I know you more than you know yourself

Beauty 1

Do you really know who you are? No I don’t mean based on the things you own, but knowing where your true identity comes from? The majority of women today struggle in knowing who they are. They want to please their friends so they can fit into a popular group; they attract worldly attention just to feel comfortable. Women are precious, but our main problem today is our identity. We hide who we are with masks, trying to be happy and whole when we are not, doing desperate things to fill our void. It can’t continue happening like this. I remember talking to a work colleague of mine a few weeks ago, and we were discussing about beauty (both physical and mental). She said to me “Esther, I don’t feel beautiful”. When she said this to me, it brought quick flashbacks of the times where I too had said this to myself. I told her that beauty is deep within. It is not about your body shape, how big or small your eyes are, whether you have freckles or not; it is about how YOU SEE YOURSELF BOTH WITHIN AND WITHOUT! 

Women today focus too much on the exterior not feeding the interior. It can be a constant battle when we wake up every morning and we see one spot that makes us go crazy for a while. There are some women out there who have faced deeper beauty struggles than just pimples and acne; some were burnt as a child, some had plastic surgery which made it worse and unfortunately have died from it, some may lost a leg and even an arm, and yet we complain about our feet being too big or our belly being to bulky. Until you see someone who has got only one arm or a leg, then you will appreciate YOU! It is not always about the outer beauty though is it ladies? Because in the book of Proverbs 31:30 it says that “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”Ladies, we must have it in our minds to remember that although it is good to fix our outward appearances, it should not be the main focus that we forget to feed our inner-being. Beauty will fade, but a good heart will always remain!

Beauty 3

Why do you need to see beauty the way our worldly celebrities see it? Is it really necessary to buy those ripped jeans that the majority of women have today? Is it really important to get your nose done to make it smaller? Is it a necessity to buy the best make-up and expensive clothing which probably won’t be in the market trend next month? Having worked in retail for 6 good years, I know how women feel when it comes to dressing including their spending habits. Our buying patterns today are actually horrendous lol! (I am talking from experience covers face. Let me tell you something, no matter whether you buy clothes from Primark or Topshop; it is the way you PUT THE OUTFIT TOGETHER THAT MAKES IT BEAUTIFUL! I heard a lady on the bus the other day say “I will never shop in Primark”. Guess what ladies, that is her own choice. Whether you shop in Primark or not should only be a concern to you and not others.

Beauty 2

Personally, at this moment in time, although Primark is getting a little bit expensive, their range of clothing is really nice! Those that have a strong passion for fashion and dressing will understand where I am coming from. That aisde, Primark is not responsible for making you feel beautiful. It is the way you combine your existing outfits with other garments that makes it appealing. My two beautiful sisters Lisa and Jesse went a year WITHOUT buying clothes! Imagine! I personally don’t know how I would handle that LOL! I know it was not easy for them, but what made them keep going? It was knowing their worth, and realizing that it is NOT IN THEIR CLOTHING but in the Lord Jesus! They knew that fashion trends will forever be changing, so they decided to discipline themselves and trust God to continue making them beautiful.

Beauty 4

My dear sisters, God knows who you are! You should never allow your mind to be occupied by the things of the world. Everything is changing right now and sometimes we just can’t keep up. Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations”. This is our Heavenly Father speaking to us! He knows all about you and I. Please do not allow your mind and hearts to be troubled. No matter what you are facing, speak out and tell a dear friend about your insecurities. Even better, tell God; He knows how to guide and order your steps. He is not a God that He will lie. Your real identity is in Christ Jesus! When you seek Christ, He too will find you. He will remind you of how precious you are in His sight.

Personally, I am grateful and humbled to know that God knows me more than I know myself, and to add on that, I don’t allow fashion trends to get the best of me because I appreciate what I currently have and use it to mix and match. I enjoy being who I am and how He has made me to be. I have learnt to love my body and how I look. I strongly believe that God has placed several people out there who will love us beyond our insecurities.

Apart from the beauty aspects of identity, we find that women also feel a sense of belonging in their careers and finances. Yes these things are vitally important, however they should not have control over you. Whether you earn a really good salary is only by the Grace of God, but never allow that to control what you should buy and how to use it on unnecessary things. Really and truly, everything we own is Gods, so we must respect what He has given us and use it for His Glory only.

