Do not let what you are going through define you!

One of the main issues that cannot be avoided are problems! Problems, problems, PROBLEMS! Why do we have them? Where do they com from? Sometimes we question God asking Him why we are going through certain situations, relative to other people who are having a stress-free life. It is very easy to compare and complain about why your life is not going well, or not going the way you ought it to be. But I want to let you know that God sees everything!!

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me that she works so hard and does not see the results manifest. I could totally relate to her, as it was a sensitive topic. I had to tell her that she is not alone. Have you noticed in life, when you are going through something, you feel like your the only one going through it? Well guess what, you aint! Every single one of us has our own battles to carry! In other words, we have our own individual crosses to bare.

It may not be easy now, but it does say in His word that our latter days will be GREATER than our former days!! It is so easy to complain about life, and about what others have, and what you do not have. Maybe you did not get the first class you wanted in your degree, maybe you did not get the job you took several hours applying for, maybe you have been unemployed for more than 5 years, maybe your dissertation got lost on your laptop just a day before your submission date, maybe you could not get married this year, maybe you are in a financial crisis, maybe your worried about your health, maybe your concerned about certain people in your family, maybe your addicted to something that you cannot let go of…LET IT ALL GO!! William McDonald composed a song called “I surrender all to you, EVERYTHING I give to you…WITHHOLDING NOTHING”.

How many of us can actually say we are going to give God everything!? It is easier said than done right? Believe me, I know! But let us try not to do certain things in our own strength, rather give it all to God! 1 Peter 5 v 7: “Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for You!”

Another thing to keep in mind: Be happy for those around you that are being blessed! None of us know what one is going through behind closed doors! This could be their own opportunity for their breakthrough and blessings, so allow people to enjoy what God has given them, and eventually, God will also grant you what you also desire. Do not allow their blessings to make you miserable!

The truth is, how you deal with other people determines how God deals with you!

Key points:

– Have a positive mindset

– Do not complain or compare yourself to others

– Do not allow what you are going through to drag you down

– Ask God for His Peace

– Pray for more happiness in your life


Do not allow your emotions to control you!

Wait! God is not through with you yet!

When we go through hard times in our lives, we feel like nobody understands us, or God is far away from us. But I have come to let you know that it is not true. God loves you SO much that He invests so much time in molding you in the character He wants you to be every day!. Lets be real, we do have our own desires that we want to see happen in the near future right?

Some of you will question and ask; “Why have I not received this, or why did I not get that?” This is where condemnation, self-pity and depression kicks in, which eventually leads to destruction! We need to always remember that God has His own way and time to bless us all individually. For example Job in the bible lost a lot!! I cannot emphasize on it enough; you will have to read it for yourself to get a deeper understanding of what I am talking about! What made me smile so much was when Job said Job 14 v 14; “If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my warfare and service I will wait till my change and release shall come.”

I had to ponder upon this verse over and over again, just to make sure I get the real understanding of the scripture. In other words, it is saying “I will ‘wait’ until my change comes”…Whilst waiting, keep yourself occupied with the WORD, through prayer, having fellowship with others, and remaining positive! I believe that your mindset is the most crucial part of the body! It cannot be seen of course, but guess who sees it?…GOD! So even before you open your mouth, He sees what you are thinking about!

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend, and I was telling him that health is GREATEST gift God has given us, and that we should cherish it! He then questioned me and said; ‘Esther, which one would you choose, having fun or health? In other words, rather live fast and die young, than live slow and die old’ (Please read that again to get the logic of it). I then questioned him and said ‘without your health, how can you have fun?’ What am I trying to get out here? I am saying that although your health comes first, you need to ensure that you are living in the right way under Gods Grace. Yes we want to have fun, but bare in mind that those who are of the world are classified as Gods enemy! And who wants to be Gods enemy? No-one that I am aware of…(Romans 12 v 2<<<Reference)

It’s funny how a lot of popular celebrities are committing suicide, and so many people are being corrupted by what society exposes on them. The amount of pressure that youth goes through is so severe, that our words can easily cut sharp like a knife. This is where the renewal of the mind comes in! If you do not renew your mind constantly, you will be questioning if there is any worth of living, when really THERE IS! This is why God has sustained your life all this time!

Because of Gods abounding Grace and Mercy that is constantly keeping you up day and night, feeding you, clothing you, sheltering you, protecting you, your family and loved ones, being there for you when nobody else was there, I am here to remind you of the LOVE and Grace that God has for you! I know at times, it feels like God is distant, but He is not! He is so close than you think!

This is why my title is called: WAIT, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET, so don’t give up or give in!

God bless you! 🙂