The Struggle Is Real


The day-to-day struggles we face to live a better life is becoming increasingly hectic and frustrating. We tend to judge our lives on how successfully financial we are, what occupation we do, and the crowd we have around us. The struggle for most women of today is ‘feeling good about themselves’. So many times I am seeing on Facebook the amount of people who post pictures of their body parts; they spend large sums of money to increase their breasts and hips for it to look smaller, only to find out that it made them look twice as bad.

In times like this, it helps me to appreciate my flaws and insecurities. No matter how you feel, someone in your eyes will be prettier than you. Someone will always be smarter than you. Someone’s house will be bigger. Someone will drive a better car than you. Someone will earn more than you. Someone will travel more than you. Just let it go and breathe. Take care of yourself woman. Love yourself and your current circumstance for you know it will pass. The prettiest, slimmest woman in the world may have sadness in her heart.

The most highly favored woman at your workplace may not be able to have children. That married friend of yours might not be happy in her marriage. The richest woman you know may have the car, the house, and the clothes, but might be very lonely. So my encouragement for you today is; LOVE YOURSELF REGARDLESS OF YOUR STRUGGLE. Love who you are right now and tell yourself “I am too blessed to be stressed”. We must be reminded always that your struggles do not define you. Let us just be real ladies, everyone is struggling; we can try paint it by wearing make-up over our problems, partying every single night, but it still does not mean we won’t face certain situations.

I do not know what you may be going through, but there were times where I myself wanted to throw in the towel. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything I done was not working; the friends I spoke to about regarding my situation wasn’t working out for me. Prayed, fasted, went to church, still to no avail. Instead rather than me complaining about what did not work in my life, I decided to thank God for all the things He has done for me. Sometimes life may not always give you what you want, but God has always provided what you need. There is a comparative difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. What we want is something that is based on how we feel, when we think it is relevant for us (emotions), but what we need are the vital things, so for example, a home to live in, food to eat.

Struggles 2

Most times, it seems that we know better than God so we try to plan our lives ahead of Him because He is ‘taking too long’. But I have come to realise that a blessing given too soon is not a blessing at all. God loves you enough that He is willing to WAIT until the time is right for you to have what you desire. Some things given too soon could kill you, It may not be in the form of physical possessions; maybe you have lost a family member that you were not aware of, or you heard bad news about what your friend did the other night. You come back from work and as soon as you get in, guess what you hear? Bad news! Who wants to receive that from a long days work?

Somethings we have to be very cautious about before we start complaining. We rush God to do something when we want it to be done, and when He gives it to us, we complain that it is too difficult to handle. NOTE: Ladies, when you ask God for something, EXPECT TO STRUGGLE! There is struggle in progress! I know some of us do not like going through processes but it is the only way we can achieve our goals and aspirations. I tell you, the struggle is real out here. The struggle of getting a decent job, the struggle of holding your family together, the struggle of spending less, the struggle of fitting in. I tell you it is not easy!!

The tears that we cry touch the heart of God, that He understands every tear that falls from your eyes. You are not exempt from being blessed. It may feel that everyone around you is getting blessed but you, however you must remember that GOD SAVES THE BEST FOR LAST. Yes there will be critics that will critically analyse you based on your current situation and assume that you have done something wrong. But you must keep it moving. Do not let the talkatives weigh you down. You are not here to entertain them.

To conclude, everyone has a struggle, whether it is individual, financial, academic, spiritual, social, physical, mental. The one thing we all have in common is that it will all work our for our good! (Romans 8:28). If we keep working together, helping each other, completing each other, and encouraging one another, we will be able to tackle a struggle one step at a time. So would you join hands with me?

With love,


Struggles 1

The Next Chapter

Chapter 1

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19). Trusting God with the next step in your life will have some benefits and limitations. Everyone is on their own journey. You have a journey to accomplish and so do I.

Our journey in life will be worth the pain; the process itself will enable us to gain strength from God. When it comes to the story of my life, it would be a surprise to some of you the things I have gone through and how I am still here. Because of His Grace, I am a living witness and testimony to His Glory. I am ready to go into the next chapter of my life. My darkest moments have pushed me to enter into the next phase. This time of year marks a new chapter in each of our lives. We have recently been celebrating the resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and how much He loves mankind.

There is something about this year that am determined to know what the next chapter has for me. When you turn the page to the next chapter in your life, does it fill you with fear or dread? Are you hopeful and have enough faith for what God will do in your life this year, or are you having second thoughts? Remember, every chapter in your life is an opportunity to learn from your past mistakes, and use it as a strategic tool to get you to the next level. You cannot have an old mind-set and bring it to the next level. In order to successful enter in the next phase, you must recap over the things you did last, and eliminate the areas that were not helping you initially.

The next chapter could be for someone who is struggling to think positive. Why are you filled with so much negativity? It could be the people who you are surrounded with. The truth of the matter is that you will not have everyone around you that will enter into the next chapter with you. This may be hard to understand now, and for some it may be difficult to let go of, but when God is taking you to your destiny, you have to learn how to let go! It will take some time, it may take some pruning (pruning hurts by the way), but it is all going to work out for your good.

When a new day arrives, how do you take it? Do you say to yourself that it will be a good day, or it will be a constant repetition of yesterday’s drama? Sometimes we wake up in fear dreading the day. We fail to realise that before we do anything, God must be the first person we have intimacy with. When we wake up, pick up your bible and study it. Don’t let your mind zoom ahead without speaking to Him. This could be an opportunity for someone who is ready to move into the next chapter; making a commitment every day to have fellowship and making Him the centre of your life.

Maybe your previous chapter was surrounded with some much negativity and fear. This could be your year for extraordinary peace and favor. You just have to renew your Faith, and believe that where you are right now is preparing you for where God is taking you. If God showed you everything He has in store for you right now, you will not be able to develop. Not only that, you are more likely to be impatient, and remember one of the fruits of the Spirit is PATIENCE! So if you do not have it, develop it now before you enter into the next level. He never said it would be easy, but you’re a winner till the end.


My greatest advice is: “If you want to move to the next chapter in your life, begin to trust God on the level that you are in. Yes you may feel stuck at the moment, but it doesn’t matter what you’re facing as long as you trust God wholeheartedly to get you to the next chapter in your life. Move forward and let the past, pass”


Remember, it is not over until God says it’s over!