Deal with your Chatterbox!


The key is keeping yourself to yourself. Keep your mystery, Don’t give them too much information so they can’t define you. 

There is great power in what we utter from our lips; not just to other people, but also importantly towards ourselves. What have you been telling yourself lately? What have you been feeding your mind with? Have you been condemning or putting yourself down? Or have you been allowing others to put you down? Have your words taken you by surprise and ripped your confidence apart? You are the individual that controls the way your life is heading towards. As soon as you speak a negative word, it starts to manifest and without realising, you magnify those thoughts which become words. On one hand, we must be so careful of how we speak to ourselves, because what you say is likely to happen.

Are you aware that not everybody has the right to speak over your life? Are you guarding your heart against the words of people who tell you how to run your affairs, not allowing you to make decisions of your own? I have been there and it is not comfortable. Before, in previous years I used to be afraid of what people thought about me and how they perceived me to be. I realised that it was just self-torture, giving somebody else the authority to speak over my life was not going to be the case anymore. So the Lord taught me about ‘self-acceptance’ because He didn’t want me to be addicted to people’s words, but to always remember that He has the final say. He taught me to love myself and not allow people’s words to change who I am, nor did He want me to speak about other people. It is one thing to have a positive group of people around you, but when life hits you unexpectedly, and you encounter various trials, the same people who were with you in the good times, can tend to be the same people who will blame you for your crisis. You just never know, that is why we ought to guard our hearts, our words, and our emotions.

Some things just do not need to be said. There are some incidents that may have caused you to stumble, and people keep bringing it up. That is not helping your inner man becoming a better person. It is causing you to break down and turn bitter. Now if you are someone who enjoys talking about others, whether to bring their reputation down, or because it feels satisfying, it probably could be that you are envious of what they have, and does not give you a good look. You are wasting precious time, and the energy it took for you to bring someone down, COULD have been the same energy you used to lift yourself up. That could have been your opportunity to speak life into your broken areas because speaking about others really is a reflection of who you are, not them. It is time-consuming to fill your mind with what other people are doing. We must learn to mind our own affairs and keep going with our lives. If people do not want to tell you what they are going through, don’t feel you that you cannot be trusted, but be happy because it is not good to know too much about a person.

I remember recently having to look back over my life and do some deep reflection on the people who are surrounded by me, and had to honestly ask myself if I had any issues, because I was determined to be free from the thought of conflict and strife. I have made mistakes in my life and I do not hide them; I had an issue with a friend, rather than venting to the Father, or the person directly, I’d tell someone else which did not help the issue, but made it twice as difficult, because the people who are not involved will give their own opinion based on what they ‘feel’ is right. Unless God has not directed you to someone, then it is best to be silent because our words are currently being recorded by the Father. God has been teaching me about the importance of silence, because you don’t have to voice out everything you feel. There are some things you keep to yourself and allow God to have His Way.

You see, people are watching you; the way you talk, the way you walk, the amount of influence you have. People will have so many opinions of you; you will be familiar with those who define you from your past mistakes, bring up your faults to expose you in order to cover up theirs, but my question for you today is: ‘How do you handle the chatter?’. Can you stand to be blessed? Can you still keep serving God while people are talking? Can you still be yourself while everyone is leaving your life gradually? I know it is not easy, and I know it is uncomfortable, but the chatter you hear from other people is preparing you for the road ahead. The way I see it, the more people talk about you, the bigger the blessings you will gain because you will testify and use it as an opportunity to share your own story that though people talk about me and say unpleasant things, God is still on my side, and I have nothing to worry or fear about. But please do not misunderstand me, it is not everyone that will speak negatively about you. Please have that in mind because it would be a shame to keep beating yourself up, allowing your emotions to get the best of you, making it seem that nobody is expecting you to thrive.

Banke Jemiyo says: “Detoxing is not just for the body but for the mind and soul also. From time to time it is wise to evaluate and detach from the people, habits and behaviours that are doing you more harm than good”. 

Not everybody is out there to get you. Some are blessings in disguise to control you from talking too much, and giving out information that should have been kept between you and the Father. There are some good friends that will tell you the honest truth in love, not to see you break, but because they genuinely care. However, if you keep allowing your thoughts to control you, you will not miss the importance of using discernment and chastisement. Remember, God disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:6) so it is very good that we learn to master our thoughts and when we have good people in our lives that tell us the truth, we honestly do not know how blessed we are to have them around :).

