Do It B-R-O-K-E-N!

Brokenness 4

Brokenness is so attractive. Why is it attractive? Because it enables you to be vulnerable and meek when expressing your feelings and hardships to a neighbor. Most of us today, have so much pain that we refuse to allow people to know about our lives. We want people to see that we have it all together, but God sees right through us. There is nothing that we can hide from God; we can hide a few things from people, but no matter what stage you are in life, there will be times where frustration will keep you silent. But I employ you to express your pain with wisdom and do it broken. You do not need to cover up what is already cracked.

I had my book launch on Saturday 23rd July 2016, and the feedback I received from the launch was phenomenal. The ladies who came and witnessed the event said their lives were changed and it pushed them further to have more intimacy with God, as well as being vulnerable regarding their problems so that they can be healed. As ladies, we are very emotional beings, and it is not easy for some of us to express how we feel so soon. But we must come to a point where we do not care about what people think and just express our feelings.

A quote I saw recently said this “You cannot be fully surrendered to God’s plan and fully care about what people think of you at the same time. One trumps the other”. So in order words, when you are dealing with an issue, you must remember that your concern should not be about how people will define you after telling your story; really, it should be how God will use your broken pieces for His Glory. Remember that the pain you go through is not meant to break you, NOR is it meant to be for you alone. You are meant to share your pain. As it says in Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpens his friend”. God has given people to us so that they can be accountable to us, and we can be accountable to them.

It really is a “you help me, and I’ll help you” relationship. Doing things by yourself will leave you broken and cracked. Not allowing people to help and serve you is a sign of pride. Because ‘pride’ says “I can do this all by myself, I don’t need anyone!” but ‘brokenness’ says “I have messed up and I really need help” or “I get anxious all the time and I want you to understand my story”. When some people hear your story, they tend to either underestimate it or overlook it. But you must remember that everyone’s pain is unique and you don’t need to fall for people believing in you or not. Just ensure to use discernment wisely to know WHO to open up to and allow that person to minister to your heart. That person is God our Father; He should be the first person on our minds to release the toxic pain that is eating our personality and destroying our peace.

Brokenness 3

God places people in our lives at different seasons, and we must always be reminded that those people are either there to help us draw closer to God or teach us not to depend on others. Some people will come and disrupt your life, but it is all a part of God’s plan. I was recently reading the book of Job in the Bible and a conversation started between God and Satan in Job 2. God allowed Satan to attack Job, and he lost his siblings, he had boils and scars all over him, his own wife told him to curse God and die. What more can a man face! But what really humbled me was when Job replied his wife by saying: “You are talking like a foolish woman. She we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10, NIV).

In other words, Job was so intimate with God, that no matter what he faced, he would never leave the Lord’s sight. Now, how many of us, if we were in Job’s situation, could face what he went through? Losing everything; your riches, your family, your friends. Thankfully, from verses 11-12, we see that Job had three friends; Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar who saw Job from afar and wept with him due to the condition he was in. It takes only a few real people to weep with your when all hell is breaking loose, but thank God that Job received DOUBLE FOR HIS TROUBLE in the end!

Job experienced TOO MUCH BROKENNESS, which humbled Him to run to the Father even more! Satan must have thought he was smart, but God knew the end from the beginning, and this is what I love about God; no matter who tries to attack you, He already knows the scheme of man from the beginning, so sister, do not worry about the arrow that tries to attack you, because though it may shoot at you, IT WON’T KILL YOU! I am here to encourage and remind you that your pain serves a high purpose, and when you are willing to allow you pain to break you, you will never understand the true encounter of the Father. He is the only one that can turn your brokenness into JOY! And I mean joy unspeakable!

You must understand sister, that when people say things about you, it isn’t for you to wallow in self-pity or hide your pain by going out without any limits. It is a time for you to be REAL WITH THE FATHER and express to Him how you truly feel. Being broken is very attractive, but in order to keep it more attractive, you must be consistent. Life is consistent, so is the pain, but how many of us are willing to endure it? We want the Victory, but we don’t want the process. That is not the way to go. In John 16:33, Jesus says this: “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have troubles. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.

