The Deceitfulness of Power


According to Martin Luther King Jr, he defined power as:

“The ability to achieve a purpose. Whether or not it is good or bad depends upon the purpose”

Power is a good skill. You can use power in all manners of life; power to overcome your struggles, power to endure the painful seasons, power to change your negative habits, power to influence many around you. This kind of power is effective because they are not selfish motives.

  • The Power to overcome struggles – This is a self-directed responsibility that must be handled with care. There are some people out there who don’t have the ability to surpass their struggles. Struggles can include things such as eating habits, gossiping, sleeping too much, procrastinating. But what is important here is to set yourself an action plan or write down the negative patterns that occur in your mind. Once any negative pattern occurs, tick beside that struggle. If you have overcome your struggles, throw the paper in the bin as a sign that you will never go back to that issue. We all are struggling with someone; it is not always easy for people to see it though, because we dress our scars up, we wear wigs, we buy expensive clothes that we cannot afford to please a group of people who don’t care. You do not have to allow your struggle to take your time. This is why we have the help of ┬áthe Holy Spirit because it gives us Power to overcome, especially by meditating on the Word day and night (Joshua 1:8). Remember that our struggles does not define us, but should make us stronger, wiser and better. In every season, know that struggles birth out greatness, and it is okay to not know everything because this is where your Faith is being tested. We all struggle with something, whether it is personal, financial, academic, spiritual or mental. But staying in those struggles won’t set you free.
  • The Power to endure the painful seasons – I was in a painful season for 6 years when I was still at Dorothy Perkins. I thought I would never get out, because most of my friends around me got better jobs, were married, and enjoyed their lives. At that time, I was not fully mature to understand why God had held me back so much. I had to face 6 years of working in a store that I thought I’d have to work in for the rest of my life, but thank God He moved me out just in time. I endured a lot, but through that season, I learnt and experienced God’s Faithfulness because without Him, I would have given up and potentially may have been in a worse situation, but I am in a beautiful season which I give thanks to Him. Maybe you are in a season of pain where people take your kindness for granted, maybe you are going through a lot with finances, maybe you are struggling to pray to the Father. All these things I can relate to, however it does not give you the right to stop and give up. When you give up, you are giving up on your power. God has given each and every one of us a power that is suitable on our level. He will never give you someone else’s power because He made us all unique. We are all unique beings and must learn to appreciate our season. Yes it is easier said than done, but with consistency and perseverance, we will get there.
  • The Power to change negative habits – How many of us can honestly say when you wake up, you feel de-motivated? You don’t want to do anything because you have tried everything and nothing has worked out for you? Sometimes our negative habits can become our worst enemy. You would assume that those around you are planning for your downfall, but you have the power to rise up and speak life in your situation. Why give the enemy satisfaction by giving a reaction? I have come to realise that I am the one who puts myself in a position of doubt. When I receive news that is unexpected, I would not expect myself to roll on the floor and lose my mind; instead I choose to remain calm and ask God for His strength to overcome this negativity. Remember that there are people around you and look up to you. If they hear that your words are foul, do you really think they would want to be around you? Let us be honest here, having negative thoughts is natural, but AGREEING with them is not an option! You have every right to take back every negative thought that comes to arrest your mind. When I attended Pastor Kika’s conference on the 6th February 2016, she spoke about how the enemy muzzles us; in other words, when we are about to receive our breakthrough, the enemy keeps you still because it knows that there is Power in our words. It is up to you to stay bound or break free. I choose to break free because I did not go through all I experienced for nothing, just to settle for second best; no no no I want God’s Plan A for my life and I am pretty sure you do too. So if you know you want God’s best, learn to change your thinking habits. Stop being so Faithful to negativity, it is only going to produce bitterness and resentment. The real issue here my friend is that you have the choice to determine in your heart to be positive. You should not depend on anyone other than God to make you happy.

Power 2

  • Power to Influence many around you – I informed a dear friend of mine recently that people are watching you. Whether you know them or not, they are watching. They are observing the way you walk, talk, dress and act especially to challenging situations. What do you want people to remember you as? To be in a position of power, God must be able to TRUST YOU to lead His people on the right path. He will not give the blessing to someone who is doubtful, especially if it involves leading a group of people. He is testing your heart, your character, your attitude and your lifestyle. Those around you can either be blessed or hindered by the way you speak, because when you start to think positively, they too will change their habits. It is equally important to think about those around you, how they are feeling, what they are up to, and how their relationships with others are going. Oftentimes those who are in leadership and do not have time for those around them often misuse their power and the ability to influence others. We are all important, no matter what position you may be in. I have to keep reminding myself that when I was a Senior Sales Advisor, God would promote me, and when He does, I would not even think to be-little someone who is a Sales Advisor, because I knew how it felt to be at the bottom. Instead I would offer encouragement and remind myself that if I can do it, so can they. An unsuccessful leader will remain ineffective and eventually you can end up losing your power and lead to poor relationships.

I deploy you to work to the best of your ability and utilise the power God has given you effectively. As a blog writer, I enjoy what I do; being able to make an impact to the younger generation as this is the gift God gave me. The ability to write is not my own doing, but it is the Power of God. Nothing I today is my own doing, and I dare not take any credit for it. Some are in the world and enjoy what they do because it gives them power to continue doing so. For example, Herod in the Bible sought to kill all the male babies in Jerusalem so there would not be anyone to heir the throne after him (Matthew 2:16). Herod was a cruel, paranoid and twisted barbaric man who had no passion for the things of God and nature and was hated by many. It is these kind of people who you must be aware of and stay far, because their power can rub on your insecurity. When you abuse power, people will start to mistreat you and lose respect. Power if not used properly, is deceitful, this is why I emphasize that when given Power, only use it to enhance people, especially those around you for you do not know who may be watching you. Everything we do on earth is being recorded, so no matter your position, use the Power God has given you in wisdom and with love. Remember it is God that gives us power to make wealth, not our positions or possessions, so ensure that they are not taking most of your time, but use it to impact those around you to make better decisions.

Power should only be used to elevate, not de-motivate; Use power for your own good!

Power 1