Master your Heart


You know it costs to have a pure heart. A lot of people don’t know this but having a pure heart is not easy to master. The amount of struggles we face within us can easily be revealed through the way we talk to ourselves. You will know what is in your heart by the way you speak. Our hearts are so Precious in God’s sight. I cannot stress enough that when are hearts are in the right place, God Himself will be at Peace and He can dwell with us. When we are all over the place, we tend to make big mistakes that truly wasn’t our intention of doing. We look at others around us, comparing ourselves to them, making it seem as if God loves them more than ourselves, but ask yourself this question; is that really true? How could you think that God loves your neighbor more than you?

Could it be possible that your heart is not in the right place? You’re taking too much on yourself; you must learn to let go and let God. It is not everyday struggle with your heart. Above all things, guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). What are you struggling with? What kind of issues have you got yourself caught up with? In this consumer-oriented, materialistic world, we are so caught up in ourselves that we forget God and others around us. Some of us are accustomed to very high levels of luxury by way of our comforts, pleasures and security. With this idea, it is said by society that happiness comes with accomplishments, recognition, rewards, material possessions and other things that led to quick satisfaction.

I used to always think that having everything my way will guard my heart and make me happy, but it is all a mistake! Nothing in this world can satisfy other that Jesus Christ! Bare in mind that the heart of man is desperately wicked because everyone is trying to make their own way in life. We are all too consumed in ourselves that we can’t even take the time to check up on our neighbor that we must fight to protect our comfort zones.

Scripture clearly teaches us that the real issues of life are spiritual and are really matters of the heart, the inner man. So what is your heart saying to you today? Are you thinking clean and pure thoughts? Are you still jealous or envious of other people’s success that you cannot be happy for them? What is the problem? The term heart generally speaks of the inner person and the spiritual life in all its various aspects. This multiple use of “heart” along with the way it is used strongly focuses our attention on the importance of the spiritual life. Like the human heart, it is central and vital to our existence because we need it to be alive. But imagine for every negative thought you made, think about how your spiritual heart would feel? Not having a healthy heart can cause early death. Are you aware of that?

Some of us are struggling to let go of people who have hurt us. Every time you hear their name in a conversation, your heart races and wants to pounce on them. But you are not doing yourself any favors. Instead of operating in the flesh, why not pick up your Bible and read the book of Psalms and Proverbs which emphasizes greatly on the importance of our hearts? Some scriptures for you to ponder on;

  • Psalms: Psalms 27:8, Psalms 36:1, Psalms 15:12
  • Proverbs: Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 16:1, Proverbs 17:20

Heart 3

I will focus more on Proverbs 17:20 which says “A crooked-hearted person will find nothing good, and the perverse of speech will end in calamity”. So no matter what someone does to you, whether you retaliate back with them, the Bible says you will find nothing good. When you can sense that someone is deliberately trying to find fault in you, why not go into your secret place and just cry out to God? When Jesus was healing people on the Sabbath Day, the Pharisees were always trying to find fault in Him, because in those days you were not obliged to heal people on the Sabbath Day, but nowhere in the Bible that it said Jesus retaliated, because He knew the intentions of their hearts (they were wicked); Why waste all your energy on someone that you know doesn’t like you? When God gives you a discerning Spirit to know right from wrong, acknowledge it, and use it wisely. Jesus prayed countless of times to God to deliver Him from His enemies, and for our hearts to be at rest, we too must follow Christ’s footsteps and pray earnestly.

There are so many people out there who are looking for our downfalls, but as we continue to seek the Lord, He will come to help and bring us out of our situations. This is one of the ways to get God’s perspective on how to deal with critics. A second goal is to help us see afresh how the world really is in terms of its ideas on what and how we should deal with people who have offended us by talking back at them, relative to those who are already in Christ Jesus and our aspirations, MOTIVES and goals. The motive behind everything we do will be tested! You cannot expect to do bad and get away with it. We should learn to be slow at taking offence. David said in Psalms 119:165 “Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble”. Yes we are in the world, and this is why we will always have opportunities to be offended. The temptation to become hurt, angry or bitter comes just when you least expect it, but Jesus says that we should pray that we don’t give in to temptation (see Matthew 26:41).

