Are you struggling with your emotions?


It can be very easy to feel led by your emotions when surrounded with several situations that have left you no choice but to deal with it in your own strength. It can be difficult to open up to people for fear of being judged or looked down on. In this life, we will struggle. We will feel alone. We will feel hopeless, but that does not mean that we should ignite our emotions. Emotions are good, yes, but only in particular situations. They should not be used for ‘self-pity’ or attention-seeking purposes. Sometimes when you think about the time you have waited for something, and you see others around you getting that blessing you wanted, it can be very easy to start crying and feeling sorry for yourself. But we must have in our minds to always control our hearts above all things. (Proverbs 4:23).

Every one of us have our own issues. Financial, academic, spiritual, emotional, mental and social problems which can occur from external pressures. At this time and age, it seems that we find pleasure in worldly desires more than Godly desires, and this is where we feel the need to ‘attract’ our feelings into every situation. So if the guy you really liked hurt you, does that mean you should sulk until tomorrow? No, it is a sign that God is bringing you out of a negative and painful situation, and is preparing you for the man who He has in store for you. Don’t cry over people who left you, but rejoice because God knows the right people to take away and keep in your life. We cannot dictate the steps of the Lord, but what I strongly know is that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. (Psalms 37:23). When our steps are ordered by God, we will eventually walk into the blessings that are in store for us.

Tears are a very good way to release the inner pain that you cannot relate to anyone about. Crying is good for the soul. I strongly believe that every single tear that falls from our eyes means something! Tears are powerful! Tears are not a sign of weakness. Tears can be a way of fighting the enemy if you use the Spiritual Armour of God. If you are struggling with your emotions, why not ask God to help you manage them? Maybe it could be the people you are surrounded with. For all I know, bad company corrupts good manner, so now is the time to evaluate the people you have in your life, and choose wisely the ones you believe will help you overcome your feelings.

The way to control our emotions is to CONTROL OUR MIND! Everything you decide to do starts from the mind including the clothes you decide to wear, the food you buy, the people you talk to etc. We must renew our emotions through the daily output of scriptural principles. When we immerse ourselves with the Word of God, we will soon begin to realise that after all this time, we can control our emotions instead of our emotions controlling us! This is why it is not good for man to be alone. When we stay alone, so many thoughts come to mind. Thoughts of doubt, thoughts of fear, thoughts of worry, thoughts of anxiety, thoughts of rejection, thoughts of loneliness, thoughts of stress, thoughts of sorrow. These are none of our portions! Not any one of you! We have to learn how to start pouring our hearts out to God. Yes at times we do feel the need to speak to someone directly, but even God Himself is there. That is what Faith is! Although we cannot see Him, we have confidence that He will answer in our time of need.

Another word of advice: Don’t rely on your emotions as they can vary according to your circumstances. There will be times in our lives when we will hear good news and our emotions will jump up; other times we will hear sad news and feel so pitiful. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in this process. You are not alone! It is good to release the pain.

In all things give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy endures forever!! Your emotions will one day become your testimony to someone out there that is struggling to handle their emotions. Remember God cares about our emotions more than our ability to be Spiritual.

God bless you for reading!