Investing in Your Bible


B.I.B.L.E – Basic Instructions Before Leaving the Earth.

It is as simple as that. Your Bible is one of the most critical books needed to live a pleasant and fulfilled life. It does not matter what up to date books, articles, movies etc are in vogue; your Bible will continually be in vogue.

I used to find it very difficult studying my Bible in recent years. I just wasn’t connecting with it and thought it would not relate to anything I was going through at the time. But over time, I came to realise that everything is relatable. Let’s look at a few people in the Bible who went through so much.

I was reading the book of 1 Samuel chapter 1 and in verses 5-8 it talks about a woman called Hannah who was barren and could not give birth, in contrast to another lady, Peninnah, who could give birth. Regardless of Hannah’s condition, God still loved her equally. What Hannah may not have known was that God was truly testing her to see if she could trust Him to provide a child. Elkanah the husband of both these ladies gave a double portion of food to Hannah because he loved her despite the Lord closing up her womb. Peninnah would constantly provoke and upset Hannah due to her condition, but Hannah would not try to fight back, she would instead take it to the secret place and seek God which she did. Hannah would cry until she looked like a drunk woman just to express to the Father how bitter her situation was. God being so kind used her husband Elkanah to encourage her by telling her that she should not weep anymore because God would answer her prayer.

What stood out to me in this text is Hannah’s MATURITY in handling the situation. She could have chosen to belittle herself and lower herself to her rival’s level, but she chose to take it to God. I am so blessed by this woman, and I learnt that God does test us in various ways, especially with obstacles that hurt us the most and don’t want to confront all the time. This woman took her pain to God and healed her throughout the whole situation. When she knew God answered her prayer, He gave her a son and she named him Samuel, who was ordained a prophet. She may have been tempted to give up or even throw in the towel, but she chose not to because she was being tested. I have seen that at times. God will place uncomfortable people in our lives to test our Faith and enable us to trust Him the more, and this is why the story of Hannah is one of the greatest in the Bible because a few women can relate to what she went through and can be encouraged that true healing does not come from retaliating, but from seeking the Father.

Another great passage in the Bible was the story of a man who was born blind in John 9. We see Jesus showing His power by healing the blind man with his saliva and mud. He instructed the blind man to use the mud and anointed the man’s eyes to wash it off with water. When he did that, he regained his sight immediately. Some people were shocked because they knew him as a beggar and did not expect his situation to change. Was he aware that God was testing him? Ask yourself this question today, do you know if God is testing you? When people are criticising you, just know that you are going to another level. The people in the town would usually look down on those with conditions such as blindness, being deaf, or even falling sick, but God used Hannah and the Blind Man’s situation to test their faith and show others that no matter what their condition, it is possible if they only believe. The Blind Man truly got his healing through his belief in Jesus. He could have chosen to allow the situation to define him and stay blind, or he could be healed and decide to change.

These are just a few stories of what people like you and I face in this world. We all have a dark place, it’s just that some people know how to cover it up than others. We tend to read other books and novels on how we can overcome our painful situations, but you must come to a stage where the only book that can help is the Bible. If you are not consistent in the Bible as you should, I employ you to do so. Do not underestimate the Bible and what it can do; if you are intentional about your life and you want to truly break free from the past that entangles you, study your Bible. You may be asking: ‘How do I read my Bible?’ One of the ways I study mine is through my Word For You Today devotional. It gives me a chapter to read every day and the main verse. You can also download the Our Daily Bread booklet and get it sent to your house every 3 months.

Alternatively, you can study your Bible through having group fellowships and discussions as interactive sessions to share knowledge and wisdom. But it all depends on you. You are the one that chooses how to study, but you must INVEST in your Bible to enjoy the life God promised you to have. If you can invest in a 3-hour exam, why not take an hour to invest in your Bible? It’s very easy for the majority of us to take our time in looking good on the outside, but how about the inside? When last did you feed your Spirit? Your spirit needs food too.

When you invest in your Bible, you are allowing God to break, mould, shape and use you for His Glory. There may be some things that will be revealed you, certain situations that you would not expect would come up, but it is all for God’s Glory. He is using your mess and turning it into a message, but you must first and foremost be truthful to yourself. Identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Your Bible is one of the greatest tools you need to overcome situations. Whatever you put your heart into, and you do it with good intention, be expectant to receive a good result. Your Bible feeds you with the Spiritual Capacity you need to be more than a conqueror in all circumstances.

Social media, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular for many today, and we can find and download Bible Apps which can help us study the Word as we go about our daily lives; however, in as much as social media is good, it can be used to draw our attention away from the Word, making us eager and to some extent desperate to see how other people are living their lives. Some are broken and they feel social media will feed them up. Some hide studying the Word with sermons; they don’t necessarily want to open the Bible and read it for themselves, rather, they want to be fed and depend solely on the preacher. This is not wrong, but it can make one lazy and eventually the Bible won’t mean much to them.

Bible 2

The best way for you to overcome inconsistency in studying the Bible is to identify your weakness and be able to admit where you are struggling at. A lot of us today just don’t find the Bible fun and I am trying to find out why because I  know when an interview comes up, or an exam is around the corner, or someone you love is critically ill, that is when we remember the Bible. This is not how it should be at all. Even when our lives are good, we must make a good effort to meditate and study the Word, so that when the hard times come, we will know how to handle it. The Bible is not a book that you just pick and choose when you feel like it. For example, would you ever wake up without brushing your teeth and go straight to work? I hope not! Brushing your teeth every morning is so essential, the same way studying your Bible every day is also essential. There is nothing wrong in being truthful about your downfalls, just don’t allow them to keep you bound.

Investing in your Bible gives you the opportunity of knowing who you truly are (your identity), to know your worth, and to understand the way God works. A lot of us today are still doubting the Power of God and what we want Him to do in our lives. The more we read His Word, the more He reveals Himself to us. If you want to walk with God truthfully, it starts from studying the Word. Do not get so hooked up on what God is doing behind the scenes that you want to slouch back and just wait on Him. Yes, He did say in Isaiah 41:30 that “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”, but at the same time it says in Luke 12:48 that “When much more is given, much more is required”. So God can give you more of what you need, but are you willing to keep working on that capacity level to keep it afloat? Whatever God allows you to have, you must be Faithful to use it wisely, and not complain, but to be content as Apostle Paul usually emphasises on (Philippians 4:11-13).

Your Bible is your seed, learn how to nurture and feed it by using it each and every day. Do not waste the days that God has given you, but make every effort to get connected to who God really is, and how He operates. Do not allow your situation to become bigger than your God that you go straight to social media and rant out how you feel. Instead, go to the Father and let Him heal you.

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