Heart 2

People who want to desire to live a great life must become EXPERTS at forgiving those who offend them. When someone hurts your feelings and is insensitive, tell your heart “I will not be offended”. If the person is in your presence, you can say these words quietly in your heart (I have been in those situations, trust me), but later when the memory of what he or she did returns to haunt you, repeat aloud “I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED”. In this situation, ask God to help you forgive them.

Let me tell you that there will be times where God will lead us to confront others who have committed offenses. He may lead you to initiate a necessary reconciliation. But we should never let the offenses of others cause us to stumble, to become hard-hearted, or to harbor unforgiveness in our hearts. 

Exhortation is another principle that we must endeavour to use when mastering our hearts. It is an appeal for personal application that we might each deal with the inner life in the light of God’s Word in practical and personal ways. Practical ways can consist of meeting with other Christians to fellowship and be transparent about our struggles, so as to help edify and uplift one another. On the other hand Personal ways is where it is between you and God; where you can be REAL WITH HIM and just surrender everything to Him without holding anything back; the things that you cannot tell anybody, you can be sincere with God.

Last principle is ENCOURAGEMENT! We all need to be encouraged to seek God for ourselves as we struggle with various pulls of our sinful natures in the ups and downs of life. No matter how successful you are, you will struggle, and this is why we must be able to make time to build our sisters up in Christ, to remind them that they are not alone. I have a dear friend and sister of mine who shared her story with me recently, and everything she said is what I too am going through. When I tell you the relief I had when she opened up to me was so amazing because I too was able to confide in her. I thought I was alone in my struggles as well as she did, not knowing that we both were encouraged. We just poured our hearts to each other and honestly it felt so good! Ladies, you will always assume you are alone in the struggle, but until you open up your heart to someone, you won’t be free!

Our hearts are so important because God is deeply concerned about our inner being. He does not want us to wake up thinking about our problems, because they will become a big distraction. When we are distracted, we cannot focus on anything but ourselves, and this is where pride kicks in. God hates a proud look! You must realise by now that the people God places around you have their own problems, so we must all be aware of that before having our own pity-party. If our hearts are constantly on ourselves and what we can gain, how is God going to get the Glory? In Jeremiah 17:9-10 it states that “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it? (10) I the LORD, search the heart; I test the mind even to give each man according to his ways according to the results of his deeds”. We should know that yes the human heart is wicked, but we have a choice to change our own. Ladies we have a choice to change our hearts, to make them happier and healthier and thinking right and doing right.

Maybe some of you are finding it hard to stay fit. You cannot expect your heart to be healthy if you are constantly eating junk food 3 times a day. Make a decision to cut it down and drink lots of water. From a Spiritual perspective, some of you could start making a journal of all the things you want to learn about the Bible and write them down. It always starts with a thought. It may not be easy at first, but as long as you keep at it, you will be fine :).

Sometimes people will look down on you and make you feel small because of your physical appearance, but remember 1 Samuel 16:7 says “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart”. I find it amusing when people look down on others simply because of the way they look or how they speak. If you hair isn’t the way others expected it, you are not one of them, if you dress in certain way, you are not one of them. Umm excuse me, I know who I am in Christ! When you can confidently stand up to who you are in the Lord, your critics will run from you! Some don’t even like it when you stand up for yourself, BUT DO IT ANYWAY! Do not allow your feelings to control you, because although the heart is Precious, the heart can also encourage you to make bad decisions due to the torture of others. Ask God to create a clean heart so that He may purify you and make you whole. This was David’s sincere prayer (Psalm 51:10).

I love and deeply cherish you ladies, and I hope that these blog posts continue to encourage you. Keep the Faith and keep your Heart HEALTHY!

Your Sister in Christ,


Heart 1

The hard YES!


