Quick-Fix Solutions

Quick fix

“We want the instant solution, the ‘quick-fix’, but some things cannot be disposed of so readily; they can only be accepted. Go will keep us by His love. By His Grace, we can rest in Him”

Most of the time, we tend to experience delay, rejection, and heartache that we did not expect to happen. You just wake up, prepare for the day to find out that you lost your job, to find out that your loved one has passed away, to find out that your friend betrayed you, to find out that you have an illness. How much pain can one take in this life? Why do we go through these problems you may ask? In a world that is so influenced on getting quick solutions, we are tempted to forfeit the process and leap to our destination. But this should not be so. No matter what you want to achieve in life, it requires PATIENCE. It is not going to be easy, because what God has planned for us will take time, but waiting for God to intervene in our lives will grant us so much Peace in the process.

In time of trouble say:

FIRST: God brought me here. It is by His will I am in this strait place. In that I will rest.

NEXT: He will keep me in His love and give me Grace in this trial to behave as His child.

THEN: He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the Grace He means to bestow.

LAST: In His good time He can bring me out again – how and when He knows.

Where you are in life is by God’s divine appointment, in His keeping, under His training for His time. Every one of us has an appointed time for everything; a time to get married, a time to start a business, a time to study, a time to have children. There are so many of us today that moan and groan about where we are and not willing to make a change. I used to look at my situation and think it was hopeless. It took me over 3 years to find a job, but within those three years of struggle, God taught me about the importance of contentment and how it is so vital to appreciate the little that you have. It is not the fact that I did not get the job I wanted, it was God teaching me THROUGH THE PROCESS that being grateful is the way He can open the door for me. It was not about getting my way quickly, although this would have been my ultimate solution because the frustration was so severe.

I eventually came to realise that maybe He did not want me to work full-time, but to embrace the season I am in right now. It is not always about getting what you want especially when you want it, but about using the resources you have to keep you going. I remember TD Jakes saying in one of his sermons “God does not need anything you don’t have to bless you”. In other words, what you are demanding and frustrating for, God does not require that to bless you. He can expand the little you have, IF you know how to use it wisely. Those who work and receive a good salary may not know how to use their finances if they are not trained well. A friend of mine told me about a new driver who purchased a car for £1,500 and was working part-time hours, paying for the insurance, the petrol and the MOT. As she got on the road, she was not able to park her car properly. What am I trying to say? If you do not have patience, you will commit yourself to something you cannot deal with. I could sense that this person was very eager to be on the road, but when you don’t have the confidence to handle your blessing, it becomes a burden that only you will have to undertake.

I am just so grateful with the time I have right now, and do not take it for granted. I am able to continue my journey with YouTube and having friends in my channel to discuss about every day life. I am also blessed to have made my first wig/lace frontal (I’ll talk about that very soon on my channel) which I would not have had time if I did not reposition myself to think positive thoughts. I was always thought that not working is painful, but it really is rewarding when you know how to use your time wisely because you can do so much. You do not feel like you are being tossed about, because you are not liable to anyone. I thought me getting another job just to earn a regular salary would make me happy, but God has other plans. I may not be like the woman next door, but what I do know is that I am thankful for all I have, and want to use it as an opportunity to educate the ladies today who are struggling with one or two things. Know that GOD HAS YOU! Believe that where you are is where you are meant to be. Do not be ashamed of where you are. You may be 30 years old and single. Sister, do not look at your age, look at how far you have come. Embrace your single season. Remember it is a “season”. Do not allow anyone to dictate your decisions or make you impatient that you surround yourself with doubt and fear and make a decision you may regret later.

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Do not rush the process because the greatest lesson is what you learn along the way. Quick fix solutions are for those whose Faith is shaky. In order to experience GODS BEST FOR YOU, you must learn how to operate on His timing, not your own. Remember, we are all going to leave this earth one day, and nothing you have toiled or strive hard for will be coming with you. We must learn to set our minds on things above and not beneath (Colossians 3:2). Please do not get me wrong here, we do need finances, we need shelter, we need food, we need clothing, but worrying ourselves won’t make any difference. I wonder how many times the statement “I’m worried about…” is spoken each day. Millions of people use this phrase, but what is the point of it? Does worry change anything? No, so why keep doing it?

Start listening to yourself and other people, and each time you hear “I’m worried” say to yourself “WORRY IS USELESS, AND I REFUSE TO DO IT”. If we thoroughly realize the foolishness of it, maybe we will stop saying it and start doing it. Worrying about how your finances are going to get better is only giving too much energy on your situation. Instead cut back on spending rather than getting a loan. On top of that loan you know interest will be added on top so why think about that route? Replace your negative thoughts with “I TRUST GOD”. When you say you trust God, His power is released to work in your life. Endeavor to study God’s Word and look back on His Faithfulness in past situations and be determined to stop wasting your time worrying. When you reflect on all the good things He has done for you, it will make you think twice about rushing your process.

What you think you need is what someone requires elsewhere. You may be assuming that your friend has everything, she has no problems, but people know how to cover up their pain well. It is not everyone that is willing to be vulnerable and transparent about their issues, but when God puts those people in your life, do not take them for granted because it took them STRENGTH to be naked with you. We must understand that looking at other people’s progress will not stimulate ours any faster, but understanding that we are all in an individual race is what will keep us going. Never fight the process ladies, yes delay will come, disappointments will come, frustration will come, but be positive and embrace yourself for it. Develop a good pattern of thoughts that will impact those around you. Do not ever speak defeat in your life because you should already be aware that your words are seeds that has the power to grow.

Educate yourselves in being patient. (Read my recent post on “Are You Disciplined”). The process is teaching you something significant that you may not have learnt if you got everything your way. Avoid quick fix solutions; they make you end up where you originally started. Never try to want what somebody else has, you are wasting time doing that. Appreciate your lane, appreciate your struggle, and more importantly appreciate your LIFE. Your life is precious, it does not need any added stress. Work hard, see good results, sleep well, eat well, socialise, MAKE TIME FOR GOD, be positive! Most of the times we just want to see God work on behalf of our prayers and motives, but is that the only time you call on Him? Do you see the Father as a ‘Santa Clause’ you require when you want something and just live your own life? This should not be the case. He loves you so much and wants you to be honest about every attack you face. Do not try to hide it, but let it all out. Stop trying to solve everything on your own, it will only drain you. Learn to speak out and let a loved one help you. These “spin around three times and shout Jesus” is not the only solution to solve problems, but learning to endure in the process is God’s way of saying “I am going to help you”. Be still (Psalm 46:10) knowing that He is God is more than enough encouragement to keep you going. So I say today, BE STILL QUEEN. Sometimes God requires you to do nothing, but pray and keep still so that you can hear what He is saying.

There will always be two voices that will speak; (1) God’s voice and (2) Your voice. Do not confuse the two! Learn to communicate with the Father; when He is speaking you listen, and when you speak He will listen. God is a solution-maker, but He is not one you go to for your problems to be solved. He also created you to worship Him, so before you come to Him with your concerns, embrace Him; tell Him how grateful you are for sustaining you. The more you praise Him, the more He will bless you (Psalm 67:3). Remember ladies, when God is in it, there is NO LIMIT!

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