To all aspiring and upcoming Authors; I know what it feels like to get stuck in writing. At times, when I get a writer’s block, I tend to move away from my usual environment and do something adventurous. If you have plans and ideas on wanting to write a book and feel you don’t know where to start, why not join me and the team on Saturday 16th February 2019 at the Authentic Worth book workshop. More information can be found on this link where you can sign up.

I don’t want to give too much away, but you will be challenged, transformed, and ready to stat writing. So don’t delay, sign up!!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Authentic Worth



The best is yet to come!

Can I be real with you? Patience is a real test of character, integrity and humility. Within the waiting process, you see how much growth has been added to your life, including your expectations. At times, you realise that what you desire becomes more stronger, but then, when panic kicks in, you are rest assured that it will come through.

There will be stages in our lives where we will question whether our hearts’ desires will really come to fruition. You look around and it seems that everyone’s needs are being met but yours. I am here to let you know that YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! Do not give up on what you want to see happen in your life. When you are near to giving up, it is the moment that your prayers become answered.

I really want to encourage you to keep the Faith and hold on to what you want to see happen. Remember that it is your words that create your life, so watch how you speak and be consistent in your endeavours. Don’t be happy today then upset tomorrow. Strive to be positive all the time! Someone is looking up to you for strength, so don’t put your head down just because what you want didn’t come through.

You are reading this blog today so that is a true testament of what you desire being nearer than you think. It’s amazing how life works; what you give it, it will give itself back to you. Stand firm and be bold, and know that what is ahead of you awaits YOU!

You will get what you desire; every tear you cried is a strong sign that it is closer than you think!

Keep going!

With love,


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Book Promotion at WHSmith (26/01/19) *best experience ever!*

BOOK SIGNING SUCCESSFUL: My words are not enough to articulate how I feel!!🎉

*Saturday 26th January 2019!*

The experience and opportunity that WHSmith gave to promote and sign both my books at their store on Saturday 26th January!!!! The people I encountered, the connections ALONE!🔥 HMM!🔥Lord knows how I’m feeling! Yes, books were sold, but it’s not just selling about books, but seeing people relate to what I had to go through and being inspired to see life from a new fresh perspective!

I spoke with many people in different walks of life and circumstances that fully humbled me. From the staff at WHSmith to all customers, your loving words and support won’t be overlooked!! I can’t forget to thank my dear friend and Author, Ebony Ali for informing me about this opportunity and for my gorgeous stunning sister of LIFE Spoken Word Artist, Keeley Stevenson,who surprised me in coming and for her relentless support! She is truly my photographer and videographer! 😂😍. These ladies are gems! I can’t thank God enough for both of YOU!!!!! As you have remembered me, God will remember you FOR GOOD!💪🏾💪🏾

I am in awe of how far 2019 is going so far! May I not forget my big sis *Glory Jacob* who is rejoicing in the Lord🙌🏾🙌🏾 I know she would have been here to fully support, but as I mentioned before, I WILL MAKE HER PROUD and I’m seeing it all now coming together! Remember each day you are writing your legacy. What do you want to be remembered as? #awardwinningauthor #christianauthor #author #influentialspeaker #2019isnotreadyforme #nopridejusthumility #authenticworth #itstimetoheal #completion #real #authentic #worth #international #global #favour #winning #engagement #workshops #booklaunch #bookstores #confident #selflessness #raw #bold #purpose #destiny #passion #thebloodofJesus #FromGloryToGlory


To get a copy of my books, the links are below:

It’s Time to Heal 

Completion – From the Perspective of Brokenness 

Shipping available worldwide!

With love,


How to Launch a Book for Beginners Workshop Part 2

Exclusively run by Authentic Worth, we are back again with a second series on how to launch a book for beginners. From the first workshop held in November 2018, we decided to take on another opportunity to support, share ideas and help first-time/aspiring Authors with their projects. Perhaps you may have started a book and feel stuck or would like to know in greater depth about the process from writing –> publishing –> getting the book finalised and printed.

The theme for the workshop is: From Pain to Purpose. What is the reason you are looking to write a book and what is the purpose? I’ll be sharing from a personal journey of what it took me to start my books. Two special guest speakers will be present on the day:

Speaker 1: Ms Jahmella Robinson – Multi Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Founder of Jahmella Encourages Ltd. An Independent Consultant with around 10 years’ experience in banking and offers project, change and risk management solutions to clients. She runs a mentorship programme for male and female professionals aged 18-24 based on Christian principles. She is a Motivational Speaker and an Author having published her first book ‘And The Walls Came Tumbling Down’ in September 2018.

Speaker 2: Mr Tunji Olujimi – Author of five books, Speaker, Pastor, Worship Leader, Book Author Coach and the CEO of Accelerated Authors Academy. Helps Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs to create authority, profitability, credibility and visibility using the power of writing and publishing their first book to build a business, profile and brand. Tunji’s goal is to inspire Authors to write their best positioning book that helps to increase impact, influence and income in three to six months.

The Itinerary of the day is as follows:

10.00am – 10.30am – Register, meet and greet, networking
10.35am – 11.05am – Introduction of Esther, ice-breaker, first session
11.10am – 11.35am – Group activity
11.45am – 12.00pm – Short break (20 Mins)
12.05pm – 12.55pm – Introduction of Jahmella, second session

13.00pm – 14.00pm – Lunch

14.05pm – 14.10pm – Prize give-a-way’s
14.15pm – 14.50pm – Introduction of Tunji, third session
14.55pm – 15.20pm – Q&A’s
15.25 – 16.00pm – Networking

Papers and pens will be provided!