In this increasing world, life is getting more difficult. Friends turning into enemy’s, spiritual life all over the place, all sorts of health and suicidal sufferings in different parts of the world, hearts growing cold; nothing is being done! Why is this so? Could it be that we are not taking the time to fully surrender our problems to God? Why do we find it so easy telling friends who are just as broken as we are, to give sound advice? Because these days, you have to be very careful of who you open up to. Not everyone who is placed in your life will offer you Godly advice.

I struggled so much with surrendering my problems to God. I would always think in my heart that if I didn’t work towards my aspirations, nothing would have been done, and we all know that time does not wait for anybody! But this month, I have decided to say YES to God and NO to my decisions. I am very happy to know that God has everything sorted out, even when it does not look like it in the natural. You see, God is a Spirit, and those who worship must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. When we give God a YES, we are saying that His will must be accomplished in our lives, and that we don’t have any right to question His timing.

What are you struggling with now that you find difficult to give up? Could it be a close friend who you might be losing a bit of respect for? Maybe she has done some horrible things that have cut you deeply. But when you think about it, you have the power to make your life better, regardless of what a friend does to you. You can choose to trade your sorrows with His Peace and ask Him to soften your heart to change the way you perceive the person. Our perceptions are dangerous if not used with the right discerning Spirit.

Who knows this song; “I’m trading my sorrows, I’m trading my shame, I’m laying them down for the Joy of the Lord. I’m trading my sickness, I’m trading my pain, I’m laying them down for the Joy of the Lord. We say YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD, YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD, YES LORD YES LORD YES YES LORD AMEN!”

  • YES to your WAY!
  • YES to your WORD!
  • YES to your WILL!
  • YES to You LORD!

Imagine if this was our daily prayer. Yes to everything that involves God. Yes to giving up our problems for His Peace. I recently listened to TD Jakes sermon “My Feet, His Fire”, and what caught my attention was that Christians offer God ‘Strange Fire’. So in other words, they ask God to answer their selfish prayers not realizing that God has already seen the motives of their hearts, so He rejects certain prayers because they are only satisfying to the flesh. What are you asking God to do for you? Are you expecting Him to anoint your fraudulent movements? You cannot expect to offer human flesh to a Holy God. If you think that your works will change Gods mind to bless you, especially if it is not according to His will, it will backfire. God does not appreciate strange fire. It is up to us to offer Him our feet (our weaknesses, our downfalls, our plans, our future) in His hands so that we can receive His warm fire.

No matter what you try to do, you cannot pray your way out of selfish motives. You should know the intentions of your prayers, and it is up to you to make sure that they are aligned to His Word. In Isaiah 36:3-6 we see that Rabshakeh was very disobedient to God, telling the people in the land of Egypt not to listen to Hezekiah about trusting the Lord and giving everything to Him. But God said to the people of Egypt that if you trust in what Rabshakeh says, it will pierce the hand of anyone who leans on him instead of the Most High. In other words, the King of Pharaoh was a negative influence to the people in Egypt. It is now up to us to say YES to God, and no to Pharaoh (our selfish motives). Rabshakeh’s motives were disrespectful to the Most High, questioning His ability to save the people in the land of Egypt. He thought he had two heads, he thought he was higher than God, not knowing that the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12).

Yes 3

Whatever your motives, God will easily expose you. You cannot conceal what smells. No matter how much you try to cover it. Naaman was a Leper. He may not have liked it, but He couldn’t cover it up (2 Kings 5). Now back to you, what are you trying to cover up? Are you trying to look important just for people to congratulate you, but deep down your broken and feeling empty inside? Why do you try to put on a show for people? Lack of studying the Word results to lack of wisdom and knowledge. The Principle of the Word should be used as a weapon against the enemy, as well as the opening of Blessings. Just knowing the scriptures won’t change anything, because with the Word comes FAITH, and we all should know that without Faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God! I stress this again, don’t expect God to honor your fraudulent movements. He is not to be mocked, for whatever one soweth, THAT and that is what he shall reap! (Galatians 6:7).

