Manage the Process

I have so much banter with God! I still remember the time I rushed downstairs to the kitchen to get my bottled water. Only to find out it was on my sister’s bed! covers face. I was soo embarrassed lol! I could have decided stress and become anxious but I reminded myself that He was in control and I wasn’t.

In Proverbs 3:5-6 it says that we must “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding (6) In all our ways we should acknowledge Him so that He shall direct our paths”. It would be a painful experience to surrender everything we suffer with to God only to have it taken back by your fears and feelings. You may not understand why you are going through unexpected circumstances, but I am here to assure you to endure the pain. The predicament you are in is not a sign that God has forgotten about you, it is how you can manage the process with stability.

I finished reading an amazing book called Living Waters by Susan Deborahs. Ladies, I tell you, it challenged my mental state. Everything I spoke to God about, He confirmed it in this book and through the Word. I strongly advise you to purchase it, either on eBay or Amazon. Living Waters is an unforgettable short story taken from a well-known story about a woman in the Bible (John 4). The author looks at life before the woman meets Jesus Christ and how it is transformed thereafter; bringing freedom, love and peace through relationship.

The author gauges other women around the world who have lost hope and understanding of authentic love. The book aims to encourage relationships and restore Faith through the devotional. I just love the fact that there are so many women who face hardships and are able to share their personal testimonies to understand that they are not alone in their battles. The book encourages women to have an encounter with the Lord so that He can share the pain and find solace in the one true lover of their soul; Jesus Christ.

As women, we always feel the need to build a wall over our fears, what we struggle with and how we can prevent others from finding out. There is a part deep down of us that wants to be free from all the drama, heartache, backbiting situations that we try to cover up with a smile. I may not know where you are right now, but it is so important to not lose your Faith. Manage the process of where you are. It is a passion for some of us to set up businesses, invest in housing and properties, studying for higher education; some are planning their weddings and our minds are just saying ‘what if’. This USED to be me. I stood at arm’s length concerning most things; I desired great friendships, I dreamed of having a fearless life, I dreamed of chasing and fulfilling my dreams, but the question remained in my mind ‘what if it just does not happen?’ And I tell you ladies, it was fear that’s holding me back!

However, those negative events in my life didn’t dictate my future. I used to ask God why I felt like an under-achiever, but I realised that once I changed my negative thinking to positive thinking, I was able to manage the process and learn from it. In order to see change in our situations, it is stressed that placing our entire lives into His hands will require not only rest in God, but for Him to help us overcome our problems in peace. Now I do not see my situations as a set back. In my past, I would always think that for every sin I committed, God would punish me for it, but King David confirms in Psalms 103:8-10 that “(8) The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love (9) He will not always accuse, nor will he harbour His anger for ever (10) He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities”.

When I read this Psalm last night, I was reassured that regardless of my past, God does not need to value it in order to bless me. Where I am right now is actually a blessing. The fact that I am alive to write this message is a step towards what He has in store for me. Things happen in our lives, and we face several encounters that are so difficult to explain, but our problems can never eliminate how Faithful God is to us. You may be in a job that you find very repetitive, or your husband is abusing you emotionally. Your closest friends may have turned against you, but I can assure you to trust your God. He will not disappoint.

Susan Deborah quotes: “I’ve had some real dark moments in my life, I questioned Gods existence at one point but God never stopped pursuing me or showing His love towards me. Even though life throws some blows, God was able to turn those blows into good (Romans 8:28). I started to understand that my value and worth wasn’t found here on earth but in Him alone”.

Susan is speaking from her heart. She has been through pain! Some of us may be able to relate to her and I am one of them. At times it can seem that God isn’t around but just because He is silent, it does not mean that He’s not present. So you might be asking how can I begin to trust God and manage the process I am in? Well first of all you can’t trust someone you don’t know right? But God knows you and you know Him. So trusting God beings with grabbing a hold of His Word and exercising what He says about you. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”; (Psalm 139:14) and “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you”; (Jeremiah 1:5). Don’t ever try to use your emotions to control the way you see God. Your emotions can destroy.

Gods word is a Lamb onto our feet and in our darkest moment, that is when His Word will shine the brightest to lead us into His perfect will. Ladies I tell you LITTLE PROGRESS GIVES BIG RESULTS! I can not stress this enough. I know the position you are in is uncomfortable, but if you can hold on just a little while longer, everything will be alright.