Come with an open mind!



SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets available for purchase on Monday 07th January at until Sunday 20th January 2019 (£15.00 + fee)

Early bird tickets available for purchase on Monday 21st January until Thursday 31st January 2019 (£18.00 + fee)

Standard tickets available for purchase on Friday 01st February until Saturday 16th February 2019 (£25.00 + fee)

VIP TICKETS (prize winner for free proofreading/editing services, private 1-2-1 session, free 30 min consultation + two free books) available between Monday 11th February to Saturday 16th February (£50.00 + fee)

See you on Saturday 16th February at 10.00AM SHARP!

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We are finally IN 2019! How quick has 2018 gone! Phew! I can’t believe it. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with family, friends and loved ones?

I am looking so forward to the many opportunities, activities, blessings, events, workshops and partnerships that 2019 will present! I hope you become more intentional about what you want to achieve this year. Do not allow any day to go to waste without speaking what you DESERVE to see, and more importantly work HARD and be CONSISTENT!

Keep updated with my social media platforms below:
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YouTube: Esther N J

A lot is in store for all of us! Looking forward to seeing where God will take each of us!

Wishing you all a successful, blessed and prosperous new year!

With love and blessings,


Founder of Authentic Worth
Multi-Published Author
Influential Speaker

2018 – what a year! 2019, I AM READY FOR YOU!

It’s that time again where I choose December to be my month of reflection! oh, how I love December!

December is a time to ponder on the whole year and analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2018 for me, personally, has been a year of many achievements; being promoted in my previous position, having another annual event in July; The Big Debate, my first workshop for book writers in November, travelling to Dubai in July with my sister (which was not the plan to go this year, lol!), having a website for the business; Authentic Worth and other achievements that I am humbled by.

There have been moments where my Faith have been stretched and tested, but only for the better. Being able to put my big sister to rest was not the easiest, but has caused me to not only appreciate life, but to invest in mental and physical health, building strong friendships and relationships, living out my purpose and being intentional about the lives of others.

I have met authentic, real and kind people this year who I thought I’d never meet. People that have stood by me in the hard times, friends who have become sisters. It’s amazing how each year exposes you to new people, but also new levels, and in these levels, it really tests if you are willing to stand in the face of adversity. I can confidently say that I have passed the test. I have never experienced such an intense year as 2018. Lord knows!

A little progress leads to little successes! Yes, we here this statement all the time: ‘New Year, New Me’. But instead of saying it and not applying it, why not start planning your 2019 now! You don’t have to wait for Tuesday 01st January to arrive; you can start writing down your goals, aspirations, desires and TAKE ACTION! DO; don’t just say!

As I round-up, in as much as we have many accomplishments to fulfil in 2019, no matter how many that are written down in our journals, diaries, MAC’s, computers, remember that it is not possible accomplish them on your own.

Proverbs 16:3 emphasises that all our plans should be submitted to the Lord and He will guide us into what is the best route. Another strong advice is be SPECIFIC with your aspirations for 2019!

Be very honest with yourself; what is it that you are looking to achieve? It could be:

  • To be engaged
  • To get married
  • To buy a house
  • To leave full-time employment and start a small business with your partner
  • To be in ministry
  • To invest in healthy eating and positive thinking
  • To have regular workshops, masterclasses, online courses, events, conferences, seminars
  • To invest in self-development
  • To impact our generation with Christ’s teachings

What are your goals? SPEAK THEM INTO EXISTENCE! I’d like to know!

Fill your goals out the comment section below and I’ll reply you as soon as possible. More importantly, remember Matthew 6:33 – Seek Him first in all your desires!

For those that may not have had the best year, know that what caused you to cry is going to make you appreciate the year to come. As my dear sister is watching over me right now, I know that it is a strong sign that what is in 2019 will TRULY BLOW MY MIND!! I am looking forward to 2019! Are you?

With love,

Author of It’s Time to Heal, Completion & From Glory to Glory



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Authentic Worth is Live and Running!


For many that do not know, I have had my blog for over 5 years and the journey still continues! I am a strong advocate for motivating, influencing and inspiring young adults, especially the queens. In 2018, however, my heart has been in the supporting phase of talking to a few men about how they deal with certain situations and what causes them to be closed in, relative to women who are open-minded and transparent. I believe there needs to be a market for young men to be open-minded and transparent about what they are going through and for this reason, Authentic Worth is targeted at men and women to inspire, motivate and achieve greatness.

To the young men: you are worthy
To the young women: you are worthy

Let nobody put a barrier between you! For more information please visit the website on here

It is very important to have people who understand the vision of our generation, and in particular can contribute effectively. For this reason, I am looking for the following to cover the following departments of Authentic Worth:

1) Social Media Manager – take care of all the social media platforms and flyers including promotion and advertising/marketing.
2) Accountant – assess the profit and losses/cash-flow of the business.
3) Administrator – responsible for number of viewers, new clients and subscribers that join Authentic Worth; be up to date with GDPR regulations.
4) Business Partner – shares the same vision with the business and collaborate.
5) Lawyer – grant the business legal advice.
6) Analyst – responsible for the business to be properly segmented to the customer base and target appropriate demographics.
7) Content Strategist – responsible for shaping inbound marketing strategy through development and deployment of exceptional content.

Social Media Content(s):
o Website:
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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page for Authentic Worth will be created in January 2019 so stay tuned!

For more information please email me on:

Thank you in advance!

Esther Jacob
Author of It’s Time to Heal, Completion & From Glory to Glory
Founder of Authentic Worth, Blogger of Women’s Worth Conference