June is nearly over – what have you done with your life?

Don’t allow each day to pass you by without doing something useful. You are still here because you have a purpose to fulfil. Don’t get too caught up in what others are doing that you forget who you are. You are special. You are needed. You are important. We are in the 6th month in 2019; what have you achieved so far? Have you been tempted to complain about certain situations that have caused slowness in your journey of life?

What you focus on grows; remember this always. Do not allow your life to be swayed by what is happening around you. Use what is around you to make a difference in your community. Take life easy. Travel. Write. Rest. Detox. Have you time. Be kind. Be cheerful. Be loving. Don’t harbour envy, hatred or jealousy in your heart. Be true to who you are. Be expensive. Know your identity. Leave a legacy!

What has 2019 taught you, and what are you willing to improve in the last six months of the year?

Let’s wait and see…

With love,

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MARCH – Respect yourself.

It has been a pleasant month full of laughter, favour and strength. Performance at work has doubled, met a few new people and just appreciating the woman I am. March has taught me not to change for anybody – to not look down or compromise at the expense of my peace. The Spirit of Discernment works very well if used appropriately. I can’t stress how many times I’ve felt some sort of pressure towards certain people that I’d have to explain who I am. I believe in times of testing, we will know who stands with us – God put people in my life that related to what I was going through and used it to encourage each other.

What gives me peace of mind is God knowing and seeing everything – our hearts, our motives our thoughts 😀 << If this does not make you happy, then I don’t what else is. His Angels will always be ministering to you. That links to Psalm 23:2 which says “He makes us lie down in green pastures” – which is PEACE OF MIND.

I know we are so eager to know answers straight away, and this is why the Father teaches us to trust Him in uncertainty. He teaches us to not depend on anyone and gives us strength to carry on the race in front of us. The day you feel like giving up, ask yourself why you started in the first place. I’ve had various circumstances where I perceived something to be wrong, but just ignored it because of the respect I have for those around me, and this was not good. When something is wrong, be true and ask. Don’t be quiet, especially if you care. Remember when you worry, you are giving the enemy power to torture you.

Battling within is so dangerous and can affect potential relationships. Yes, although we need people, we also need to acknowledge God FIRST as supreme over our lives so that when we feel double-minded or want to belittle ourselves, we can stand firm on His Word and Promises. Yes, there were days where I thought a bit too much about the concerns of others, and I don’t see this as a bad thing, but when it becomes heavy where dysfunction has taken its place, that is where you need to pause and take rest. Don’t carry more than you can handle – there are people who know what you carry and no matter what happens, they will be the few that will stick by your side.

NOTE: Not everyone is out there to attack you – please remember this. There are some who are secretly inspired by you but don’t have the confidence to say it. On the other hand, it could be pride or a bit of envy, but regardless, there are good people who love you – God won’t put negative obstacles in your way to crush you. Never feel guilty for being who you are and don’t apologise for your greatness. When you respect yourself, you are attracting the right people in your life and eliminating those who undervalue who you are. When your heart is in the right place with God, it will reflect on the people around you. You won’t be right for everyone, that is too much energy, but you will be to the right people and God will enable them to see it, with time. Just don’t rush the process and respect yourself.

Being able to see something special in you is a trait that not a lot of us have mastered yet because it’s easy to entertain worry rather than pray and let go. If you have to keep informing people of what you are doing just to keep them ‘happy’, it could lead to potential damage in the friendship/relationship because they too may see it as a burden – not everyone may be strong as you so give them time to work in their pace too. At times, our minds assume too quickly which creates a false assumption and keeps us bound from enjoying the life God promised us to have. Do you tend to wake up with a heavy burden? It can happen to be honest, I know. We have 101 things on our mind that we forget to acknowledge the One that gave us life in the first place.

Each day, practice putting your mind on Jesus and keeping Him in the centre of your heart. He truly understands and knows what you are going through and how you feel. I can’t deny, March has given me so much strength to keep on walking, yes, there were days I was in my zone thinking and reflecting, but as soon as I prayed, the thoughts went away because I reminded myself of who I am, not what people say.

I realised that my gifts weren’t being appreciated so had to use them wisely to benefit those around me. When you have a good heart, you will feel taken for granted, but guess what, how you handle it can either make or break you. Not everyone understands the way you operate, but that shouldn’t be your problem. This is a new year; LEAVE THE BAGGAGE BEHIND AND KEEP MOVING FORWARDS.

I’ve learnt to be direct about situations that have freed me and gave clarity. It refreshes the soul and mind and helps in your personal journey. When you know who you are, you’ll be able to identify those who are for you, but it does take consistent submission and surrender. You can’t always beat your mind up because life is shaky – ladies, life will always propose dysfunction. Everyone is dysfunctional to a degree – it’s how you handle it that makes the difference.

