How to make chocolate-chip brownies at home during Covid-19 season

Hey everyone; so I wanted to do something completely different to my YouTube channel today. My sister and I are making chocolate chip brownies at home as a way to encourage and motivate you to do something useful during the Covid-19 season. As stated in my previous blogpost, Covid-19 is just for a season and will eventually go away. Be encouraged! 

In the meantime, enjoy the video and make everyday count! 


There is no time to live anyhow in these tragic testing seasons we are in. Our words, how we live (our lifestyle) and what we do matters. Time is only in God’s Hands, and that is not to be tampered with. Look at the image above; there are no arrows that indicate what the time is. The life you have now is being controlled by God. Do not take your life for granted. Do something useful with the time you have now. God is watching!

Remember, this is only for a season. It will not be forever. So many of us, including myself can have this natural tendency of feeling fearful for what tomorrow holds. As the rage of the Coronavirus has hit thousands of people worldwide, the attempt to even turn on the news and listen can be daunting. YET, as believers of Christ, we are able to stand firm, knowing that this will pass.

The situations and circumstances we face are not to keep us in the same position we are in. There is a tendency to what to remain complacent and think of this as “oh, we won’t have to do anything” “let’s just plan ahead” “we will make this happen!”, not understanding the plans you decide to make have to be ordained by God. No matter what you want to achieve, if God is not in the centre, it will fail.

Think about this pandemic now. What has caused us to be in such a heavy crises that has caused many loved ones to leave before their time? Why is it now that people are being extremely kind now that Covid-19 has occurred? Have you also noticed that this season, people are taking advantage of others. Five plantains used to be a £1, now three plantains are £1!!! No more dettol, tissues or hand sanitisers anywhere!

People lose faith and they buy so many unnecessary products to either waste them or feed their pride, not believing that this Covid-19 won’t last. So we buy in panic and fear, we make ourselves look good by trying to make more money that may not necessarily help others. My focus right now is: what are you doing with the time you have on your hands now? Are you just ‘waiting’ for Covid-19 to pass you by before you can start living your life?

The time is NOW! There is a strong message that I believe God Himself wants to inform us, but our world has become their own gods, becoming self-righteous and only thinking about what they can get from others. The NHS, on the other hand, are doing a tremendous job in looking after many patients that have been diagnosed with Covid-19. For those that do not suffer or are immune to sickness, this is your opportunity to jump at the top of your voice, sing and praise God for protecting and preserving your life.

Covid-19 is a message for all of us to find out what our purpose on earth is, and fulfil it with a spirit of excellence. Everything we do must reflect the Glory of God. We are not just living for ourselves but those around the world. At times, people may not even know what to say due to the pressure and shock. This is a shock to us, but it is never a shock to God. This calls for us to look deep within our hearts to question our motives and see if there are any hidden agendas in us and change our ways quickly. The Lord has been TOO MERCIFUL TO US, and now is the time we can experience how He feels.

This has shaken the entire world, not even comparing this to Swine Flu or Bird Flu, the Covid-19 has made our eyes open even more to what we can do in this short period of time we have here on earth. If you are breathing and reading this message today, do not take life for granted. You DO have time! We all have 24 hours in a day, so do not waste it. Be intentional about your words, your lifestyle and the impact you want to bring in the lives of others. It will surely go a long way!

Last message: do not take life for granted, and more importantly, do not take God for granted. Believe in Him now that you have the time; don’t put it off because you never know when something like Covid-19 will visit unexpectedly.


When faced with calamity, where do we turn to? Who do we want to blame for all this? On behalf of Authentic Worth, we want to deeply express how grateful and thankful we are for all our attendees that came to the Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development Workshop on Saturday 14th March 2020. To our amazing guest speakers, Des Amey and Nkechi, your transparency was profound and we appreciate you both. To Wendy, thank you for sponsoring Authentic Worth with your cupcakes!

If you know how thankful I am; it is an understatement!!!!!! Had I have done the workshop on Saturday 21st March, it would have probably been postponed or cancelled and I wouldn’t know how long for! The Covid-19 pandemic became so severe just after the workshop happened. I believe from Monday 16th March, that was when the news spread so vastly on the Internet. I remember planning this workshop since December 2019 and I said that it WILL happen!! Thankfully, it came to pass! #thepowerofapositivemindset

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My latest video talks about what we can learn from Covid-19. It is easy to panic, worry, stress and feel nervous in such a testing time, however, I believe for every trauma, there is a way out. We must learn to be positive and endure this season, because, it is a season and WILL pass! My question to you is: what are you going to take away from this and how can you be better in a world full of uncertainty? This is the time to stand together as one, in unity and work with what we have in our hands.

Ultimately, we have to be reminded that our lives are not our own because we belong to God. There is no need blaming different countries, because every country has their own flaw. There is no perfect country; neither is there any perfect individual. Trials and tribulations WILL come, there is no doubt about that! God is NOT the problem to Covid-19. He knows when to put an end to it. In the meantime, listen to the video, be inspired, challenged and willing to bring something different to your society. Together, we WILL beat Covid-19!

Esther Jacob

Founder of Authentic Worth




Words are not enough to express how humbled Authentic Worth are on their first workshop of the year: BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!

We are extremely grateful for all that has happened! Thank you to all that attended and for those who supported in various ways; we salute you all. Thank you to our profound speakers Des Amey and Nkechi for their boldness in sharing how they gained confidence in their fields. Don’t miss the next workshop!!

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Authentic Worth are excited to announce their first workshop of the year themed: BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT! We are nearly sold out, so if you still don’t have your ticket, be sure to sign up here!

Our speakers are excited and charged up to share a lot with you, so be sure to secure Saturday 14th March in your diaries!

If you want to be the best version of yourself this year, you’ll have to make sacrifices and do things that you aren’t used to. If you want to see change, you have to be open to change. You have a responsibility for how your life is. There are no short-cuts to building self-confidence and personal development. You have be intentional about and want to improve daily.

You still have an opportunity to come and listen, interact, network, have fun, win prizes, and importantly see yourself on a higher level. Don’t come with any self-limiting beliefs. Authentic Worth does not and won’t entertain that behaviour. We are here to bring out the best in you, so take action and be ready to learn and DO BETTER!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 14th March at 12.00pm!

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