Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!

Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!
Your emotions are important, but they should not control you!

As we are in the latter part of 2021, ask yourself this question and take the time to reflect on your emotions. How have they been throughout the year? Have they been healthy or unhealthy? Our world is going through intense pain, knowingly and unknowingly. People crying out for help; others enjoying their riches without thinking about those who are less fortunate. There comes a time in your life where you have to put life on pause or life will put a pause on you.

It is so important in these times to not only understand the way we feel, but not allowing it to control or define the decisions made and words spoken. When you turn on the news, many people are crying out, but how can you understand them fully if you haven’t been in their shoes? Perhaps we haven’t been taught how to control our emotions and the way we feel; instead, we cover it up with excess spending, lack of identity and purpose, and investing in things that doesn’t add value to the human mind. The key value in life is to give in love, not in expectation to receive something back, but doing it from a pure heart.

Will life go back to the way it was? I doubt it – however, you can make life great by building your own community little by little. Understand those around you, and feel what they feel. Encourage them that it is okay to cry, but not to stay down for a long time. These are the basic principles of being able to have a functional life. When you carry too many emotions, you start to act in ways that aren’t wise, therefore, it brings out sides in you that you thought you’d never have. We all have emotions; the rich, the poor, the middle-class; some can control it more than others, but the most important key I want you to get out of this is: control your emotions practically by writing down your thoughts, speaking to a trust family member or friend, going out for walks, resting instead of overworking and burning out. Life is too precious to not enjoy it. Make the most of it with your loved ones, and build on each other’s strengths.

Yours truly,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

Guard your friend’s heart as well…

Guard your friend’s heart too

In as much as it is important to guard our hearts, there’s something so beautiful about guarding your friend’s hearts too. As we are gradually coming out of the pandemic, it may take some time to adjust with socialising with our friends and loved ones, but there is something special about having fellowship with one another. Being able to hug your friend again, talk face-to-face, and more importantly, meet like-minded people, creating new friendships and relationships too.

The importance of guarding our hearts are extremely important, and in all honestly, I for one am a strong advocate in ensuring that my heart is guarded, however, we do need to surround ourselves with the right people when building. There is a saying: “Your network is your net worth” – I want to add on this that “Guarding your heart is also guarding your friend’s heart as well.” We should not wait until something happens for us to appreciate one another. It should start now. Sometimes we won’t always be strong and this is why YOU exist to be the anchor in your friend’s heart.

Above all, live in the present moment and make the most of your life by being able to create precious memories whilst guarding your own heart as well as those around you. Love is a powerful tool that ought not to be taken for granted; use it wisely and guard it. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. To all the great women who are working hard not only for themselves and others; we truly see you and we salute you. The best is yet to come for you all.

With love,

Woman’s Worth Conference Group.

Why sisterhood and womanhood matters

Women are a gift – there is beauty in being whole, but there is greater beauty in being able to share strengths and weaknesses to our sisters and those we classify as spiritual mothers, daughters and nieces. The importance of sisterhood and womanhood matters. When we come together and create such a profound legacy of building one another, we gradually extend and impact the lives of those around us.

You matter as a woman; no matter what, it takes consistency to keep going in every season. Your input, your expertise, your lifestyle, your unique beauty, the way you carry yourself impacts those around you. Sisterhood and womanhood are vital – there is a lot that can be achieved when we come together in unity and oneness. The greater the unity, the greater the impact, and in turn, the greater the legacy to those who are watching knowingly and unknowingly.

When you identify your strengths, you can build up on your sister’s strength as well. It takes great focus to be consistent. Sisterhood and womanhood is needed more than ever. Let’s not neglect one another and assume we can do it without others. Although, there are times where we need to be alone for strength and renewal, however, isolating yourself from others isn’t health. The purpose of your existence is to serve others. There is deep joy in being able to help your fellow women and eventually see the rewards. Your sister may not always speak; they may not always feel confident in sharing what they are going through, but as a good sister, you can listen attentively and speak an encouraging word over their life.

Our community needs each other, and how you carry yourself attracts the right people into your life. So, I say today that sisterhood and womanhood matters. Put the crown back on your fellow sister’s head. Help her up when she is down and see how impactful it will be for you in the long run. Check up on your strong sisters; there is only so much one can go through. Above all, remember to add value and bring worth back into your sisters. It will surely pay off!

Yours truly,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.


In order to have a beloved community, we must have a common unity – TD Jakes 

We can’t lead until we learn how to serve. The most important gift you can give to another person is the ability to serve them and endeavour to meet their expectations; although, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your mind and well-being. As you are here reading this blogpost, I want to ask you: what kind of unity are you bringing in your own community? What problems are you endeavouring to solve?

Yes, you have identified the problem, but have you come up with an effective solution? Are we still using the same techniques and expecting different results, whilst being frustrated when we don’t see change? The question to consider going forwards is: “how is my heart’s posture?”. Despite all that happened in 2020, we are still on lockdown, however, it does not mean we ought to lock our hearts or feel immune to other people. Yes, we all have needs, but there are people around that may have difficult needs than you.

We need to endeavour to be in a position where unity is utilised, practised and seen on a daily basis. Yes, we go through our personal and to some extent, professional struggles, yet, they aren’t meant to keep us bound. We use what we go through to lift the other person up. Companies, corporations, businesses, schools, the social system, the healthcare system; all these have severe issues that we may or may not see, but what is their common goal? Unity and consistency. They never stop! I want to tell you something; the only person that is stopping you from achieving greatness isn’t Covid-19, its not another lockdown, its not losing your job; it is you.

You need to start looking within and ask yourself: “what can I do with what I currently have?” “how can I change my mindset around to make a difference in my own community, starting with one person at a time. Until we can answer these questions, we will always feel stuck in our minds and assume the battle is heavy. Remember that unity is already in you; it takes a positive mindset to desire to share it with others because, in order to have a beloved community, we MUST have a common unity.

Until next time,

Woman’s Worth Conference Group.