The Father’s Friendship


How much of a privilege it is to be a friend of God. I am not ashamed of being a Christian because the benefits are far beyond human comprehension. In Jeremiah 1:5 it says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you”. This is so powerful. Our Father already knew us even before He created us. I cannot emphasize to you enough how Faithful God is and how much He desires for an intimate relationship with each of us all around the world. God does not show favoritism. He loves us all the same, and His friendship is so precious that nothing can ever be above Him.

When I ponder of my friendship with the Father, it is speechless. The other day I was reflecting on all He has done for me. I felt like I was losing my mind because I was filled with Awe about His authentic and selfless love. He cares so much that my words could not even express how grateful I was for who He is. There were blessings that I did not pray twice as hard for and still received it. What did I do to deserve such favor? God is so gentle that no matter how many times you fall, He is always there willing and waiting for you to run to Him. He wants to speak to you each blessed day when you wake up until the time you lay your head to rest.

The Father’s friendship is better than your best friend’s friendship. Believe me when I say that! No human being on earth should ever take God’s place; God first and everyone else behind. No one can love, care, embrace, forgive, bless and favor like God can. Money can’t do it, sex can’t do it, fame and fortune can’t do it; God is the real deal, and I strongly guarantee you today that if you allow Him into your heart, see how your life will dramatically change. Now remember that life won’t always be what you desire it to me, and it does not equate to the absence of God. When we encounter issues, we are quick to assume and say where were you, God, but all along He was there. God is not just with you in the good times, He is also there in the difficult times.

In the midst of silence and pain, the friendship of God comes alive; it is a shining light that brightens the day and makes your path straight. God’s friendship is overwhelming in that it does not have a limit. When I think about the goodness of God and what He has done for me, there are simply no words to thank Him. Some people are thankful that they found a parking space, some are happy that they bought their first car, others are happy because they bought the latest Gucci, bag.

But guess why I am happy? Because I am alive and well today, that the enemy did not try to steal my joy or peace, that the enemies I see today, I shall see them no more; all the people who wished for my downfall are nowhere to be found. And even though we live in the world full or different people –  good and bad, what truly matters to me is that the Father’s friendship surpasses them all. No matter what anyone may plan against me, it shall never prosper. (Isaiah 54:17).

Look back over your life and see how far God has brought you. I used to take insignificant issues to heart, but I’ve gained strength and wisdom on how to handle them. He taught me how to fight, how to stand on my own two feet, how to not rely on people, how to be solely stable in Him, and more importantly to TRUST HIM. When you trust God, He reveals the unique plans for our lives. He shares secrets with those who put Him at the forefront. He doesn’t want second place, He deserves FIRST PLACE. God should be in the center of our hearts and in every situation. We are all relational beings and God Himself desires to have that intimacy. It is an opportunity for you to take and utilize it to your own advantage.

His friendship is expensive, so please do not take it for granted or put it on hold; show your keen interest. He will surprise you because that is what He is good at. Who are we that He is always mindful of us? He has our best interest at heart and shows it all the time. Whether it is through your quiet time with Him or going on the train to work, you will notice that each time God speaks in the most subtle way. He is not into giving us too much detail, however, He is always in the process of blessing His children because that is His nature.

Whether you are lacking intimacy with the Father, know that His arms are opened wide for you to run to. When we are stuck and run out of words, it is an opportunity for you to allow God to step in and take over. It is not an opportunity to run to your friends who are as broken and empty as you are, trying to get them to fill your void when they are looking for someone else to fill theirs. A deep level or intimacy should enable us to bold come into His Presence until His desire is granted.

Think of the last thing you prayed about – were you devoted to your desire or to God? Was your determination to get some gift of the Spirit for yourself or to get to God? “For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8). The reason for asking is so you may get to know God better. “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). We should keep praying to get a perfect understanding of His friendship and God Himself. Take His friendship with you wherever you go, and don’t let Him go. Keep the Father so close to your heart so that whenever an attack occurs, or you feel weak in Spirit, know that His Presence is with you. He longs to have a strong friendship and relationship with you so don’t take it for granted because some have missed the opportunity.

Refuse to be content with just the ‘knowledge’ of God, but ‘insist’ on experiencing His Friendship! 



Accepting People

I remember a time where I would constantly complain about the way people act and why they behave the way they do. It would frustrate me to an extent where I just want to cut them out of my life. My thoughts were always negative towards people I did not get along with; people who I felt took my weakness for granted; people who wouldn’t hear what I had to say. But I have realised that despite the negativity, I must except people for WHO THEY ARE for I am not perfect myself. Lets use God for example. God created us all right? Okay. You may have a friend in your life right now who annoys you to the core. You didn’t like what this person did. Maybe she ignores your texts/calls, or maybe he is constantly on the phone to his ‘best girl friend’. But when you think about it, do you think your mind is causing the problem? Maybe you are taking it too far. You have to ask yourself, is it that deep?