Yes 2

Instead of trying to look important, humble yourself so that in due time He may exalt you! To have a solid foundation in life, it starts off with acknowledging WHO God is and giving the due respect. The Bible encourages us to build our lives on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ so that we are securely rooted in Him. If you try to build your own life on what people say you should do, or how they treat you, or how your circumstances are making you feel, you are building on sinking sand. But if you TRADE that old cracked foundation for a SOLID FOUNDATION, nothing can shake you. The bottom line is; Christ is your Foundation! You cannot do anything without God, for it is up to you to make a decision to offer your plans and exchange it for His. NOT just going to God for Him to answer your prayers, but ensuring that you fully surrender your all to Him, working diligently for His Kingdom.

Some of us today are struggling in many areas that I may not be able to cover! It hurts me so much when I see Christians failing to give God their all including myself. Their plans are great, but they have not been exposed to a culture where they are willing to give up their plans for His own. Because we all know that THE PLANS GOD HAS FOR US ARE FOR GOOD AND NOT OF EVIL, TO GIVE US A FUTURE AND AN EXPECTED END (JEREMIAH 29:11). We make our lives difficult by not renewing our minds with the Word. We fear to take time off what we enjoy doing because we have become so complacent. There are times where we have to be still in His Presence. Just to know that He is God of all, and to acknowledge that He holds all the time in His hands!

You keep saying to yourself ‘when is the timing right’. God is saying ‘Time? I am in control of time. My timing is perfect and is in My Hands’.

There is no perfect timing other than God’s timing! I have not experienced a time in my life where I have demanded God to do something for me on a specific day and time that He has honored. It is NOT that He isn’t Faithful, but GOD WILL NEVER WORK ON MAN’S TIMING! It’s up to us to adhere to His voice and work on His timing. Yes you will be unhappy, but when the finished result is complete, you will then be able to thank God for His timing and say if it wasn’t for the Lord that was on my side, I would have been consumed. Those who don’t struggle for anything I am very weary of! What advice or support can one offer me if one  hasn’t struggled like me? You can’t take advice from The Rich Man in the Bible, but you CAN take advice from Job. What is the difference the between the two? One was rich, but was so reluctant to give up its possessions, whilst the other one was also rich, but suffered and lost all his possessions. But the end result was that The Rich Man ended up losing his possessions and his soul, whilst Job recovered everything he lost! The struggle Job encountered was REAL!! Now I do not believe any one of us have been through what Job went through, but we can learn from his struggle.

Yes it was hard for him to understand why God would allow all these things to happen to him, but it was a test! God tested Job to see what his motives were. Everything you surrender must have a genuine motive! If your motive is not right, I suggest you fix it up now before it will be exposed. There are so many things to learn in our Christian journey. Life is not easy ladies! There are struggles (John 16:33). There is pain, anguish, anxiety, stress, loneliness, betrayal, envy, isolation, self-centredness! But all this can be STOPPED!!! If you want Peace say YES to God. I know it gets difficult when you are expecting something to happen but it doesn’t. It feels as if everything you do just keeps on backfiring. I thought I gave my problems to God, I mean SINCERELY gave it all, not realizing that I ended up worrying, crying, even comparing myself to others around me. When you experience this kind of behavior, that means you haven’t fully surrendered. You thought, ‘let me handle this, whilst I give the rest to God’.

It’s up to you whether you want to give it all to God, or handle it all by yourself. WHATEVER YOU START, YOU WILL HAVE TO FINISH, BUT WHATEVER GOD STARTS, HE WILL FINISH IT! You can’t do half and give the remaining half to God; you have to be willing to TRUST GOD IN THE DECISIONS HE WILL MAKE FOR YOU, WHETHER IT IS WORKING ACCORDING TO YOUR TIMING! Yes we know that good deferred makes the heart sick, but guess what makes God’s heart sick? DOUBT, FEAR, WORRY, ANXIETY, A COMPLAINING SPIRIT, A WEAK PRAYER WARRIOR. All these things hurt the Lord and we have to do something about it. Starting with YES LORD I SURRENDER MY ALL TO YOU, is something to be happy about! Your destiny is too important to keep struggling with maintaining your life up to scratch. No matter how successful you want to be, or the plans you have made, it is IMPOSSIBLE without God. You cannot do anything by yourself  because people of nowadays wants to be recognized as ‘yes it was me that done it’. God will bring destiny helpers your way to support and encourage you in the process.

