Invest in Your Character

Character 1

Character is defined as strength of moral fiber. As the excellence of gold is its purity and the excellence of art is its beauty, so the excellence of man is his character. (A.W. Tozer). Our characters can be known through our honesty, our humility, our meekness, and even our ethics. Descriptions such as ‘women of integrity’ are assertions of character. A lack of character is moral deficiency and persons lacking character tends to behave dishonestly, unethically, and selfishly.

How is your inner being doing? Does it need a check up? I know we get so caught up in our appearances and find all the ways we can to get that ‘perfect look’, but the truth of the matter is that you are already beautiful the way you are. It is not your looks, your make-up, your fine clothing that defines who you are, but it is your character. How you see yourself is what others will see in you. What are you doing that is building up your character? How can you invest more in your heart than on the external? Remember not only to invest in the external, but grow in Spiritual strength and become better acquainted with the Lord Jesus (2 Peter 3:18). You can also invest in your character by investing in the Word more. More of the word builds your character; whatever you feed will grow, so be very careful what you set your eyes and mind on.

Your character is what will attract good people to you. A bad attitude is attractive to another bad attitude, but a humble individual would not want to be surrounded by someone who is proud. Our character is influenced and developed by our choices. The choices you make will define your character and how people perceive you as. If you are someone with a big heart that cares for others, you are more likely to attract good people to you. They will be so into you that you won’t even understand why they love you the way they do. I know a few ladies who are SO HIGHLY FAVORED and loved by many! These people are women of influence, women who understand what it feels to be broken and how to relate with them in a sensitive non-judgmental way. These are the people we desire to have around us.

It is the Lord’s purpose to develop a great character in us. The way He can do this is if we surrender OUR ALL TO HIM! Sometimes our problems places a barrier from having fellowship with God, so instead we try to fix everything in our own strength, to realise that nothing is working for our benefit. All our strength we work for is in vain but we have chosen to exalt ourselves assuming that everything we do are right choices. Great character comes from God because His character is great! He wants us to develop the attractiveness of doing good. When we do good, our character grows with us. On the other hand, God sometimes uses trials to strengthen our character. I am very convinced that we all have been through a lot this year. You would not be here today if not for God’s Grace. Our trials are another form of developing a Godly character.

Romans 8:18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the Glory that is to be revealed in us”This verse says that incomparable glory lies ahead; it’s glory beyond description, greater than anything you can compare it with on earth. Our sufferings hurt us, I know. It is impossible to stop hurt and pain from coming our way whether it be physical or emotional pain. There needs to be a balance in life when it comes to enjoyment and sorrow. It can be awful, almost unendurable. Its intensity can increase to such a degree that we scream with terror and pain. We think we can no longer endure. But the Apostle Paul is saying that the intensity of the suffering we experience is not even a drop in the bucket compared with the intensity of Glory that is coming our way. You can see that Paul is straining the language in trying to describe this fantastic thing that is about to happen, which he calls the Revelation of the Glory that is coming.

Paul is stressing that through the pain we go through, it will develop our character. You won’t know who you really are until you have been through hell. When everything isn’t going the way you planned, when family members don’t believe in your dreams, when friends emotionally use you, when all hope is gone, that is where the opportunity for God to bless you begins to flourish. You may not have a good start, but I promise you if you keep the Faith, you will have a good finish! I know some are still in the process of ifs, buts, and maybes, but none of that! When you really want a breakthrough, you will do all you can to get one. Nothing will stop you not even your emotions!

Let your character speak for itself. Our character is a powerful tool that can take you places. I find TD Jakes a strong role model in my life. Thanks to God, He has shaped this man into a powerful Bishop who desires to help people with understanding their purpose on earth and walking into their destiny. He is known all around the world for his tenacity and passion for Jesus Christ. I am certainly sure that a lot of people are blessed by his sermons, teachings, books and recent TV show (Type TD Jakes show on YouTube). These are the ingredients that have shaped who he is. People always ask me why do I love this man. It’s because of the way he conducts himself. He invests time in his character through helping people and wanting to see them grow. You follow people who you want to be like right?