Ahhh! This! Sometimes we believe we’ve heard the voice of God, but we end up in the same position as we started. It can actually be painful! See it as a boomerang; you threw it with all your strength, to find out it came back to you and hit you in the face. How would that feel? That is what is likely to happen to us if we are not careful. We complain about so many things; why aren’t I growing? Why do I have this family? Why am I with this man who doesn’t value me? Why am I around this girl who loves bringing me down? Girl, you need to seek God about this, and stop allowing your feelings to control you.

When God tells you not to move, He means DO NOT MOVE! Did God really say that job you applied for was the one for you? Did He tell you to apply for school? Or was it that you desired those things? Ladies, not all our desires are God’s will, and this is why it is important to seek God and understand what He desires from us. Yes sometimes God can use some situations to draw us nearer to Him, but sometimes we are too fast and do what we want. I can honestly put my hands up and admit that I make decisions without His consent, just to find out that through the pain and stress, it was not God’s intended will for me to have, so I end up disappointed and miserable. So ladies, think before you make a decision.

We may get frustrated about where we are now, but if we do not faint, we will soon reap the harvest (Galatians 6:9). It may be hard for some to understand, but if we apply this scripture in our lives, God will open up the windows of Heaven and pour us out a blessing that we won’t have ENOUGH ROOM TO RECEIVE (Malachi 3:10). This is where Faith comes in! Your faith is not for God to only answer your prayers, but to help you go through problems with STABILITY

Susan Deborahs: “I made the mistake before setting my hope on things such as houses, a stable job and people; all these things are fallible. These are things that can be seen which hold no evidence of TRUE STABILITY, joy and peace. Why? Because these things come and go; they can be there today and gone tomorrow, anything can happen. Therefore they cannot determine how peaceful and stable I am”. 

Don’t let temporary possessions distract you of your position in the Kingdom. You are more than your position. If our hearts are set on the wrong things, we will always feel disappointed, resulting in us not trusting God. So you keep asking God ‘why am I still working here?’ Could it be possible that God doesn’t want you to be stacking money but to serve people? Could it be possible that He is trying to develop your inner character so that those around will see Christ shining in you?

Manage where you are sis; hang it there, it will all be alright. Refuse to be lazy, and work hard even when nobody is looking, because we are living for the Lord and not for man. This could be the chance to step into your destiny if you just don’t give up. Your process prepares you for your next journey. Once you arrive at one destination, keep going until God says so. Don’t be weary, don’t complain, don’t compare! Your journey is not the same as your neighbors, so learn to look unto God. He will surely see you through.

This message is dear to my heart and wanted to use this opportunity to encourage us all on enduring the various types of painful situations we encounter. Our real reward is in Heaven so let us hold firmly to His Promises for us. He will always be for us (Romans 8:31).

If there are any other topics that you would like me to discuss, kindly send me a message on the ‘About the Women’s Worth Conference Group’ page. I hope this message blessed you today 🙂


Love your sister in Christ.

God’s Decisions

Gods decisions 1

Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord. Psalms 27:14. I don’t know what you are waiting for God to do in your life. Maybe you want to have a deeper intimate relationship with Him? Maybe you want to find a better job; maybe you want God to reveal Himself to you; maybe you want God to change your brother or sisters behavior? We all have our struggles, even those you want to imitate have their own struggles. Some are battling with loneliness, they feel that no-one is ever around. Have you felt like this before? Even the most manipulative person that you are scared of is battling with loneliness, because nobody wants to be with a friend that is a bully right?

But have considered God in your situations? Some of us say we know God, but do we really? Or do we only know the God that is a provider of all things? It occurs to me that at times, we use God when we need him, but once we have everything, we go back to our normal routine. Our prayer lives diminish, we become more self-focused, we become more bitter and envious, we dislike certain people when we hear their names or see them walking on the road, we think we are doing ourselves a favor by making others feel small, but this only ends up in you being confused and wondering why God hasn’t answered your prayers.

In life, the way you treat people, will come back to you. If you know you love the God who made you, as well as your life, it would be advisable to consider how to treat others. Yes people hurt us, but don’t we hurt people too? Yes your closest friend said some nasty words to you, but how are you treating your family members behind closed doors? Do you want a better life? Start changing the way you think. You can do this by acting on God’s decisions. His decisions are always beneficial for you and I. God’s decisions tests our patience to see how much we trust in Him, rather than in ourselves.

