The Power of Waiting and Being Patient

There is Power in Patience. I know most of us don’t get along with it (including me at times), but there is something about patience that makes you appreciate the gift when it arrives. There is something about struggling that makes you stronger than you thought you’d be. Without struggles, there won’t be testimonies. Show me someone you know who received everything they wanted without struggle and is still happy. There are a few people, including celebrities who clam to have it all; the finances, the looks, the fame, the popularity, the house, but the real question is: Are they happy? Now back to you. What is it that you are earnestly waiting on God to do for you? I remember talking to my friend about my job search and career aspirations. I graduated in Business Administration with Marketing, the year of 2013. I have not been able to secure a decent graduate job. Although God has sustained me in my current work place which I am SO THANKFUL FOR, it can be draining, and you won’t understand what I mean until you step into my shoes.

For others, it is  more painful as they have already graduated, but is idle at home. I know someone who has been unemployed for 6 good months, and I tell you it isn’t easy. I haven’t been unemployed thanks to God but I would assume how it feels </3. Although, there are times where it seems like I am unemployed because the my way of thinking is not positive. I am that individual that sees the best potential in others but struggle secretly in my own shell. It seems that when people around me are receiving their breakthroughs, I am doing the same repetitive routine. It is frustrating if I am honest, and I keep asking God what His next steps for my life are. When I was in my thinking mode, a friend sent me a picture which said this:

“Frustration is your worst enemy, for it has the power to destroy peace of mind”

I don’t know how powerful it can get than this. Frustration can lead to bitterness. Bitterness can lead to loneliness. Loneliness can lead to hatred, and if not cautioned quick enough, self-destruction. I remember going to my friends for help and advice in regards to my job search, but to no avail; nothing is happening. I believe what God is constantly trying to teach me is that He won’t grant man the power to help me, because only He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above more than we can imagine or think. I know it would be so easy to thank your friend for securing a job for you, but it says in His Word that ‘He will never share His Glory with anybody’. God does not want the praise to be given to man but to Him only. Frustration occurs from failed attempts, secretly comparing yourself with others, and how others define or perceive you. How others define you is none of your business unless you want it to be. What you say to yourself will make or break you!

If we don’t get into the habit of speaking positive words in our situations, we are more likely to be slaves to them. Relying on people to tell you what to do is time-wasting. This is now the time to seize the moment and run to God to ask what path He wants you to take. At the moment, I am in a very good place. I believe the right people are in my life for now, until further notice. God is really teaching the beauty of being patient. Personally, it has been quite a struggle for me because I work hard and endeavour to do my best. However, I see patience as a sign of maturity; to see how much I really trust and depend on God.

“The willingness and obedience to be patient is the beginning of a mature mind and healthy heart”.

Patience and Maturity are the wonder-twins of an answered prayer for God to reveal Himself to you. In Matthew 7:7-8 it says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you, (8) For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened”. This scripture is so powerful that there was a time where I doubted myself. I thought if I keep asking God for what I desired, it would seem like a burden and show lack of trust. But now that I am studying it more, I am beginning to understand the  the importance of asking, knocking and seeking! With these three things comes several answers from the Holy Spirit.

But if I may ask, do you ever feel that you are asking God for prayers to be answered but it seems so quiet? Have you considered that you are talking too much that you can’t hear what He has to say? Maybe it is time to check your prayer life. How consistent is it? Or do you only pray when trouble occurs? On the other hand, it could be that your prayer life is self-centred. (This is what I was dwelling on recently too). You are the only person that knows what you pray behind closed doors and in your quiet time of study. Most of us think that when we come out of our current situations we will be happy. Well, if you can’t be happy where you are now, you are probably going to be less happier when you come out. It can be difficult for Christians to realise that they have a HIGHER PURPOSE in life than seeking for external things because we are looking at things from a natural view rather than a spiritual view.

I spoke to God in my year of frustration; 2014 to find out what His plans were for my life. I am still learning and trying to be more submissive to Him rather than doing everything in my own strength. All I keep hearing Him say is ‘trust me’. But the more I keep hearing it, the more I am seeing people around me getting their blessings. Could it be a sign that God is reminding me that He is still in the business of blessing people? Ladies, you and I know that we want God to do a lot for us and it is very good to be humble about it, however, there are times where you have to be like Jacob and say ‘I am not going anywhere until YOU BLESS ME‘. Frustration will make you fall to your knees and cry out to God because you know how painful the situation is. When you open up, you will start having flashbacks of the moments where God did something great for you, and will remind you that all things are possible, not just for your today, but your future!!!

Don’t look at your friends’ circumstances and feel the need to be like them just because it seems like they are enjoying life. You too could be enjoying life if you stop looking at what they have and start looking onto God the Author and Finisher of your Faith. Remember that God does not confuse His people, but brings PEACE (1 Corinthians 14:33). Your Peace is not in your job, your Peace is not in your car, your Peace is not in your spouse, your Peace is not in your finances, your Peace is not in the adorning of external beauty and jewelry, but your Peace is in Christ Jesus because He is the Prince of Peace. When you call Jesus into your storm, He will fight for you in every area.

