Unexpected Favor!



If you could write down a list of all the things you desire to happen this year in 2014, and compare your list of things you already have, which list would be longer? For me, it would be the second option. I will joyfully count the things I already have, and weigh it to the things I desire. Sometimes as Christians, we are so focused on what we desire, relative to what we already have. It can be tempting to complain and become frustrated when certain people are being blessed. Has it ever occurred to you when people who are close to you are being blessed in one way or another; that job that you was praying for 11 months ago, that car that you were saving up for, telling God that you are going to be engaged at the age of 25, sometimes we don’t always get what we want. But I know what we do get on a daily basis; UNEXPECTED FAVOR! Challenges will come, pain will come, tears will come, but it cannot be compared to the favor that God will show you.

What is Favor?

Favor is when you have been chosen out of the crowd to be blessed in spectacular ways. In other words, it basically means not to ‘fit in’ with the crowd, but to be a blessing to others around you in a unique way. Characters in the bible including David, Esther, Ruth, Job, Elijah, Moses, Daniel, were favored in the eyes of God. In particular, the book of Esther is a powerful story of how God favored her in every endeavor of her life. Read Esther chapter 2 verses 15-18.

Some would ask, ‘How can I receive favor?’ Well, to be honest, I believe God is a generous God, so He gives favor unto those He wants to bless. As children of the most high God, you are legally in line for an outpouring of divine favor and PROMOTION that is coming your way. You also need to bare in mind that Faith without works is dead. So when you desire something, you need to RELEASE your Faith in order for Favor to takes its place. Don’t expect something good to come out if you are still having doubts in your heart. Without Faith, it is impossible to please God.

This year, I have been told by my friends that they are receiving jobs, and it makes me so happy because graduating for such a long time and not doing anything can be very stressful. But when you are still in that same position, i.e. the same job for five years, no promotion, finding it difficult to look for jobs, it can be hard to remain Faithful. Nevertheless, God looks at how much INPUT you make into your job search. When He sees that you are being persistent in your job search, He will open a door for you that no man can shut.

God’s supernatural and divine favor rested on David as he defeated Goliath and later was given the kingdom, while being protected repeatedly against his enemies. God even called David ‘a man after his own heart‘. The Favor of God was truly on David. Saul hated David so much because He was favored in the eyes of man and of God. Imagine hiding yourself because people you thought were your friends are trying to kill you. It is painful. But did David give up…no he didn’t. He came out of his shell and renewed his confidence in God. From then, he witnessed and saw the unexpected favor that God poured upon His life, and you can receive it too, if you believe!

I usually enjoy making people happy around me. At work, it does not even occur to me that I receive compliments from customers, but the way they speak just touches my heart. Usually, I would receive lovely comments such as “Your customer serving is amazing” “I really love your smile “You are very good at your job”. This is Gods way of favoring me. Surely yes I know I do not have my hearts desires come to pass yet, but even someone’s words can touch your heart! It can make you become a better person. Even when you are the last to arrive at the bus stop, but someone who is older than you still lets you on first, that is what I called ‘unexpected favor’. REMEMBER THAT THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST AND THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST! Never underestimate a compliment from someone you do not expect, because you do not know where that will lead you to.

Even if you are working on a temporary basis, believe that the job will be permanent! Do not settle for less! It may not even be a job situation, anything that you are going through, and feel that nothing is happening, do not doubt God, because He knows what He is doing! One thing that I have realised is that we tend to give up if we see that our dreams are not being fulfilled. It does not mean that God has neglected you, He is preparing you for when He is ready to give it to you. He knows when you are ready, but for now, keep doing good! Be kind to those around you, because the favor that God can pour on someone you do not expect, you will be so happy when they approach you and tell you something that you have been waiting to hear.

Write this down or keep it in your journals/diaries, even stick it on your bedroom wall: “2014 IS MY YEAR FOR THE ANOINTING OF UNEXPECTED FAVOR!” And believe it. Do not just say it once, but claim it and receive your favor!

With love,

Esther xXx


Favour 2


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