Hello February…

We say goodbye to February 2017! It’s been full of ups and down but glad to have witnessed it. I enjoy doing these blogs where I take you on my journey of what I have learnt each month. It doesn’t surprise me when I go through certain situations because I gain wisdom. There were times where I allowed fear, doubt and uncertainty to take over. February exposed me to so much that needs working on internally.

I felt that my mind was too focused on the external that I neglected my heart, mind and soul. It is easier for us to always say we want to start the year positive, but what if it doesn’t? Obviously no one would pray for a negative start, but one must be prepared for the unexpected blows. Are you still capable of continuing your journey on a positive note? For me, it’s not in my blood to give up, no matter what life throws. I’ve learnt to roll with the blows of life and keep going because the world won’t stop for me when problems knock at my door.

Everyone has their own life to embrace, so for me to stop enjoying mine because of obstacles or even thoughts created in my mind isn’t worth it. Why did I put myself in so much worry? Because doubt raised its ugly head – it was as if to an extent I allowed my mind to follow it. I had an issue with one of my eyes that I had to seek help and go to the optition and find out what the problem was. Thankfully, the Doctor said it was nothing serious, as I know my sight is excellent. When this happened, it hit me quick to change my perspective because I REFUSED to allow my health to be at stake. The next time I went, the Doctor said it was much better and healed fast. Praise my JESUS! ❤

I had further doubts with a few friends because it seemed that they would be happy one day and another day become so distant. Now I am not saying this is an excuse but if I am honest we choose who we want to speak to. God has given us 24 hours in a day. However, on the other hand, I came to understand that some people just need their space and won’t always verbalise it, so that would assume they are keeping clear. Despite all this, should it have allowed me to lose focus? No, it shouldn’t and I would not want it happening to you either – not in this rich season we are in!

Your peace is critical in this season and allowing circumstances to get on top of you isn’t healthy. We all need a break and whether people communicate or not, learn not to take offence. Everyone handles their issues differently and until this is understood, you’ll always be living a life where you doubt yourself or trying to please others who may not even be thinking about you from a negative perspective. We all need each other at the end of the day no matter what we face. Be reminded always that you are never alone either; I am not saying you won’t feel lonely, of course you will. But there is a difference in allowing isolation to get the best of you, and learning to embrace your own company.

We all go through fazes where we meditate and reflect on life – where we want to be in the next three years, how much we are willing to do towards investing in a better tomorrow, how determined we are to be healthy etc. I’ve learnt about being transparent and I’ve been blessed to have people speak about what they are going through within a month! Treating people with respect and kindness despite what they have done to you is a strong sign of maturity and growth. You are not allowing it to overcome your mind but choosing to be the master of it. February made me take this into account. I was interrupting my mind with so much junk that truly wasn’t worth my time whether through my own thoughts or the thoughts of others.

Acting as if you have it all together will make others feel they can’t approach you because they feel you are always have a good time or too busy to listen to what they have to say. If you honestly don’t have it together, speak to someone and don’t be ashamed. A proud heart does not give your body the health it needs to keep going. No one is above you – remember that. We are all on an individual journey. It is not just about you at the end of the day – God taught me to take my mind off myself (not neglect who I am) but being able to focus on others and not limit who I am. Learn to be kind to yourself and express forgiveness – this is something that should not be taken lightly. February broke me to make me, it enabled my heart to be restored and granted me Peace of mind.

It’s also about how you define yourself as this has such a strong impact on how far you want to go. Are you determined to enjoy this year? Be prepared for the ups and downs. Every trauma is a potential blessing in disguise so don’t disregard the pain you encounter. Learn to go with it and change your mind for the better. The song that really ministered to me was “Made a Way” by Travis Green. If you haven’t heard of it, I’d employ you to listen; the words alone will change your perspective and make you understand that God’s love alone is all you need to prepare for this journey. When all else fails, know that God will never – He won’t love you today and hate you tomorrow – He is consistent and your first love – He will walk with you throughout the storms of life because He is true to His Word.

We have 10 months left to go! Let’s keep it moving 😀 😀 😀

Peace & Blessings,