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I know it is not always easy to admit this, but, each of us have different circumstances, obstacles, worries, fears, anxieties and constant battles that feel like they are never-ending. Do you realise when you switch your mind from a negative thought into a positive thought, what controlled you doesn’t have that much power anymore? Let’s take a look at the following examples:

“How do you handle rejection?” I handle rejection by embracing it. I do not allow it to define me; perhaps it is either because I was aiming too low and can create something better (which is usually the case), or I am not yet ready for the position and need further training and support. Either way, the choice is yours. How you see your season right now is solely up to you. No one can tell you the type of season you are in. You can choose to heal from this season or allow it to affect your mindset.

Remember, seasons change, and each NO will lead to ONE YES! Believe me, I am a strong believer on this. Throughout the countless unexpected results, I have benefited greatly from turning these around for my good, and I really encourage you to do the same. Ladies, you are precious, worthy and very valuable. You are here for a reason and a purpose. You may not know your purpose right now, but do not hide your gifts; whether they are polished or not, they will enable you to get to the next level.

“I don’t feel I am good enough, everyone is doing what I am doing and it looks so easy for them”: The reason why you keep feeling sorry for yourself is because you are focused on what other people ‘show you’. Someone may look happy on social media, but it doesn’t always mean you know how they are truly living. Be careful how you define yourself in this season. Don’t write yourself off because of what people show you or what they advertise on social media. Sometimes, it is a way to numb the pain and feel good, but feeling good for REAL, is when you are able to admit that you have a problem and choose to solve it, not worry about it.

Every day we are on a journey, and as we continue on this journey, our seasons will change. You have to learn how to keep it moving, despite the long wait, despite the rejection, despite feeling isolated. There is so much in you that is waiting to be birthed out. You will be surprised if only you allow yourself to be free.

“I am so hard on myself” – indeed, ladies, we need to stop overworking and sleeping less. If you want a good work-life balance, the key word is BALANCE! Stop doing so much, thinking you need to achieve a lot to feel acknowledged and valued. You are already valued. A full-time mother is still an accomplishment to a Qualified Chartered Accountant. Yes they are different titles but they both have heavy responsibilities. They can also be rewarding too! Please do not define success as the title you have, it is only a title and it will be passed on to someone else when our time is up.

I am encouraging you ladies today, embrace the season you are in. Breathe, take your time, learn from ALL your mistakes, and create solutions. Admit when you need help, and see how your life and mind will transform.

Remember what you think about will follow you every step of the way.

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You are loved and valued, always remember that!

Founder of Authentic Worth and WWCG

The Past, the Present and the Future!

“I have nothing to do with tomorrow. My Saviour will make that His care. It’s Grace and its Faith I can’t borrow, so why should I borrow it’s care?”


We are too focused on our past; we put more emphasis on our future, but we don’t take care of what is already in front of us (our present) #PhilThompson.

Do not be anxious about anything because each day brings its own challenges. Take every day authentically and don’t worry about tomorrow. Just remain in THE NOW and not what happened yesterday or how tomorrow will be.

A dear friend invited me to the Called Out Concert on Saturday 10th November! One of the BEST concerts to date! If you didn’t or couldn’t make it I’d advice you to come to the next one!! I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the ambience, the presence of God, and most importantly, the amount of people who came to support the movement and experience God like never before. One of my favourite Gospel Artists came from America, Phil Thompson (best!!). He said something that was so profound and could not stop but jot it down in my journal – our focus is too much on what happened in the past, or it’s battling with what the unknown will look like in years to come, but how about just focusing on the present?

I had to hold my own hands so tight because it resonated with me very quickly! I am always thinking about what I could have done better and how I’d want my future to look like, but I have not even embraced the fact that I have come far in the season I am already in; that I can motivate and congratulate myself for writing two books, having opportunities to speak about my journey to other people, and being able to build my own website. Just celebrate the small steps before wishing for the bigger blessings

We are too focused on what other people are doing that we also want to be on their level, not realising life has to come in manageable portions – a day at a time so that we are not overwhelmed with so many blessings that can’t be handled properly. The worries of yesterday, plus the worries piled into today, can break ones mind mentally and emotionally.

The past, the present and the future are all important, but they all come in different stages, so take it one step at a time.

I will leave you with this:

“I have nothing to do with tomorrow;
My Saviour will make that His care,
It’s Grace and it’s Faith I can’t borrow,
So why should I borrow its care?”

Take every day as it comes, and do not be anxious about anything; do not look at your past with regret or worry. Do not fear what the future (your tomorrow) will look like. Learn to embrace your present and make the most of today as long as it is called TODAY!

I love you all! ❤

Be encouraged!

September – F-A-I-T-H!

Hello everyone; I hope you are all well? I know I’ve been distant with blogging, but I endeavour to keep up with the monthly posts. I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the support given, in prayer my two books; currently on Amazon: It’s Time to Heal and my new exclusive book; Completion – From the Perspective of Brokenness.

Can you believe we only have three months left until this year is finished?

I am going to share a few things I have learnt in September. There have been serious testing times, especially in the area of my Faith. I had a discussion with a dear friend of mine and we spoke on the importance of seeking God daily. I realised that when I had an issue, I would be the first to run to God and pray, but when my need was met, I wouldn’t be as consistent in spending quality time with Him.

Why is it that when we are ill or lose a loved one, or lose a job we are so quick to get counsel and comfort from God? We pray we fast, we come off social media? This is what I was exposed to; I was shown that I only seek God for what He can give me, but not to have quality time. This cut me deep. As humans, we do it, whether we notice it or not. God always wants quality time with His children, yet He never stops loving us when we look astray.

To me, September is a new season, a new start. Do not let these remaining few months pass you by, making you focus only on yourself. You are not the only person who has needs (Read Philippians 2:1-4). God has placed people around you to minister and speak life into. Why was I exposed to all this in such a short time? I believe it was due to my FAITH. Our Faith will be tested in ways that it won’t even occur. You may wake up planning your day, but God will disrupt your plans, challenge your mind and make you examine your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Let this be your encouragement ladies and gentlemen. Please do not seek God for what He can do for you, but get intimate with Him, get grounded in Him, let Him be your firm foundation. When this becomes consistent, you will know how to handle your problems in maturity, consistent prayer and joy. When plans look contradictory to what you have set, it will cause you to strengthen your Faith to know that God has got you!

The woman with the issue of blood is one of my favourite scriptures. She endured a lot for 12 years until she made a decision that it was enough! She spent all of her substance with worthless physicians who could not treat her. BUT GOD CAME THROUGH! God really made me understand that people around me can’t always help because they can’t understand the way God can. She knew that Jesus was passing her by and didn’t want to miss the opportunity! When will you wake up and make a decision not to lose your chance with the Father? Can’t you see how our world is going today? How much can God do to bring your attention to Him?

Don’t let it be late; God’s Grace is very sufficient for you! Testimonies to come soon! In the meantime, I want to encourage you to increase your Faith, REST in God, know your worth, and BELIEVE FOR THE BEST! Your situation may look gloomy right now, but BELIEVE! Do not doubt, do not fear do not worry; change the way you think and eventually, you will see a change. I am truly a living testimony of God’s goodness. The thought of letting go of all the baggage has given me the strength to face the trials in 2017, and although there are many to come, I am ASSURED AND FULLY CONFIDENT that God’s Grace is sufficient for me, and it is sufficient for you too!