2018 – what a year! 2019, I AM READY FOR YOU!

It’s that time again where I choose December to be my month of reflection! oh, how I love December!

December is a time to ponder on the whole year and analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2018 for me, personally, has been a year of many achievements; being promoted in my previous position, having another annual event in July; The Big Debate, my first workshop for book writers in November, travelling to Dubai in July with my sister (which was not the plan to go this year, lol!), having a website for the business; Authentic Worth and other achievements that I am humbled by.

There have been moments where my Faith have been stretched and tested, but only for the better. Being able to put my big sister to rest was not the easiest, but has caused me to not only appreciate life, but to invest in mental and physical health, building strong friendships and relationships, living out my purpose and being intentional about the lives of others.

I have met authentic, real and kind people this year who I thought I’d never meet. People that have stood by me in the hard times, friends who have become sisters. It’s amazing how each year exposes you to new people, but also new levels, and in these levels, it really tests if you are willing to stand in the face of adversity. I can confidently say that I have passed the test. I have never experienced such an intense year as 2018. Lord knows!

A little progress leads to little successes! Yes, we here this statement all the time: ‘New Year, New Me’. But instead of saying it and not applying it, why not start planning your 2019 now! You don’t have to wait for Tuesday 01st January to arrive; you can start writing down your goals, aspirations, desires and TAKE ACTION! DO; don’t just say!

As I round-up, in as much as we have many accomplishments to fulfil in 2019, no matter how many that are written down in our journals, diaries, MAC’s, computers, remember that it is not possible accomplish them on your own.

Proverbs 16:3 emphasises that all our plans should be submitted to the Lord and He will guide us into what is the best route. Another strong advice is be SPECIFIC with your aspirations for 2019!

Be very honest with yourself; what is it that you are looking to achieve? It could be:

  • To be engaged
  • To get married
  • To buy a house
  • To leave full-time employment and start a small business with your partner
  • To be in ministry
  • To invest in healthy eating and positive thinking
  • To have regular workshops, masterclasses, online courses, events, conferences, seminars
  • To invest in self-development
  • To impact our generation with Christ’s teachings

What are your goals? SPEAK THEM INTO EXISTENCE! I’d like to know!

Fill your goals out the comment section below and I’ll reply you as soon as possible. More importantly, remember Matthew 6:33 – Seek Him first in all your desires!

For those that may not have had the best year, know that what caused you to cry is going to make you appreciate the year to come. As my dear sister is watching over me right now, I know that it is a strong sign that what is in 2019 will TRULY BLOW MY MIND!! I am looking forward to 2019! Are you?

With love,

Author of It’s Time to Heal, Completion & From Glory to Glory

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Email: authenticworth@gmail.com

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Do not let what you are going through define you!

One of the main issues that cannot be avoided are problems! Problems, problems, PROBLEMS! Why do we have them? Where do they com from? Sometimes we question God asking Him why we are going through certain situations, relative to other people who are having a stress-free life. It is very easy to compare and complain about why your life is not going well, or not going the way you ought it to be. But I want to let you know that God sees everything!!

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me that she works so hard and does not see the results manifest. I could totally relate to her, as it was a sensitive topic. I had to tell her that she is not alone. Have you noticed in life, when you are going through something, you feel like your the only one going through it? Well guess what, you aint! Every single one of us has our own battles to carry! In other words, we have our own individual crosses to bare.

It may not be easy now, but it does say in His word that our latter days will be GREATER than our former days!! It is so easy to complain about life, and about what others have, and what you do not have. Maybe you did not get the first class you wanted in your degree, maybe you did not get the job you took several hours applying for, maybe you have been unemployed for more than 5 years, maybe your dissertation got lost on your laptop just a day before your submission date, maybe you could not get married this year, maybe you are in a financial crisis, maybe your worried about your health, maybe your concerned about certain people in your family, maybe your addicted to something that you cannot let go of…LET IT ALL GO!! William McDonald composed a song called “I surrender all to you, EVERYTHING I give to you…WITHHOLDING NOTHING”.

How many of us can actually say we are going to give God everything!? It is easier said than done right? Believe me, I know! But let us try not to do certain things in our own strength, rather give it all to God! 1 Peter 5 v 7: “Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for You!”

Another thing to keep in mind: Be happy for those around you that are being blessed! None of us know what one is going through behind closed doors! This could be their own opportunity for their breakthrough and blessings, so allow people to enjoy what God has given them, and eventually, God will also grant you what you also desire. Do not allow their blessings to make you miserable!

The truth is, how you deal with other people determines how God deals with you!

Key points:

– Have a positive mindset

– Do not complain or compare yourself to others

– Do not allow what you are going through to drag you down

– Ask God for His Peace

– Pray for more happiness in your life


Do not allow your emotions to control you!