About Women’s Worth Conference


The Women’s Worth Conference was founded in September 2014 and is an online forum that supports, encourages, and works with young and mature women to know their true self-worth. The forum reminds women to remember not to allow the world’s standards to define who they are. As the Founder of WWCG I write weekly blog posts which focus on top tips for motivation, self-worth and personal development. Every woman has a unique gift that can’t be compromised and this group will ensure that every woman will re-discover who they truly are.

A quote from a dear friend said: “I don’t know about every girl but I know myself that I am influenced a lot by my social media platforms so I am constantly comparing myself to others and wanting to be them. I’ll copy things that I see because I think it will make me more likeable to guys. But then you attract people who are not meant for you”.

This statement is difficult for most women to handle behind closed doors because of the comparison flaws. WWCG reminds you that we ought not to allow other women to be our competition, but to be our inspiration. A woman’s self-worth is not based on how many followers one has on social media or how others define you to be. The real focus question is: do you believe in YOU?

Self-worth is a massive topic that can only be understood when we allow life to flow naturally. This includes forgiveness from the past, healing from past pain, not allowing mistakes to define who you are as a woman, and more importantly knowing our worth and not settling for mediocrity. I speak from a place of transparency, truth and rawness because I want to be able to relate deeply to other women; being raw and unapologetic!

The vision for the Women’s Worth Conference is to build Godly, strong and intimate friendships between other women. When women get together, they can achieve anything!

“As iron sharpens iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpens a friend” 

Proverbs 27:17.

Be encouraged knowing that you are a worthy woman!

Know yourself – know your SELF-WORTH!

Visit the other website on www.authenticworth.com

11 thoughts on “About Women’s Worth Conference

  1. It has been a pleasure and an honor to speak at the Authentic Worth workshop 2018, very professional and uplifting. It was a vibrant atmosphere filled with lovely people who are determined to learn and to succeed. I look forward to more events like this one. Prisca Nambuusi.

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