Women’s Worth Conference

Founder of the Women’s Worth Conference and Authentic Worth, YouTuber, Influential Speaker and Author of two books; Women’s Worth Conference Blog was established in September 2013.

Esther’s desire is to see females understand their worth, what they possess and the skills and gifts embedded in them to achieve greatness. A community where women can be real, transparent, support growth and unity in their everyday lives.

Esther enjoys speaking about her life experiences through her blog and YouTube channel: Esther N J.

As our generation is increasing and social media is having a tremendous impact on the way we are perceived, females are very concerned with how they look and how others perceive them, trying to fit in with what society says, eventually pretending to be someone you are not.

A quote from someone said: “I don’t know about every girl but I know myself that I am influenced a lot by my social media platforms so I am constantly comparing myself to others and wanting to be them. I’ll copy things that I see because I think it will make me more likeable to guys. But then you attract people that are not meant for you”.

Does anyone struggle with this statement?

The vision for the platform is to witness the relationship between other women, to relate, support and grow with one another through studying the Word and being around like-minded people who desire to know God for who He is.

Women must understand that their purpose is not just for them but for the benefit of other women. As iron sharpens iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpens a friend – Proverbs 27:17

Be blessed and encouraged knowing that you are worthy and greater is ahead of every woman.

For more information, visit the website on http://www.authenticworth.com.

Let’s stay in touch:

  • Instagram: esthernjacob
  • Twitter: esthernjacob
  • Youtube: Esther N J

11 thoughts on “Women’s Worth Conference

  1. It has been a pleasure and an honor to speak at the Authentic Worth workshop 2018, very professional and uplifting. It was a vibrant atmosphere filled with lovely people who are determined to learn and to succeed. I look forward to more events like this one. Prisca Nambuusi.

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