Let’s Make Christ Fun!


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas to you. May we remember that today marks a special moment for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through His birth, it enables me and you to enjoy the life we are living today!

I will be speaking from the perspective of Evangelism as it is very dear to my heart. Now in today’s society, a lot of people want to see before they believe. I personally have been finding it quite tricky trying to convince unbelievers that Jesus is real. But for me, I tend to prove Jesus’ existence through the way I live, talk and conduct myself.

It is a blessing when you can walk into a room and people can already sense the love of God in you. Our young adults of today want to see more than “Jesus loves You”, but how you relate to one another. It is good to express the love of Jesus to our neighbor, but I strongly believe there is more we can do to make Christ fun!

A work colleague recently told me that a Christian lady approached her and a friend. The Christian lady asked both of them if they were Christians; their reply was no. All of a sudden she said “You are going to hell!”. In my heart when my colleague shared this with me, I was highly upset for the reason that these two ladies were not given the opportunity of being a Christian. Secondly, the way in which the Christian lady replied was quite harsh. I don’t believe Christ in His days would say “If you don’t believe in Me, you are going straight to hell”. No, He shows the love through healing the sick, delivering the blind, helping the lame etc. All these little kind gestures are what turns unbelievers to Jesus. We too must learn to show Christ through our love. How we treat people are evident examples of how we can make Christ fun. We should not make others feel bad because they don’t believe, however we must learn to pray for them behind closed doors so that God will intervene in their lives.

It made me even think deeper about the scenario because I was thinking what do unbelievers perceive Christians as. There is no perfect Christian out there, we are all trying our best to live Holy lives, but what makes me happy is knowing that Christ, regardless of our sinful nature still has our best interests at heart. There truly is NO CONDEMNATION IN CHRIST JESUS!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. To me, this is more than love, it is evangelizing to people who don’t know Christ as of yet. This is a very great way to start ministering to someone, not telling them about hell on the spot. It will scare some unbelievers and they will assume Christianity is some sort of ‘religion’ when really its more of a relationship between others.

Jesus did not come in the world to condemn, no He came that we may have a strong relationship with Him and with others also. Let us not feel insecure by the way we reach out to people. Before I would always feel bad for walking past someone if I did not share the love of Jesus with them, but now I ask God for wisdom to direct and guide me to those that are going to listen. Because let us be real, it is not everyone that wants to listen, however the good thing is that we can put them in our prayers.

We need to make Christ fun ladies! Let’s not put so much pressure on ourselves but be TRUE REPRESENTATIVES ON EARTH FOR HIM! After all He died for us. If you don’t know how to evangelize to someone about the love of Christ, please do not worry. There are several ways to speak, it’s not just only through word and action. Even good deeds are special in the eyes of unbelievers. Helping them in their studies, taking them out to dinner, meeting their family members are unique ways that they will see Christ in you, and eventually start to follow your footsteps.

As we approach the ending of this year, let us make a decision that in 2016 we will make Christ even more FUN! He is not boring and never will be! Pray and ask that God will strengthen your relationship with Him further in this new year. Remember your life is a reflection of Christ’s love. Let us make the most of it and enjoy every moment with Him and remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas Season.

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