So ask yourself today, how are you doing with your words? Are you talking too much about people who you are failing to reach your own Destiny? Are you aware that time is so precious and you will never get this day back? What are you doing with the days God is allowing you to live? Our chatter can get us into trouble. Rather than celebrating people and praying for them, we don’t want them to do well. That is selfish and very immature. We will all receive what we have asked the Father for, but how much do you want your life to change? It is not only about taking people’s opinions into consideration, because remember: OPINIONS ARE NOT FACTS. How are your words impacting other people? Are people’s words making you a better person within and without? Please REFUSE to allow anyone to hold you back for their own satisfaction. It is good to be separate from those type of people, it is highly frustrating to be around people who only talk about the success of others and not doing anything about their own. We all have an individual race to fulfill.

Everyone reading my blog post today has what it takes to be THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

You are not in competition with me and I am certainly not in competition with you. There must be a balance in everything we do. The Bible warns us against talking too much or being overly talkative. In fact, the Bible says that “a fool can be recognized by his many words” in Ecclesiastes 5:3 and 10:14  Remember, a fool is thought wise if they keep quiet and very good at using discernment if they hold their tongues. Those who feel compelled to give utterance to every thought in their heads usually end up in trouble. Remember for every action, there does not need to be a re-action. You do not need to re-act over every situation you encounter, whether someone tries to bring up your past, or deliberately provokes you. You are wise when you are silent because your power is in silence. 

Our talking limits and blocks God’s voice in our lives. When we encounter pain so deep for words to express, it feels right for the human mind to retaliate and fight back, however, a wise person will fear the Lord and seek Him for guidance. Rather than writing an indirect status on Facebook and Twitter, be direct with the Father who knows all things. You really need to ask yourself if your words are edifying and important. If they are not, cut it out. Do not mention someone’s elses situation to a 3rd party. This is not wise. Restraining our lips is an indication of wisdom and humility. Talkative people often do not take the time between their many words to choose what they are to say carefully. Christians should be aware that talking too much is detrimental to our witness in the world, as James reminds us, “If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue, but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless” according to James {1:26}.


Although controlling the tongue is one of the hardest things to do, we have the help and support of the Holy Spirit that will guide our thoughts and minds to say what is needed at the relevant time. Just as the overly talkative person displays foolishness, the one who holds his tongue demonstrates knowledge and understanding because:

 “He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit” (Proverbs 17:27).

We can’t gain knowledge if we are constantly talking, but understanding comes from listening and using our words sparingly. “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry” (James 1:10). Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few (Ecclesiastes 5:2).

Assess your own life before you assess someone else’s, and let your words be short, sweet and simple. 


Keep Your Life Organised


Why is it vital to keep your life organised? So that you won’t break emotionally or mentally. There are too many broken hearts in our world today, and what we consistently forget to do is surrender our pain to the Father. We instead take it out on family and friends and end up more broken than we already are. I have personally been in situations where I’ve taken out my frustration on people who didn’t initiate the problem in the first place. It is really dangerous to have so much anger in your heart that you blast our your pain on others. The people who you are expressing yourself to also has their own problems.

Our journey of life is interesting; we have good days, we have bad days, but most importantly we must remember at all times to be consistent in developing a positive manner at all times, ensuring that we are always learning to mind our own affairs and stay out of other people’s situations. It is one thing to get caught up in your own problems, as well as other people. How many can you solve in one go? Keeping your life organised brings peace and freedom. You won’t need to justify your reasons as to why you do things differently than others, and you will be free from the criticism that people are ready to open their mouth and say a word or two. Being able to make decisions without asking your friends for approval is a strong trait that I strongly recommend every woman to possess.

When you go out, you don’t have to tell people what you do, just be yourself, and allow goodness and mercy to follow you. Don’t be so choked up that you feel bad for doing something and your friend is offended by it. You are not here to please friends, but only the Father. Do not misunderstand me here, they will be some things you can tell a friend, depending on the nature of the conversation, but it does not necessarily mean going into detail on what you are going to do. I see it as Snapchat for example. For those who know me, they know that I enjoy using Snapchat, but I’ve come to realise that it is not everything I must advertise about my life on it. Yes, it is good to keep in contact with people and see what others are up to, but if Snapchat is only used to be nosey, what is the purpose of having it? If it is going to make you envy someone else’s life, then I suggest you delete it. Staying in your own lane prevents a lot of drama.