Brokenness 2

Brokenness is what God wants from us because He already knows that there is chaos in our world. We can’t hide from it, we can’t escape it, BUT we can endure it! We have the help of the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us all the way, to share our story with other broken people, so that they too shall receive their healing. Your story is so powerful, but it is pride that is stopping you from being free because you keep all the pain to yourself. You will crack and crumble if you keep doing so. The only way to be free is to see God’s Kingdom FIRST (Matthew 6:33), and ask for the Spirit of Discernment to open up to those God has placed in our lives. We are human, and God knows why He created us with emotions, however, we cannot allow our emotions to make us numb to our pain as well as those around us. God knows how to bring up a situation from your past to gradually get rid of toxic pride and bitterness, so that you can truly enjoy the life and promises He has said (Jeremiah 29:11).

Brokenness 1


Your brokenness is God’s opportunity to show off His strength to His children. We as women of God have to truly believe and know that what we go through should NEVER be a surprise to us. It is even better to use the pain you are going through, to pray for your sister that is currently struggling with low self-esteem or her chatter. You don’t know how your pain is a reflection of someone else’s brokenness. Just be honest with yourself and say where it hurts, and your friend will see right through your pain, and eventually become vulnerable and share where it hurts. That is how two people can heal. As I keep saying, I cannot relate to people who haven’t been through what I encountered, and until you understand, you will never come to reason why I praise Him so much!


Be willing to tackle the issue and not the person, because in the end, God will use the issue and people for His Glory. I’ve come to realise that most times, we get into the ‘blame game’ activity, but when was the last time you took accountability for your own actions? Yes, it may look weak but it really is strength. No-one can cover up a bad character, but one can make their character better by being sincere, showing that they don’t have it all, and is willing to start again because LIFE WILL HUMBLE YOU IF YOU DON’T HUMBLE YOURSELF. But it starts with YOU! Are you willing to do it broken? Are you willing to get rid of your ‘it’s all about me titles’ and just be meek? Life does not only revolve around you, we all need someone, but you have to admit you need help in order for God to fix you. Stop doing it by yourself, you are breaking inside. Do it broken with God; He will make you whole again.

For those who have not be able to attend the book launch, I will put the link for my new book “It’s Time to Heal” below where you can purchase it. Please, let this book touch your heart and see how brokenness brings out the beauty in your pain. Remember that your pain serves a high purpose, and being broken allows God to ultimately be in the centre of your life. Enjoy:

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Investing in Your Bible


B.I.B.L.E – Basic Instructions Before Leaving the Earth.

It is as simple as that. Your Bible is one of the most critical books needed to live a pleasant and fulfilled life. It does not matter what up to date books, articles, movies etc are in vogue; your Bible will continually be in vogue.

I used to find it very difficult studying my Bible in recent years. I just wasn’t connecting with it and thought it would not relate to anything I was going through at the time. But over time, I came to realise that everything is relatable. Let’s look at a few people in the Bible who went through so much.

I was reading the book of 1 Samuel chapter 1 and in verses 5-8 it talks about a woman called Hannah who was barren and could not give birth, in contrast to another lady, Peninnah, who could give birth. Regardless of Hannah’s condition, God still loved her equally. What Hannah may not have known was that God was truly testing her to see if she could trust Him to provide a child. Elkanah the husband of both these ladies gave a double portion of food to Hannah because he loved her despite the Lord closing up her womb. Peninnah would constantly provoke and upset Hannah due to her condition, but Hannah would not try to fight back, she would instead take it to the secret place and seek God which she did. Hannah would cry until she looked like a drunk woman just to express to the Father how bitter her situation was. God being so kind used her husband Elkanah to encourage her by telling her that she should not weep anymore because God would answer her prayer.

