The Past, the Present and the Future!

“I have nothing to do with tomorrow. My Saviour will make that His care. It’s Grace and its Faith I can’t borrow, so why should I borrow it’s care?”


We are too focused on our past; we put more emphasis on our future, but we don’t take care of what is already in front of us (our present) #PhilThompson.

Do not be anxious about anything because each day brings its own challenges. Take every day authentically and don’t worry about tomorrow. Just remain in THE NOW and not what happened yesterday or how tomorrow will be.

A dear friend invited me to the Called Out Concert on Saturday 10th November! One of the BEST concerts to date! If you didn’t or couldn’t make it I’d advice you to come to the next one!! I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the ambience, the presence of God, and most importantly, the amount of people who came to support the movement and experience God like never before. One of my favourite Gospel Artists came from America, Phil Thompson (best!!). He said something that was so profound and could not stop but jot it down in my journal – our focus is too much on what happened in the past, or it’s battling with what the unknown will look like in years to come, but how about just focusing on the present?

I had to hold my own hands so tight because it resonated with me very quickly! I am always thinking about what I could have done better and how I’d want my future to look like, but I have not even embraced the fact that I have come far in the season I am already in; that I can motivate and congratulate myself for writing two books, having opportunities to speak about my journey to other people, and being able to build my own website. Just celebrate the small steps before wishing for the bigger blessings

We are too focused on what other people are doing that we also want to be on their level, not realising life has to come in manageable portions – a day at a time so that we are not overwhelmed with so many blessings that can’t be handled properly. The worries of yesterday, plus the worries piled into today, can break ones mind mentally and emotionally.

The past, the present and the future are all important, but they all come in different stages, so take it one step at a time.

I will leave you with this:

“I have nothing to do with tomorrow;
My Saviour will make that His care,
It’s Grace and it’s Faith I can’t borrow,
So why should I borrow its care?”

Take every day as it comes, and do not be anxious about anything; do not look at your past with regret or worry. Do not fear what the future (your tomorrow) will look like. Learn to embrace your present and make the most of today as long as it is called TODAY!

I love you all! ❤

Be encouraged!