For this reason, I strongly believe self-control is needed in these types of situations, especially with social media. With social media today, it is becoming competitively frustrating when we females lose confidence just by observing somebody else’s life because of a status on Facebook, how many followers one has on Twitter, where people are travelling to on Snapchat, and so many other cover-ups. At times, I see social media as a cover up; in that we tend to cover up our pain by ‘making’ it seem that we are enjoying life but we are not. To HAVE LIFE ALONE is a blessing in itself, and that is something to be very thankful for and is one of the ways to keep your life organised by expressing your gratitude to the Father.

1 Thessalonians 4:11 (NIV) says this: “And to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you”.

Those that mind their own affairs are classified as wise. It honestly is not every detail we must know about people, because let us be sincere here, would you want people to know all about you? You must question yourself on that. I’ve realised a few months back that people only wanted to get information out of me, but wasn’t willing to do the same back. So I had to distance myself and discern who the right people were for me to open up and confide in. When it comes to sticky situations, I make it a daily habit of running to God, but at the same time, I know that God puts people in my life that I too can confide in, HOWEVER, it won’t be to get information from them. It would only be to obtain Godly counsel, and leave it as that.

Be very careful and watchful of those who befriend you just to get something. It happens a lot and we are living in a generation today where it is becoming a trend. When people see that you are ‘having fun’ on social media, they assume everything is fine with you, so it is their opportunity to ask anything from you. Once you say no, you are their number one enemy. Ladies, may I re-emphasize again, do not allow ANYONE to stop you from enjoying what God has blessed you with. They do not know the length of pain you went through to reach your destination. I would hate to feel uncomfortable and stoop down to someone else’s level because they refused to work hard and make a turnaround.

“Above all else, guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). 

When I say guard your heart, it also applies to guarding your emotions. Your emotions can play you like football if you are not strong enough to discern when emotions are needed or not. You don’t have to cry about every situation that comes your way; other times you can just rejoice in them. You can keep quiet and meditate, but you shouldn’t allow your emotions to make you bitter, in fact, they should make you a better individual. If someone calls you to explain what they are going through, know that they can trust you with their business, but if you haven’t been called into a situation and you randomly head towards it giving your own contribution, what do you called this? It is very disrespectful to talk on someone else’s behalf when you don’t know anything about it, or just basing your point of view based on what somebody else has said. This should not be so.

Be wise with your life and stop looking at what others are doing. Take responsibility for your own actions and learn to handle your own journey. Along the way, God will bring the right people in your life to help you work towards your Destiny. You don’t need to be a busybody to be noticed or accepted. Just keep your life organised. Enjoy your life, do not try to be like someone else, as I stated earlier, you do not know the burden they had to carry to get to where they are today. You don’t need to envy anyone, it is a waste of time. We are all on individual journey’s, if you need help, do not be afraid to ask. Ask with humility and keep going on with your life. Don’t keep stopping at every bus stop trying to get information from people, it doesn’t work that way. Let us enjoy our seasons now and give ourselves the respect we need to live a fulfilled and pleasant life.

When I also reiterate about keeping your life organised, I am also referring to keeping your relationship with God organised, your finances organised, your health, your words, your family issues, your friendship circle, your eating habits organised, your future organised. Don’t keep wishing and not doing, it does not work that way. You must work hard and don’t look down on yourself or envy others. Don’t allow your failures of keeping your life turn into bitterness and hatred. People hate because they have insecurities, but you don’t need to rehearse the incident, you just need to overcome your hatred towards somebody with love. If you love your life, you will be able to keep your life organised and give yourself the freedom you deserve. Be sure to not hate on yourself either, but love the life you have now because it will get better. The only way is upwards. Don’t ever look back, keep marching and keep your life organised.

Organised 1


Deal with your past


God has erased the trash of your past and He is preparing you for the treasures of your future!

Are you aware that your past is relevant to your future? What are you afraid of about your past? People finding out what you did? Yes, we have all made mistakes, we are not perfect, but with our past, it can remind us of where we have gone wrong and help to make amendments so that our future will be enjoyable. But how much freedom do you want from what you’ve been through? I remember saying to a friend of mine that it is important to know WHO and WHEN to open up to someone regarding an issue because not everyone is suitable to solve your problems. If something is constantly playing your mind, you must realise that it’s time to be vulnerable and transparent.  is up to you to make the decision to change your mind, to see the beauty of your pain. Dealing with the past can be one of the daunting because you’ll have to dig deep into what you had to face, and sometimes it involves getting others involved. However, if it is healthy confrontation or reconciliation, then it is for a good cause. Dealing with the past isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