What stood out to me in this text is Hannah’s MATURITY in handling the situation. She could have chosen to belittle herself and lower herself to her rival’s level, but she chose to take it to God. I am so blessed by this woman, and I learnt that God does test us in various ways, especially with obstacles that hurt us the most and don’t want to confront all the time. This woman took her pain to God and healed her throughout the whole situation. When she knew God answered her prayer, He gave her a son and she named him Samuel, who was ordained a prophet. She may have been tempted to give up or even throw in the towel, but she chose not to because she was being tested. I have seen that at times. God will place uncomfortable people in our lives to test our Faith and enable us to trust Him the more, and this is why the story of Hannah is one of the greatest in the Bible because a few women can relate to what she went through and can be encouraged that true healing does not come from retaliating, but from seeking the Father.

Another great passage in the Bible was the story of a man who was born blind in John 9. We see Jesus showing His power by healing the blind man with his saliva and mud. He instructed the blind man to use the mud and anointed the man’s eyes to wash it off with water. When he did that, he regained his sight immediately. Some people were shocked because they knew him as a beggar and did not expect his situation to change. Was he aware that God was testing him? Ask yourself this question today, do you know if God is testing you? When people are criticising you, just know that you are going to another level. The people in the town would usually look down on those with conditions such as blindness, being deaf, or even falling sick, but God used Hannah and the Blind Man’s situation to test their faith and show others that no matter what their condition, it is possible if they only believe. The Blind Man truly got his healing through his belief in Jesus. He could have chosen to allow the situation to define him and stay blind, or he could be healed and decide to change.

These are just a few stories of what people like you and I face in this world. We all have a dark place, it’s just that some people know how to cover it up than others. We tend to read other books and novels on how we can overcome our painful situations, but you must come to a stage where the only book that can help is the Bible. If you are not consistent in the Bible as you should, I employ you to do so. Do not underestimate the Bible and what it can do; if you are intentional about your life and you want to truly break free from the past that entangles you, study your Bible. You may be asking: ‘How do I read my Bible?’ One of the ways I study mine is through my Word For You Today devotional. It gives me a chapter to read every day and the main verse. You can also download the Our Daily Bread booklet and get it sent to your house every 3 months.

Alternatively, you can study your Bible through having group fellowships and discussions as interactive sessions to share knowledge and wisdom. But it all depends on you. You are the one that chooses how to study, but you must INVEST in your Bible to enjoy the life God promised you to have. If you can invest in a 3-hour exam, why not take an hour to invest in your Bible? It’s very easy for the majority of us to take our time in looking good on the outside, but how about the inside? When last did you feed your Spirit? Your spirit needs food too.

When you invest in your Bible, you are allowing God to break, mould, shape and use you for His Glory. There may be some things that will be revealed you, certain situations that you would not expect would come up, but it is all for God’s Glory. He is using your mess and turning it into a message, but you must first and foremost be truthful to yourself. Identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Your Bible is one of the greatest tools you need to overcome situations. Whatever you put your heart into, and you do it with good intention, be expectant to receive a good result. Your Bible feeds you with the Spiritual Capacity you need to be more than a conqueror in all circumstances.

Social media, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular for many today, and we can find and download Bible Apps which can help us study the Word as we go about our daily lives; however, in as much as social media is good, it can be used to draw our attention away from the Word, making us eager and to some extent desperate to see how other people are living their lives. Some are broken and they feel social media will feed them up. Some hide studying the Word with sermons; they don’t necessarily want to open the Bible and read it for themselves, rather, they want to be fed and depend solely on the preacher. This is not wrong, but it can make one lazy and eventually the Bible won’t mean much to them.

Bible 2

The best way for you to overcome inconsistency in studying the Bible is to identify your weakness and be able to admit where you are struggling at. A lot of us today just don’t find the Bible fun and I am trying to find out why because I  know when an interview comes up, or an exam is around the corner, or someone you love is critically ill, that is when we remember the Bible. This is not how it should be at all. Even when our lives are good, we must make a good effort to meditate and study the Word, so that when the hard times come, we will know how to handle it. The Bible is not a book that you just pick and choose when you feel like it. For example, would you ever wake up without brushing your teeth and go straight to work? I hope not! Brushing your teeth every morning is so essential, the same way studying your Bible every day is also essential. There is nothing wrong in being truthful about your downfalls, just don’t allow them to keep you bound.

