The Women’s Worth Conference Group

Esther is the Founder of the Women’s Worth Conference Group. She is an Author of the book: ‘It’s Time to Heal’. The ministry group was established in September 2013. Esther’s desire is to see females to understand the true meaning of their worth, and emphasising on the beauty that lies within them. This is a platform for females that are broken from their past and current situations, struggling to self-worth, being defined by their past mistakes  and feels there is no purpose in life. Our world today is becoming so brutal and we must do something about it. The group stands as one to encourage growth, support and unity in our everyday lives. The WWCG stands together to support and uplift young women to remove the different barriers that hinders their walk with the Lord.

WWCG also challenges and strengthens females that their struggles will not be wasted. Esther uses real life experiences to express story as she blogs weekly and encourages the ladies who need it most. She also has a YouTube channel: Esther N J that focuses on the Christian Faith, Beauty, Encouragement in times of need, Motivation and so much more!

Sometimes life can be very difficult for most of us. Some women have encountered sexual abuse, betrayal, loneliness and having nobody to support them, but this group is accessible to everyone, and to emphasise that Jesus Christ cares and He has your best interest at heart. You may be thinking where was He when I was in need, but all this time He was right beside you, and as He has promised: He will never leave nor forsake you! (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Females are very concerned with how they look and how others perceive them, or trying to fit in with what society says, eventually pretending to be someone you are not. Women must learn to EMBRACE and LOVE who they are, but the challenge today is our perception to see the truth beauty and worth in ourselves because of our limited mindset. Even though you will encounter various trials and seasons of attacks, don’t stay low at times. I encourage you today that Jesus knows WHO you really are because even before He formed you, He knew you. (Jeremiah 1:5).

Below is the Vision, Purpose and Goal of the WWCG:

VISION: To support females to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors with the help of Christ being in the centre of their lives and a mentor to us. For the females who have not yet given their lives to Christ, this is a platform where you can receive and experience who Jesus really is. It is an opportunity to also renew our minds being intentional about a positive mindset so that our thoughts and desires will be aligned to His Will. My own vision for this platform is to witness the relationship between other women, so as to relare, support and grow with one another through studying the Word and being around like-minded people who desire to know God for who He is. I am determined to be a strong role model in this project, so that when I write my blogs, I also change the lives of women as God continues to help me do so. In addition, I am eager to see growth and personal self-development from women’s past circumstances, for them to embrace where they are and where God is taking them according to Jermiah 29:11 – (emphasis added). Lastly, to emphasize on the WORTH that women have, not in material possessions, but in Christ Jesus.

PURPOSE: Through my weekly postings, I am inspired to challenge women on what their real purpose is and to write about my different experiences with life. Women must understand that their purpose is not just for them, but for the strength of other women. As iron sharpens iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpens a friend; Proverbs 27:17 NLT).  Your purpose is aligned to God’s will, and it holds so much power.

GOAL: WWCG will engage in events, conferences and weekend retreatrs, and eventually expand in different parts of the world. By the Grace of God, I believe this group is an opportunity to encourage and POSITION women into their purposes and fulfill their callings successfully. The WWCG will also support other women’s ministries, and those who would like support in setting up blogs, websites and events. . The WWCG had theur first event on Saturday 23rd July 2016 which was on behalf of the book I wrote: ‘It’s Time to Heal’ and more is to come in due season. The book is on

Word of encouragement: The Fathers love is unconditional; you can’t contain it because it follows you everywhere. Your worth is hidden in His authentic love!

Thank you for your support and I hope you find the ministry pleasant and fulfilling!

With love & blessings,

Esther Jacob (Founder of WWCG).


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