As the days are getting closer, I start to have a deeper urge to write more and more. I’m so excited for the future authors that will take a stand and make an impact with their book. There is so much to share when it comes to book writing, and it can only begin when you starting putting your thoughts on pen and paper.


We have five months left in 2020! How do you want your year to end?🤔


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Remember: Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book writing 📚✍🏾



WOMAN…you are great. You are beautiful. You are hardworking. You are strong. You are not like any other woman. That is your unique selling point. That is your power. You can multitask. You can create. You are wise. You are a WOMAN!
Dedicated to all the hardworking women who don’t take no for an answer! Keep working hard – your reward is coming!


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When it comes to writing a book, it is not about you being perfect, it is about starting regardless of your imperfections.

I remember when I did not have any idea on how to start writing my book, but I did decide to pick up a pen and journal each day and use it to reflect back on how far I have come.

Authentic Worth is offering each individual an opportunity to learn how to write a book for beginners with our online course. Our courses will equip you on how to find your voice, your story and how to create a permanent book that will inspire your audience.

For more information, check out our online courses where you can enrol, sign up and begin to learn about how to make your book a reality.

Let 2020 be the year you make the decision to turn your story into a book.

Our enrolled member who has taken the online course said:

“Hey hun. I’ve just spent 2 days back to back completing your course. Thank you”. – Niyat


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Can you imagine how quick 2019 has been so far?! We are literally in the middle of November! How has your 2019 been overall? I’d like to know in the comments section below.

Remember that it is not over yet! There is so much more to expect and be in high hopes for!

Throughout this year, I have been tested in terms of my Faith, being encouraged to know that all things are working out for my good even when it doesn’t seem like it is. Our heart’s desires and blessings are already ours; it is time for us to see the physical manifestation.

Please, I urge you to not give up; it doesn’t matter what you are going through. God still changes lives and He does it very well! I am a living witness to this. You are nearly on the verge of your breakthrough, no matter what is holding you back; give it your all.

The dreams, aspirations and goals you aim to achieve can be done before we approach 2020. It is not too late. As long as you have life, you have opportunities. Everyday you have is a blessing; not a lot of people around the world have seen a day like this, but you and I have. It is very important we remember this and not take anything in our lives for granted.

You are more than where you are right now, so do not worry about what you don’t currently have, because it will surely reach you when you least expect it. Remember, you are nearly there! You may have to push a bit more, cry it out, take time off social media to cleanse your mind, soul and spirit. More importantly, you are becoming stronger, better, wiser and patient.

What is yours is yours, and it will surely come in unexpected places. You are loved and going From Glory to Glory.


To my darling sister Glory: Your name means Heaven which is where you are right now. I hope you will inspired in reading my latest new book From Glory to Glory published in May 2019 on behalf of my late sister.


Remember, you are closer than you think!

Founder of WWCG


Writing is a gift that we all have in us. Why do I say this? Because your life is a book; it is a story that continually inspires other people whether you know it or not. Your life is a legacy and every day when you wake up and do your daily chores, you are living it. When you feel stuck in life, one of the best ways to keep moving is through writing. It can be in the form of a journal, a book, a novel; the choice is yours.


As an Author of three books, I want to give more to people; not because I am skilled in writing but to remind others that they can also be an Author. For this reason, I have launched an online course teaching on the fundamental aspects of how to start writing a book. Part 2 will be starting in September 2019. To find out more on how you can enrol today on the course and what it will entail, click here 

To watch my latest videos on my book launch click here

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You are worth more than your current position! You have everything in you to start the book. Don’t hold back!

Authentic Worth is bringing worth back in to YOU!