The Power of a Closing Door


Hello everyone and welcome back! Happy New Year to you all, and I really hope you enjoyed your Christmas and is having a great new year so far? Woah, for me I enjoyed New Years. So many blessings that are being birthed which I am very excited for! But before I go ahead to my topic, I want to let you ladies know about the first Empowered United Women’s Ministry Conference that will be held on Saturday 13th February 2016. More information can be found via my Facebook Page (Esther Jacob), Twitter Page (@queenstar2711) and Instagram Page (QueenEsther2711). Registration is required so please sign up via Eventbrite. The link will also be on my Facebook page too šŸ™‚


So today, I want to speak to you aboutĀ ‘The Power of a Closing Door’.Ā What is so special about a closing door you may ask? Would you suggest I am talking about the physical door we open and close on a daily basis? Well, it could be used to explain a situation metaphorically. But I am talking about the things we pray for that don’t get answered, our tears we cry at night that no-one is able to understand. Our personal one-to-one time with God will surely reflect the amount of doors He will open for you an I. You can be a church-goer every Sunday, but not have Him in your heart throughout Monday to Saturday. You can keep on giving your tithes and offerings until you don’t have much left and still feel broke. The power of a closing door today speaks many volumes especially in this new season we are in. When I was weak in my Faith in 2014, I honestly thought God did not like me. I struggled so much with job applications that it frustrated me to nearly giving up.

Door 5

I still remember a time I applied for a Marketing position for Gum-tree. Spoke to a lovely lady on the phone regarding the position, and she required me to bring my passport and bank details which I did. Upon arrival, a lady informed me that they have found a suitable candidate for the position. That day I was wearing the most tightest black shoes that my toes couldn’t breathe! It was more than a two-hour journey! As soon as the lady told me, I humbly walked out, went to the train station and I could feel the heavy tears falling from my eyes. I was listening to gospel music, but to no avail, the tears started to come. Personally ladies, I don’t cry in public, but this one was just too strong. I did not even have the opportunity of introducing myself and why I applied for the role. I felt it was a two-hour wasted journey, but I know that God didn’t. He saw it as a set-up, because I strongly believe ladies, what you have been struggling with the most, will be your greatest triumph.

The funny thing about us today is that we don’t want to struggle. In other words, we don’t want to go through the process, we just want to arrive at the destination. But can I tell you something? You learn MORE in the process rather than at the arrival of the destination. My mind-set before was like “When I get the job, when I get the money, when I get the car etc I will enjoy life”, not knowing that these things do not produce happiness. Being happy is about focusing on what you DO HAVE and being content with it. There are certain things I don’t have at this moment, but it does not mean I should behave in a way that is discontent and miserable. Imagine one of your close friends that constantly complains and compares with other women who may have it all. But the question is, what is ‘having it all?’ Is it about working full-time earning Ā£50,000 per annum? Is it travelling around the world 5 times in a year? Is it having the best make-up and hair? Don’t get me wrong ladies, these are beautiful blessings; I see them as bonuses, but are they the real tools that bring about happiness?

Door 4

How about your friend who is currently struggling to find her inner-self? She keeps wallowing in low-self esteem, and you are there complaining and being bitter about not having enough money. Which one is more detrimental to the soul? Personally, I would choose low self-esteem. Some kill themselves due to this, because they have not made the effort to discover who they truly are, instead they allowed society and friends to dictate who they are. Have you ever been in this position before? Every struggle is a strength because in your weakness, it teaches you something that you would not have known. The struggle to find a job can be seen as a strength. For example, if you are constantly looking for Marketing jobs, and nothing is coming your way, shouldn’t that be a sign that you should position your search somewhere else? Somewhere that you will benefit from and grow! You do not just apply for jobs because of its title or pay. The employer does not want to recruit someone who just wants money. The employer needs an experienced and qualified candidate who proves that they are capable of handling the job.

Likewise, God will not always grant our hearts desires simply because we may not be ready, so instead of rushing, He wants to work on your inside. Lets jump back to the woman with low self-esteem. If God who is all-knowing, can see His daughter struggling with who she is, fear is gripping her, her mouth speaks negatively, she doesn’t see the best in herself, how can God bless her? This is a challenge to some of us today. When I studied Romans 12:1-21, it talks about how we should present our bodies as living sacrifices. Down along the line, we see Paul stressing about not being accustomed to this world and its habits. Most women today feel the need to imitate others, and never feeling fulfilled until they become like other celebrities. Now apply this in your own personal life my dear. Are you currently in a predicament where your mind is not at rest? Do you feel the need to dress a certain way or look a certain way for people to love you? If God takes that man away from you, will you STILL be able to stand?