Investing in your Bible gives you the opportunity of knowing who you truly are (your identity), to know your worth, and to understand the way God works. A lot of us today are still doubting the Power of God and what we want Him to do in our lives. The more we read His Word, the more He reveals Himself to us. If you want to walk with God truthfully, it starts from studying the Word. Do not get so hooked up on what God is doing behind the scenes that you want to slouch back and just wait on Him. Yes, He did say in Isaiah 41:30 that “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”, but at the same time it says in Luke 12:48 that “When much more is given, much more is required”. So God can give you more of what you need, but are you willing to keep working on that capacity level to keep it afloat? Whatever God allows you to have, you must be Faithful to use it wisely, and not complain, but to be content as Apostle Paul usually emphasises on (Philippians 4:11-13).

Your Bible is your seed, learn how to nurture and feed it by using it each and every day. Do not waste the days that God has given you, but make every effort to get connected to who God really is, and how He operates. Do not allow your situation to become bigger than your God that you go straight to social media and rant out how you feel. Instead, go to the Father and let Him heal you.

To conclude, I’ll be having a book launch on Saturday 23rd July 2016 for my new book: “It’s Time to Heal”. If you are not doing anything this Saturday, I implore you to attend this event full of packed activities, transparency and fun! Tickets are currently sold out, but you can still attend as it is a free event! More information on this link below:

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Queens Have Manners

Queens have manners

Your character is so precious that you could be viewed by the way you act, talk and operate in your lifestyle. We are living in a world that is full of criticism, conflict and pain. Sometimes, we don’t even want to wake up in the morning because we do not hope for anything good to come out of the day. Even though life may not always be fair, and people always judging and labeling you with harsh words, remember that you are valuable to God. We are not perfect-beings, and we should try to stop striving and stressing ourselves to attain someone else’s approval of us.

It doesn’t matter what people define you as; what truly matters is how you see yourself. Queens have manners; they are not concerned about the other party, and how they perceive them to be. A queen is so unique that she is on her own individual race and does not have time to compete or compare with others. She is a replica of the Proverbs 31 woman; a determined woman who works extremely hard to reach her goals, a humble woman who does not indulge in gossip, an encouraging woman who always cheers others on, a tenacious woman who SPEAKS words of wisdom to her fellow sisters, a meek woman who respects authority, and above all, a woman who wholeheartedly seeks and serves the Father. When a woman can serve the Father, she is precious because she chooses to look beyond herself and seeks God for validation. She yearns to get so intimate and lost with God in order to prevent negative conflict that may occur along the way.

Queens have manners 2

She has manners because she wants to please the Lord and help those around her become humble and kind. She knows how it feels to be put down so she refuses to be influenced by an outside party; rather, she influences others and makes a strong impact. Are you the queen that has manners? I am not saying that you have to be a doormat for people to walk on, but when you are in a sticky situation, and you want to solve the issue, take a humbly-offensive approach. What does that mean? It means to be willing to apologise for where you have gone wrong, however being honest, truthful and bold enough to also express the way you feel in a non-offensive manner. It won’t always be easy because we always want to seem ‘right’ in other people’s eyes, but this should not always be the outcome. It takes a Queen to know where they have gone astray and come up with a solid solution.

No matter what, we are all equal in the Lord’s eyes and He is not a respecter of man. He really values and understands our shortcomings and weaknesses, but it takes a QUEEN to first of all humble themselves and apologise for any inconvenience caused. I remember a time where I was going through a friendship issue, and the first person I went to was a friend. I love this friend, but the advice given did not help the situation at all. Why was this? Because she was offering advice from her perspective, but I forgot to seek God for His perspective, and this is why some of us today are left confused and spoken down upon, because we refuse to seek the Father as we feel He might be too slow to answer us. Nonetheless, one must remember that a slow result is better than a fast fall. I would rather allow God to take His precious time on me, in building my character, my walk, my conduct, rather than to seek man for quick approval, because people can smile with you when you are on top, but when all obstacles burst out, you will question yourself as to why you opened up.

