The hard YES!


In this increasing world, life is getting more difficult. Friends turning into enemy’s, spiritual life all over the place, all sorts of health and suicidal sufferings in different parts of the world, hearts growing cold; nothing is being done! Why is this so? Could it be that we are not taking the time to fully surrender our problems to God? Why do we find it so easy telling friends who are just as broken as we are, to give sound advice? Because these days, you have to be very careful of who you open up to. Not everyone who is placed in your life will offer you Godly advice.

I struggled so much with surrendering my problems to God. I would always think in my heart that if I didn’t work towards my aspirations, nothing would have been done, and we all know that time does not wait for anybody! But this month, I have decided to say YES to God and NO to my decisions. I am very happy to know that God has everything sorted out, even when it does not look like it in the natural. You see, God is a Spirit, and those who worship must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. When we give God a YES, we are saying that His will must be accomplished in our lives, and that we don’t have any right to question His timing.

What are you struggling with now that you find difficult to give up? Could it be a close friend who you might be losing a bit of respect for? Maybe she has done some horrible things that have cut you deeply. But when you think about it, you have the power to make your life better, regardless of what a friend does to you. You can choose to trade your sorrows with His Peace and ask Him to soften your heart to change the way you perceive the person. Our perceptions are dangerous if not used with the right discerning Spirit.

Who knows this song; “I’m trading my sorrows, I’m trading my shame, I’m laying them down for the Joy of the Lord. I’m trading my sickness, I’m trading my pain, I’m laying them down for the Joy of the Lord. We say YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD, YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD, YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD AMEN!”

  • YES to your WAY!
  • YES to your WORD!
  • YES to your WILL!
  • YES to You LORD!

Imagine if this was our daily prayer. Yes to everything that involves God. Yes to giving up our problems for His Peace. I recently listened to TD Jakes sermon “My Feet, His Fire”, and what caught my attention was that Christians offer God ‘Strange Fire’. So in other words, they ask God to answer their selfish prayers not realizing that God has already seen the motives of their hearts, so He rejects certain prayers because they are only satisfying to the flesh. What are you asking God to do for you? Are you expecting Him to anoint your fraudulent movements? You cannot expect to offer human flesh to a Holy God. If you think that your works will change Gods mind to bless you, especially if it is not according to His will, it will backfire. God does not appreciate strange fire. It is up to us to offer Him our feet (our weaknesses, our downfalls, our plans, our future) in His hands so that we can receive His warm fire.

No matter what you try to do, you cannot pray your way out of selfish motives. You should know the intentions of your prayers, and it is up to you to make sure that they are aligned to His Word. In Isaiah 36:3-6 we see that Rabshakeh was very disobedient to God, telling the people in the land of Egypt not to listen to Hezekiah about trusting the Lord and giving everything to Him. But God said to the people of Egypt that if you trust in what Rabshakeh says, it will pierce the hand of anyone who leans on him instead of the Most High. In other words, the King of Pharaoh was a negative influence to the people in Egypt. It is now up to us to say YES to God, and no to Pharaoh (our selfish motives). Rabshakeh’s motives were disrespectful to the Most High, questioning His ability to save the people in the land of Egypt. He thought he had two heads, he thought he was higher than God, not knowing that the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12).

Yes 3

Whatever your motives, God will easily expose you. You cannot conceal what smells. No matter how much you try to cover it. Naaman was a Leper. He may not have liked it, but He couldn’t cover it up (2 Kings 5). Now back to you, what are you trying to cover up? Are you trying to look important just for people to congratulate you, but deep down your broken and feeling empty inside? Why do you try to put on a show for people? Lack of studying the Word results to lack of wisdom and knowledge. The Principle of the Word should be used as a weapon against the enemy, as well as the opening of Blessings. Just knowing the scriptures won’t change anything, because with the Word comes FAITH, and we all should know that without Faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God! I stress this again, don’t expect God to honor your fraudulent movements. He is not to be mocked, for whatever one soweth, THAT and that is what he shall reap! (Galatians 6:7).

Yes 2

Instead of trying to look important, humble yourself so that in due time He may exalt you! To have a solid foundation in life, it starts off with acknowledging WHO God is and giving the due respect. The Bible encourages us to build our lives on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ so that we are securely rooted in Him. If you try to build your own life on what people say you should do, or how they treat you, or how your circumstances are making you feel, you are building on sinking sand. But if you TRADE that old cracked foundation for a SOLID FOUNDATION, nothing can shake you. The bottom line is; Christ is your Foundation! You cannot do anything without God, for it is up to you to make a decision to offer your plans and exchange it for His. NOT just going to God for Him to answer your prayers, but ensuring that you fully surrender your all to Him, working diligently for His Kingdom.