Door 1

The power of a closing door is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some can endure it, but others cannot. Where I am now at this time, I can honestly say I am getting there. I am not where I used to be (praise Jesus!), but I am SO GLAD that I am getting there! It won’t be an overnight thing, some will take months, some years, but regardless, length of time has nothing to do with the importance of a closing door. Do not time destroy your blessings by counting the number of doors that close in your life. Some closed doors are blessings because I strongly believe that God will never give you a task you cannot handle. A book that TD Jakes wrote previously in the years isĀ “Can You Stand To Be Blessed?”Ā  A lot of people today cannot enjoy their blessings because they do not want to hurt or offend their ‘friends feelings’. I am not going to buy into that, because a GOOD FRIEND would celebrate you and be genuinely happy for you. I smile when I think about the relationship that Jonathan and David had, because Jonathan was much wealthier than David, HOWEVER Jonathan knew that David was capable to be King, so instead he HUMBLED HIMSELF and allowed David the opportunity. Now I do not know how many would humble themselves just to exalt their friend.

Despite the closed doors, the rumors, the heart aches, how many of us are still willing to see our friends be blessed? I know it won’t be easy when you have struggled more than your friend, but won’t you be glad to see your friend happy? Because I remember hearing that when God starts blessing your friends, it means He is around your neighborhood to bless you too :). For me personally, a closing door is very powerful in this new season we are in. I assume that some of you have already made new year resolutions, and some may not have been what you expected. On the other hand some may not have been answered, but that does not negate the fact that God is not present. Remember ladies, do not confuse the existence of your problems to contradict the absence of Gods presence. God will always be with you, no matter how long the door is closed.

Door 6

We will not always get everything we desire though, and it is for our good. Too much of everything isn’t good! Honestly speaking. If God was to give you everything at once, you won’t know how to handle it, because it will be too much. This is why God puts us in S-T-A-G-E-S. Most of us disregard stages with a passion, but knowing the power Ā of stages will enable you to reach your destiny. It may not get you there quicker, because a lot of women today just want to arrive at their destination and neglect the process. It cannot be this way. God wants us to be GROUNDED in Him (Refer to TD Jakes – Ground Level Zero via YouTube). Yes it may look like you haven’t got anything, but I tell you it is better to start with God and have nothing than to fight your way to the top without having God, because eventually you will fall. This is why I thank God for taking me the S-L-O-W R-O-A-D.Ā Not a lot of us have the patience to go the slow-road. I remember a dear friend said to me that she told a few people about something that she planned on doing. Eventually, she realised that her plans did not prosper, so she learnt that saying things pre-maturely is dangerous. I too had to learn from that word ‘pre-mature’. We shout, jubilate and say we have this and that, but what if it does not come when you want it to? How embarrassing will it be for you? This is why it is better to allow God to close certain doors that are not relevant in your life, than to embarrass yourself and blame God for it.Ā 

Doors 3


All He wants is your heart! Are you ready to give Him your all this year 2016? Or do you want this year to be a repetition of 2015? If you keep doing the same thing, you will always have the same result. Do not expect God to change your world if your only talking to God about your blessing, and not taking any action. Faith without works is DEAD! (James 2:14-26). Remember that ladies! It is your works AND the Faith together that will move God to bless you. Yes you believe with your mouth but what is your mind saying? Are you ready to have some doors closed on you this year? Brace yourself queen, because some will happen when you least expect it. You have to be ready for the trials, tribulations and silent struggles that will come in your life. Don’t expect everything to always be rosy, because I tell you, God can easily interrupt your plans! Try not to go ahead of Him because He is ordering your steps. God always works behind the scenes!

Door 2

Quote: I’m thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength (Author: Alex Elle).

Remember there is power in a closing door; do not lose sleep over what you lost, instead thank Him for what He took out of your life šŸ™‚

Blessings x


Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself

Do you feel that you are not being treated the way you should? Do you sometimes question why? I have been there, you are not alone.


You cannot afford to put so much energy into hating someone else. So when you forgive them, it is not about them, it is about YOU! When you do forgive that person, there is a cord that you will have to cut between the both of you. You can pray for them and love them, but be careful when you let the person into your life again so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.

What does the bible say about forgiveness? Well in Colossians 3 verse 13 it says “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you“. TheĀ act of forgiving does not come easy for most of us. Our natural instinct is to recoil in self-protection when we’ve been injured. We don’t naturally overflow with mercy, grace and understanding when we’ve been wronged.

Is forgiveness a conscious choice?

Is it a physical act involving the will?

Is it a feeling?

Is it an emotional state of being?