Furthermore, you must endeavour to give Him the opportunity to bless you. It’s not everyday strain yourself!!. Sometimes give God a chance, relax and let go! There is power in being patient. It may not feel nice now, it may not feel comfortable, it will be frustrating, but with time and obedience, everything will all make sense. I want you to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for all He has done, and what He is going to do in your future. I found it so hard to give thanks for the things I could not see that He was doing behind closed doors, but now I have realised the impact of praising Him in advance. Never allow your current situation to define you, you do not look like what you are going through. Position yourself woman, you are more stronger than you think. Don’t allow anything in society to pressure or diminish you. Renew your mind and check your thoughts. Are they aligned to God’s word?

I would always find it difficult to share this personal testimony about my job search, but I find so much pleasure in sharing, because it helps me to know that I am not the only one in this current situation. As I stated earlier, I am VERY grateful that I have a job, however I am POSITIONING MYSELF to receive something much better which I strongly believe is going to be revealed very soon. I will update you on this journey once the timing is right! Ladies, remember not to settle for less. I may not know what you are waiting for, but no matter what it is, allow yourself to be encouraged that He is with you and makes all things beautiful in His time. The road won’t always be easy but you have to keep fighting until the Victory is WON!

“Patience is not about how long you can wait. It is how well you behave while you wait”. Ladies, wait on The Lord. He will see you through (Isaiah 41:30).

Patience 1

Trust Me

John 14:1-2: “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me (2) In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you”?. For the past few days, I have heard this scripture over and over, and I feel that I am being tested in my trust towards God. The problems that we face are not a sign that God does not love us, but that His Grace is sufficient for all our situations, and His love will enable us to endure.

Trust 3

There is a song I always listen to by Richard Smallwood and its called “Trust Me”. Every time I listen to the song, it just reassures me when I trust God, I am wholly secure in Him. Some run to friends, some run to lovers, but even though they are in our lives for a reason, it does not mean that they will always have the answers to our problems. Some people however, are in our lives to push us closer to God, rather than relying on our own strength. How many of us can honestly say that they rely on their own strength to get tasks done? I know I do…

But the truth of the matter is that I just get frustrated, tired, emotionally unstable, and to some extent lazy! One day I would smile so much that my jaws would hurt; the next day I just can’t be bothered and take it out on those that truly love me and want the best of me, but because of my arrogance, I am pushing them away, which makes my situation feel worse. When we are in deep crisis, we don’t expect to be alone. We are expected to be comforted by our family, friends and loved ones. But the pain can sometimes be unbearable that you would not even want to open up; rather you choose to keep it inside of you and let your spirit be crushed.

Today, I urge you beautiful women to surrender your all to Jesus, because He really desires to hear from you. I have heard so many times that “If God already knows my needs, then why do I need to tell Him what I am going through?”. Yes He knows all your needs, but it is a time where your Faith will be tested in Him, so it is vital to be REAL WITH GOD, and tell Him what is really bugging you. God loves your honesty. Even if you want to cry, cry! Crying is good for the soul! If you want to get angry, by all means, BUT do not let the sun go down whilst your angry. So be angry for a while, but not until tomorrow morning lol!

I think the majority of us today feel as if God loves other people more than us. For example, you and your friend have both graduated at the same time. She achieved a 2:2 and you got a 2:1. Your friend got a job in less than a year, and yet you are still in the process of looking for one. From my own experience, I do not believe it is the ‘grade’ that will get you the job, it is how you carry yourself! Some tips would be:

– Your attitude
– Your mindset (Is it positive or negative?)
– Your expectations (Are your motives pure and genuine?)
– Your humility
– Your willingness to learn from others around you

All these points combined is the tools and techniques that should be used in all situations, but the GREATEST of all would be to TRUST GOD AND LET HIM DO HIS THING!! 😉. The challenge for most of us today is who we run to when trouble comes. It is very easy to run to a friend who is so close to us. Although we cannot see God psychically, we still have a strong feeling in our hearts that He is always around us, especially when we call on Him. At times, you would not need to call, your tears are ENOUGH for God to understand what you are going through.

Take worship for example; some people worship through bowing down or laying prostrate on the floor, some may speak in tongues, some cry, some are still. Regardless of your style of worship, it is still pleasing to Him. But what I am trying to help you do now is to break you out of your routine of just going to God when you need assistance. Yes He is there 24/7, but if we keep constantly running to God when problems are surrounding us, how about when God blesses us with our hearts’ desires? Will we truly remember Him then? Maybe some of the things you are going through are pulling you away from God; it’s not God that has withdrawn Himself from you, its your mind. Your mind has accused you of saying that God is not for you because you did not get that job, you did not get married when you wanted to, you did not get that promotion, you did not get to travel on behalf of your school work. These are all situations that if we are not careful can be dangerous to our health and relationships towards others.

Do not allow your current situations to block your closeness with God. God is always with you day and night. He knows the end from the beginning! He wants you to come freely just as you are. No matter what you have done, you can always be confident that His love will keep you. His love is the medicine that you need for your conscience to be clear. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; (6) In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths”. One of my favourite scriptures in the Bible! This scripture I learnt from my University. It really challenged me to put my trust in God and not to lean on my own knowledge.

