2018 so far…


Hello everyone – it has been a while! I want to take you to a 2018 journey so far…I remember starting this year with one of my girls that came round to spend New Years. It was so good! We discussed our goals, what we planned to do together, making new friends and attending several events. (I have an announcement coming up so keep your eyes and ears peeled!)

I have been blessed this year to meet such lovely people; not just ordinary people but those that God specifically sent in my life to help me to fulfil my vision for the year. I’ve been able to travel to Barcelona or a friend’s birthday which was such an amazing experience (despite the rain). Video is up on the link below:  A Weekend in Barcelona

So I had two ladies that I only met this year that have supported the vision for my two books: It’s Time to Heal & Completion. If you do not have your copy, please treat yourself and be blessed; perhaps you could buy it for a friend or give it to your loved one. The links are:

It’s Time to Heal: Its Time to Heal

Completion: Completion

To encourage you all: do not despise the gifts embedded in you. Use it to inspire others around you, and work on your own personal development.

There is so much to look forward to. Do not allow this year to pass you by. God has truly been Faithful to us all; many have moved on to Glory, but you and I are still present. Do not waste this year. Do all you can to have and live a good life. Be consistent. Be selfless. Be YOU!

Together we are stronger!

Till we meet again,

Love Esther .x.