The Broken Woman And Her Pains

Men do not need to touch your body in order to break you. The words and actions of man are ways of touching and breaking you. The broken woman has been touched and broken not by the physical abuse, but by the words of man. Each broken woman has a process she goes through. Some brokenness are hidden and others are seen. Often many can’t see the brokenness that lives in a woman. Just because they seem alright, to be broken inside means to be hurt. That is what God desires to deal with; your healing process must start on the inside and not the outside.

If you have noticed, God always works from the inside out, not the other way around. For what you carry on the inside is far valuable than the outside. They can break you from the outside but if what is on the inside is still strong, you will still stand strong. What we project on the outside, is what is really going on the inside of us. We work backward; everything on the inside needs to be exposed in order for you to be free. Freedom can only come when we choose to let go of the pain. When we hide things, we hide it in darkness, your pain must touch the light, and your burden must touch the light. Everything not of God must come to the light.

When man refuses the call of God, we close ourselves to the father and that is what at times we get ourselves into. We hide so many things in us. The things we carry inside of us are the things that make us and builds our foundation. It also has the power to influence us and eventually will shape our thinking. The ways of the broken woman are set by her emotions. Her emotions have been damaged by the hands and words of man. She is broken, with nowhere to run to but her pains. They give her comfort, they reassure her even though they are the things that causes her pain. She knows no other lover apart from pain and hurt. She desires not else but to be loved but she finds nowhere to escape.

Her tears, her thoughts have become his food. She whispers in the night seeking out her true love. Her world black as the night, she sees no joy. Surrounded by pains she falls, she rises but again she falls. Her eyes, her tears are filled with pain. Who will come rescue me, she thinks to herself, daily she lies with her poisonous lover, she feels no emotion toward him but yet still she lies with him. The broken woman is a piece of art created by God. She is broken but yet still she is strong! She fails to recognize the power that I her creator have placed in her. She is shattered, with no one to love her, but I love her. I call her from a distance; I whisper in her ears “I love you, you are worth it” but she does not believe me. She is my master piece and even in her brokenness, her ugliness I see the beauty I created. She is rare, finer than any diamond, she is rough but she just needs to be molded.

Clothed in rags but yet still I see the virtuous woman I created. To man the action of another determines how they should be treated but with God, it does not matter. She is finer than the rarest gem; she is hard to find because she keeps herself to herself. She is too broken to be loves some say, what will you do with her. Many can’t see what God see’s in the broken, to man to be broken means to be ugly but in the sight of God, the most beautiful image is the image of brokenness, there are so many elements to brokenness, so much you can do with it, God can reshape but not man.

Again you are God’s master piece, God likes you broken, and your brokenness tells a story. To be broken means far more to God. Even the Son of Man was broken, no man or woman of God went through the process without brokenness; we all need to be broken! We will all be rejected by man. The way the broken woman may live her life may not be in accordance with the word of God, but God still loves her. Her image has been tarnished; she seeks refuge with the pitiless animals. She has no home, no one to win her heart. She moves across the earth, like the flowing river, not knowing which direction to head to. Like the lifeless fish, she has been left empty, nothing to give. She desires freedom but does not know how to escape. Her world painted black, sorrow towards reality. She wonders am I worth loving.

How many of us will truly recognize a broken person if we see them? We only recognize them by their actions, but what of those that suffer in silence? Those that feel alone? Because she is wayward, they say she is not worth loving. Her actions scream out for help but no one is there to answer. She behaves in an unruly way just to be noticed. She is crying out for help. No one sees her pain, no one understands her. When would I be loved? The broken woman cries out for help, she is alone in her wilderness.

Tormented by beasts of her past, she faces her demons every day. She is surrounded by darkness. She wants to break the cycle but just does not know how, she is abandoned, forgotten, no place to call home. What do you want her to do? Those she trusted have ripped her apart, they have abused her innocence, taken away her pride and joy. So who will reach out and give her water? She thirsty but there is no water for her to drink. She wakes up sorrowful, in distress, with poison in her heart. She hates it because she has been so broken with no one to repair her. Those that broke her live happy, she watches them daily, they scone her daily. Where would she find her happiness? When will she be happy again, she is so broken she can’t remember the happy days of her youth, her past. What is she you ask; she is a broken woman.

Broken by the world you created for her, broken simply for being who she is. She is broken, she is dead inside. Just like the stick people walk all over her daily, she is broken daily. The desert has become her home, she is barren full of nothing, and she is broken. A word was spoken unto her that was the beginning of her brokenness. To be broken means to be barren because your body does not receive that which is not normal for it. She longs to escape but who shall be her saving Grace? She shouts in the night, but her dreams are being tormented by fear.

She fears for her life, she endures the harshest of weather, but yet still she stands. She may be broken but still she stands. She hears change is coming but her pains won’t allow her see hope. She has been blocked by her pains. She no longer has desires; they have been broken just like a tree that has not been watered for weeks. Her source of light has been taken away. She is no longer herself; she has become, what others have made her, she has lost her identity, she has forgotten who she is. She goes in search of it but can’t find it. She sits and asks herself why me, why has this path been chosen for me? She questions her ability. She has been filled with insecurities; they eat away at her just like a worm eats away the rotten apple. She is the definition of rotten, the vultures feed on her. They surround her waiting for her to come; they watch her as the predator waits on its prey. There is a prey to those who are also broken. She suffers pain; when will her pain stop?, SHE IS BROKEN, SHE IS HOPELESS.

I know the majority of us women have been through a lot in our lives; some more than others. But this message is just to encourage and remind you all that God has not forgotten about you! Your pain, your tears, your dark moments are opportunities for God to reveal Himself to you. God is gentle and kind and He will not allow anything bad to happen to you. It can be hard, especially when people misunderstand you, but you have to pick yourselves up and be clothed in the Word of God! We have to encourage our sisters in Christ! Let us keep on praying for one another! Brokenness is a way of allowing God to hear our cry. When we draw unto Him, He will also draw unto us James 4:8.

Be blessed.