I am in charge of my thinking!


You sure are! You control the way you think. Each day you wake up, you can decide to do whatever you want. As for me, I enjoy spending my mornings with the Father, study my Bible, and praying for the day ahead. In 2010, I’d used just go ahead with saying a quick prayer and just have a shower so that I could start my day, but I really did not feel complete in doing this, so I had to change my routine. I wouldn’t think it’s fair to rush the quality time God gives us each day because we are preparing for work, or trying to avoid the early morning rush. I believe that it is possible to make time for God each day in the morning, and this is done through sacrifice. So, if you know sleeping at 2.00am in the morning will help you get ready for your 9.00am shift, you will honestly face the consequences.

You’ll feel tired all the time, rushing the time with your Heavenly Father, and not being as productive as you ought to be at work, It is advised that everybody should have a least 8 hours sleep every day. I usually go to bed on time so I don’t feel it’s a problem to me. I know others who have other major responsibilities but still get the time to rest well and wake up refreshed in the morning. It is the way you position your mind to be that will enable you to start your day with joy or frustration.

The way you feel today is not dependent on what other people do, or what they tell you to do, but is solely your responsibility. If you choose to be happy today regardless of what comes your way, you will make the most of it and add joy to your life; if you choose to wake up miserable because you know your day is filled with heavy workload, you will feel as if you can’t take it and eventually snap out. I remember when I was on the train going to see someone, and all I just kept seeing is working people sleeping away. This was in the early hours of the morning. In my mind, I thought, what kept them up all night for them to be sleeping on their way to work? Now, please do not get me wrong here, have a 9.00am to 5.00pm full-time job is not easy, and I really respect people who do it, however, staying up late and even over-thinking are the two barriers that stop your mind from flowing effectively.


I can relate from the mindset perspective. I honestly think a lot! Very good things though such as my future, what plans I aim to fulfill in the next 3-5 years, my financial status etc. All these are so important, but I have to keep telling myself that there is a time for everything; a time to think about the future and a time to rest. Let’s look at an example; you have an exam worth 3 hours of your time; the paper is hand-written, but your mind is wandering off to your next expenditure coming out of your account for your rent. You are aware that you have not studied well enough to pass the exam, but you still go and give it your best. Would you think this person will pass their exam? I personally believe that most of our time, we focus on the right things but at the wrong time. Yes, the person knew that the rent was due, but at the same time, the exam was approaching. This is a 3-hour exam! Have you had an exam for 3 hours before? It really is not easy!

You are in charge of the way you think. You choose to be happy, you choose to be at peace, you choose to be at rest. Despite what is happening in our world and even social media, these things should not limit you from fulfilling your dreams and maximizing your full potential. When God is in all your life’s circumstances, be rest assured that He will make every crooked way straight (Isaiah 45:2). I usually have an action plan that I aim to follow every day, and most of the times it does go to plan, but other days I just don’t feel connected to them, and it is not because I am lazy, but my mind keeps reminding me of so many other things that are not even as important as I expected. I’ve learned to discipline my mind, and even if that means to deactivate my social media channels to gain attention and focus more, then so be it. You have to control yourself on how you view people on social media; if it causes you to change who you are, then you’ll have to critically analyse yourself and ask where these thoughts are coming from. Offences can spread on social media, so it is vital to learn how to master your emotions and control them from controlling you. Don’t be someone that takes offence of every little thing, it really won’t help your growth. Limit the way you take offences and learn to give them to the Father. Constructive criticism is key too!

We all know what takes us off track; we know our distractions, but why not do yourself a favor and analyze yourself and be sincere; ask yourself what is taking my mind away from my tasks? I was reading an article today from Jon Bloom Author, Board Chair, and Co-Founder of Desiring God and he gave this beautiful quote which says:

“Whatever it takes, Lord, increase my awareness of my dependence on you in everything so that I will continually abide in you by faith”.

It takes a positive individual to have this prayer in their heart, to enable their mindset to be solely on the Lord so that when trials and tribulations come their way, they’ll have enough Faith to stand despite the storm. Your dependency on God will allow you to have increased joy and peace. Your mind won’t be controlled by emotions anymore because you have chosen to abide in Faith and stand firm. You see, God is not just concerned with you asking Him for a positive mindset, He is also asking you to show Him how much you want to change through your Faith and Belief in Him. I can ask Him today for a financial increase, but the motive of my heart is what He is looking at. Our minds give us the power to achieve anything we put our hearts into, but how many of us are ready to take this on board? When you ask the Father for a new job, and you receive it, are you ready to work extremely hard with long hours, because you did ask for it!

I have to keep reminding myself that I have to be very careful about what I pray for because I might just get it. This is very true! If you don’t believe me, ask Him for what you desired 3 years ago, and see if He will grant it to you. And when you do receive what you’ve asked for, be willing to WORK HARD to maintain it. Don’t be lazy and quit because when you sought the Lord, He listened to you the first time and gave you your heart’s desires. So do not feel the need to give up now just because it’s hard or you can’t continue.

Remember we all have 24 hours in a day, so there is no need looking at the way someone else is running their life; you have got your own race to focus on, and this is the time to pick yourself up and be a better you! You are not a cheap imitator of someone else. It’s not about saying ‘Oh, had I known this course was going to be so difficult, I wouldn’t have done it’. But that is how you learn and grow and it teaches you to be careful of what you ask for because you’ll be responsible for handling it. On the contrary, focus on how you can bring positivity back into your life, and make someone else do the same. Be the influential individual and not to allow people to influence you. Stand out from the crowd by being one of the first people in your family or inner circle on how to control the way you think.


Apply it in your place of work too! A lot of the times, especially on a Monday morning, it’s not always easy being motivated because the weekend just ended and how the weekday has started. Change your mindset to a ‘working hard mode’ and strive for excellence. The more you do this, the more you’ll effect those around you to do the same, which therefore increases productivity and decreases staff turnover. If there are more people going out of a business than coming in, there is an issue. There must be balance above all, or else the business will collapse.

Change the way you think, and see how your life will continue to blossom. It won’t happen quickly, but gradually. Remember, you have full control of the way you think; you are the one that makes the decision to whether you desire to be happy all the time or not. Even those who don’t always get their way can sometimes smile through their pain and keep it moving. This is another level of maturity that we must to, and it takes the Grace of God to help us get there. More positivity = a greater mindset! Wake up each day knowing that something good is going to happen, and to be honest, it is most likely to happen when you put God first in your schedule.