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At Authentic Worth, our passion is not only to help authors in writing books, but supporting them throughout their writing journey. In my previous experiences of writing my first book, I did not have the support that Authentic Worth currently grants to authors. What do these support attributes consist of?

  • 1-2-1 Consultations
  • 1-2-1 Accountability Coaching Sessions (ACC)
  • 1-2-1 Authentic Confidence Coaching
  • Online courses
  • Book workshops
  • Marketing and promoting your book 1-2-1 Consultations

Authentic Worth provides several book publishing services catered to helping and supporting authors who desire to write a book, but do not know where to begin. Our passion is to help authors unlock the hidden talents in them and explore a different realm of building their confidence in storytelling.

To find out more about our bespoke book publishing services, check our website for more details.

Let us know in the comments section what you are currently struggling with regarding your book. Authentic Worth are conducting 1-2-1 Consultations. Book with us by emailing authenticworth@gmail.com

Remember: Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book writing!


No one wants to be left behind, but the generation we live in doesn’t want to put in effort to be where they desire to be. I remember a time in my life where I always wanted plans to go the way I’d expect them to be, but if I continued in that mentality, I will be waiting for a very long time. Who is a perfectionist? Up till now, I am still endeavouring to perfect my craft (which is very important), however, I have learnt to let things be, and let it work authentically.

When it comes to building self-confidence and personal development, this does NOT come cheap! Being better for yourself, your family, your business and the future ahead is not to be taken lightly. How you see yourself determines a lot about where you will be in the next few years to come. Do not complain if you are not putting in the work to achieve a great result. The tickets for the building self-confidence and personal development workshop on Saturday 31st October 2020 is going quickly! If you still have not got yours, you have two options:

  1. Standard tickets for – £25.00 OR
  2. VIP tickets for £50.00 which includes a free copy of my best selling book The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset and a 1-2-1 one hour online session on how to build self-confidence and personal development.

Get your ticket today! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 31st October! Remember, being self-confident and developing on your personal life is not to be put on sale!

Authentic Worth


Welcome everyone and Authentic Worth is hosting an online seminar on building self-confidence and personal development!

Don’t miss out on this workshop next week Saturday! Tickets are going quickly: https://buildingselfconfidenceandpersonaldevelopment2020.eventbrite.co.uk


Who is ready to be confident and build personal development in a pandemic? If you are, then Authentic Worth has something exciting for you!

Saturday 31st October is where we will be having our virtual seminar on how to build self confidence and personal development. Our guest speaker, Nkay, Founder of FWMADE Store will be talking about how she gained confidence in her journaling business and how her experiences has shaped her in becoming the woman she is today.

Early bird tickets are now available and can be reserved on EventBrite!

We look forward to seeing you! Remember Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book writing! 


Whether you believe it or not, you have confidence embedded in you. One thing I have come to realise is that a lot of people assume that confidence is only in resources such as books, people, and education; to name a few. These are attributes that contribute to confidence, but doesn’t give you confidence. What gives you confidence starts within you. It should not be given to you from someone’s opinion or what they think you should be doing. You need to learn how to look inside you and see how much is invested to become who you’ve been called to be.

Early bird tickets are currently out for Authentic Worth’s building self-confidence and personal development seminar on Saturday 31st October at 14.00pm. Do not take what you have within you for granted. You don’t know the impact it may have on someone.

Register today because standard tickets are going to commence when you least expect it!