Now I am not saying that opening up to people is wrong, it’s the FIRST PERSON that you open up to that is a big concern. Some of you may have best friends that you open up to, and that is okay. But have in mind that they too have faults, mistakes, and failures but our God who is Perfect, Supreme, Mighty, Pure, Righteous & Holy can attend to Him at any time WITHOUT feeling judged. He is not a God of “yes today and no tomorrow”; He is a CONSISTENT FATHER who wants the very best for His Queens. But ladies, our mannerism speaks volumes not just from a friendship perspective, but even in preparing for a solid relationship. It really does, and I too am learning. I am a work-in-progress, and no matter how long it takes to get rid of toxic behaviour, I am willing to enjoy the journey because that is how you learn and grow.

Some of us have lost really good friends due to our character and mannerisms. Yes, they hurt you, but you reacted to that hurt and made it difficult to heal. You may have made it seem bigger than it actually was. When people hurt you, queens, it does not mean that we too should show them how we feel and intentionally hurt them back. I know at times, we act in ways that offend others and we are not even aware. Some people can’t even open up because of fear that you may not be able to handle the truth. Let us be sincere, we have all been in this boat. When someone can tell you the truth in love, and you know that what they are saying is true, you have won a very good loyal friend. Others can give up on you quicker than a cheetah running a marathon race, but it takes a true friend to stick closer to you than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

Remember, it is okay to be broken, but do not allow that brokenness to rub on your character. You do not want your character to be tarnished, you are a Queen of the Most High and you have manners. You count in this world, so make a difference. Do not blend in with those who speak foul words, but instead, influence them with your aura and gentle spirit. A gentle spirit, therefore, is where God can abide because where there is gentleness, His Spirit takes over and turns our lives around for the better because we are being unapologetically intentional about having good manners. At times, your character will be tested in ways that one would not expect. It truly does happen, but with these tests, they should produce a better outcome.

Above all queens, remember that you have manners, and if you want to make an impact, you must first and foremost check yourself; check your heart, check your thoughts. Do not worry about what people are saying, because the truth of the matter is: are you speaking well to yourself? Or are you speaking defeat?

Ask yourself if people would sincerely want to be around you? It’s tough at times to critique yourself because it is easy to say “I am perfect”, “There are no flaws in me”, “I am just fine”, but are you? Can you honestly say that you don’t take all things to heart and that you are always calm, even when people intentionally want to hurt you? Are you at that level where you can REALLY LOVE your enemies, and I mean LOVE THEM, not wishing for their downfall or having evil thoughts about them? Because Queens don’t have these thoughts. Queens are working extremely hard to have a better and peaceful life for themselves and those who are attached to her. She is not a talebearer that reveals secrets. A perverse man sows strife, and a whisperer separates the best of friends (Proverbs 16:28).

So the Word for you today is: have good manners; it really goes a long way, because how you operate now is a reflection of who you are. Whatever you do now is what you will carry to your future. Learn to humble yourself and get rid of the pride that is controlling your thought life and learn to serve God in every aspect of your life.

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Queens have manners 1

Where real love is, there is growth

Real love

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.

Love is the greatest gift of all. We all need to be loved, adored and cherished by those we classify as close to us, including family, friends and loved ones. Love is the foundation of a good solid relationship because it chooses to look beyond ones’ faults. It says regardless of how much you have caused me pain, I choose to accept you as you are. Your love can set someone free today. Maybe someone has done you wrong, and you know how much they have hurt you. It takes a humble individual to swallow their pride and accept ones’ apology. The world we live in is failing in the area of love, so as true believers, let us be the light that shines bright and loves without no limits.

