on who to talk to. How, through your Spirit. When you speak to someone, you shouldn’t have second thoughts if you are controlled by the Spirit. However if you are talking from a feeling-based perspective, it can lead to regret and resentment. Remember you have to be aware when Satan tries to attack you; this is through PUTTING ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD: (Ephesians 6:10-18) and to CREATE A CIRCLE OF CHRISTIAN SUPPORT! (2 Timothy 1:8-9).

Some are currently facing mood swings; happy one day, anger another day. This is not what God wants. He always wants us to be happy even when things don’t look right. Remember that your seasonal attacks are working for your good (Romans 8:28). Your pain serves a purpose so don’t ever doubt it! Do not settle for less either; yes your pain will work out for your good, but it does not mean you should compromise who you are just to fit in. Do not make a permanent decision on a temporary situation. Even when you are upset, do not let your anger sleep with you because it will deceive (Ephesians 4:26-27). In all things remember change starts from your mind, so be transformed through His Word (Romans 12:2) and meditate on it day and night (Joshua 1:8).








You have to hate Jealousy

Jealousy 1

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being content with what you have and how you can use it effectively. Most times in our society today, we strive reach a certain level of success to make us ‘look’ successful, for example, the clothes we wear that we cannot afford, the cars we buy to impress people, the group we surround ourselves in to feel a part of something. Some of us today are so eager to make money for our own benefit and for the praises of man. On the other hand, there are some who don’t have it all but know how to manage the little they have because they know what it feels to not have anything. It can be easy to hate on someone for having it all, but why waste your time doing that?

Sometimes I wonder why those who have the least do the most with what they have, and those who have the most demand more. It’s quite ironic! Aside this, I want to shift your focus on the word ‘jealousy’ and its definition. From several experiences some of us have encountered, we know what human jealousy is; Jealousy is commonly understood as “resentment against a person for having or enjoying what we think should be our own”. When we build this type of mindset, it encourages bitterness and anger towards someone. When jealousy tries to kick in, I remind myself of the fact that I’ll never know what my neighbor had to go through to get what they have.

I remember a dear friend of mine kept telling me that; “until you understand my pain, you would never understand my praise”. It is a powerful statement because a lot of us today underestimate ones pain, thinking they are having the time of their lives, but secretly they are tired of pretending and just want someone to be there for them. Have you ever felt like that? Some are afraid to reveal their pain to others for fear they would discuss the issues with other people. This should not be so, because God takes it very personal in the way we treat each other.

You have a friend that could be jealous of the way God keeps blessing them, and you are wondering why nothing is happening to you. Instead of being angry at God and jealous of your friend, go into your secret place and SEEK HIM DILIGENTLY. Anything you ask for shall be granted in His Name AND according to His Will. I do not know anyone that has received everything they wanted without struggle and when it was convenient for them. Only God knows how to bless each of us in His own time, but being jealous of someone else’s blessings can delay your own because your mind should not be focused on the blessing of your neighbor, instead we should be expectant knowing that God has already done it.

Let us look at the story of Hannah and Penninah in 1 Samuel chapter 1 (study the whole chapter in your own time). Hannah was barren and could not give birth, however Penninah was able to conceive. Penninah took advantage of Hannah’s situation, but guess what Hannah done? She went into her secret place and prayed to God to answer her prayer. From a human perspective, Hannah could have retaliated and questioned Penninah’s bitterness against her, but instead she was mature enough to ignore the criticism to seek God. I know it was not easy for Hannah at all, but one thing that occurred to me as I was studying 1 Samuel is that Hannah’s husband Elkenah loved Hannah regardless of her condition. I know some men would have run away from it, but instead he stood by her side, and to me that shows humility.

I know it would not be easy for some of us, but those who are Spiritually Mature would have handled the situation Hannah’s way, and for this reason she was able to give birth to Samuel because of her humility and consistent prayer. Sometimes, when you sense jealousy trying to attack you or get the best of you, the best way to handle it is through prayer and confession. You cannot deal with it in your flesh because fighting on your own will only lead to defeat. Even when people try to make you look small, do not give in; instead find your secret place and pour your heart out to Him. This is a brief message for us all to remind ourselves that no matter our situation, we have every right to be content with what we have and use it to glorify God.

This year is nearly over! I would not want any of you entering in 2016 with a bitter heart towards anyone. Whether your friend got a better job that you, celebrate with her because one day when God blesses you, you would want people to celebrate. Remember how you treat people is a high concern in the eyes of God. He does not want us to live miserable lives, but to enjoy every minute we have on this earth, and learn to keep seeking God for your own blessings. He will grant anything you ask for if you just humble yourself. Remember we all have 24 hours in a day so use your time wisely!

Love who you are ladies! You are so uniquely special!