Life changes and people will come and go, but that is how you grow and learn to remain strong. More importantly, your perception is a powerful tool that must be used wisely, do not allow it to be controlled by how you feel. How you feel changes every day because life won’t always be stable and if not careful you will end up being like the wind without no control.

Above all, treat your mind and heart with respect, and more importantly, pray earnestly. You are the only person you see all the time. Whatever you have learnt in March, apply it in April and God willing I’ll see you there!

Much blessings,


Step Back


Your worth is what you believe in, how you see yourself and how you speak to yourself. What negative lies have you been saying to yourself or allowing your mind to control? 2016 has taught me the importance of stepping back from certain situations including people; learning not to retaliate but pray instead to keep my focus on track, being aware of the negative assumptions that play my mind, trying to make people happy, most importantly RECIPROCATION! <<When I talk about this, I don’t mean give and it shall be given back on to you because we are taught to give. I am speaking from a relational and friendship perspective because there will be instances where we invest so much in others that we don’t always see the equivalent result or return.

As you develop in life, you also develop in relationships and friendships. There are some connections that you will have with people that may benefit you, or leave you stuck. There are others that may try to make issues worse, but you choose to surpass it and overcome. It takes a lot of strength, wisdom, and discernment from God to keep your Spiritual eyes open and alert of the signs, whilst being able to control and take responsibility for your emotions. When my Spirit is troubled, instead of wasting precious time trying to find out the issue, I pray then step back from the situation to allow God to have His way.

I remember having a conversation with a dear sister of mine; when she listened to what I was saying,  God used her to inform me that I was covering up and trying to make excuses for someone, but she knew that it should not have been the case. What I am trying to say is that when you make an effort with people, and you can sense that the effort coming back is not as genuine as you thought it would be, that is the time for you to step back and see where you stand. It is time-consuming and draining to keep people in your mind that do not have you on theirs; in fact, those who have the time to speak with others but not you is a sign that they have already categorised their priorities.

This is why I will forever love God because He has no favourites, nor does He hold our faults against us. I have been in so many situations where I know that God has told me about a situation and I choose to ignore it making but then ended up broken because I did not listen. Have you been there? It applies to everything in life; relationships is a two-way process; friendship is a two-way process. What you put in should be what you get out. If you have people in your life who are not adding any value, not shaping you in any way or form, not challenging you or bringing out the best in you, please question it.

It is not healthy to have dysfunctional surroundings, pretending to be happy, or fearful that people will leave your life. When God tells you to let go of something or someone, do not hesitate, because remember not everyone will be for you. Not everyone was for Jesus Himself, so what makes you think that everyone will be for you? I’ve learnt to take breaks whilst working on myself and with others because it gives me time to reflect, to really analyse those who have added VALUE AND WORTH in my life. To appreciate those who have invested their time in prayer, fasting, fellowship and socialisation. In fact, I have even learnt to thank those who put pressure on me, looked down on me and spoke about me because it all equates to the strength that God has given me for the road ahead.

Stepping back is good, and should be done once in a while. Never be afraid to let people go, because I strongly believe that what is for you SHALL be for you and nobody can take that away! Remember God sees through our hearts so whatever plans people may have against you, stand still and firm so that God will intervene; He is a just God and knows what He is doing. He will allow people to treat you funny and feel alone just so they can see the Glory of God in you. It is good to be afflicted according to David in Psalm 119:71 because without the trials and tribulations, how will others be encouraged? David had to encourage Himself in the Lord because he knew the anointing on his life. King Saul hated David with such great passion because of the way others loved him, that despite his negative attitude, David chose to surpass it by seeking God in prayer. He could have executed Saul but chose to let go. This takes maturity and a consistent yearning that seeks after God. David was a focused man, not someone that withers like the wind, or changes because people change.


What you go through should be able to encourage another person; it is not meant to be a time to fight the process to get comfortable again. God wants us to move when we are happy, and when we are discouraged. No matter the situation know that everything (good and bad) will work out for your favour (Romans 8:28). I stand firmly on this knowing that every good work I do will return to me 100 fold. We have to believe that our works are not in vain and whether people appreciate us or not, we are not obliged to change for anybody, other than our Father. Learn to appreciate yourself before you allow anyone to appreciate you because your worth comes from what you believe in. Remember that not everyone will honour what you do, but when you can honour yourself that is a perfect gift. God is the PERFECT MATCH-MAKER. He knows the right people in your life and will remove those who won’t add value.