Forgiveness 4

These are so many questions that could be running through your mind right now…but you need to rememberĀ that some people are not worth losing your blessings over. Just because you find it hard to forgive, you have to remember that you are responsible for your blessings, so if it is taking you years to forgive your neighbor for what they had done to you over 5 years ago, rememberĀ that your blessings will be on hold. This is something that I had to learn also. I too am learning, everyday. When I wake up, when I go to work, when I get home, I learn to free myself from the stage of bitterness and resentment. What is unforgiveness really doing to you? Is it making your life any better or is it making you bitter? It does take a lot of FAITH to forgive, and once you build upon that Faith, you can sit back and see how God will bless you. People who doubted you won’t undermine you because the blessings are continual.

I will give an example. When the Jewish religious leaders crucified Jesus on the cross, they used disrespectful language and challenged Him that if He was really the Son of God, He should come down from the Cross and save himself. He was thirsty and they gave Him vinegar to drink. Imagine your enemy giving you vinegar to drink, or disrespecting you as they did to Jesus. What AMAZED me even more was the HUMBLE ATTITUDE Jesus had towards these Jews. Despite their rudeness and pride, Jesus still said “Father forgive them, for they do NOT know what they are doing”…how many of us, including myself can really forgive our enemies?

In other words, Luke 11 verse 4 explains it clearly ”Ā And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended us or done us wrong]. And bring us not into temptationĀ but rescue us from evil“.

It’s the way in which God said forgive us of OUR OWN SINS as we forgive others who hurt us as well. Some of you may ask, but how do you forgive? Well, the reason why people find it hard to forgive is that they are controlled by their ‘feelings’. This should not be so. Remind yourself that FORGIVENESS IS NOT A FEELING, IT IS A DECISION. So in other words, God commanded that we forgive one another just as He constantly forgives us. If we were to count the amount of sin(s) we commit every day, it cannot be compared to the amount of forgiveness God has poured upon our lives. For God to wake you up everyday out of your bed, is a gift that no man can give! So when God gives you another opportunity to live, allow forgiveness to flow throughout your day, and eventually, you will see change for the better.

Forgiveness 1

Do not perceive forgiveness as a weakness. FORGIVENESS IS NOT A WEAKNESS! Do not get that mistaken. Only people who are ‘led’ by feelings would classify forgiveness as a weakness. If you are not classified by weakness, please keep reading. Forgiveness gives you the power to control your life! It is not about allowing others to control you, so do not allow anybody to change your mood. Feelings can be a dangerous thing when used unwisely. If it is used unwisely, you are giving people the power to change your mood whenever they feel like it. So when they do something to you, whether it’s reminding you of your past, our your health, or something that is personal to you, you have to take that power back from them and remind yourself that you are going to bring the control back into your life.

Forgiveness is a daily medicine that must be taken regularly. Just like when you take tablets for headaches, or medicine for sore throats, taking forgiveness is the most quickest and effective solution to set you FREE! It makes you well and helps you grow physically, spiritually, mentally, academically and emotionally. Your decision to forgiveness makes it obey you, if you are willing enough to let go of the pain in your heart. Forgiveness starts from the heart. You have a choice whether to forgive or not. Not only that, your emotions are like trees that controls your behavior. You can always say to someone ‘I forgive you’, and it will eventually allow your emotions to be cast into the sea.

But when you do say ‘I forgive you’ to someone, MEAN IT! Let them also see it in your eyes that you truly do let go of the past, so that they too can be free. Your blessing can be disrupted because of the grief you give to someone else. Some people think that not forgiving someone will punish them and make them feel guilty. Well actually you are revealing that to yourself. You will feel even more guilty if you do not forgive. Your emotions have been exalted above your decisions, until your emotions LET GO! Your emotions are running you, but you are not running it…

Resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4 verse 7). There is power in forgiveness! It enables the enemy to run quick! As you kill your feelings, you are also killing the enemies plans against your life. Kill your feelings, and forgiveness will be your LOVER! You will never feel forgiven until you LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE. Yes you were raised behind people holding grudges, you may have been talked about, and you may have been in an environment where lack of forgiveness grew in. But remind yourself that you are a ‘product’ of your environment. So you have the choice to use what you have to forgive. Nothing comes cheap in this life, so use forgiveness to the best of its ability, and you will eventually see the value of it spring to life.

Other reasons why people find it hard to forgive others is because they are condemning themselves. God loves you regardless of what you have done. All you have to do is just open up to Him because He has a wonderful plan for your life. You also have to pray constantly that God will remove ALL the tools that the enemy has used against you to forgive. And yes, it does not happen overnight…we are all WORK IN PROCESSES!

NOTE: Forgiveness is not for the weak. Being able to forgive those who have wronged you is a mark of Spiritual Strength and Confidence. When you forgive, you grow, your heart begins to heal, your back straightens up, your eyes clear so that you can see the road ahead. Anger is a spiritual sickness, but when you forgive, you LIVE!

Forgiveness 2