Writing is great therapy!

Confident Face – written by Esther.

There is so much joy in writing – I am certain that the majority of us during lockdown were able to utilise our journals, laptops and notepads to write what was on our hearts, what we learnt during the day and our expectations of what we desire to see come to fruition.

I for one am a strong advocate of words and writing down affirmations. During September 2020, I decided to start writing my fifth book, Confident Face – Embracing your Authentic Beauty. I took the time to understand the importance of words, my thoughts, emotions and ultimately, how my writing skills can impact and positively impact my community. I traced back into certain seasons of my life where I had to dig deep and talk about the times where it was uncomfortable, to make my audience realise that not all that glitters is gold.

I decided to write about my inconsistent journey with skincare and how I was inspired to talk about my journey with my skin. My first book; It’s Time to Heal published in 2016 was the first starting point as I briefly touched up on it at the time to talk about what I encountered. I knew that my journey was not about me, but those who have similarly had experienced certain breakouts unexpectedly. I had come to the decision that what I wanted to do was to be a light in someone else’s darkness by showing a part of me.

Therefore, Confident Face was birthed in 2021. I titled this book Confident Face to make readers understand the importance of embracing who they are, regardless of their flaws. To understand that we do live in an imperfect world where plans won’t always go the way as expected. I’ve learnt that through it all, there is someone that sees and knows everything about what we go through and that we will never be along wandering about aimlessly. I briefly spoke about the vision of Confident Face on my YouTube channel which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siXtI8_sx7I

In a pandemic, you can still be confident to start that business idea; in a pandemic, you can still get back on track and build your finances up; in a pandemic, you can go beyond your emotions and make a lasting impact to inspire those around you. Don’t allow your circumstances to make you feel inadequate or wanting you to give up. You have made it this far and there is so much more you’ll have to go if you want to finish strong. The race isn’t for the swift; anything that is going to be impactful takes time.

With that being said; my latest book Confident Face is now available to purchase on the website for a signed copy: https://www.authenticworth.com/product/confident-face-embracing-your-authentic-beauty

Alternatively, you can get a copy of Confident Face on Amazon as well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Confident-Face-Embracing-Authentic-Beauty/dp/1838457615/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2WZT0FHHK13TL&dchild=1&keywords=confident+face+esther+jacob&qid=1626859982&sprefix=confident+face%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-1

Remember that writing is a way to release what is in your heart on paper; you don’t have to go through life alone. There are people who go through what you face knowingly and unknowingly. Be a light to your community and let them know that they have what it takes to write their book.

Women’s Worth Conference Group.

It’s okay to not have everything figured out.

I know at times, the pressure to want everything perfect, in tact, all planned out is the way forward right? However, times will come when it seems everything just doesn’t seem to make sense. We focus more on how we can implement or make our ways go the way we want, but what if it doesn’t work? Will you then forfeit and give up?

It is okay to not have everything together…at times you are not meant to. If you were to know every detail of your life, you probably won’t be able to handle it. The pressure of carrying every responsibility is going to be brain overload. You have to get to a place where you don’t allow the daily pressure to make you conform and give up.

There is a lot inside of you, and whether you feel like you have it together or not, you are important. I was listening to TD Jakes recent message titled: “A flickering light” and one profound statement he said was this: “every famous person is not great and everybody great is not famous”. This speaks volumes! You may be thinking the person next to you is better because they have more followers, or their events and workshops sell out in a day, or they seem more influential. However, the more you focus on these things, the less likely it will be for you to invest in yourself and be a better version of yourself. Remember that there are great people who are doing phenomenal things out there, but are not recognised or acknowledged as much as famous celebrities.

An classic example is someone recording or shooting videos behind the scenes; they are not seen or have much of a following, but come to think of it, they are the most important people in all tasks and projects. Why? Because without them, how would you know what famous people are up to?


Do not underestimate your role; you don’t know how it will benefit you in the future. 

What is the purpose of being hard on yourself if you weren’t called to know everything about your life? There are still areas in my life I endeavour to understand why certain things happen the way it does, but if I keep putting pressure on it, I’ll burn myself out, which not only has an affect on how I see my life, but how I respond to others around me. Be very careful when you are in a vulnerable or confused season, so you don’t chase those that love you away.

Authentic Worth have decided to put on an event on Saturday 14th March 2020 themed: “Building Self-Confidence and Personal Development” as a way to support those who struggle with being who they are and looking deep within themselves to take life one step at a time without looking back. Authentic Worth is a platform that not only supports aspiring Authors, but looks deep into the heart and mind of those who need a helping hand in finding out who they are, and what they have been called to do through storytelling and book-writing.

We have very limited tickets left on the site, however, if you believe this is your year to change some things around in your life, I’ll love to invite you to this unmissable event this Saturday!

Remember: it is okay not to have everything together; you are responsible for how you react and respond; you are not in control of your life, even if you want to. Just take life one day at a time and know that everything is working for your good.

With love,
Founder of Authentic Worth