When I am writing my journal, I always express how my day went and what happened. Then when I remember what someone did to me, maybe a name pops up in my head, it draws me back, making it harder to function and prevents me from enjoying my ‘now moment’. If someone has offended me, I would write it down, as this helps me release the emotions and toxic thoughts controlling my mind, but eventually, this tends to create a pattern of bitterness, resentment, and anger. When people do you wrong, do you choose to dwell on it, or let it go? It is not always easy to love those that have spitefully used you, and sometimes it still keeps coming back. I personally believe that when these situations do arise, one should be wise about guarding their heart, for out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

Matthew [22:39] does say that we should “love our neighbour as we love ourselves” because if we love who we are, it should not be difficult to love others. People should see the love of God in us. Why? Because GOD IS LOVE and He requires us to love people because He created us in His own image. It is not enough to say you love God but dislike your neighbour. Now please do not misunderstand me here, yes, love is a great healing tool that binds and restores broken family issues and relational and friendship divisions, however, one must be wise about the thoughts they are carrying because the mind is our battlefield. We must endeavour to ensure that our thoughts are aligned not only to His Word but to the His true purpose, and what is His purpose? LOVE! Love is the reason why we are living today and love should be the reason that you show others, especially those who you think do not deserve it. After all, we do not even deserve His unmerited, undeserved Grace, so what makes us so special to ‘choose’ who we want to love?

I strongly believe you can love people, but not carry the WEIGHT of people. There is a difference. You will have to be intentional about those who surround you, in particular, your inner circle. If you have a group of friends that you know influence you well, it is very easy to love them. But those who you find hard to reach out to, you never know, God could be using them to test you according to the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). One of the fruits that the Father is currently teaching me about is ‘self-control’. We all need it, no-one is exempt from it.  We are sensitive beings and must understand the importance of compassion, a love that is never-failing. We all need support from time to time; but the real focus here is that when someone treats you wrong, it shouldn’t make us change our character towards the situation and start taking it out on other people. We must understand and know that with self-control, we have power over our circumstance. It takes a mature individual to notice ones’ inconsistent behaviour but still chooses to love them regardless. Still chooses to speak good things about them. Still chooses to help them when they fail. This results in growth, because where real love is, there is growth.

Have you ever responded unbecomingly to a situation (with anger or impatience), and thought, ‘Who is this person? I thought I was nice!’ Sometimes, we think we already have the fruit of the Spirit fully developed in us, simply because we are Christians. But when we are caught off guard, or our fruit is ‘squeezed’, we find out just how undeveloped the fruit in us actually is. These incidents are TESTS that are actually good for us because they help us know the areas where we are weak and still need to grow.

The more you practice displaying the fruit of self-control in your thoughts, words, and actions, the riper the fruit will become. I encourage you to depend on God’s Grace (undeserved favour and blessing) to work through you to produce the fruit needed. If we try to love with our natural instinct, we set ourselves up for failure, because human love is based on terms and conditions, but God’s love is unconditional. We must endeavour to love like God does. This takes hard work and effort and will not happen overnight. We will see authentic growth when we love genuinely, not for bribes, charm or bad intentions. God has given us the ability to care and tender for people, because if someone was to hurt your feelings, how would you like it? It is so easy to criticise and look down on those that have offended you, but remember to check yourself to ensure that you are guilt-free from anyone you may have offended too. Don’t be looking at me when you have a big beam in your eye Matthew 7:3. Choose love over hypocrisy.

How is your love life today? Are you loving those who love you back, and disliking those who dislike you back? What makes you stand out from the crowd? Anyone can love someone who loves them, but it takes a mature-minded individual to swallow their ego and say “I am really sorry about what happened last week, I want to make it up to you”. Yes, it may look weak, but in Gods’ eyes, you are STRONG! Not a lot of us today can humble ourselves to do this. Jesus IS our prime example of how we should consistently remain focused on loving others. When you are able to let go of your emotions and pride, and allow Him to strip you off all the baggage you have been carrying, then you will freely be able to love with a sincere heart, and all that you have been seeking for will come your way. The more love, the more growth, the less love, the less you grow. It is your decision.

Real love 1