Stop trying to do God’s job!

Nowadays, most people are so keen in dealing with their personal issues in their own power; they take matters into their own hands by retaliating back with people who have hurt them. Some assume that God has spoken to them, but in reality it is their mind that has told them what to say because they are being led by emotions. In spite of it all, we must come to a conclusion that God is the only one who is able to solve our problems.

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We all have different struggles that is having a massive affect on us today. Whether it consists of health struggles, family struggles, financial struggles, emotional struggle, it is still a struggle!

When it comes to working for God, there can be conflict between each other. Wonder what would have happened if UNITY was utilized in our day to day lives. I remember recently scrolling down on Facebook to find one of Heather Lindsey’s statuses which caught my attention. It reads:

“Many people want stages, ministries, titles and whatever else, but they refuse to stay planted anywhere long enough for God to use them. They serve in one ministry for 3 weeks, get offended and leave that church because the pastor won’t sit down and have lunch with them because he’s pulled in a million directions. They church hop, ministry hop and whatever else hop, in the hopes that someone will recognize their ‘gifts’. God truly uses those that serve as onto Him and stay planted until He moves them. And long before God gives you a ministry, you have to show yourself FAITHFUL in serving elsewhere. How can God trust you with great if you are not faithful with the little? Let God develop you, prepare you and then send you. Leaders are servants. Minister is equivalent to a Servant and they could care less about the applause and approval of man”.

In my recent blog post “Approval Addiction”, I stressed the importance of how to live a life of not worrying about what other people define you as. If your concern is focused on what people think of you, then my friend, you are not ready to move to the next level. A lot of us desire to be used by God; they want to touch lives, they want to be effective, but are not willing to do the work behind the scenes. On the other hand, we see people of today being so occupied in serving God but with the wrong mind-set. Although our sole purpose is to serve God and help others, to some extent we want to be ‘known” by those around us.

Now I do not know about you, but I strongly believe that when God equips you to do something, you have to be ready for the call. Whether people like you or not, that is not your job to sort out. Let God handle that for you, and move on. Some people become agitated when it comes to serving because they do not feel comfortable, and because they were not chosen to hold the microphone, they get offended and isolate themselves from others. Ladies, never allow anybody to make you feel small when serving God. If you have that feeling in your heart, stop what you are doing and pray. Ask God to give you wisdom to reveal what your next step should be. Trying to retaliate back with them will not help issues, and eventually make it worse because you’re so concerned in being a spectator. God’s job is for us to stand still and see the salvation of God.

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Although I stress a lot about working for God and His Kingdom, this can also be applied to our everyday lives. I had a friend who informed me about the way in which she was being treated by her own family members, and I tell you, as painful as it sounds, you do not want to believe it, because you wouldn’t expect family to let you down, but it does happen. From a Biblical perspective, look at the story of Joseph and his brothers who hated on him because of the dream Joseph told them (Genesis 37); or how about the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 where the younger brother was living recklessly, using money anyhow and living a worldly life. When the son came to himself, he ran back to his father’s house asking for forgiveness, but was his other brother happy? No, because he thought it was not fair on him that he was faithful throughout the whole situation. And I have realised that as anointed as people can be, they don’t see that they too have made mistakes in their past, and is reluctant to open up for fear of being judged. Although someone has done wrong, what right does it give you to condemn them? Because from what I know, it is very easy to seem a big beam in someone else’s eye, but not focus on the log that is in your own eye.  (Matthew 7:3-5).

Furthermore, we feel the need to justify why we are upset when someone offends us; well sweetie, it is not your job to sort people out, it is for God to do it. John 14:27 says:

“Peace I leave with you; My own peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled”.

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Sometimes, our job is to sit and let God stand. A very dear friend constantly keeps reminding me that when I stand, God will sit, but when I sit, God will stand. In other words, when you keep trying to fight your battles in your own strength, God will leave you to it, until you call upon His Name. When you have tried in your own strength to keep that relationship or friendship going, there is nothing He can do because it seems as if you know better than He does…

We should always remember to commit everything into the Lords hands as He will make it successful and prosperous. (Proverbs 16:3). Some of you may be asking ‘but what is God’s job?’ Well, God’s job is to protect you, guide you, give you peace of mind, protect you from the enemy, shower you with His blessings, and many more! Your job is not to save someone, you are not Christ. Jesus is the only person that can bring people to Himself. In as much as we desire to be used by God, we must remember that it is not by force that we change people for it is not in our power. Allow God to help you be transparent so you can reach the hearts of others. Then allow God to do the rest. A powerful saying:

“When you do your best, God will do the rest”. I stand on this word today! When you have done all you can, cried, prayed, fasted, sacrificed time for loved ones, attending church meetings, you will see the Hand of God working in your life. Some of you may be struggling with your prayer lives because it becomes too familiar and eventually you get tired and bored of it because you are not seeing any change happening. On the other hand, you have seen how your neighbor prays and God meets their needs, but when it comes to you, nothing is happening. I know how that feels, but I have come to a point where comparing with other people will get you nowhere. No matter how spiritually mature you are, or how well you can pray, God is not concerned about the length of your prayers, but the QUALITY of it. What are you asking Him to do? Are your prayers always about you and what you, or are they about being transparent?

Our prayers can be hindered, and for that reason we run to people assuming that God will speak to them to communicate to you. Sometimes, you have to do your own homework and listen to your teacher. If you need help, put up your hand, wait and listen to what the teacher is saying. If you still do not understand, keep asking until you get it. (Matthew 7:7). We can make our lives so much peaceful by not doing God’s job. He knows the end from the beginning, so just trust Him in the process. Together, we will reach our destination!

Quote: “In life, we are always going to have critics. We’ll always have difficult people who try to upset us and steal our joy. But you do not have to respond to every critic. You can decide to take the high road and let God fight your battles for you” 

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With love,