Half way into the year already?

We have one more day left until May is over! Tickets for From Glory to Glory book launch is going fast. You can grab your own by signing up via this link.

On that note if you are looking to learn how to write a book from start to finish, why not sign up to the Authentic Worth online masterclass course. More information can be found here

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For those who know me, you would know how social media is a part of what I do. I decided to take a few days off social media to recuperate, reflect and have me time. I want to tell you that social media isn’t running away from you. No matter how many posts you see on a daily basis, you will not be behind on anything, as long as you discipline your mind well.

There needs to be balance in everything we do; if we constantly partake in the same routine, we will only achieve the same results. Taking time off what you are used to is good for your mind to rest. It is refreshing to do different activities. I take time off social media to regain focus and plan for the future. When things seem overwhelming, I wouldn’t recommend using social media as a way to ease the pain; this will only increase it.

Depending on how your mindset is positioned, for me, I thank God He has helped me to develop self-control, to know what I need to take into account and what I don’t need to take into account. This takes time, so please do not put yourself under any pressure if you are influenced so quickly.

My question to you is: what purpose is social media providing that makes you a better person? Is it just to compare yourself to others and secretly put yourself down behind the scenes? Or, are you trying to avoid someone to ‘secure your insecurities?’ Do not let these be so, and don’t give any of them room in your life. These are emotions talking and they aren’t always accurate. Taking time off social media is meant to be for healthy purposes; not just to avoid people or the hype.

You are valuable and for those that use social media, use it wisely because someone’s life could be inspired by what you post. Don’t post out of boredom or to show off. Your intentions speak louder than your mouth does. Be humble. Be kind. Serve. Make someone else’s day and focus on your lane. Social media is not the ultimate goal. It is a resource that is used every second. Remember who the source is: God. Don’t allow social media to break you into pieces. It is good to take a break. Remember this. You are not missing out on anything!

You are loved ❤

Esther Speaks
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Book Signing Part 3 – WHSmith Stratford Branch!

I have been humbled to promote my two previous books at several WHSmith stores, however, with my new and most recent book; From Glory to Glory, it was a pleasure to sign copies at the WHSmith Stratford branch on Saturday 18th May 2019. From the first man to the last woman that bought the book, I was truly inspired by people’s transparency, sharing what they had to overcome and what they are currently going through. It reminded me that I have a purpose to fulfil and that is what I am doing now. Seeing two young children with so much joy and excitement in hiding my books has given me so much happiness.

I have come to a point in my life where my walk and my talk must be in alignment. I can’t be sitting on my gifts and expecting people to be inspired without being real. Every customer I spoke to was inspired to see a young woman investing back into society through promoting her books. I have been touched just to have opportunities to promote my books at bookshops, my previous university and also on my website (www.authenticworth.com).

A book launch will be held on Saturday 27th July 2019 on behalf of my third book. More information and how to register can be found here. I want to remind and encourage you reading this blog post that nothing is impossible. If you want to start something, do it now because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I will continue to inspire as many people to know that their pain serves a purpose and nothing we have been through will be wasted.

You are special, you are precious and you are loved. I’ve attached a few pictures below from my book signing. There were so many! Enjoy, smile, tell a friend and together let’s leave a long-lasting legacy in our world.

With love,

Author Esther
Founder of Authentic Worth
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Tomi promoting my new book!

My latest book is listed with Rye Books East Dulwich!

My latest book: From Glory to Glory on at Rye Books, Amazon and http://www.authenticworth.com 

I’m not a perfect woman, but I will do literally anything to inspire as many people as I can and leave a legacy behind. To those who know me, you’d know what my new book cost me. I was not expecting my third book to be listed by Rye Books store in East Dulwich. I literally just walked in and God truly took over. I am humbled to be able to use my gifts to remind everyone that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Your story matters and you have a purpose! As long as you trust in Jesus, put Him first and see the unexpected blessings He will bring forth. This book will not only be well known locally and globally, but a source of encouragement, strength and perseverance. Don’t hide your pain; it is meant to be used to help others. Changing one life at a time is my desire🌹❤️🙌🏾



I will be having a book launch on Saturday 27th July 2019 and invites you to attend. For more information, sign up to register on this link. Remember that you have purpose; no matter where you are in life, you can still inspire people in your circle/environment. 

From Glory to Glory Book Launch July 2019

For those who are following my social media platforms you will see how much I enjoy having book launch events, discussions, workshops and other fun activities that bring like-minded people together to fellowship, have real and intimate talks about life. For this reason, I will be having a book launch on Saturday 27th July 2019 for my third book: From Glory to Glory and would love for you to be there.

This book launch is going to be a day to remember. We celebrate life because it is a gift that is freely given to us. I will be interviewed by one of the MC’s on my journey of writing and what the book entails in great detail. Prize give-a-ways will also be given for my three books (1) It’s Time to Heal, (2) Completion and (3) From Glory to Glory.

I have also created a video for aspiring Authors to watch, be educated and inspired for their first book to understand the process of KDP and Ingram Spark (two large self-publishing platforms in the US). Click here to watch the video.

Check out the flyer above with our amazing guest speakers, song solo artists, spoken word artist and co-hosts! It will be a packed-filled programme and we look forward to hosting and having you.

For more information register here or alternatively, visit the website on www.authenticworth.com.

I am also promoting the Authentic Worth Online Masterclass Course for those who are looking to write their first book can enrol here.

Any more questions, do not hesitate to email authenticworth@gmail.com.

Much love and look forward to seeing you on Saturday 27th July 2019!

Author Esther Jacob
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