A lot of us woman today feel it is okay to cover up what we have been through in the past, and I can truly understand, for fear of being judged, manipulated, isolated and even condemned, but there comes a time where you’ll have to be free because anything stopping your future is a stronghold. It is our responsibility as mature women to critically analyse ourselves and see our shortcomings. Being honest is a great way of gaining respect towards people, particularly those who are called to serve. There are some people who look up to you, and when they are weak, they are expecting you to relate to their issue, not talk them down because that will keep them quiet. They are more likely not to receive their breakthrough for fear of judgment. Ask yourself this question ladies: if someone was to pre-judge you before they met you, how would you honestly feel? No matter how strong or confident we look, we are all vulnerable. It is okay to be vulnerable, however, it does not give us the right to rub our vulnerabilities on others.

Most young women of today just need people to understand them and their needs. It takes wisdom to put your own problems aside and listen to another person. This is humility because it is demonstrating that it’s not all about you. We have a lot of young adults today who are secretly struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, drug issues, addictions just to name a few. These people are in need but tend to keep it to themselves. They want to enjoy their lives but are afraid to own up to what they have done. We have all committed faults and offenses that even up till now, we have not told anyone. But I know someone who knows you in and out, who knows your end from your beginning. He loves you with an everlasting love. Our Father in Heaven is our solution to dealing with our past.

At the same time, God does strongly encourage us to be transparent with those He has placed around us to speak to, not judging or over-estimating ourselves, but being able to listen more and speak less. If we develop this character, just imagine how our world would be today. In my previous blog post, I spoke about ‘Being Wise With Wisdom’  because we tend to go into that self-defence mode where we repetitively blame our neighbour, making it all about us, and not being considerate. These are the reasons why we are not uniting because you must realise that everyone around us is hurting. Yes, some situations are painful than others, however, we have unique situations that should never be underestimated. A lady may have been raped at a young age, and another lady could have been lied to countless of times by her work colleagues; these are two opposite situations, but are still very painful, and that can stop someone from functioning in life. On Social Media, you will hear young ladies taking their lives due to various circumstances; some could be due to loneliness, not having anyone to talk to, not feeling accepted by those who claim they love us. We are already in a hurting world, must we add more injury?

Ladies, we have got a lot of work to do! It is up to us to make an intentional decision to change our minds to see the beauty of your past painful memories, and use it as a testimony to hurting women. I am not only implying this message to those who are 20+, I am also referring to ladies who are 30 and are not yet married, or 40 and still doesn’t have a child. These are serious strongholds that must be broken. We can honestly be free when we put our minds to it. Surround yourself with good people, and if you are wondering who the good people are, then start with YOU! Be the good person so that it will attract others to you. Remember nobody wants to be around a cold judgemental person; we all need love and acceptance. If people cannot accept you according to your past, do not worry. They were not meant to be in your life. Find people who are willing to be REAL AND AUTHENTIC with you, and you will eventually see yourself soaring high from past issues. Dealing with the past can be one of the daunting because you’ll have to dig deep into what you had to face, and sometimes it involves getting others involved. However, if it is healthy confrontation or reconciliation, then it is for a good cause. Dealing with the past isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

Remember your past has no effect unless you allow it to, so take the initiate and deal with it now, rather than shove it under the carpet and struggle in silence. You are not meant to solve everything in your life alone, lest you break. We should be broken for good reasons, not for condemnation. When the past knocks on the door, welcome it, deal with it and send it on its way. Remember that our Father is bigger than our past mistakes, so no scheme of man will ever be able to intervene. Let go of your plan and embrace the promises that God has for you.



Die to ‘I’

Die to I

When is it going to stop being about you? Have you considered those around who are hurting and in need? Why should you always be the victim and put someone else to blame? I was reading an article today regarding ‘reconciliation’, and what I gained from the read was that being at peace is very expensive. When you decide to reconcile with somebody, it allows you the opportunity to break the frustration that is within, and enables you to become humble towards the other person.

Remember that we are all limited resources and there is so much that we can do for our brothers and sisters, but it must come to a stage where you are intentional about letting go of all the drama and past hurt; whether it is people who have betrayed, lied, or spoken negatively about you behind your back, you must learn to give yourself the peace and start with expressing your faults. In other words, you have to come to a decision where you say it’s not all about you, but also about how my neighbour is feeling.