Our strength does not come from our work, our friends, our finances or our jobs, it only comes from God. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. God’s decisions allow us to wait on Him so because we can be assured that He has something better for us than what we expected. I was reflecting back on my life and the achievements I desired to obtain but did not get them. So instead, what I did was to pray and ask God to show me why my prayers were not answered. The reason was that I was aiming too low. Not only that, God wanted to see whether I will praise the blessing or the maker of the blessing. It is easy to thank your friend for the job link she gave you, it is easy to thank your mentor for guiding you through that relationship problem you were having, it is easy to say ‘I love you’ to your partner because of all the presents he bought for you when it wasn’t even your birthday, but do you know where all that truly came from? It came from God. God is the provider of all things. Everything in the world is His. Your money; your job, your car, your friends, your family members, your health; all these are the Fathers.

Gods decisions 3

God’s decision helps us grow in WISDOM AND MATURITY to handle things in due course. You may be upset about the interviews you attended in the past, and they all keep rejecting you. But has it occurred that you may have not been ready for it. I know of a person that would constantly apply for any job that comes her way; she would just constantly apply and rush through the process of making a strong cover letter, but she was so eager that she was not willing to go through the process, rather she was rushing to get to her destination. But where did it end up leaving her to? The same place she started. When I think about this, I realise why our prayers haven’t been answered. One; selfish motives, Two; Not realizing the One who gave you the blessing initially. Three; Not ready to handle what God has for us. Out of these three, which category do you fall in to?


Over forty times in the Bible, we are commanded to wait on the Lord. Learning to wait is a test for maturity. Waiting forces us to accept that we are not in control. God is in control of every decision you make. Whether you want God to give you a breakthrough, only He knows when you are ready for it. Stop trying to tell God what to do, and start surrendering yourself unto Him. I love humility. Humility is a quality of being constantly respectful towards others. It is variously seen as the act or posture of lowering oneself in relation to others or conversely having a clear perspective and respect for one’s place in context. 

Gods decisions 2

How humble enough are you? Are you struggling with helping others because you are too focused on your own problems? Sincerely, it does happen. I know it is a hard life out there, some worse than others. I was speaking to a group of girls this week about God’s love. Now, God’s love is about sharing and helping each other right? When God blesses your neighbor, don’t you think He will bless you too? It may not be at the time you want it to come, but it should help you to know that He is right on time.

When considering God’s decisions, He will teach you how to be humble. I know there are some things in your life where you were contemplating with God about the blessings that you wanted Him to grant you. Thinking that we know best for our lives more than God is a dangerous move. About 4 years ago, I really liked this guy, and I thought he was for me. I was saying that no-one is going to have him apart from me. Not knowing that God had to take him out of my life to help me focus on Him because He was a distraction to me. I couldn’t focus on anything, and I was trying to serve God at the same time. When people leave empty promises in your heart, it hurts. This guy said he would do anything for me, bla bla bla, you know the rest lol. But because of the emotional attachment I had with Him, I could not seem to let go. Some of us are still holding on to our past, and it is preventing God from moving. Our future’s are in the Lord’s hands, and we can only see it when we let go of the past.

Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:17: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold the new has come. What are you still holding on to? It may not even be a man, it may be your pride, it may be stress, it may be loneliness, it may be unforgiveness, it may be addictions, it could be anything! What may be small to your eyes is big in God’s eyes. You think unforgiveness is helping you, but my sister, it isn’t. It only makes you more miserable. When God takes someone out of your life, respect His decisions. Don’t doubt or question it. God’s decisions are here to make you a better person.

Not everyone is going to like you so you have to realise that now, or else you will struggle. Jesus knew that the Pharisees and Scribes didn’t like him, but he did not let that get to him, and neither should you. Even some of the close friends you have at the moment, may switch up on you and just change. It is bound to happen so be prepared, but do not let it change WHO YOU ARE. There is a difference when a close friend changes, and when you change BECAUSE of their attitude. I am still a work-in-process because I seriously am struggling with this area as we speak. But I am willing to humble myself and surrender it all to God, rather than thinking I can endure. Some can endure the pain and some can’t. It really is dependent on how much you trust God.

From God’s perspective, your life is not measured by its length, but by its effectiveness and impact for His Kingdom. God’s decisions will enable you to make good choices for His Kingdom. It will remind you of your true purpose on earth. As I always say to a few of my friends “You are not here just to be rich and die”. We are all here for a purpose, and until we discover that purpose, keep seeking God. Don’t stop doing it. Just because life is not going according to your favor doesn’t mean that you can control your life and make your own decisions. It is a dangerous move to make your own decisions. So wait, and keep a good attitude while doing it because God won’t disappoint you. He knows your future, so why not allow Him to make the decisions for your next step?

Gods decisions