The Road to Blessing is Messy!


It is not easy to obtain our hearts desires without fully consulting God. When it comes to my own personal desires, I ask myself if it is aligned with Gods Word and His Will. No matter what it is, it is up to Him if He wants me to have what I demand. Recently, God has been showing me that all this time I have been looking at my life from one angle, not realizing that life is perceived from different angles. I recently stressed on the delay of my career process and how it drained me, but now I have come to realise that where I am is where God wants me to be, for if He wanted me to go elsewhere He would have so.

As women of God, we all have our desires, but my question to you is, what are you asking God to do that you are not willing to make a move? It is taking some of us quite a while to identify what our purpose is, and why we are here. The Blessings that God has for you and I are kept safely, and until we can do our part in working behind the scenes, God won’t make a move. The road to your blessing will not be easy. I perceive most people assume that because we are Christians, we don’t have any problems and are living stress-free lives, but that is not so. A spiritually mature person has a different view of trials and tribulations than an immature person. A spiritually mature person handles tribulations by being joyful AND trusting God in the midst of it. Those that are able to trust God regardless of how the storm looks are classified as Mature Christians. You will know when you are mature when you can praise God for every rejection, every closed door, and every secret pain you went through.

Not a lot of us are able to truly understand why God closes certain doors. It is not because you did not pray enough, it is not because you don’t attend church every Sunday; but what could be the barrier is your FAITH! Not only that, but PATIENCE! REAL BLESSINGS TAKE TIME! When you are patient in God and you rest in His Presence, you will find the answer. Psalms 91:1 “He that dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty”. Your secret place is the birthing process of your blessing. Your blessing does not start with your complaining or murmuring. It is about finding a quiet place where you and God can meditate and communicate with each other. Your relationship with God should not be based on what God can offer you.

We must also be aware that there are negative forces that are operating to move us away from God. Even though the enemy may be causing havoc in your life right now, I am here to let you know that God is able to work something great out of it! It is funny because very often, we learn things about ourselves during trials that we would never see any other way. My trials were an indication of where my life was heading, not realizing that I am not defined by my past, but it is the past that indicates to me where I am going. I am so glad now that when doors are shut, it is happening for my protection. When friends tell me they have received good news, I don’t need to get envious. Why? Because everybody’s time is different. When God exposes someone to their blessing, see it as a sign that yours is on its way. Don’t look down on yourself because people around you are being blessed. Be encouraged to remember and know that God’s blessing are not rushed! They are NOT FAST-FOOD BLESSINGS, but they are tenderly and slowly prepared. If God was to give you everything your heart desires, you will not be able to handle it!

We must endeavour to thank God in the midst of our trials instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. and look to the things we already have and use them to bless His Name. We must see our troubles as an opportunity to get closer to God, because the bigger the trouble, the bigger the blessing. Do not act differently when you are going through a storm than you would if life were full of rainbows. You will never get your rainbow without a storm! No matter who you are, we will all struggle at one point in our lives, so that God’s Glory can be known to others and see how Great He is. I tell you, God works best when you are in a sticky situation! He works well when everything is going according to plan, but when hell is breaking loose, you will really begin to understand the depth of His Love and Power. We must rejoice in our storms because it is the roadway to our blessings.

Messy 2

I challenge you today ladies; what is making you lose your first love? Why are you finding it so hard to seek God in your hard times? Do you think your hard times is where you are going to stay? Certainly not. Our God is able to make ALL THINGS abound to us! We need to learn how to search our hearts earnestly and understand how we treat God. God is not someone you click your fingers to and obey your command. For some of us the way we treat God is ‘give me give me’, but God is still patient and does not use it against us. We must learn to hear the heartbeat of God, because everyday the enemy is trying to derail us from our Faith! When you can listen to His heartbeat, you will know where He is taking you. Not only that, you won’t even have to doubt Him because you know that His presence is always here.

Another challenge is; how often do you pray, and what do you pray about? Are you only asking God to take the pain away from you and then go back to your ‘its all about me’ life, or are you really asking God to help you endure the pain you’re in? It is a daily desire to know more of God. Not just for His Blessings, but for who He really is. The road to blessing will require you to study your Word daily! Not just on Sundays, but every blessed day. The Bible is authentic (VALID!) in our day-to-day lives. It is the only valid book to date that will enable you and I to prosper. Prayer on the other hand is our lifeline. If we can dedicate a few minutes to The Lord everyday to ask Him what He wants us to do, I guarantee that our lives will be much better than where we are. We must also remember prayer and studying the Word are forms of Worship. You don’t just worship Him when you get the Victory, you worship Him when things are not going as planned.

Messy 1

I tell you, the reason why your prayers are not being answered is because they are all about you. It has nothing to do with the Kingdom, nor does it have anything to do with helping others. I know my deepest hearts desire is to reach out to women throughout this generation, to touch, relate, understand, sympathize and share their concerns. It would not be good for me to repeatedly do the same thing and not seeing different results. I refuse to stay stagnant and so should you. When you have identified your calling, step into it and WORK THAT THING OUT! Don’t wait until everything is sweet before you can see your way clear. Your blessing won’t come like money falling from Heaven. You will have to struggle hard, but it takes those who can STRUGGLE, ENDURE AND PERSEVERE THAT WILL OBTAIN THE REAL BLESSING! Don’t think that just because you see people on social media or your friends enjoying their lives that they didn’t have their own struggles to get to where they are now.

We all have struggles, it is a part of life! Don’t look down on yourself because of where you are, but see where you are as a sign of where you are going. The more you suffer, hmmmm the more God will bless YOU! Little struggles are for those who want to receive little blessings, but FOR THOSE who have big dreams and aspirations, PLEASE BE PREPARED TO STRUGGLE! You can’t live a King or Queens life without being a servant. You will have to at some point be embarrassed, spoken against, lied to, cheated on, be financially unstable and all the other traumas to guide you to your blessings. So my dear sisters, regardless of all the troubles be encouraged that God is on your side. Don’t look down on your current situation. Your blessings are not determined by what job you have or the money you earn. Success is something that is done in secret, in your darkest moments, in you time of pain, until when that is all done, God will open up Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you won’t have enough room to receive (Malachi 3:10).

To conclude, our real blessing is in Heaven, it has nothing to do with temporary perishable possessions on earth. All of them are bonuses. You and I should be aware that we are living in end times, so let tune our minds to Christ as we continue this journey of life! Let us be ready and prepared for the real blessing that is near to come. This should be our ultimate aim in life. I know it seems like we have so much time, but we really don’t. Look at how life is going, young people are being killed like it’s a fashion trend. It hurts so much, but I believe something can be done to stop all this. Your blessing is in your house. You have to search thoroughly for it.

Yours Truly.