Beauty 5

If you want to hear more about knowing your true identity, please make an appointment with the Empowered United Women’s Ministry Group where we will be discussing about “Womanhood and the meaning behind it”The theme is “Renewing the Faith and Restoring Love back in Women’s Lives”. The event will take place on Saturday 13th February 2016 at 1.30pm-6.30pm. More information is listed on the picture below. From this event, you will benefit from other women who have faced or are currently facing beauty struggles/issues and how they chose to overcome them. They will be taking off their masks and telling you the solid truth on how they deal with the issues of identity. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but for now kindly sign up via out Eventbrite page (type Empowered United Women) as it is required. This is a FREE EVENT so to all that can come to support this strong movement, please do so. I hope to see you there! More information is on my Facebook Page and you can also type “Empowered United Women” on Facebook also.

Blessings x


Knowing your Worth in Christ Jesus

Worth 1

A man taught me to value myself now more than I ever have. A man taught me to never settle of less than what I deserve.

A man taught me to feel beautiful in my own skin first before I can with his words of compliments.

A man taught me to never tolerate disrespect of any level.

A man helped me to become a strong lady that I am today, but the Lord stepped in and taught me love that I now understand is only eternal from Him and never truly from man.

(Frances Virtue: Co-Founder of WWCG) 


Ladies, we must remember that our worth is in Christ, not in any man. God understands that we need companionship, but He must be our first point of contact in everything. Remember that He who finds a good wife, finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22). I know how hard it can be at times to believe in yourself. Maybe you are lacking low-self esteem, or you don’t feel as beautiful as other ladies, or maybe it seems as if you are fighting with yourself. You are not alone.

Your personal identity, in other words, how you see yourself is often shaped by your early experiences in life. Maybe your parents said things to you as a child that made you doubt your worth. Maybe you were rejected or abused. If so, Joyce Meyer can relate to what some of us may have been through. She experienced every kind of rejection and abuse as she was growing up. She was sexually, verbally, emotionally and physically abused by her father from the time she could remember until she finally left home at the age of 18. She then carried those emotional wounds into her first marriage to a man who also treated her badly and eventually left her. What do you do when you come out of one situation, and realise you are trapped in a worse situation? How do you handle it? It is easy to run to the next guy who calls you lovely names, but is that what will give you full satisfaction?

Ladies, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. No amount of make-up, clothing, or money can define your worth. It is what is inside you that defines who you are.

CHARACTER is what you are; REPUTATION is what people think you are. Can you see the difference? Your worth is defined by your character in Christ. In other words, it is WHO you are in Christ. Relative to your reputation that is defined by man. Character must always exceed reputation. Lets look at the comparative differences below:

  • Character is built by your attitude; Reputation is built by your performance.
  • Character is determined by what you stand for; Reputation is determined by what you fall for.
  • Character is what God knows about you; Reputation is what men say about you.
  • Character is what you are really like in the dark; .Reputation is what men see you doing in the light.
  • Men look at the outward; God looks at the inward (your heart).
The way we perceive ourselves will directly affect our conduct. God’s word supplies each of us with the proper self-view: We should not think more of ourselves than we ought, nor should we think less of ourselves than what God does. As ladies, we should have a balance. Where we find our identity is so important because we behave in line with what we believe about who we are. 
Keep looking to Jesus and His Word for a definition of your true identity; remind yourself of and live in the reality of these truths, and watch Him transform your life! 
Jesus loves each and every one of us. He knows our flaws, He knows our pain, He knows our struggles, but each of these things gives us hope for a better tomorrow. We should not allow anybody to define who we are, by what we say or do, or the job we work in, or our social group. I would rather be in a position where I allow God to tell me who I am, rather than man to tell me who I am. Another obstacle that can be blocking your worth is emotions. I will speak about this on my next post! We all have emotions of course, but they can tend to distract us of our true identity. The tears we cry should be handed over to the Lord. Let Him take your emotions. We must remember that:
“We are a chosen generation, called forth to show His excellence. All I require for life God has given me, and I know who I am. I know who God says I am, what He says I am, where He says I’m at, I know who I am. I’m working in power, I’m working miracles, I live a life of favour, coz I know who I am! Remember you are Holy, you are Righteous, You are so Rich, You are BEAUTIFUL!!
Stay beautiful and remember to know your worth in Christ Jesus!
     Your worth is hidden in Christ!