It will take some time to say YES TO GOD, but the quicker the BETTER! Do not wait until your life meets your expectations before you make a decision to offer up your plans to Him. His plans will forever be greater than ours. Say YES to surrendering; Faith it till you make it! You will get there. Your YES is a door to freedom. Receive that freedom and enjoy the life that God intended You to have! I know surrendering doesn’t happen automatically; you will have to deliberately refocus your thoughts at the very time when you don’t feel like doing it. The way you speak to yourself is a determining factor of how you see your life. Your YES should be a shout of Victory! SURRENDER; STOP TRYING AND START RESTING! 


Yes 1

Thanking God

I am totally speechless! This is a Word for us all, and it is posted at the RIGHT TIME! In all things. GIVE THANKS! No matter what it looks like! It is hard, but regardless put your pain aside and give Him what He deserves! Please like and share with your family and loved ones.

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“As a matter of fact, God isn’t asking you to be thankful. He’s asking you to give thanks. There’s a big difference. One response involves emotions, the other your choices, your decisions about a situation, your intent, your step of faith.”  ~ Joni Eareckson Tada

God wants us to give Him THANKS, which is often expressed through worship and praise. It is a decision and choice. Some will ask, “Why give thanks to God?” There are many reasons to give our heavenly Father thanks, but the biggest reason is for eternal life and the forgiveness of our sins. Sin leads to death and through the blood of Jesus Christ we have the promise of everlasting life.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”  2 Corinthians 9:15 (NKJV)

When we acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God, His death and resurrection and repent of our sins, we become His…

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The Road to Blessing is Messy!


It is not easy to obtain our hearts desires without fully consulting God. When it comes to my own personal desires, I ask myself if it is aligned with Gods Word and His Will. No matter what it is, it is up to Him if He wants me to have what I demand. Recently, God has been showing me that all this time I have been looking at my life from one angle, not realizing that life is perceived from different angles. I recently stressed on the delay of my career process and how it drained me, but now I have come to realise that where I am is where God wants me to be, for if He wanted me to go elsewhere He would have so.

As women of God, we all have our desires, but my question to you is, what are you asking God to do that you are not willing to make a move? It is taking some of us quite a while to identify what our purpose is, and why we are here. The Blessings that God has for you and I are kept safely, and until we can do our part in working behind the scenes, God won’t make a move. The road to your blessing will not be easy. I perceive most people assume that because we are Christians, we don’t have any problems and are living stress-free lives, but that is not so. A spiritually mature person has a different view of trials and tribulations than an immature person. A spiritually mature person handles tribulations by being joyful AND trusting God in the midst of it. Those that are able to trust God regardless of how the storm looks are classified as Mature Christians. You will know when you are mature when you can praise God for every rejection, every closed door, and every secret pain you went through.

Not a lot of us are able to truly understand why God closes certain doors. It is not because you did not pray enough, it is not because you don’t attend church every Sunday; but what could be the barrier is your FAITH! Not only that, but PATIENCE! REAL BLESSINGS TAKE TIME! When you are patient in God and you rest in His Presence, you will find the answer. Psalms 91:1 “He that dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty”. Your secret place is the birthing process of your blessing. Your blessing does not start with your complaining or murmuring. It is about finding a quiet place where you and God can meditate and communicate with each other. Your relationship with God should not be based on what God can offer you.

