It has been a while…

It's been a while; the importance of social media breaks and its benefits and how to enjoy a productive life offline.

Hello special person, how are you today? I know; I know…it’s been a while that a blog post has been written. I’ve been working, resting, being mindful, being present and just taking each day as it comes. I hope your 2022 is treating you well thus far? I wanted to take a moment to write a short and brief post to say thank you for your investments in the blogposts written to inspire you to keep going.

I am in a season where there’s so much joy to give out to people where they too can be a blessing onto others. The times and seasons we are in is for the benefit of others to renew their minds, believe, and be in the present to enjoy what’s in front of them, as well as taking healthy breaks off social media and enjoying every moment.

For this reason, I recently recorded a video about the importance of social media breaks and its benefits, whilst learning how to build and enjoy a productive life offline. You are welcome to watch the video on YouTube here:

Be inspired and remember that it’s good to take consistent healthy breaks to be your best self, because pouring out from an empty cup isn’t healthy for you or your community. In the meantime, I look forward to the next blogpost that will be written. Enjoy the rest of the day and stay positive always!

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

Our relationship with PATIENCE – we all need it!

What is patience to you? How do you see patience working effectively in your life right now?

When you hear the word ‘patience’, what comes to mind? Do you know that patience helps you to become more structured, not allowing the waves and tosses of life to get your way? I have been deeply encouraged, challenged and stretched in my relationship with patience. A key attribute that we will appreciate when difficult moments appear.

Have you been in a season in your life where you’ve been tested by someone else’s impatience, that’s caused you to make decisions in haste due to pressure? It feels uncomfortable when you know the choice that’s been made will cost you in the long run. Trying to short cut every moment in your life won’t give you the ultimate victory. It takes gradual grace and the right steps that are ordered by the Lord to get you to the next level – a level that you are able to handle.

If you aren’t disciplined in your relationship with patience, how can you handle major issues that are beyond your control? Do you use your feelings and emotions as a defence to hide from your problems? Are you going to allow the pressures of society to cause you to lose your worth and identity for the sake of temporary attention? We ought to build on our relationship with patience.

When you make a decision to choose a great life, you are agreeing with going on another level; which means the greater the opportunity, the greater the responsibilities that are involved. It is not wise to force life to be what you want it to be, if you aren’t taking the practical steps to work on your own patience threshold. There will be times in our lives where we want more; this not not wrong. Of course, we desire more in life; more money, more joy, more peace, good health, a great work/life balance, healthy friendships and relationships etc, however, they all require a healthy level of patience.

We should not expect everything we desire to have to come in a way that is quick, without being disciplined in the ‘waiting season.’ The waiting season is the most beautiful place to be, and I am aware that quite a few people may find it difficult. Yes, you can admit that you’ve waited for five years for your breakthrough to occur, but those five years have surely built up your character. It has helped you to become who you are today. Those silent moments of worry and fear caused you to become more fruitful – to help others around you which in turn, has added value into their lives and well-being. This is one of the greatest contributing factors to a life of joy, peace and fulfilment – to serve others whilst we are in the season of waiting.

Endeavour to work on your relationship with patience; do not neglect the work that patience is doing within you and through you. You will know when you’re blossoming by the way you react and respond to situations beyond your control. Respond in patience and reap a fruitful life. Don’t make decisions in haste. Breathe. Pause. Pray and Believe! Patience is working for your good.

“Let perseverance (patience) finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” – James 1:4.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.



There will come a point in our lives where our faith levels will be tested – faith to believe in what you can’t yet see, and the ability to trust that what you are hoping for will come into existence at the right stage in your life. Do you ever feel restless when keeping your faith afloat? In the season we are in, understanding the meaning of life and applying faith to believe in the impossible can deem confusing, frustrating and somewhat, slow. However, it is in the seasons of delay and concern that our faith becomes stronger. We are more relentless when our faith levels are tested, pruned, stretched and transformed

Think of it as going to the gym; your muscles are being stretched and used on a regular basis; it becomes uncomfortable because the inconsistency of not attending the gym has enhanced your muscles on a level you haven’t experienced in quite a while. The faith that you have is an anchor that is for your own benefit. Nonetheless, you may know of someone right now that struggles with believing, especially when it comes to the big projects, dreams and aspirations. We can’t do every task on our own, and for this reason, we must come to the stage where we are selectively open-minded with those who we believe add value to our well-being and can keep us accountable in the faith.

This is a brief encouragement to remind you that in the hard times, your faith is being matured and it is working for you. Through the rejection, loss, betrayal, heartache; so many battles that one may have to face knowingly and unknowingly, are maturing you for a greater level of faith. When your faith is being nurtured, your mental state is also being trained to think the way your mind operates; to think positively despite the unexpected news is encouraging someone who may feel the need to give up. Remember that we do not exist just to survive, but to thrive; to inspire, encourage and impact others on their journey of faith that may feel off the edge.

Remind yourself each day to increase your faith and believe in the impossible, because anything is possible for the one who believes.


Hebrews 11:1 says that “Now, faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Let this be your anchor; what you wake to each morning believing that what you desire will happen according to your faith.


I want to give you a few questions to ponder on whilst reading the blogpost:

What is making you question what you can’t see at this time?

How can you believe in the impossible, even when your own thoughts tell you it won’t work?

How do you bounce back from the moments where it felt difficult to move on from?

Are you aware that being with someone who doesn’t have a healthy manner of faith can have an impact on your positive faith?

Don’t allow the rest of 2021 to pass you by and be complacent. Your maturity levels of faith will take you where you can’t go on your own. Keep the faith, keep the focus and keep believing! For what you desire will come to those who believe with their hearts.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

Guard your friend’s heart as well…

Guard your friend’s heart too

In as much as it is important to guard our hearts, there’s something so beautiful about guarding your friend’s hearts too. As we are gradually coming out of the pandemic, it may take some time to adjust with socialising with our friends and loved ones, but there is something special about having fellowship with one another. Being able to hug your friend again, talk face-to-face, and more importantly, meet like-minded people, creating new friendships and relationships too.

The importance of guarding our hearts are extremely important, and in all honestly, I for one am a strong advocate in ensuring that my heart is guarded, however, we do need to surround ourselves with the right people when building. There is a saying: “Your network is your net worth” – I want to add on this that “Guarding your heart is also guarding your friend’s heart as well.” We should not wait until something happens for us to appreciate one another. It should start now. Sometimes we won’t always be strong and this is why YOU exist to be the anchor in your friend’s heart.

Above all, live in the present moment and make the most of your life by being able to create precious memories whilst guarding your own heart as well as those around you. Love is a powerful tool that ought not to be taken for granted; use it wisely and guard it. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. To all the great women who are working hard not only for themselves and others; we truly see you and we salute you. The best is yet to come for you all.

With love,

Woman’s Worth Conference Group.