Now what shapes you? Do you have a unique glow that when people see you they get excited? Or do you get the response of ‘oh shes back again, sigh’. Hmm it can be tough. Some try to be nice but it just does not work because they have not taken the time to invest in their character. You can’t cover up a bad look hunny. It’s either you hand it over to God or suffer the consequences. If you are currently surrounded with people that don’t like the way you are, this could be the opportunity to ask God why. It could be either two things: (1) they may not like the way people love you, or (2) you may have a bitter heart and not realise it. But the answer can only be revealed through God.

People will always have something to say about you, that is the life we live, but as long as you don’t allow it to get to you, you will be on top! Your situations will try to bring you down, but as long as you keep the Faith, everything else will follow. Could it be possible that your pain is a unique path to enhance your inner being? Do you think that your suffering is God punishing you? Hmmm, my sister it isn’t. The more suffering, the more blessing. The enemy always wants us to think that God does not love us and that is why the world is so corrupt. If God wanted to stop all the chaos that is happening in the world, He can do it because only He has the power to stop it. Some question why bad things happen to good people; yes it happens at times, but look what David said in Psalm 37:1-3: “(1) Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers! (2) For they will soon fade like the grass and wither like the green herb (3) Trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness”.

David emphasizes on the fact that we should not be concerned or worried about evildoers, because one day they will reap what they have sown. The unrighteous may be enjoying now, however it does not exempt the fact that God does not see these things, nor has He forgotten about you. What frustrates me at times is when I feel in my heart that people who have started after me are excelling and I just think ‘wow Lord fix it’. It seems so unreal, but God has told me not to worry, because nothing is hidden under the sun. Some will bribe just to be in higher positions, some will use you, drain you, and even attempt to kill you, but none of this matters simply because the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord (Psalms 37:4). When God orders your steps, you won’t even have to worry about what people plan against you. All you have to do is look up and say ‘God I trust you’. Even when you cannot find your way, He will be the light to your path (Psalms 119:105).

We must learn to work on our characters every day. It is not something that is done overnight. Even if we feel that nothing else needs to be worked on, I can guarantee that there are other areas in our lives where we can invest in. Maybe you have anger issues? Maybe you are finding it hard to forgive someone? Don’t wait for people to see the best in you before you see the best in yourself. Learn to fight your struggles off so the real you can come out. The race is not for the swift. It is a tough life out there, but with the right character, you will be able to conquer it all. You and I are not alone. God wants to develop in us a unique character that will draw others to Him through us. Jesus did not die that we should struggle with our inner-being. We are the righteousness of God in Christ, and in order to first identify who we are, we must realize who we truly are in Christ first. Learn to develop a character like Jesus, and I can assure you that regardless of the attacks and struggles, you will be an overcomer!

Your character says a lot about you, how you relate with others but most importantly, how you relate with God. Invest in God and in yourself! These are the two things that should be worked on daily. Open up your heart and surrender to God; every silent struggle, every envious or jealous thought, let go and let Him work on you. Your heart is so precious to God. All He wants to do is work on your heart. Are you willing to give it to Him? Remember you don’t have to do this on your own. Character is not a one person’s job. It takes prayer and a good support system around you. When you begin to draw near to God, your character will catch up with you.


Learn to invest in you and love the you that God is shaping you to be 🙂

What is feeding you?

What is taking most of your time? This is one of the most important question that must be asked in one’s life. How are you living your life? Are you constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network? What you spend most of your time doing, is what will feed you. For example, lets say you want to invest £10,000 in a new business, but you don’t have the right resources, you lack character, self-confidence, you may not even have a business plan. So how do you expect to receive a greater return? Yes you may have the £10,000 but do you think it will be sufficient enough to run a successful business? Do you think it will be financially stable in the long run? Will it remain in the competition? To support this example, yes you aim to set up a business, but the majority of the time you are on social media sites that doesn’t have anything to knowing how to get potential clients to support your business proposal, or to create a mission statement. You can’t expect your business to thrive if you are not mentally ready, but socially addicted.