We must also be aware that there are negative forces that are operating to move us away from God. Even though the enemy may be causing havoc in your life right now, I am here to let you know that God is able to work something great out of it! It is funny because very often, we learn things about ourselves during trials that we would never see any other way. My trials were an indication of where my life was heading, not realizing that I am not defined by my past, but it is the past that indicates to me where I am going. I am so glad now that when doors are shut, it is happening for my protection. When friends tell me they have received good news, I don’t need to get envious. Why? Because everybody’s time is different. When God exposes someone to their blessing, see it as a sign that yours is on its way. Don’t look down on yourself because people around you are being blessed. Be encouraged to remember and know that God’s blessing are not rushed! They are NOT FAST-FOOD BLESSINGS, but they are tenderly and slowly prepared. If God was to give you everything your heart desires, you will not be able to handle it!

We must endeavour to thank God in the midst of our trials instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. and look to the things we already have and use them to bless His Name. We must see our troubles as an opportunity to get closer to God, because the bigger the trouble, the bigger the blessing. Do not act differently when you are going through a storm than you would if life were full of rainbows. You will never get your rainbow without a storm! No matter who you are, we will all struggle at one point in our lives, so that God’s Glory can be known to others and see how Great He is. I tell you, God works best when you are in a sticky situation! He works well when everything is going according to plan, but when hell is breaking loose, you will really begin to understand the depth of His Love and Power. We must rejoice in our storms because it is the roadway to our blessings.

Messy 2

I challenge you today ladies; what is making you lose your first love? Why are you finding it so hard to seek God in your hard times? Do you think your hard times is where you are going to stay? Certainly not. Our God is able to make ALL THINGS abound to us! We need to learn how to search our hearts earnestly and understand how we treat God. God is not someone you click your fingers to and obey your command. For some of us the way we treat God is ‘give me give me’, but God is still patient and does not use it against us. We must learn to hear the heartbeat of God, because everyday the enemy is trying to derail us from our Faith! When you can listen to His heartbeat, you will know where He is taking you. Not only that, you won’t even have to doubt Him because you know that His presence is always here.

Another challenge is; how often do you pray, and what do you pray about? Are you only asking God to take the pain away from you and then go back to your ‘its all about me’ life, or are you really asking God to help you endure the pain you’re in? It is a daily desire to know more of God. Not just for His Blessings, but for who He really is. The road to blessing will require you to study your Word daily! Not just on Sundays, but every blessed day. The Bible is authentic (VALID!) in our day-to-day lives. It is the only valid book to date that will enable you and I to prosper. Prayer on the other hand is our lifeline. If we can dedicate a few minutes to The Lord everyday to ask Him what He wants us to do, I guarantee that our lives will be much better than where we are. We must also remember prayer and studying the Word are forms of Worship. You don’t just worship Him when you get the Victory, you worship Him when things are not going as planned.

Messy 1

I tell you, the reason why your prayers are not being answered is because they are all about you. It has nothing to do with the Kingdom, nor does it have anything to do with helping others. I know my deepest hearts desire is to reach out to women throughout this generation, to touch, relate, understand, sympathize and share their concerns. It would not be good for me to repeatedly do the same thing and not seeing different results. I refuse to stay stagnant and so should you. When you have identified your calling, step into it and WORK THAT THING OUT! Don’t wait until everything is sweet before you can see your way clear. Your blessing won’t come like money falling from Heaven. You will have to struggle hard, but it takes those who can STRUGGLE, ENDURE AND PERSEVERE THAT WILL OBTAIN THE REAL BLESSING! Don’t think that just because you see people on social media or your friends enjoying their lives that they didn’t have their own struggles to get to where they are now.

We all have struggles, it is a part of life! Don’t look down on yourself because of where you are, but see where you are as a sign of where you are going. The more you suffer, hmmmm the more God will bless YOU! Little struggles are for those who want to receive little blessings, but FOR THOSE who have big dreams and aspirations, PLEASE BE PREPARED TO STRUGGLE! You can’t live a King or Queens life without being a servant. You will have to at some point be embarrassed, spoken against, lied to, cheated on, be financially unstable and all the other traumas to guide you to your blessings. So my dear sisters, regardless of all the troubles be encouraged that God is on your side. Don’t look down on your current situation. Your blessings are not determined by what job you have or the money you earn. Success is something that is done in secret, in your darkest moments, in you time of pain, until when that is all done, God will open up Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you won’t have enough room to receive (Malachi 3:10).

