A gentle reminder

A short and simple brief message for you today; keep going. The no’s will one day, when you least expect it will turn into a YES! It will take time for you to understand, but it strengthens and keeps you going when you don’t feel like anything is happening. There is no one that hasn’t been through any form of set back, but those setbacks allows you to take the time to find yourself and understand that there is an ordained time and season for everything. A time for you to be celebrated, and a time to be hidden. To hibernate from your environment and seek inner peace. No matter what you desire to achieve, don’t let it be at the detriment of temporary satisfaction, but more about lasting legacy that will impact future generations and centuries to come. Live your life knowing that the future is bright, although you have to take it one step at a time and not force anything that isn’t yet ripe to occur. So, I remind you today; to the person reading this blogpost, to take life easy and keep going. Your steps are being watched and the right opportunities will come when you least expect it. Keep your head up and keep shining that positive light, because we all need it to get us through.

With love,

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves each time we wake up and see a new day?

What causes us to become so discontent with what we have that causes bitterness in our hearts towards others?

How do we use what we go through to inspire and create a platform to voice out and help others in need?

What kind of solution are you going to create to help those who are about to give up?

I will keep saying this; IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. I don’t always have it together and I don’t worry about it because the more you worry, the more it will affect your health. Please note this. It is fine to have your plans wrecked, it is okay not to have everything under your control. There are always logical reasons behind this. I remember a time my friend had an interview and was late for around 5/6 minutes. My friend did not get the job. My friend then applied for the same job but closer to home and finally received the job. My friends concern was how am I going to survive without having a job, not realising that ‘distance’ was not taken into account and this is what at times we take for granted.

We want something so badly that we rush the process and apply for anything; however we have not calculated the consequences (the length of journey) in this case to even consider if we will make it ‘on time’. Please know that when a rejection letter comes, it is not them rejecting you; it is them rejecting your ‘potential lateness’. Do not write yourself off and feel you don’t add value. Only someone who is not breathing doesn’t add value. You are alive and well reading this post so believe when I say you will be okay.

It is okay not to have everything together; Rome was not built in a day, neither can we expect our lives to be the way we want it to be in one day. It is a process that we must not forfeit and keep going until the victory is won. Some days will be harder but it will get better. You will smile again; you will laugh again; you will love again, but throughout the journey, learn something from it. Take it and use to your advantage.

You have a purpose; you are worthy and you matter. Don’t write yourself off just because someone else did. There are people who you know and don’t know that watch you whether it is through social media, videos or your website. Don’t hide yourself for fear of being judged. Let transparency speak for itself. People invest in those that are real and honest about what they go through. Don’t ‘pretend’. We have enough pretence in our generation that we NOW need truth and selflessness. Remember: it is okay not to be okay.

Love Esther.

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Focus is the real MVP!

Focus is contagious. It does not involve how you feel towards what other people are doing. Focus is the most valued person in your life that wants to bring out the best in you. You are in control of your Destiny and what you want to achieve. Words are seeds; they can either grow or die. With focus being in the right place, it has to be utilised to the highest level of your well-being and mental state.

Be intentional on what you focus on, and put all effort into it because no one is responsible for your life apart from you. Focus keeps you content, thankful and ready to face what is ahead. It enables you to appreciate where you are and work on yourself. Life is a real journey with trials, however, there is also joy, peace and happiness that comes with it.

Focus is the goal. From a personal perspective, when my focus is on God, that is where life is orchestrated in such a profound way. I don’t need to worry about what I don’t have yet, or try to attain it in my own power. I honestly don’t have any power. I am human just like you. But what I do have is FOCUS! don’t lose it this year people! Please maintain a good standard of focus. Do not over think or overanalyse situations. It is okay to be imperfect. Our world perceives us to have everything at a demanding time, but how about allowing your circumstance to teach you a valuable lesson.

My hearts desire is to see many free from brokenness, fear, frustration and self-doubt. All these things I’ve experienced and I use this to encourage and strengthen you.

Let focus be the real Most Valuable Person in your life. Allow focus to keep going when it seems difficult to progress. We are all working in progresses. Until then, have a great Monday. Remember; gratitude says everything about your attitude.

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It has been a while!

Hey Hey! Yes, it has been a while that I’ve been in touch and active on my blog, but do not worry, I’ve got a surprise for you!

I thought to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comments on the blog which encourages me to keep going. It has been quite hectic this summer period, but I aim to be consistent. So I just want to break down how the two months of July and August have been for me and what I learnt:


What July 2018 like:

As some should know, I had an event called ‘The Big Debate” on Saturday 21st July in London. From the guest speakers, to the panellists, the spoken word artist and singers, it could not have been a better day! I want to take the time to thank all that came and contributed in prayer, finances and love. July 2018 taught me how to pursue God and work towards His timing. I was really concerned on how The Big Debate would be including how much food will be provided, but God truly brought people my way to support in abundance! A video will be coming out soon on YouTube so stay tuned!

I also went Dubai for the first time with a dear friend and it was on of the best experiences ever to date. You can check the video by clicking this link: A Trip to Dubai Vlog 2018 I really learnt how to enjoy without my questions being answered when I wanted them to be. This trip was a real treat for me to get away from all the noise and distractions. I chose to reflect and enjoy the season, and thought to share it with you. I believe each month so far in 2018 has taught me something significant; God is so Faithful. I met up with amazing people and made new friends which helped my spiritual journey also. I was in first position at work which I was not expecting, considering I was away on holiday (God’s Faithfulness!). I had a few other projects that I started so that also kept me going and will continue until they are completed.


What August 2018 was like:

Working towards my personal and professional goals, and being open-minded to people and opportunities has started off great.I have learnt the importance of balance, focus, consistency, and most importantly, consulting God before making any decision. I had so many ideas about what I plan to do, but I remembered that I am not the one in control. I’ve had my fears and days of doubt and tears, but I still aim to keep on going. I’ve made healthy decisions to limit the distractions and analyse my influencers. I used to take this for granted, but when I realised all I went through this year, I had to strictly discipline myself and make a decision to choose what to focus on.

There is no point in having a circle of influence that does not add value to your life. At times, however, I’ve learnt to take a deep look within and ask whether my influence has caused me to reflect on me. I am still half way into the month of August and I’m learning a lot, but I express it better on video lol! I have done a video this month so I’ll keep you updated on when it will be uploaded on YouTube.  If you have not subscribed, it would be highly appreciated if you do. Here is the link: My YouTube Channel. Is there any content you would like to see more of? Do let me know! I also visited my university in Canterbury to reminisce and see how far I’ve come, to explore the town and see what has changed. I highly advise those who studied to visit their universities from time to time, blog it, blog it, YouTube it, anything that can bring back those exciting memories!


Overall, my message for today is live your life in purpose and learn from every situation. Let everything that you do be intentional. Use the last four months in 2018 to make it a powerful one. How have you found the eight months so far? How have you become better than previous months? What are you going to do going forwards? What plans and goals have you set to achieve? Let’s chat in September!

With love,

Esther .x.