Don’t get comfortable; SHIFT IT!

In these perilous times, it’s easy to adopt a mindset of fear and anxiety, but I want to challenge you that seasons don’t last; that is why they are called seasons.

Your mind can either take you further, or keep you complement, but whatever you do, don’t look back – quote by Esther N J.

No matter how difficult it may seem right now, your best days are ahead of you. Be intentional and disciplined to shift your mindset.


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You still have to keep going!

It doesn’t matter how you feel. You have been chosen to make it. Regardless of what is or isn’t happening in your life right now. You must be intentional and persistent. Add a bit of patience to it aswell. Don’t forfeit the journey, because you don’t know where your ultimate breakthrough will come from. You may not get the notice you crave for right now; but at the appointed time, those who can take you and your destiny further will come looking for you. You only need to be still and trust the One that knows you by name.

It’s easy to fidget in a world that is unreliable, unstable and constantly changing. Why blend in when you can set a trend to stand out? Don’t feed how you feel for temporary satisfaction. I strongly guarantee that it won’t last, and will cause you to start again from ground level zero. Be optimistic about your current situation, and use what you have to make the change. Don’t assume being elsewhere or desiring every need will make you more excited about life. Your life is already exciting because you are alive and well.

You have purpose, and for this reason…you still have to keep going. In the good, bad and ugly seasons. It never stops. No one in life is going to have it 100% easy. Even if you assume some people do. We are all in the same boat; the only thing is – some know how to handle their pain well, and others may still need a bit more work. It is okay; you still have to keep going. Regardless of how you feel. Yes, cry, let it all out, but keep going, because you don’t know the impact you make in the life of another person. Keep being intentional about where you desire to be, and allow it to naturally fall in place. Be kind to yourself and don’t force it to be at the top. The higher you get, the more people study you – stay focused in your own lane.

More importantly; keep pushing because greatness is birthed in uncomfortable environments. You can do MORE with your life if you discipline yourself well.

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What does it mean to be focused and firm in a generation that is fast-paced and wants instant gratification? How do you quiet the noise and distractions around you? Find out by reading The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset book aimed to help you in your personal and professional journey of life. You are made for more; don’t get distracted by the temporal!

Be intentional about your mind, because your mind can only take you as far as your thoughts. Do not ignore the way you feel, however, refuse to stay down. Pick yourself up and know that your life is heading forwards. Grab your signed copy of The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset book on our website.

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Written by the Founder of Women’s Worth Conference Group.


In order to have a beloved community, we must have a common unity – TD Jakes 

We can’t lead until we learn how to serve. The most important gift you can give to another person is the ability to serve them and endeavour to meet their expectations; although, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your mind and well-being. As you are here reading this blogpost, I want to ask you: what kind of unity are you bringing in your own community? What problems are you endeavouring to solve?

Yes, you have identified the problem, but have you come up with an effective solution? Are we still using the same techniques and expecting different results, whilst being frustrated when we don’t see change? The question to consider going forwards is: “how is my heart’s posture?”. Despite all that happened in 2020, we are still on lockdown, however, it does not mean we ought to lock our hearts or feel immune to other people. Yes, we all have needs, but there are people around that may have difficult needs than you.

We need to endeavour to be in a position where unity is utilised, practised and seen on a daily basis. Yes, we go through our personal and to some extent, professional struggles, yet, they aren’t meant to keep us bound. We use what we go through to lift the other person up. Companies, corporations, businesses, schools, the social system, the healthcare system; all these have severe issues that we may or may not see, but what is their common goal? Unity and consistency. They never stop! I want to tell you something; the only person that is stopping you from achieving greatness isn’t Covid-19, its not another lockdown, its not losing your job; it is you.

You need to start looking within and ask yourself: “what can I do with what I currently have?” “how can I change my mindset around to make a difference in my own community, starting with one person at a time. Until we can answer these questions, we will always feel stuck in our minds and assume the battle is heavy. Remember that unity is already in you; it takes a positive mindset to desire to share it with others because, in order to have a beloved community, we MUST have a common unity.

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