To conclude, our real blessing is in Heaven, it has nothing to do with temporary perishable possessions on earth. All of them are bonuses. You and I should be aware that we are living in end times, so let tune our minds to Christ as we continue this journey of life! Let us be ready and prepared for the real blessing that is near to come. This should be our ultimate aim in life. I know it seems like we have so much time, but we really don’t. Look at how life is going, young people are being killed like it’s a fashion trend. It hurts so much, but I believe something can be done to stop all this. Your blessing is in your house. You have to search thoroughly for it.

Yours Truly.

Manage the Process

I have so much banter with God! I still remember the time I rushed downstairs to the kitchen to get my bottled water. Only to find out it was on my sister’s bed! covers face. I was soo embarrassed lol! I could have decided stress and become anxious but I reminded myself that He was in control and I wasn’t.

In Proverbs 3:5-6 it says that we must “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding (6) In all our ways we should acknowledge Him so that He shall direct our paths”. It would be a painful experience to surrender everything we suffer with to God only to have it taken back by your fears and feelings. You may not understand why you are going through unexpected circumstances, but I am here to assure you to endure the pain. The predicament you are in is not a sign that God has forgotten about you, it is how you can manage the process with stability.

I finished reading an amazing book called Living Waters by Susan Deborahs. Ladies, I tell you, it challenged my mental state. Everything I spoke to God about, He confirmed it in this book and through the Word. I strongly advise you to purchase it, either on eBay or Amazon. Living Waters is an unforgettable short story taken from a well-known story about a woman in the Bible (John 4). The author looks at life before the woman meets Jesus Christ and how it is transformed thereafter; bringing freedom, love and peace through relationship.

The author gauges other women around the world who have lost hope and understanding of authentic love. The book aims to encourage relationships and restore Faith through the devotional. I just love the fact that there are so many women who face hardships and are able to share their personal testimonies to understand that they are not alone in their battles. The book encourages women to have an encounter with the Lord so that He can share the pain and find solace in the one true lover of their soul; Jesus Christ.

As women, we always feel the need to build a wall over our fears, what we struggle with and how we can prevent others from finding out. There is a part deep down of us that wants to be free from all the drama, heartache, backbiting situations that we try to cover up with a smile. I may not know where you are right now, but it is so important to not lose your Faith. Manage the process of where you are. It is a passion for some of us to set up businesses, invest in housing and properties, studying for higher education; some are planning their weddings and our minds are just saying ‘what if’. This USED to be me. I stood at arm’s length concerning most things; I desired great friendships, I dreamed of having a fearless life, I dreamed of chasing and fulfilling my dreams, but the question remained in my mind ‘what if it just does not happen?’ And I tell you ladies, it was fear that’s holding me back!

However, those negative events in my life didn’t dictate my future. I used to ask God why I felt like an under-achiever, but I realised that once I changed my negative thinking to positive thinking, I was able to manage the process and learn from it. In order to see change in our situations, it is stressed that placing our entire lives into His hands will require not only rest in God, but for Him to help us overcome our problems in peace. Now I do not see my situations as a set back. In my past, I would always think that for every sin I committed, God would punish me for it, but King David confirms in Psalms 103:8-10 that “(8) The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love (9) He will not always accuse, nor will he harbour His anger for ever (10) He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities”.

When I read this Psalm last night, I was reassured that regardless of my past, God does not need to value it in order to bless me. Where I am right now is actually a blessing. The fact that I am alive to write this message is a step towards what He has in store for me. Things happen in our lives, and we face several encounters that are so difficult to explain, but our problems can never eliminate how Faithful God is to us. You may be in a job that you find very repetitive, or your husband is abusing you emotionally. Your closest friends may have turned against you, but I can assure you to trust your God. He will not disappoint.

