Do you know your real purpose?

I usually get this question asked in some of my group chats on WhatsApp. Me and a few ladies discuss about our purpose and what God has designed for us to fulfill. I remember talking to my work colleague recently about the future, and she asked me a very good question. She said “Esther, what do you want to be in the future?”, I replied and said I wanted to work with women and give back to the community. I stressed the importance to her that life is not just about getting rich, living a self-centred life and then dying, for what will people remember us as? When we leave this earth, how do you want people to remember you? The life you live now impacts your tomorrow!

A dear friend of mine told me about the importance of “serving”. From a worldly point of view, serving sounds belittling, however from a spiritual point of view, serving is what God requires from us. It is a way of honoring God when we serve one another. Give and it shall be given back on to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men also give on to you (Luke 6:38). What is this scripture saying? It states that in all things, we must learn to share and serve others, for one day it will come back to us. Remember that God is not to be mocked; for whatever you sow, that is what you shall reap.

When speaking to God about the purpose He has for me, I enquire if certain people will be involved. I recently gave my friend some advice which states:

“When you know a person’s character, nothing will surprise you anymore about the way they act towards you, because people will always define you by how they met you initially. You just have to keep smiling and move on with your life. Do not allow these small voices to get to you; they are not contributing towards your future goals. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Stop allowing others to ruin it for you, lest you become stressed and potentially miss the road to your blessings. You are focusing on the wrong things; rather let your thoughts and mind be on the things that are above and not beneath. As my mother always says ‘Things are subject to Change’ and indeed they are! People will change, finances will change, family will change, friends will change, society will change, but God will NEVER CHANGE!

When you truly know the purpose God has for you, your mind will not be on situations that are trying to pull you back. For all I know, some people are very anointed at breaking your happiness. They want to see you fall and never get back up, but as a strong believer of God, why would you let that get to you? Instead, if you know how it feels when someone is trying to break you, why not pray for them? They clearly need it, as well as a deep intimate encounter with God. The people who God has placed in our lives; good and bad are contributing positively towards your future. It may be hard to understand now, but in the end, it will all make sense. We always pray that God should remove toxic people in our lives and replace them with good ones, but the truth of the matter is that we will need both seeds so that we can grow an develop to trust God more rather than ourselves.

With elevation, comes change. Trials are to be expected. NEW LEVEL, NEW DEVIL! When God prepares you for elevation, TRUST THE PROCESS! 


For I know that all things (good and bad) work out well for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). When we see our neighbor doing something bad, do we find it easier to keep quiet, gossip to someone else, or consult God straight away? I know we all encounter problems, but the way we handle it defines how successful we will become in the near future. Being successful is not easy; so many eyes are watching, ears are tingling, waiting for the day you fall. But all in all, Paul said that even though trials and tribulations come, they are going to be used for God’s purpose and will strengthen us in the end.

Your pain serves a high purpose, so why are you stressing so bad? Yes people hurt you, but we hurt God all the time, yet He is so patient with us. Rather than backbiting and hurting one another with words, why not pray for God to give you the Grace to handle your situation in a mature manner? Life won’t always be a bed of roses; it will have prickly thorns, but you can avoid them. The way you can avoid them is by changing the way you think. If you allow your mind to be robbed by people’s opinions, you will miss your purpose in life. Not everyone is going to like you, but does that mean you should change for them?

Purpose 3

I know how it feels because I have been there, but I can confidently say that God has strengthened me by all the things I went through with my past, and for this reason I am A LIVING TESTIMONY! No matter what someone tries to do to me, I just say ‘God take control’. No matter what happens, God will always WIN!! This is for someone! No matter what you are going through, just know that you serve a higher purpose! You are not here to pamper your emotions or entertain how you feel. Women, be strong; LOVE WHO YOU ARE! Never change for anybody but God! God will always win in all our situations. You never know what one is going through; a lot of people smile because they have been through so much, that all they can do is embrace their circumstances. Lady, keep smiling! God is on your side!


Let me just leave you with a song to listen to. I hope it blesses you. No matter what you go through, people may try to plan your downfall, BUT GOD WILL ALWAYS WIN!!:


Be Blessed! xXx 

Purpose 2