Do not get me wrong here, there are times where we can step on each other toes without having any sympathy because of our frustration towards people. I had a friend who really got to me, and it took me ages to officially let her go. It was a negative stronghold I had to ask God to give me strength to fight off. When you love someone so much, it can be hard to let go, especially when you have developed an intimate relationship with them (whether friendship or relationship). I believe some people are in our lives for a REASON, some for a SEASON and some for a LIFETIME. God will put some people in your life for a reason to help to fulfill your destiny; God will put some people in your life for a season to test your Faith and see how much you fear Him. Alternatively, some are only in your life temporarily to make you realise that you did not need them initially, but were enabling you to come out of your comfort zone. (I thank God for seasonal friendships more than anything else, because it actually proves who is for me and who isn’t – look in the book of Luke 22 where Judas agreed to betray Jesus). Lastly, God will put some people in your life to stay for a long time. These are the people you must cherish and adore i.e. your family members.

Life won’t always work according to your favor, but God is still faithful. People will annoy you, but you still have a responsibility to love them. Remember people are not born being cruel, it is a CHOICE they decided to make that changed them. It all starts in the mind. There may be some family members or friends that may have hurt you, whether it be in the past or at present, but you have the power to let go of it. If God Himself was to treat you according to the way you treat others, you would think He is a bad God, but regardless of what we do, He still finds a way to love us. What a Mighty God we serve! Its time to ACCEPT the unchangeable past, EMBRACE the priceless present, and to HAVE FAITH in the promise of tomorrow. 

Accepting people 2

I may not know what you are going through, I may not know you personally, but find it in your heart to accept people. I know it is hard. But let me challenge you right now. Have you also looked at yourself? Rather than finding faults in others and covering up your own mess, do you think you could be the potential problem as to why people are acting funny towards you? Has it ever occurred to you that people only do what you do to them? When you tell someone you love them, you also show it by purchasing gifts right? Well then. The same applies to them also; they too will shower you with love in buying gifts. See it as an investment: I am investing in a 4 bedroom house in Beckenham that I had my eye on for quite a while. The house is up on the marketing for £465,000, and I am willing to secure the house, so I put down £10,000 to the estate agency. The agency will then contact the owner of the house to inform them of a potential buyer. Seeing that the potential buyer is eager to move out of its current property, the owner now accepts the offer. Now I don’t know about you, but that is a pretty good investment. Although £465,000 is quite a lot to make in a little space of time, the owner trusts me enough to give me the house in advance. So the result is that the owner accepted my offer and now I can start preparing for the remaining £455,000 to complete the house payments. 

LOVE is the greatest command of all. Love involves excepting people for who they are, not choosing them because they are rich or well-known. Whether you know someone who has a disability, or maybe your little brother that snores every night when you are trying to sleep, still love them. They did not choose to be that way. Imagine this world full of LOVE AND UNITY! There wouldn’t be much conflict, not much wars, no more hatred, but now its seems like the world is just getting too self-righteous and proud because everyone wants to be followed; no body wants to lead. I remember talking to my friend about society and the PRESSURE it is placing on our little ones. So many youths of today in the UK competing with each other, putting others down to make them look good, buying things they cannot even afford just to fit in the group. If you do not shut society off, society will shut you off! We need to be very vital as to who we listen to outside. It is not everything someone does you must imitate. Learn to love you for YOU! Please do not get me wrong, this is not as easy as it sounds for some people, but it will help you go a long way in future.

The pain of what a friend or relative can do has severe effects on one’s mind. But remember it will only affect you if you let it. If a friend was to offend me, and I accepted that offence and forgive, I am more likely to be free, but if I keep bringing it up in every conversation, I am still holding a grudge on that person whether I choose to see it that way or not. Even when someone calls the person’s name, I will get so angry, and that is proof that I have not let go. For all I know that friend has expressed itself to me in their honest way possible, but I was so stubborn to accept it because I wanted the friend to know how it felt to be hurt. But who are you to choose when to forgive? Lol! We don’t even know our tomorrow, let alone our today. Some people who find it hard to forgive are going to have a very hard time in life. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. It is not bought, it is a choice to abide by. Accepting people means learning to overlook their flaws and appreciate them as they are, because we can’t do it on our own. We will need His Grace and Strength to let go and forgive.

Accepting people 1

We do not have any right to change people the way we want them to be, because imagine God our Heavenly Father making us feel small when we sin. How would we truly feel? And bear in mind that we sin every day, so it will be twice as worse. Learn to love like God loves, and forgive like God forgives and I guarantee you will be happier than you already are because you will realise that when you make mistakes, they will make mistakes too, so your both even. Accepting people is a beautiful thing. I remember telling God that when He positions me to be in a strong relationship with my husband, I want him to accept me and vise versa. No matter what I had done in my past or how I look or how my body is, I just want him to love me the way I am. And I strongly believe with men, they want the same acceptance. A man adores and respects a woman who respects him. Whether he is tall, short, big, small, it does not matter. Are you marrying the person for his looks or his heart? Do not misunderstand me here, physical appearance is key, but if you think that is all you need in a man and his riches, you are truly not ready to commit yourself in a relationship. Why? Because looks will fade, his possessions will fade. You may not have the power to change how someone looks, but you have the power to accept them as they are. 

So today I challenge you to talk to someone you are struggling with, and be transparent about how you are feeling. Remember your tone is important so ensure that you speak from the heart, and you will see how things will turn around to your favor. 

#AcceptingPeople #LovePeopleTheSameWayYouLoveYouself #IfYouDon’tLoveYourselfYouCan’tLovePepople

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