Some people are very wise, in that they don’t want to bring up unnecessary drama from the past, so they just keep quiet, but it will come to a point where enough will be enough, and you’ll want to find out why they offended you. It takes a mature individual,however, to either seek God or get wise counsel from a Spiritual leader. It is not about talking to somebody else about another person because our communication with other people tends to travel fast. I’ve learnt throughout my years that when conflict arises, the best way to solve it is to go DIRECTLY to the individual and speak face to face, not on the phone, or Skype, or Facetime. There is something powerful about confronting face to face, as it gradually enables you to die to yourself and how you feel (not saying that your feelings are not important), but it also makes you aware that the other person is hurting too.

It really doesn’t do any justice if one party is expressing how they feel, but not taking into account the other person. We are all sensitive beings; you can try to cover it up with the way you dress, or the car you drive, or the way you look, but deep down inside us, we all have hidden vulnerabilities, flaws and weaknesses that a few people are aware of. And that is okay because we are not meant to be 100% perfect. We are imperfect beings, living under Grace by a perfect Father who loves us so dearly and cares for our welfare.

As God is the giver of life, He allows me to experience each day by waking up, having a shower, taking me out safely, bringing me back safely, allowing me to eat well and sleep well. He cares so much about us and wants us to be reminded of this. However, I do believe that as God grants each and every one of us life, we too must also give other people chances and accept them for who they are. I may not deserve God’s Goodness, Grace & Mercy, however, He still shows it every day. He reminds me that I am very important and that is why I am writing this blog post today.

You must realise that people who hurt you, are also important to God, and He wants to use those people who have hurt you, to reconcile back to you. Now, I am not saying that everybody can come back into your life because even Jesus Himself did not associate with the Pharisees or Chief Priests because He was aware of their motives. But, this has to be done with wise discernment, NOT your feelings or emotions.

We must always remember that when we think we have power over someone, we must be humble enough to assess our own lives and see where we too have done wrong to others, because in as much as someone may have hurt you, and you have the power to cut people off, you must also bare in mind that your words may have cut someone so deep, that every time they see you, you freeze because of guilt. Moral of the story is to treat people the way you like to be treated. Do not be a sneaky hypocrite where you assume you are right by cutting someone off because they hurt you, not acknowledging where you have gone wrong as well. It is very easy to say these things:

  • ‘I did this for you last year’
  • ‘I can’t believe what I am hearing about you’
  • ‘You didn’t consider my feelings’
  • ‘You don’t know how much I am going through’
  • ‘You will never understand me’
  • ‘Everyone makes me feel so alone’
  • ‘I am going to hide myself from everybody’
  • ‘I want to be by myself’

Does it sound familiar? We often get caught up in these words, and we must be sincere about it too. It’s okay to feel hurt and be distant, but don’t allow it to be a thing where you make it all about yourself as if you are the only person that is hurt. Some people honestly may not know that they are hurting you, and you have already defined them as an enemy, but not confronted the person about the issue. We may not always understand people around us, even those we classify as close, but we can pray for an open mind and heart towards them and how they perceive us to be. Maybe some of those around us are in pain, but isn’t good at managing it, so instead they put the pain on other people which can encourage conflict and division. This should not be so, but instead, being able to express where you have gone wrong in love and sincerity, and apologise will make matters much better.

It would be painful to develop such a strong friendship or relationship with somebody, to have a minor quarrel, and end up separate, especially if the relationship is based on true authentic love, generosity and TRUST. I’ve learnt in this season to be open and honest with what I have done to people, and apologise, because saying sorry is not a weakness ladies, it really isn’t. It is a strength because not a lot of us are willing to kill our pride or ego for fear of what others will say or think about us. So we have a bad-man attitude, trying to live ‘life’, but end up broken privately. It really doesn’t make any sense. The best solution to die to yourself is to apologise for what you have done and be sincere about it. Fix up your mental and emotional life. Don’t try to cover it up with your other personal issues, solve the problem directly. Don’t involve 3rd party people, unless you have heard from God and can take it from there.

Let us choose to die to ourselves and live a lift of sacrifice. Our world really needs it, and one day we will too. Your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state is so important, so you have the responsibility to ensure that this is fed in the best way possible; with the Word of God.

Die to I 1

Be Real With Wisdom

According to research, the definition of wisdom is: “The God-given ability to judge or discern correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding; learning and experience acquired over a period of time; ability to see beneath the surface of things”. 