Do not try to force anything to happen in your own strength, it is dangerous. I learnt very much about this. You can help people, but only to an extent. If they appreciate it praise the Lord, if they don’t, thank Him for the experience and keep it moving. God did not call us to make everyone happy. God is the one that understands the hearts of man, so please save your time and mind from being abused. Start from yourself; learn to treat yourself well and allow God to be in the centre. Let Him be your true focus, and remove the negative assumptions that block your mind to enjoy life.

Stepping back is needed; if Jesus was able to step back and pray without His Disciples, surely we too can step back from certain situations that weigh us down to gain strength for a new day. Learn to let go and let God; give yourself the Peace that God promised you (Phillippians 4:6), and most importantly don’t let your heart be troubled (John 14:1). Step back and run to Jesus, He won’t disappoint you 🙂

Peace & Blessings.



Are you trying to be your own God?

Your own 1

It is seemingly so stressful that the more we wake up, the more problems we are surrounded in. Not just in our own personal lives, but in the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world. I can confidently say that so many of our youths are dying and its becoming a trend. Some pass away due to stress, some due to friends, some due to their own self-talk. Society today is having a major impact on our generating. It is saying that if you don’t have the latest clothes, or the latest bag, or the latest footwear, you are nobody. The human mind strives to constantly be better than its opponent, not realizing that our biggest competition is us. We cannot do a better job at being who we are than ourselves. No-one can be you, so cherish who you are.

This week, I had a one-to-one with God and was reflecting about the next steps I need to take. We are approaching the end of 2015 and into another Glorious year of 2016! I am very excited for that year!!! As we are still in the remaining few weeks in 2015, I want you to take this time and spend it with the Lord, asking Him what you have learnt this year, what you have gained, how you have helped others around you, and how others have helped you also. Write down all the things you prayed for that God answered, and the things you are waiting for God to do. What are you expecting God to do for you in 2016? Do you want to be in the same position you are in now? Take the time between you and God to sort it out.

As we dive into today’s message; “Are you trying to be your own God?”, I am going to talk to you about the way in which we live; the way we operate at work, at home, at school and when we meet our friends. I want you to think of a time where you thought you had everything together; your job, your car, your friends, your house, your life! You really invested time in making sure it was perfect the way you wanted it to be. You are still expecting great news to come your way because right now everything seems to be working well. You are very comfortable, no-one can shake you, no-one can challenge you; you are your own boss! Sisters in Christ, do you want me to be real? No-one, not even your close friends have it all together! On the outside, they smell good, hair is beautifully done, dressing is on point, but there is still something missing because the human mind is unfortunately never satisfied!

Yesterday, as I was on my computer I remember speaking to a friend of mine who was asking what my plans were for the upcoming year. I told her “It’s all in God’s hands”, because there are some people who will randomly just pop up in your life when they feel it is convenient for them to find out what you are doing. I had to encourage myself because it seemed as if it’s obliged to set my own rules and regulations for my own life. When we get distracted or intimidated by other people’s success, you have to ask yourself, what is my own concern? Why are you so into other people’s success that you cannot look at how far you’ve come and thank God for where He has placed you? For those who have given their lives to Christ this past year, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is the bold step! Some would think otherwise, but nothing is far greater than offering your life to Jesus!

Do not misunderstand me here, it is very good to get advice from people who genuinely care for you and want to see you do well, but it is very rare these days. Some people ask to ensure you are not ahead of them, because when you are, you become a comrade. Do not allow anyone to limit you and label you into what they ‘think’ you should become, because that will make you become weak and dependent on them rather than on God whether consciously or unconsciously. So you come home miserable because you received bad news on an interview you attend the other day because your friend told you to tilt your neck straight and wear the best clothing, and put on the best smile, but God is just saying “BE YOU!”.

As much as I love my friends, they honestly cannot take me to where God is taking me. The plans He has for me are far greater than what I initially planned. Our emotions and thoughts can become so overwhelming when we tune our mind into the voices of our friends, that we don’t even have the strength anymore to make our own decisions. When was the last time you had a one-to-one with God and said “Can we speak Lord?”. God wants to hear from you girl! He really does. He does not want you to take everything into your own hands. Cast your burdens unto me because I care for You (1 Peter 5:7). That is a command! He wants us to offer our pain, stress, and our desires to Him only! No-one can heal like God does; the same way no-one can bless like God does! I love chocolate ladies, especially white chocolate hehe, but if I am to be real with you, when something I planned does not go my way, my mind tends to wonder at food. This sounds insane but its true! I never really take the time to ask God what the problem is, so instead I go for quick comfort of chocolate hides face.

