Focus is the real MVP!

Focus is contagious. It does not involve how you feel towards what other people are doing. Focus is the most valued person in your life that wants to bring out the best in you. You are in control of your Destiny and what you want to achieve. Words are seeds; they can either grow or die. With focus being in the right place, it has to be utilised to the highest level of your well-being and mental state.

Be intentional on what you focus on, and put all effort into it because no one is responsible for your life apart from you. Focus keeps you content, thankful and ready to face what is ahead. It enables you to appreciate where you are and work on yourself. Life is a real journey with trials, however, there is also joy, peace and happiness that comes with it.

Focus is the goal. From a personal perspective, when my focus is on God, that is where life is orchestrated in such a profound way. I don’t need to worry about what I don’t have yet, or try to attain it in my own power. I honestly don’t have any power. I am human just like you. But what I do have is FOCUS! don’t lose it this year people! Please maintain a good standard of focus. Do not over think or overanalyse situations. It is okay to be imperfect. Our world perceives us to have everything at a demanding time, but how about allowing your circumstance to teach you a valuable lesson.

My hearts desire is to see many free from brokenness, fear, frustration and self-doubt. All these things I’ve experienced and I use this to encourage and strengthen you.

Let focus be the real Most Valuable Person in your life. Allow focus to keep going when it seems difficult to progress. We are all working in progresses. Until then, have a great Monday. Remember; gratitude says everything about your attitude.

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