If anyone lacks wisdom, simply ask God for it and He will grant it to you (James 1:5 – emphasis added). Wisdom is such an attractive gift that it should be everyone’s prayer point. Wisdom allows you to make healthy decisions about your life, what your day should be like, how you should behave, how to respond to certain situations and how to genuinely take care of yourself and others around you. When you are real with wisdom, wisdom will be real with you. Why do I say that? I say this because when we encounter troubling times, are we quick to simply blame the other person, or are we willing to take responsibility for our own actions? Taking responsibility will enable us to be real with wisdom, to admit where we have gone wrong and realise that we are limited resources. 

Our pride can get in the way of receiving wisdom from the Father because He cannot use someone that thinks they know it all. It would be shameful to miss out on what God has in store for us because we refuse to humble ourselves and walk in wisdom. Job in the Bible was truly a man of wisdom. He did not allow his troubles to separate him from the love of God. Yes, we all have troubles, some greater than others, but imagine what would happen if we truly humble ourselves and seek God for wisdom to handle those issues? How much peace would we benefit from if we just let go of our power, and let Him take the lead? The peace that surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds (Philippians 4:7).

Wisdom helps me make the right choices and decisions that will benefit my well-being. It gives me hope for the present day and teaches me not to worry about tomorrow. Wisdom helps me humble myself and informs me that I am not perfect, that I make mistakes like any other human being does; wisdom does not encourage me to look down on myself, but to take care of my mind, my thoughts and my mouth. Wisdom enables me to reach out to others when they are in need, broken and desires encouragement. Wisdom is very attractive.

King Solomon, on the other hand, was very wise in that he was given an opportunity to present to God anything he desired to have. Instead of asking for riches, he asked for WISDOM (2 Chronicles 1:11). And God gave it to him. How many of us today truly ask God for wisdom? Is that the first few points on your prayer list? Or do we just ask for wisdom when we feel emotionally and mentally attacked? A lot of the time we seek God when we have had enough, and that is not a bad thing. But how many of us can sincerely seek God when although your plans are not going as expected, you STILL trust Him, and still praise Him and still seek for His wisdom? It takes so much strength to get to this level of maturity where we allow our pride to stop controlling us, and be weak before God so that He can fill us with His strength and give us the wisdom to face our troubles.

It honestly is okay to be wrong, because that is where God is able to come in and fix you within. You can look wise, but are you wise? People do not only look at your wisdom on the outside, they look at your wisdom from the inside too; the way you speak, the way you give advice, to ensure that you are also applying the words you say into your life. It is not enough to ask for wisdom if you do not practise wisdom. Remember, wisdom is a beautiful unique gift that when you sincerely seek God for it, He will grant it to you. Wisdom is, therefore, power, and power is also attractive, but when it is misused and abused, you ruin the importance of it.

Our sincere cry should be for God to grant us wisdom to handle all our situations. It is not for us to receive wisdom and handle it by ourselves. Anything we try to do by ourselves, we will seriously crack. We are not strong on our own and because God is all knowing and seeing, He knows at some point that you will need wisdom. This applies to so many areas:


I could go on, but wisdom is our friend. Not only is it our friend, but we must learn to nurture and cherish this gift. It is truly a unique gift that no man can give because in Proverbs 3:5-6, it says that we should “trust in the Lord with all our hearts, lean not on your own understanding, but it ALL your ways, we must acknowledge Him in that He will direct our paths”. It does not say we should acknowledge or seek people, but seek Him, so that He will direct us. Direct us into what? Wisdom! This is what we need all the time. Every decision we make and every move we take, we must apply wisdom, but this comes purely through seeking Him first.

Being told the right thing in a painful moment is one of the best ways to take full advantage of wisdom. In Proverbs 19:20 it says “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future”. You see, wisdom is not only for your now, it is also for your future. Wisdom is walking with you on this journey of life. It is so vital to making it a habit of speaking in wisdom and applying it to your personal circumstances. Yes, at times we want to express how we truly feel towards people, but it really does take a wise individual to humble themselves and respond in a calm manner. This won’t happen overnight, but when the tests come, we can apply wisdom to it and see the result. When you get wisdom, be real with it.

Distinguish your strengths and weaknesses, and remember it is okay to be wrong at times, you do not always have to be right. We should not compete with anyone when using wisdom. Instead, we must complete each other and apply wisdom in each circumstance. Rehearsing what someone did to you a few years back is not applying wisdom, for you are bringing up more pain, trying to justify and find out why the situation happened. But remember, we do not live in the past, we live in the present and strives for the future. Do not be controlled by your emotions, but apply wisdom in dealing with your inner struggles and fears. No matter whether you are battling with yourself or others, it is an opportunity to use wisdom and apply it in each area of your life.