We must always remember that whatever you give yourself to, it will give it back to you. In Luke 6:38 (ISV) it states “Give, and it will be given to you. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your lap, because you’ll be evaluated by the same standard with which you evaluate others.” The more you put into people, the more people will put into you. When you put God first, He will also put You into His agenda. If you can reposition yourself and examine where you are at the moment, what your strengths and weaknesses are, that is a good starting point.

Remember that whatever you sow, that is what you shall reap, If you sow good, you will reap good; if you sow bad, you will reap bad, if you give 10% of your income to God, He will give Himself back onto you in ways that are far beyond your imagination. You would be surprised at the things God wants to offer to you but because you are too self-focused, it is blocking the way. Sometimes we are too focused on ourselves that we don’t realise that other people around us are in need. When we take our eyes off ourselves, and use it as an opportunity to help somebody else, there will be positive changes to your life.


Okay, so you may have set yourself some resolutions for the new year. We are now in the second month of 2015! What have you accomplished so far? For me, I have been saying I want to attend the gym, but because I am not researching  on what gym to attend, it’s not a keen desire anymore. That still isn’t an excuse to not eat healthy. We may have made plans that aims to be fulfilled at a specific time in our lives, but if we don’t work on them now, don’t expect it to get better in the near future. If you keep eating McDonald’s and other type of fatty/oily foods, don’t expect to have a flat stomach or healthy looking skin! You need to go through the PROCESS to PROGRESS! I really disliked hearing the word “process” because every time I hear it, it makes it seem as if my life was going so slow; all the plans I had in mind are not showing in my life. The areas I want to be elevation, I need to re-position myself and say “in order for me to get to where I want to be, I need to put in the hard work”. So today ladies, what are you doing to get to where you need to be?


What I would suggest is to buy a diary. Write in it every morning or evening (your choice), and write down all the things you desire to happen in your life. Be specific about it. Pray over it. Surrender and give it to God. Put and commit them into His hands, because no matter what you desire to become in life, if it isn’t according to Gods will, it won’t come to pass. We must also take into consideration the fact that we are ambassadors for Christ, so what our plans and dreams are, should be in alignment with His word and to His will.


How is your Spiritual life going? Do you feel it needs re-fueling? Brush up on your Word. When studying the Word, ensure you don’t rush into it. I admit, three years ago, I didn’t have that much of a passion studying the Bible. I felt it was too long for me to understand. Now I enjoy reading it as it gives me insight every day. The things I need to do to get my day going is all in the Word. When you feed your spirit with the Word, it starts your day on a positive note. The same prayer too! When you pray, God will answer. Although God already knows your needs, and painful situations, He still wants you to open your mouth and talk to Him. It could be a test; a test in your Faith and how strong you are in Him? Are you relying on Him as much as you should be? That is for you to answer.


To conclude, everything in life must be in balance; spend quality time with God, catch up with family and friends, go out and socialize, get to know other people, be kind to someone you don’t know, offer a helping hand to a neighbor, travel around the world, DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE! It will take your mind off yourself, and eventually will enable you to become more considerate of other people. The more you help others than yourself, the more God Himself will help you too. Don’t doubt Gods ability when it comes to His support. He will surprise you.

Remember when praises go up, blessings come down. Whatever you feed yourself, it is going to feed you. When you invest in the right things, the right things will come back to you. Don’t feel agitated or worried about life, or what stage you are at. Just trust that God is leading your steps (Psalms 37:23). Your steps are ordered by Him. Don’t let life define you. Don’t let the world feed you, but you feed it by sharing the love of Christ, and being in a position where you are ready to give, and not just receive.


Think of it this way; when you were a baby, your parents brought you up. They clothed you, sheltered you, providing you food and drink, kept you safe and ensured you got the best treatment. Now that you are getting older and maturer, why not return the favour and feed them back in love? This could be through cleaning the house, buying the shopping, surprising your mum with cooking (for those who don’t cook lol), giving your dad money. All these things, believe it or not are very essential in life. It takes time, perseverance and consistency.


Success does not happen over night. It happens when you plan ahead of time, and invest into things that will feed positively in your life. So ensure you are investing in what will give you a greater return! Feed what feeds you!

Feed what feeds you