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Taking advantage of another person shows insecurity, weakness and lack of self-esteem. I can’t think of times where it felt difficult saying no because people perceived me as too nice, or resulted in being treated differently because as Christians, we are taught to love regardless. However, there is difference between being used and being valued.

Look at life from a bigger scale; where are you currently with emotional intelligence? Are you taking advantage of people’s knowledge and connections for you to run ahead and leave others behind for selfish gain?

If you struggle with people taking advantage of you, then grab something to eat and let’s get started. Being kind to the world can be seen as a weakness, but to the person who knows their worth, kindness is a great strength. Never believe in the opinions of people because they aren’t facts, neither allow people to take your time and energy that you end up being drained.

I’ll be talking about why people take advantage of you, it’s purpose and how to avoid it going forwards using biblical and generic scenarios. 2020 is not the year to play!


Scriptures: Judges 12:1-4

1 Samuel 1 and 2


You are precious, you are valuable, so don’t allow people to take advantage of you!

People cannot attack what they do not know – key secret.


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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves each time we wake up and see a new day?

What causes us to become so discontent with what we have that causes bitterness in our hearts towards others?

How do we use what we go through to inspire and create a platform to voice out and help others in need?

What kind of solution are you going to create to help those who are about to give up?

I will keep saying this; IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. I don’t always have it together and I don’t worry about it because the more you worry, the more it will affect your health. Please note this. It is fine to have your plans wrecked, it is okay not to have everything under your control. There are always logical reasons behind this. I remember a time my friend had an interview and was late for around 5/6 minutes. My friend did not get the job. My friend then applied for the same job but closer to home and finally received the job. My friends concern was how am I going to survive without having a job, not realising that ‘distance’ was not taken into account and this is what at times we take for granted.

We want something so badly that we rush the process and apply for anything; however we have not calculated the consequences (the length of journey) in this case to even consider if we will make it ‘on time’. Please know that when a rejection letter comes, it is not them rejecting you; it is them rejecting your ‘potential lateness’. Do not write yourself off and feel you don’t add value. Only someone who is not breathing doesn’t add value. You are alive and well reading this post so believe when I say you will be okay.

It is okay not to have everything together; Rome was not built in a day, neither can we expect our lives to be the way we want it to be in one day. It is a process that we must not forfeit and keep going until the victory is won. Some days will be harder but it will get better. You will smile again; you will laugh again; you will love again, but throughout the journey, learn something from it. Take it and use to your advantage.

You have a purpose; you are worthy and you matter. Don’t write yourself off just because someone else did. There are people who you know and don’t know that watch you whether it is through social media, videos or your website. Don’t hide yourself for fear of being judged. Let transparency speak for itself. People invest in those that are real and honest about what they go through. Don’t ‘pretend’. We have enough pretence in our generation that we NOW need truth and selflessness. Remember: it is okay not to be okay.

Love Esther.

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