June is nearly over – what have you done with your life?

Don’t allow each day to pass you by without doing something useful. You are still here because you have a purpose to fulfil. Don’t get too caught up in what others are doing that you forget who you are. You are special. You are needed. You are important. We are in the 6th month in 2019; what have you achieved so far? Have you been tempted to complain about certain situations that have caused slowness in your journey of life?

What you focus on grows; remember this always. Do not allow your life to be swayed by what is happening around you. Use what is around you to make a difference in your community. Take life easy. Travel. Write. Rest. Detox. Have you time. Be kind. Be cheerful. Be loving. Don’t harbour envy, hatred or jealousy in your heart. Be true to who you are. Be expensive. Know your identity. Leave a legacy!

What has 2019 taught you, and what are you willing to improve in the last six months of the year?

Let’s wait and see…

With love,

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