It’s not easy ladies! I am sure there are some of you out there that can relate! If it is not chocolate, it could be sweets, it could be partying, it could be junk food, we all have our cravings. But I have come to realise that no matter who gives me chocolate in my darkest moment, it still won’t satisfy. I am not someone who is easily influenced, however I do endeavour to make an effort to listen to people when giving relevant advice. On the other hand, there have been certain situations where I have tried so much in my own strength to fix everything, and I have just come to realise that maybe I was trying to be my own God. The pressure to get everything perfect was such a struggle for me. Even as I’ll be a year younger next month by His Grace, I have come to a breaking point where all my rules and regulations must submit to the name of Jesus, because only He can make my life prosperous. I cannot try to be my own God in some situations, and expect Him to finish it off because He is not our slave. Matthew 6:33 “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all other THINGS shall be added unto you”. Most times we underestimate this scripture because we assume that seeking is about praying before we send an application or for the food that is sitting on our table. But this kind of seeking is not even about your own hearts desires; it’s about seeking to praise Him, to honor, Him, to worship and adore Him. Seeking God does not just consist of finding Him in chaos. Sometimes use it as an opportunity to serve Him in gladness.

Imagine a friend who constantly comes to you with their problems, and nothing to do with how things are going for you. How would you feel? It is a lot to take in, I know, but really let this sink in. How many of us can genuinely say we seek God to praise Him? In other words, when last have you done something great for Him, rather than to keep pouring your problems? It can be a challenge, but remember as Mighty and Powerful our Father is, He has feelings, and anything you place above Him whether its your problems, your job, your finances; they can be idols if you are not careful. Dwelling on something that does not involve the Will of God is a distraction. For example, as much as I love fashion, if my mind is constantly on the latest fashion trends and what is hot and whats not, it can take my mind away from God. However, I will not stop loving fashion as I believe it is a gift that God has given me, so I pray for BALANCE! Balance is key ladies. You can still enjoy your make-up, enjoy your little treats, enjoy your new workplace, but don’t forget God please. Don’t come to a position where you are so comfortable with your life that you don’t have time to spend with Him. I honestly never knew that what takes most of my time can become an idol.

So, my whats-app was acting up the last few weeks, and when I tell you I was stressed, you better believe it lol! I had some important group chats that I had not yet replied. I had a few other people who I also had to attend to. I did not realise that my whats-app was deleted from my phone. So I had to re-install it again, which took OVER FOUR HOURS! Once it hit 12.00am I said “The devil is a liar, I am going to bed!”. In the morning when I woke up, I prayed over my phone for the whats-app to work, and thankfully it did, however I lost all my chats and messages. I thought, it’s not that deep! But what I am thankful for is that I was still present in all my group chats. Ladies, I tell you I honestly did not understand how this app took most of my precious sleep and my time! This just comes to show that we can be so faithful to things that are temporary, but not to a God who is permanent. It’s like whats-app was my mini Bible that I couldn’t live without. I deleted so many pictures, apps and videos just to get it working, how sad lol! Only God knows. But I am glad that regardless of all the drama, I am learning to stress less and focus on Him more.

Nothing in this life should ever take your focus from God, no matter the distractions of people. Remember that when people are being blessed and they try to make you feel small, thank them! Why? I am glad you asked. They are the people who push you to seek God even more; they are reminding you that God who blessed them has not forgotten you, and in His time He will bless you too! Don’t waste time trying to be on top in your own power, because God is able to bless you when He wants to do it. He can bless your enemy and there is nothing that you can do about it. He may not always be fair, but HE IS JUST!! So sisters, keep seeking God; don’t allow your situation to become a ruler over your life that you can enjoy yourself. Remember that your God is bigger than your problems, so stop giving your problems power to take away your peace, your joy and your happiness. You need to learn how to take a step back from it all and REST IN HIS ARMS.

He wants to hear from you constantly, but stop giving Him the little pieces to fix, and start giving everything to Him. Withhold nothing from your mind. If you are angry, vent it to God, stop taking your problems out on other people. We all have our own struggles. Learn to surrender and let go. It won’t always be easy because the human mind always wants to have its way, but there is no Greater Power than God. He is Mighty to save and He has a great plan for you all (Jeremiah 29:11). Enjoy the journey, not just the destination, because there is something special in-between the journey and destination. You learn so much about yourself that you never knew.

Remember when you stand, God will rest, but when you rest God WILL STAND! Meaning that, if you keep trying to do everything in your own strength, you will have to finish it, but what God starts, He will FINISH AND HE WILL FINISH IT WITH A BANG!! Philippians 1:6 says “And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”. When God says He will do something, believe with all your heart that He will. Take a leap of Faith and know that what He has begun in you will surely be completed! Stop trying to control everything and take rest.

Rest is needed darling. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Even God rested on the 7th day, and you can too! Please enjoy life but don’t take it too seriously.

With love,

Your Sister in Christ


Your own