Some of us today are struggling in many areas that I may not be able to cover! It hurts me so much when I see Christians failing to give God their all including myself. Their plans are great, but they have not been exposed to a culture where they are willing to give up their plans for His own. Because we all know that THE PLANS GOD HAS FOR US ARE FOR GOOD AND NOT OF EVIL, TO GIVE US A FUTURE AND AN EXPECTED END (JEREMIAH 29:11). We make our lives difficult by not renewing our minds with the Word. We fear to take time off what we enjoy doing because we have become so complacent. There are times where we have to be still in His Presence. Just to know that He is God of all, and to acknowledge that He holds all the time in His hands!

You keep saying to yourself ‘when is the timing right’. God is saying ‘Time? I am in control of time. My timing is perfect and is in My Hands’.

There is no perfect timing other than God’s timing! I have not experienced a time in my life where I have demanded God to do something for me on a specific day and time that He has honored. It is NOT that He isn’t Faithful, but GOD WILL NEVER WORK ON MAN’S TIMING! It’s up to us to adhere to His voice and work on His timing. Yes you will be unhappy, but when the finished result is complete, you will then be able to thank God for His timing and say if it wasn’t for the Lord that was on my side, I would have been consumed. Those who don’t struggle for anything I am very weary of! What advice or support can one offer me if one  hasn’t struggled like me? You can’t take advice from The Rich Man in the Bible, but you CAN take advice from Job. What is the difference the between the two? One was rich, but was so reluctant to give up its possessions, whilst the other one was also rich, but suffered and lost all his possessions. But the end result was that The Rich Man ended up losing his possessions and his soul, whilst Job recovered everything he lost! The struggle Job encountered was REAL!! Now I do not believe any one of us have been through what Job went through, but we can learn from his struggle.

Yes it was hard for him to understand why God would allow all these things to happen to him, but it was a test! God tested Job to see what his motives were. Everything you surrender must have a genuine motive! If your motive is not right, I suggest you fix it up now before it will be exposed. There are so many things to learn in our Christian journey. Life is not easy ladies! There are struggles (John 16:33). There is pain, anguish, anxiety, stress, loneliness, betrayal, envy, isolation, self-centredness! But all this can be STOPPED!!! If you want Peace say YES to God. I know it gets difficult when you are expecting something to happen but it doesn’t. It feels as if everything you do just keeps on backfiring. I thought I gave my problems to God, I mean SINCERELY gave it all, not realizing that I ended up worrying, crying, even comparing myself to others around me. When you experience this kind of behavior, that means you haven’t fully surrendered. You thought, ‘let me handle this, whilst I give the rest to God’.

It’s up to you whether you want to give it all to God, or handle it all by yourself. WHATEVER YOU START, YOU WILL HAVE TO FINISH, BUT WHATEVER GOD STARTS, HE WILL FINISH IT! You can’t do half and give the remaining half to God; you have to be willing to TRUST GOD IN THE DECISIONS HE WILL MAKE FOR YOU, WHETHER IT IS WORKING ACCORDING TO YOUR TIMING! Yes we know that good deferred makes the heart sick, but guess what makes God’s heart sick? DOUBT, FEAR, WORRY, ANXIETY, A COMPLAINING SPIRIT, A WEAK PRAYER WARRIOR. All these things hurt the Lord and we have to do something about it. Starting with YES LORD I SURRENDER MY ALL TO YOU, is something to be happy about! Your destiny is too important to keep struggling with maintaining your life up to scratch. No matter how successful you want to be, or the plans you have made, it is IMPOSSIBLE without God. You cannot do anything by yourself  because people of nowadays wants to be recognized as ‘yes it was me that done it’. God will bring destiny helpers your way to support and encourage you in the process.

It will take some time to say YES TO GOD, but the quicker the BETTER! Do not wait until your life meets your expectations before you make a decision to offer up your plans to Him. His plans will forever be greater than ours. Say YES to surrendering; Faith it till you make it! You will get there. Your YES is a door to freedom. Receive that freedom and enjoy the life that God intended You to have! I know surrendering doesn’t happen automatically; you will have to deliberately refocus your thoughts at the very time when you don’t feel like doing it. The way you speak to yourself is a determining factor of how you see your life. Your YES should be a shout of Victory! SURRENDER; STOP TRYING AND START RESTING! 


Yes 1