Susan Deborah quotes: “I’ve had some real dark moments in my life, I questioned Gods existence at one point but God never stopped pursuing me or showing His love towards me. Even though life throws some blows, God was able to turn those blows into good (Romans 8:28). I started to understand that my value and worth wasn’t found here on earth but in Him alone”.

Susan is speaking from her heart. She has been through pain! Some of us may be able to relate to her and I am one of them. At times it can seem that God isn’t around but just because He is silent, it does not mean that He’s not present. So you might be asking how can I begin to trust God and manage the process I am in? Well first of all you can’t trust someone you don’t know right? But God knows you and you know Him. So trusting God beings with grabbing a hold of His Word and exercising what He says about you. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”; (Psalm 139:14) and “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you”; (Jeremiah 1:5). Don’t ever try to use your emotions to control the way you see God. Your emotions can destroy.

Gods word is a Lamb onto our feet and in our darkest moment, that is when His Word will shine the brightest to lead us into His perfect will. Ladies I tell you LITTLE PROGRESS GIVES BIG RESULTS! I can not stress this enough. I know the position you are in is uncomfortable, but if you can hold on just a little while longer, everything will be alright.


Ahhh! This! Sometimes we believe we’ve heard the voice of God, but we end up in the same position as we started. It can actually be painful! See it as a boomerang; you threw it with all your strength, to find out it came back to you and hit you in the face. How would that feel? That is what is likely to happen to us if we are not careful. We complain about so many things; why aren’t I growing? Why do I have this family? Why am I with this man who doesn’t value me? Why am I around this girl who loves bringing me down? Girl, you need to seek God about this, and stop allowing your feelings to control you.

When God tells you not to move, He means DO NOT MOVE! Did God really say that job you applied for was the one for you? Did He tell you to apply for school? Or was it that you desired those things? Ladies, not all our desires are God’s will, and this is why it is important to seek God and understand what He desires from us. Yes sometimes God can use some situations to draw us nearer to Him, but sometimes we are too fast and do what we want. I can honestly put my hands up and admit that I make decisions without His consent, just to find out that through the pain and stress, it was not God’s intended will for me to have, so I end up disappointed and miserable. So ladies, think before you make a decision.

We may get frustrated about where we are now, but if we do not faint, we will soon reap the harvest (Galatians 6:9). It may be hard for some to understand, but if we apply this scripture in our lives, God will open up the windows of Heaven and pour us out a blessing that we won’t have ENOUGH ROOM TO RECEIVE (Malachi 3:10). This is where Faith comes in! Your faith is not for God to only answer your prayers, but to help you go through problems with STABILITY

Susan Deborahs: “I made the mistake before setting my hope on things such as houses, a stable job and people; all these things are fallible. These are things that can be seen which hold no evidence of TRUE STABILITY, joy and peace. Why? Because these things come and go; they can be there today and gone tomorrow, anything can happen. Therefore they cannot determine how peaceful and stable I am”. 

Don’t let temporary possessions distract you of your position in the Kingdom. You are more than your position. If our hearts are set on the wrong things, we will always feel disappointed, resulting in us not trusting God. So you keep asking God ‘why am I still working here?’ Could it be possible that God doesn’t want you to be stacking money but to serve people? Could it be possible that He is trying to develop your inner character so that those around will see Christ shining in you?

Manage where you are sis; hang it there, it will all be alright. Refuse to be lazy, and work hard even when nobody is looking, because we are living for the Lord and not for man. This could be the chance to step into your destiny if you just don’t give up. Your process prepares you for your next journey. Once you arrive at one destination, keep going until God says so. Don’t be weary, don’t complain, don’t compare! Your journey is not the same as your neighbors, so learn to look unto God. He will surely see you through.

This message is dear to my heart and wanted to use this opportunity to encourage us all on enduring the various types of painful situations we encounter. Our real reward is in Heaven so let us hold firmly to His Promises for us. He will always be for us (Romans 8:31).

If there are any other topics that you would like me to discuss, kindly send me a message on the ‘About the Women’s Worth Conference Group’ page. I hope this message blessed you today 🙂


Love your sister in Christ.