Yes there will be times where we will think we are right, but we should not deceive ourselves. In all things, we must learn to trust God regardless of how we feel. We should not allow our emotions to dictate what decisions to make, because emotions are subject to change. Do not allow your emotions to make you bitter, but allow them to draw you closer to the Lord. He really does listen. I know it is easier to say, but it is true! I personally cannot emphasize it enough. If I was to honestly tell you the things I have cried out to God for, and the way He answered my prayers in ways and forms that I would not expect, you would be surprised!

When you are talking to God about an issue or a burden or a crisis, God won’t always answer the way you expect Him to answer, but will do it in a way that would humble you enough to trust God in the end. Let us look at the story of Lazarus in the Bible. (Reference: John 10). So here, we see that Lazarus was a sick man. Two women Mary and Martha were with him whilst he was not feeling well. Mary and Martha informed Jesus about Lazarus’ sickness. Jesus said “His sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it” (v4).

Although Jesus knew that Lazarus was sick, He decided to stay two more days where He was. A few days later on His arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. Now when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went out to meet him, but Mary stayed at home. Martha had questioned Jesus saying that if He would had been there, Lazarus would not have died, but Jesus had to reassure Martha that Lazarus will rise again. Jesus was trying to convince her that anyone who believes in Him shall rise again. Now when Jesus saw Mary weeping and the Jews who had come along with her started to weep too, He was deeply moved in Spirit and troubled. There will be times in our lives where Jesus Himself will be upset with us because of our lack of Faith in Him.

The more we choose to distrust God and elevate our feelings, the less we can see the Power of God work in our lives. The Jews were always trying to challenge Jesus and mock Him saying that if He could open the eyes of a blind man, why can’t he not deliver a dead man. It does not surprise me by how many people would try to put you down because they only see your weakness, and not your strength. It occurs to me most of the time that people in life will always want to expose your faults just to make themselves ‘look righteous’, but as long as you do not give in to those people, you will be totally secure! With Jesus now, He did not have time to argue with these Jews for He knew His worth from the beginning! When you know that you are blessed and anointed, you do NOT have time to answer your critics! This is truly for someone, because I have a strong feeling in my heart that some of us women are wasting our time trying to win and convince people to believe that they are great!


You are not great from a man’s viewpoint; you are great from God’s viewpoint!! Let this stay in your mind. Jesus shouted from the tomb “Lazarus, come out” and eventually he came out and lived. It is amazing how Jesus, regardless of all the haters and critics, still done His job effectively. Why is that? Because He trusted His Father in Heaven to help Him. He did not even need to run to His disciples for guidance or advice because He knew there was only one person He could rely on. The more you rely on God, the more stronger you become, and the more wiser you become in dealing with your critics. Sometimes, in order to get to the top, you will need to work in silence, if not darkness, and allow God to bring you into the light. You cannot force your way through until God says so!

Our lives should be an indication to other people out there who are finding it hard to trust God in every situation they face. Some people want quick solutions which makes it look like they have got the victory, only to realise that they are back to square one. Whilst others are out there searching for God wholeheartedly. And although the situation is taking long, they still have enough FAITH to believe that all things are working together for their good for those who love the Lord. (Romans 8:28). Ladies, in the good and bad times, God is good! We should not allow the enemy, the world or society tell us otherwise. The only person you will end up trusting is God Himself! When everyone around you has failed and disappointed you, you will realise that all along, God was with you, holding your hand, wiping your tears, keeping you company, and most importantly, giving you opportunity after opportunity to live every blessed day!

When you can trust God, God will also be able to trust you. When you invest in Him, He too will also do the same. God can only invest in people He can trust. If you are crying about a job because you want more money, your finances will be tested. He will test you on how you use it in terms of what you buy. You cannot buy what you want and beg for what you need. It does not work that way. A savings account would be essential if you really want to get a reliable job with financial stability. He sees your heart so no matter what you do, He knows your inner motives. Be wise with your money ladies. Yes it is good to look good, but investing in things that will not add value to your life is a waste! I tell you now: God will wreck your plans when He sees that your plans are about to wreck you! You would think that it is harsh, but it is out of love. The plans you think are good for you, may be the same plans that could delay you of the REAL BLESSING God has in store for you!

Trust 1

Remember to not worry about tomorrow, for every day has its own problems of its own. We cannot control what goes on in our lives, but there will always be one solution, and that is to TRUST GOD! So I ask you, who are you really trusting?? Be wise in who you trust! Let God be your one and only. He wants to hear from you. Be real with Him and He will be real with you. He is not the one who is moving away from you. Your problems are not meant to make you move away from Him; your problems are meant to draw you CLOSER to Him so that He can speak to you directly. Do not make assumptions based on how God works. So because you sinned last night, you think God is punishing you based on that sin? No no, God is not like that. He is just and fair and faithful! As long as you apologise and confess, He won’t even remember what you did because He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY! Remember that God’s promises will only be revealed when your trust is in Him!

Trust 2

Remember the more you trust God, the more He AMAZES YOU! My love goes out to you all!

God bless you richly 🙂